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Tell Democrats In Congress: Filibuster Gorsuch Or Expect Tough Primaries


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The left isn't going to forget this when it's key time. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" Some Us senate Democrats introduced today that they would oppose any nominee Head of state Trump should select for the High court. Republicans blocked President Obama's choice from a choose almost a year, efficiently taking the seat, so these Democrats claimed it was only fair to subject Trump's future nominee to the exact same opposition.

Yet Democrats' opposition began to collapse on Tuesday, before Trump even revealed his pick.

Initially, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said in a meeting that his party is wrong to oppose all potential nominees, noting that the individual will certainly be traditional and also anti-choice, which Democrats will certainly need to approve.

" You've reached allow him put staff together," he claimed, including the stipulation that he would certainly not support a racist or bigoted candidate.

Then moderate Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) piled on, informing Politico that Trump's candidate "ought to get a complete hearing" as well as ought to "absolutely" get a straight vote rather than be blocked by a filibuster." *.

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  1. Posted by The Proverbial Hater, at Reply

    Oh, so we just gon’ act like Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t like sex with underage boys…???

    • Posted by Cheep Cheeps, at Reply

      He shoots his HIV juice into their lower intestines.

    • Posted by Cheep Cheeps, at Reply

      He’s gaping for Jesus.

  2. Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

    Democrats are usually spineless by nature.

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Jennifer W LOL

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Snakeye808 WRONG

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


  3. Posted by Butch Vega, at Reply

    remember when TYT sold out and supported Hillary after the DNC CHEATED Bernie?
    what if the DNC cheats again? Will TYT again support a corporate Democrat in 2020?!?! sad!

    • Posted by thelousyllama, at Reply

      Butch Vega you are just a republican in disguise who love the divided left

    • Posted by no taurus excretus, at Reply

      Butch Vega sounds like alternative from fact

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Biatch Vega, divide and rule is SOOO 2016! LAME! 🙂

    • Posted by Martti Hänninen, at Reply

      Remember when Trump promised lots of thing in his campaign and now can`t deliver or does not want to deliver those promises. Trump cucks are getting desperate. Failure.

    • Posted by Angela Calip, at Reply

      Yes they will go Bernie

  4. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    Why don’t they just obstruct?  The end of Trump’s presidency is closer than Obama’s was when the Republicans blocked his pick.

    • Posted by Myballsitchsomethingfierce, at Reply

      Evidence or hearsay?

    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      Forget the hackers. Trump has donated to democrats as far back as the days when Russian governments were well-known to try to help that party. He’s been married to 3 women from former communist-bloc countries, and his campaign staff and now cabinet have multiple ties to Exxon/Mobile and Goldman-Sachs (2 companies with widely known ties to Russia.) Now that Putin (who is pressing to regain the old communist bloc territories) is in power, Trump is a Republican. Is all of this a huge coincidence? I guess anything’s possible.

  5. Posted by Elon Musk, at Reply


  6. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    These two senators are in red states and are up for reelection. Just political strategy cenk.

    • Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

      Cenk doesn’t care he’s an ideologue.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Wayne stop dreaming about what Cenk’s farts smell like every day.

  7. Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

    That Joe M prick if no Dem.

    • Posted by mrx00666, at Reply

      Heidi Heitkamp – ND 202-224-2043
      Joe Manchin West Virginia Phone: 202-224-3954
      Charleston Office304-342-5855Toll-Free Phone: 855-275-5737Eastern Panhandle Office304-264-4626Fairmont Office304-368-0567

  8. Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

    And your poll question is skewed. The Democrats SHOULD filibuster Gorsuch IF they truly believe he is a poor candidate for SCOTUS. They shouldn’t filibuster just to get revenge on the Republicans.

    • Posted by Eazy, at Reply

      the op kingdom Neither. They should filibuster because the sitting president at the time made his pick and the republicans refused to do their job. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    • Posted by Seljuk Cuck, at Reply

      +Eazy What “job” did the Republicans refuse to do?

    • Posted by Heather Smith, at Reply

      I used to have that mindset, honestly. But the Russian connection is becoming clearer and clearer by the day, Russians almost certainly meddled in the election, and almost everybody besides Trumptards are predicting impeachment. There shouldn’t be ANY voting for a SCOTUS pick until an independent investigation on Trump’s Russia connections finishes, and if it shows he cheated his way into office, there shouldn’t be any at all until the next election. Not to mention Gorsuch is a nightmare and has no business anywhere near SCOTUS…

    • Posted by Seljuk Cuck, at Reply

      +Heather Smith First, there’s very little public information implicating Trump himself. Guilt by association isn’t grounds for impeachment. Second, the supposed evidence that the Russian Government did the “meddling” isn’t publicly available, with the exception of a couple reports, one of which seems to suggest that the Russian Government *wasn’t* involved, with an oligarch being a more plausible candidate. Third, how far should we take your standard that a President should be unable to act while under investigation? FBI investigations are rarely closed, often take years, and certainly aren’t _prima facie_ evidence of guilt. This standard would suggest that the FBI should have effectively unilateral authority to render the US government without a President. This authority clearly is not in the Constitution and is incredibly dangerous.

    • Posted by kourii, at Reply

      +the op kingdom how is the question skewed?

  9. Posted by Some Guy, at Reply

    Heitkamp is the WORST. She has no values. She’s not progressive AT ALL.

