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Teen Writes ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ 100 Times On Stanford Application, Gets In


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Ziad Ahmed simply entered into Stanford, yet just how he did is causing dispute. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you regarding Ziad Ahmed. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment section below.

" In solution to the concern "What matters to you, and also why?" on his Stanford application, Huffington Message blog writer Ziad Ahmed made his point. Over and also over and over.

The Muslim teenager from Princeton, New Jersey, created "#BlackLivesMatter" 100 times, Mic reported.

On Friday, he received his letter of approval, which he published to Twitter on Saturday.

" I really did not assume I would certainly obtain confessed to Stanford at all, however it's fairly revitalizing to see that they watch my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than an obligation," Ahmed informed Mic.

As for his focus on #BlackLivesMatter in the application, Ahmed, 18, said to the outlet, "To me, to be Muslim is to be a BLM ally, and also I truthfully can not picture it being differently for me."

Early Tuesday, Ahmed clarified on Twitter that there was even more to his application than that single reply."

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  1. Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

    Trumpturds will be so butthurt about this

    • Posted by jp kinsella, at Reply

      Mandy Schmidt not really lol

    • Posted by MrMalcolm900, at Reply

      Well I’m black and i am not “butt hurt” about anything

    • Posted by Mike Smith, at Reply

      Mandy Schmidt, nope.

    • Posted by 94KX, at Reply

      I know a few liberals who don’t agree with the movement either. So it’s not just us conservatives

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      +Mandy Schmidt I admit I’m enjoying their pain.

  2. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    I thought the best university was Harvard? What’s so great about Stanford?

    • Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

      A little self serving bias going on with you. “I’m not smart enough to get it, meh, who cares about Stanford anyway”

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      They’re more virtuous than Harvard.

    • Posted by jacqueline716, at Reply

      Well, for one thing, the acceptance rate for Stanford University is UNDER 5%. Stanford is, at worst, the Harvard of the West. But I think it’s pretty much on par with Harvard. The only difference is that Harvard is older and has that cache because of its name value.

  3. Posted by Xoel Xamaica, at Reply

    He got in because he was smart not because he put blm ,sorry i have to repeat this because trumptards won’t watch the video.

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      +lex luthore “he smarter than you” Moronic monkey. Learn basic grammar before you start trying to insult other people’s intelligence.

    • Posted by ZKP, at Reply

      Sayuas “Moronic monkey”…..xD

    • Posted by Berniesander Progressive, at Reply

      Dancing Israelis …. Its a hell of a google search!! To big of a red pill for most of the sheeple though

  4. Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

    people who watches Sargon of afraud will be triggered by this story.

    • Posted by Teufelsnachbar667, at Reply

      Cenk Uygur:” the armenian genocide never happend”

    • Posted by miles redmon, at Reply

      Teufelsnachbar667 hahahahahaha

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Alex Leaud alex is a long time TYT regressive. Probably just got back from his white privelege workshop

  5. Posted by NON NEGOTIABLE, at Reply

    Trump voters failed America. Steve Bannon is a racist.
    Alex Jones is a cuck.
    Ana is gorgeous and intelligent.
    Cenk has more muscle than Drumpf.

    • Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

      @Lightspeed- Well said.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      You lack oxygen to your brain.

    • Posted by Derek Bao, at Reply

      Trump is president
      Cenk is fat and runs a youtube channel

  6. Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

    Please guys. Watch the whole video BEFORE you dislike.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      @ Stephen Truth =/= Trolling

  7. Posted by Mr. Savage, at Reply

    BLM is a joke. They should work on getting black people out of the ghettos. Not raiding other parades like gay pride. Or destroying city property and making asses of themselves

    • Posted by DeadshotDivinityFan, at Reply

      Yes they do, don’t you remember when BLM got police banned from a gay pride parade in Canada of all places?

    • Posted by Pedophile, at Reply

      orangewedges To my knowledge that happened only once and that wasn’t even in the U.S. but I agree with most you wrote

  8. Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

    Stupid Muslim, u dont speak for us Muslims

    • Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

      If your Muslim change your picture to you holding a spoon and fork in both hands with you in it, maybe have your tongue out as well; just so that we can see if you’re telling the truth.

