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Tennis Legend Says The Game Is “Full Of Lesbians”


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A previous Australian women tennis champion lately went public with her CRAZY ideas about lesbians, particularly in the game of tennis. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us what you think in the remark area below.

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" The former tennis champion Margaret Court has asserted "tennis has plenty of lesbians" adhering to a row over comments she made previously regarding gay marriage. She included that transgender children were the work of "the evil one".

Court's earlier comments opposing same-sex marital relationship stimulated furious debate about whether the program court called in her honour at Melbourne Park need to be transformed. However, she said that attempts to eliminate her name from it were "bullying".

In an interview with Vision Christian Radio on Wednesday, Court declared that a "gay lobby" was trying to "obtain [into] the minds of kids" with Australia's Safe Schools anti-bullying program." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

    Finally Anna bought some new cloths!

    • Posted by How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead?, at Reply

      +Faysal N
      “Dont changed ur life just because of a random guy on youtube”

      No more random than some random, judgemental person on the street. Goddamn, scro, is the clothing literally what you got out of this video?!?

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead? Are you gonna change ur daily life because a random person on the street?

      Well sometimes we comment stupid shallow things on the internet, nothing wrong with that specially when my comment is not that big of a deal and simply an observation so calm down.

    • Posted by How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead?, at Reply

      +Faysal N
      I assume you’ve never done any conflict de-escalation training. If you had, you’d know that telling people to calm down generally only makes them angrier.

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead? Im not concerned with what your feelings or reactions are, get angrier all you want, im just pointing out how weird you are acting by telling you to calm down so yes I wanted to make you angrier as you are acting weird.

  2. Posted by Walter Anderson, at Reply

    Women’s Tennis is NOT full of lesbians.

    …but Women’s Golf is another story.

    • Posted by Da Peel, at Reply

      Walter Anderson WNBA too

  3. Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

    If you work in women’s athletics you will see that. During my time working in athletics around half of the athletes there were lesbian.

    • Posted by Bruce Harding, at Reply

      Too much testosterone for them to handle. Messes with their brain.

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      Bruce Harding How do you function?

  4. Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

    Yo lesbians are actually super nice, generous, and respectful people when you treat them with mutual respect

    • Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

      are actually super nice, generous, and respectful when you treat them with mutual respect.

    • Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

      klakiti sounds like you’ve never met a lesbian

    • Posted by klakiti, at Reply

      Trevor Scott well yes I have. They don’t have extra qualities just because they like the same sex.

      Do I really have to explain this?

    • Posted by Sarah-Jane Ng, at Reply

      klakiti We absolutely do have some extra qualities. In reality it’s a super power – but that part is a secret, so don’t tell anyone 😉

  5. Posted by andrea ortegaa, at Reply

    *starts playing tennis *

    • Posted by odessa, at Reply

      andrea ortegaa same. Where’s the nearest court?? Softball is too cliche

  6. Posted by Warbly Zombie, at Reply

    Wait, tennis is full of lesbians? Well, time for me to start playing tennis then.

    • Posted by Warbly Zombie, at Reply

      +Sarah-Jane Ng The only tennis I’ve played is on the Wii so this should be interesting 😂

    • Posted by Warbly Zombie, at Reply

      +Sarah-Jane Ng “Fictional but real in my heart” XD I would actually do sports if there were just lesbians. The jokes to be made, discussions on the team name that needs to involve a lesbian pun, being around people who aren’t guy obsessed girls or pervy guys

  7. Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

    Ya, and hockey’s full of white folk. So whats your point?

  8. Posted by John Mainiac, at Reply

    So she could never get laid….

    • Posted by SD Kitty, at Reply

      Hahaha as an Aussie I think this silly old cow got rejected one too many times

  9. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Tennis is full of lesbians? Ok. Now show me that movie. ^_^

    • Posted by jpowers55, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci As long as Venus and Serena aren’t in it.

  10. Posted by mydogiscalledoscar, at Reply

    No such thing as too many lesbians 😉

    • Posted by Probus Excogitatoris, at Reply

      Well as a straight male, I would prefer all women to be straight… More options for me…

    • Posted by mydogiscalledoscar, at Reply

      Probus Excogitatoris
      What’s life without variety?

    • Posted by mydogiscalledoscar, at Reply

      Probus Excogitatoris
      What can I say.
      I love a challenge.

  11. Posted by ben dunn, at Reply

    poor confused lady

    • Posted by Ibspurs 69, at Reply

      ben dunn she’s right

  12. Posted by schwarzhund, at Reply

    This old lady is great. “Those darned sexy tennis players, always inviting me to their fun parties and tempting me with their lusts of the flesh!” Repressed much?

    • Posted by gay lord, at Reply

      wwww  echo echo echo

    • Posted by Anime Freak, at Reply

      WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump lol wtf tyt logic is so dumb

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      it;s already been proven that the most venomous anti-gay people are gay

  13. Posted by Shawnee Longbow, at Reply

    I wonder how she feels about the part of the bible that says she’s not allowed to be a pastor, or teach anything regarding Christianity. Bet that doesn’t come up too often.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Wait I thought Christianity got reformed?

  14. Posted by RealTalk, at Reply

    To be honest homosexuality is a double edged sword. Most people don’t realize this but centuries ago when
    homosexuality was not a stigma there use to be many people getting molested and raped by homosexuals. Basically big homosexuals use to molest and rape smaller men because it was the norm. (like in prison)
    We will wait and see if the same phenomenon reoccurs in western culture as a result of mosexuality not being socially stigmatized. I’m not trying to say all homosexuals are people who molest or rape people but there are certain corelations you need to consider.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      You’re a troll.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      No. You’re a troll.

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      No you’re a troll, andrew, and you are not gay because doxing you shows that you are a little kid pretending to be an adult

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      Naw Smaakejeks is right and you are wrong, heterosexuals rape more often since they are the majority, and gays =/= molestation

  15. Posted by mohamed zakaria, at Reply

    so what? what’s the problem if Tennis was full of lesbians? I mean.. i can’t see where is the problem here.. why does that old turtleneck lady want all women to shove dicks up their holes? why does she feel that she is responsible of other people’s genitals?

    • Posted by Chris Thorley, at Reply

      hey lesbians, stop doing that Andrew Wells thinks its weird. I don’t care if you love each other and stuff, we don’t want Andrew Wells to be weirded out or anything because he’s a very special little snowflake

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Says the guy with left wing authoritarian leanings.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Women’s brains are too small to understand the meaning of true love. Bud dum tss

    • Posted by Cyampagn, at Reply

      Best you could come up with? :/

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      Andrew, drop your anti-gay rethroic and go outside and play with the kiddies, you;re too old to understand anything

  16. Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

    Homosexuals reproduce by molesting children. Virtually all gays are victims of child sexual abuse.

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      Kickintold, please stop trolling

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      Stop trolling seb

  17. Posted by Feel the Bern 2020!, at Reply

    “Christians” certainly seem to spend a lot of time thinking about gay sex.

    • Posted by #Species_Unknown #FitVirginIslander, at Reply

      Feel the Bern 2020! nah!

    • Posted by Sinjin Smyth, at Reply

      because its a sin…..D’OH.

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply


  18. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    It’s official: Religion makes you stupid.

    • Posted by Gur, at Reply

      its a qualification for admission

  19. Posted by Nikki J, at Reply

    It doesn’t help to keep saying people that are homophobic are automatically closeted…..because that’s not always the case. Some people are just straight homophobes for the most part.