    • Posted by mrx00666, at Reply

      Heidi Heitkamp – ND 202-224-2043
      Joe Manchin West Virginia Phone: 202-224-3954
      Charleston Office304-342-5855Toll-Free Phone: 855-275-5737Eastern Panhandle Office304-264-4626Fairmont Office304-368-0567

  10. Posted by mrx00666, at Reply

    Heidi Heitkamp – ND 202-224-2043
    Joe Manchin West Virginia Washington office Phone: 202-224-3954
    Charleston Office304-342-5855Toll-Free Phone: 855-275-5737Eastern Panhandle Office304-264-4626Fairmont Office304-368-0567

    • Posted by Piper Tipurts, at Reply

      You are the hero we need.

    • Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

      Good work!

    • Posted by Awshucks Lagsburger, at Reply


    • Posted by CaptainRay, at Reply

      just wondering, but did you have to hack to get the number or was it already out there

    • Posted by Zeke m, at Reply

      CaptainRay, these are their public office phone numbers

  11. Posted by Some Guy, at Reply

    Get these weaklings out of office.

    • Posted by Myballsitchsomethingfierce, at Reply

      And replace them with republicans

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Replace them with progressives. If you replace them with Republicans places like West Virginia will become even more poor, and have even more sick people not being treated. More people going to the ER for care, driving up costs.

    • Posted by Seljuk Cuck, at Reply

      +John Bliss If you want a progressive in West Virginia, you’re gonna need to convince a few hundred thousand people to move there. The only people left are too stubborn to admit that coal is dying; anyone sympathetic to environmental causes has no chance. The same goes for anyone sympathetic to gun control and anyone not overtly religious.

      Healthcare won’t be an issue when the alternative to medicaid is Obamacare “Bronze;” I’ve been on it and it’s a joke. Manchin is the best you’ve got – better to try to retain competitive seats and clear out corporate Democrats in states that would be sympathetic.

  12. Posted by Muhammad Gheith, at Reply

    I find it hilarious that people think Ugyrs hurt by youtube comments. TYT is the largest online news network, #1. And they’ve beaten CNN in numbers. They’re the ones with success under their belt.

    • Posted by BruceLeedar, at Reply

      The Young Turks are Failing and Irrelevant!

      (that’s why we can’t stop crying about them)

    • Posted by 1969Makaveli, at Reply

      BruceLeedar Yeah cause you said so huh? Why you here? Go complain on Alex Jones YouTube page. Now he’s failing and irrelevant, his YouTube channel isn’t even close to The Young Turks subscription base. Now go leave you conservatard troll.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      lol that’s why alex jones fans come here to whine coz tyt is better

  13. Posted by Henry Kujawa, at Reply

    “PRIMARY” every F***ING one of them!

    • Posted by Saba Sartipi, at Reply

      Henry Kujawa hey Henry I live in Europe and have a probably stupid question, what does this “primary them” means? 😁 thanks

    • Posted by Oliver Ford, at Reply

      Saba Sartipi Put a candidate against them to compete for the Democratic nomination.

  14. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    Joe Manchin is not an actual Democrat, he’s just a political opportunist. Before he ran for his first term, he did his homework and realized that he had a better chance of getting elected for a Senate seat as a Democrat than a Republican in his state because of West Virginia’s electoral history. No principles, no interest in policy or ideology, it’s all about getting re-elected so he can keep on riding the big donor gravy train.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      First off, why resort to name calling right off the bat? Can’t you make your case without insulting people?

      Ok so I was wrong about the details but not about the substance. The stats show that since the 1980’s, a Democratic candidate had a much higher chance of getting elected in the state legislature AND the Governor’s office than a Republican candidate. And Manchin’s policies are not liberal in the least bit so I AM right about him being an unprincipled politician working solely for his own interests. He voted yes to the nomination of Scott Pruitt and Rex Tillerson and it’s no secret that he’s in bed with big coal. He’s the Democratic version of Mitch McConnell

  15. Posted by Steve Shelton, at Reply


    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      He lives in a state where democrats are a minority.

  16. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Primary them, justice democrats.

    • Posted by WhatAboutThemApples, at Reply

      Then lose in the General election. I rather have a guy I agree with 60% of the time win then somebody I agree with 90% lose to somebody who I agree with 20% of the time

    • Posted by Sir Croc, at Reply

      WhatAboutThemApples Ya. Remember when Trump lost because of all the primary opponents he had to go through?

    • Posted by Sir Croc, at Reply

      Back to your bridge, troll

  17. Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

    lol , so many progressives in ND, WV

    • Posted by WhatAboutThemApples, at Reply

      I don’t think either state is ultra conservative(more so West Virginia then ND) but I don’t see a bleeding heart liberal winning either state

    • Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

      WhatAboutThemApples trump will campaign for Senate seats, mark my words. Democrats are. fucked in 2018

    • Posted by Victoria Richardson, at Reply

      Donald Trump won the state of West Virginia over 60% and the second highest win after only Wyoming. Both states are pretty conservative and if Trump steps in and helps his candidate, these seats are in major trouble.

    • Posted by WhatAboutThemApples, at Reply

      I think you mistake for voting Republican/Trump as being conservative. Both Kentucky and West Virginia used to be solid Blue states, it’s just a case that both are states that seen major troubles over the past 30 years in terms of employment and Republicans just won the messaging war with them that it’s the Democrats fault

  18. Posted by Ligaya Barlow, at Reply

    What a shocker! As if there were some big qualitative moral difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

  19. Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

    These corporate democrats are so useless! #Justicedemocrats