    • Posted by dumbassmoron, at Reply

      BLM is a political movement with specific stated positions in their platform. Read them, and tell me which one of them you disagree with as a Muslim. Don’t tell me you didn’t read the platform before. If you didn’t then your disagreement with them must lie solely on their race. After all how can you disagree with a political group without even knowing their platform.

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Kelly gray I have no idea what all that means but we are not here on the internet to prove who we are, we are here to comment on our views and make arguments on it but it seems like you dont want to do that, you just want to take it personally and try to prove my identity because you are a racist collectivist that uses identity politics. You red my argument, now make an argument against it if you can.

  9. Posted by Хлоя Марш, at Reply

    *SMH* this is your education system on liberalism. Socialist leaning professors all in a biased intellectual circle jerk, indoctrinating their students into their failed ideology. Teaching a false reality that doesn’t align with real life. Yet people wonder “How come I don’t have a job out of college like my parents?”. hmm maybe because you got a bullshit liberal arts degree and your parents got a degree in a field that actually does something productive in society.

    • Posted by philzwhip, at Reply

      Professors don’t process applications.

    • Posted by philzwhip, at Reply

      John that person’s name is not Russian.

    • Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

      You sound overly salty

  10. Posted by Roronoa Zoro, at Reply

    Damn I’m 19 and all I’ve done was watch a lot of anime

    • Posted by kramcas2, at Reply

      Write Super Kawaii Desu! on your college application 100 times and you are sure to get accepted

    • Posted by Fuccyootoo, at Reply

      There’s always 4chan

    • Posted by xavier wilson, at Reply


    • Posted by Ron Lambert, at Reply

      Don’t underestimate the power of Anime. – Bleach- Akira – Ghost in the shell – Afro Samurai – Inspiring and uplifting media.

  11. Posted by Giovanni, at Reply

    Thank you liberals for lowering the bar so low you render out colleges absolutely worthless.

    • Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

      We have the best colleges in the world LOL. BTW, Berkley, the BANE of conservatives, is ranked number 1 or 2 in the world. Suck on that, peabrain.

    • Posted by darthbriboy, at Reply


    • Posted by DanteAtomosKageokami, at Reply

      Watch the whole video

  12. Posted by cuck, at Reply


    • Posted by ThePipeMonk, at Reply

      down boy and keep lapping up those sloppy seconds.

    • Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

      What a loser. How many videos do you comment on a day? Ever try getting laid? #SadPathetic

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      Long duk dong i get laid very often

  13. Posted by Darius Truxton, at Reply

    It’s no surprise TYT support this ridiculousness. Poisoned America is what TYT are paid to support

    • Posted by Darius Truxton, at Reply

      LMAO! Your user name says it all about you. Yep.. everything and everyone is racist. I didn’t even say they take money from George Soros, but they do in fact praise the guy.

    • Posted by Darius Truxton, at Reply

      Steven Crowder buries TYT at least once a week. His audience is rising, while psycho SJW fans of TYT are dwindling

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      Darius Truxton, yet just 2 weeks ago they mentioned soros paying professional protesters, again a month before that. in fact i never heard them ever mention him in a grateful manner. weird to bash someone you “work for” wouldn’t you say.

  14. Posted by campy :3, at Reply

    I find it stupid that he didn’t even fully answer the question, that’s my only issue with that because I’m sure there was hundreds more applications near his intelligence with far better answers.

    • Posted by May Michelle Marquardt, at Reply

      Lol, you need to pay an establishment to teach you things you could learn online for free. Loser.

    • Posted by Nicholas Repko, at Reply

      +May Michelle Marquardt

      He also gets a piece of paper that allows him to get a less physically intensive and statistically higher paying job than people who don’t.

    • Posted by campy :3, at Reply

      I’m not debating what the other parts of his application look like, and yes I have written dozens of applications to numerous colleges and decided to go to Princeton because it was closer to home. You pay a decent fee to submit an application, and with that you try your hardest to answer every single question to the best of your ability. With that I am 100% sure the majority of the answers to that question were better then writing #BLM one hundred times, because simply answering that question would be better then his answer considering he didn’t fully answer the question.

  15. Posted by Rundstedt100, at Reply

    Racist swarm in the comments section expected in 3,… 2,… 1,….

    • Posted by ZKP, at Reply

      Somai82 Self Righteous fucks like you who think that being disrespectful is more important than being correct about something or having their opinions be bolstered as objective fact or even “common sense” should be kicked out of “Western society”. Want an all white country? Go to Russia, you’ll love it there.

    • Posted by ZKP, at Reply

      Somai82 Millions of non-whites have died for the freedoms you enjoy today.

    • Posted by Mr Conservative, at Reply

      Rundstedt100 That stupid buzz word has lost its meaning

  16. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    I am LOVING this Oppression Olympics !!

    • Posted by Braxtyn Frechette, at Reply

      The Young Turds very entertaining.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Braxtyn Frechette indeed !

    • Posted by Braxtyn Frechette, at Reply

      train crashes are awesome…

  17. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m at Stanford right now, and I must confess that TYT just doesn’t know what they are talking about. He didn’t get in because he wrote that nonsense, he got in because of “diversity” quotas. Everyone here is talking about how bad it is.

    • Posted by ZKP, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen You mean every *Reich-Winger* is talking about how bad *they feel* it is.

    • Posted by Alexander West, at Reply

      This guy goes to every TYT video commenting that he lives in “X” (place relevant to the video) and that TYT is totally wrong about what is going on there. Every video. So when they talk about Sweden, he’s from Sweden. When they talk about Uganda, he’s in Uganda. etc. etc.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      +Jacob Hansen Your in Stanford MO.  This video is referring to a university. (Thats a school for big kids) named Stanford University. It’s located in Ca-li-for-nia.  It’s OK I know your sister mama couldn’t explain the difference to you. I hope this helps.

    • Posted by michael .jara, at Reply

      Riiiight…. and you also bench 500 lbs. and have a supermodel girlfriend.

      I like that some of these right wingers just automatically believe this guy goes to Stanford simply because he said so. Lol, they’re willing to give the claims of some no face rando on the internet more credibility then let’s say a rape claim by a woman simply because he says something that is sympathetic to their beliefs.

  18. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    how is he a gay muslim? doesn’t he know muslims behead gays in the middle east?

    • Posted by Dustin DeBolt, at Reply

      You’re an idiot. Just because someone ELSE punches someone, doesn’t mean its ok to punch another person or even that its relevant to the conversation. This deflection garbage takes away from the real conversations we should be having about the problems in Islam.

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      equating jail with beheadings, please stop.

      all religions used to do a lot of things. muslims still do barbaric things though. christians used to do lynchings. that is irrelevant because we are talking about now, not 50 years ago. muslims now are barbaric.

      this is reason enough to choose not to follow that religion. if gays were still being beaten by christians on a regular basis i would see why gays refuse to associate with that cult. they are more accepting than muslims.

    • Posted by The Kavernacle, at Reply

      +Brick Tamland might want to look at the history of Christian Africa before you think gay right in Christian countries are rosy. And it’s more like the changed the law a couple of years ago than ’50 years’ ago. Places like Russia where the government condemns homosexuality helps cause more violence towards them

  19. Posted by rencrow, at Reply

    He got in because he worked hard and got straight A’s instead of trolling TYT’s youtube videos all day like the white trumptards.

    • Posted by Bullshotinbutt, at Reply

      You are also, a moron.

    • Posted by Puddin, at Reply

      Bet that University is preparing trigger warnings and a safe space for him.

    • Posted by Puddin, at Reply


    • Posted by bob2000and10, at Reply

      You spend all day whinging about Trump and his supporters yet you filthy leftists are getting destoryed worldwide. In 2 days gorsuch will be on the supreme court and you can kiss goodbye to your filthy muslim immigrants.

  20. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    He got in because of diversity quotas.

    • Posted by LSD is fun, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez yeah dude, the only reason you didn’t get into college is because of these blacks and libtards. amirite?

    • Posted by Tony Curry, at Reply

      @ Andy Dominguez So you didn’t get into college because you are white. What university told you that?

    • Posted by Tony Curry, at Reply

      @Andy Dominguez

      So you are saying he got into Yale, Princeton, and Stanford because of diversity quotas? They didn’t accept his application because of his eloquence, work with presidential campaigns, SAT scores, and TED Talks?

    • Posted by leon scott, at Reply

      ……….. ummm if he were white, he’d be giving lectures at Oxford right now