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Terrorist Award Given To Middle-Schooler


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A seventh-grade lady received a really doubtful honor from her instructor. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, and also Sue-Ann Robinson, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you think in the remark section listed below.

" CHANNELVIEW – After a 7th at Lance Cpl. Anthony Aguirre Junior high brought home a controversial award from her instructor that read, "Probably to End up being a Terrorist," the area has evaluated in.

With greater than 1,100 Facebook shares and also hundreds of comments, this has actually triggered discussion concerning whether this was an ideal way to "jab enjoyable."

Channelview Independent School District main Mark Kramer claimed it was among the "fake simulated awards" a seventh-grade teacher dispersed to students to her class. Kramer also defined it as a "inadequate attempt to poke enjoyable," and a task that "was not well thought-out."

Lizeth Villanueva, the 13-year-old who received the honor, stated other trainees obtained awards also."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, Sue-Ann Robinson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, Sue-Ann Robinson


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  1. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    I have a joke


    • Posted by jeommy kin, at Reply

      Charles Baylor don’t stoop down to their level Charles. don’t call them trumptards.

  2. Posted by Eidi, at Reply

    That’s not funny.

    • Posted by A Santi, at Reply

      HEY, It’s hilarious and you’re gonna like it and laugh about, like comment and share it. Telling a student she’s most likely to become a terrorist in a time where innocent children lives are being taken is the most comical thing in the world.

      It’s like telling a 7 grader in 1930s America their most likely to become a Nazi, or telling a black kid their most likely to become a grand wizard leader for the KKK during the civil rights movement. It’s funny Eidi

    • Posted by xebek, at Reply

      +Gustav The Mad Agreed, just not for children.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +xebek How did Jared from Subway really lose weight?
      By chasing kids.

    • Posted by xebek, at Reply

      +Gustav The Mad Yeah.. Jared isn’t a child. You’re confused.

  3. Posted by Youtuber27, at Reply

    I am _very_ surprised at the panel’s take on this. I thought for sure they would be outraged.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      TYT is falling apart.

    • Posted by clearcutter74, at Reply

      If the teacher had been white, TYT would have a very different take on it.

    • Posted by ChristianIce, at Reply

      Perhaps because in the imaginary land of trolls you always see in the comment section, TYT is a bunch of snowflakes.
      Truth is, those very people can’t take any opinion, and are quick to cry about everything they see online.
      Right wing snowflakes are a thing, they just can’t see it šŸ˜‰

  4. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    wow, thats a little inappropriate to send out to impressionable kids.

    • Posted by Amanda Aguon, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 Thomas Mackelly stating something you obviously agree is true makes him an idiot???šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

    • Posted by Carlos Roderick, at Reply

      Thanks betsy devos now the teachers can act like idiots.some kids have psychological problems this a reinforcement of the downward spiral our country is headed .keep them stupid and in the dark so they won’t know the political figures are screwing them over.

    • Posted by Kelly Cornell, at Reply

      JUR-Z Devil so the fact that this occurred 2 days after the Manchester bombing isn’t relevant? Very insensitive and inappropriate.

    • Posted by DawnOfTheDead991, at Reply

      So Karlos. enlighten us to your harebrained conspiracy link between this and Trump

  5. Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

    tyt trolls losing their edge with this one

    • Posted by TheGamerNerdStation, at Reply

      so anyone who disagrees with tyt is a troll? oh ok..

  6. Posted by Pinkyusaf, at Reply

    yeah no teacher should have any right to make any joke like that. This crosses the line by a long shot. And the teacher doesn’t need a knock it off she needs to be removed if she’s dumb enough to do something like that she shouldn’t be teaching anyone.

    • Posted by Ikaika Kakazu, at Reply

      liedetector101 jag kastar dig ut troll, I guds namn

    • Posted by Pinkyusaf, at Reply

      Hafsah Noor I’m pretty sure these two are trolls specially liedetector. If not well both of them will make excellent Trump supporters. “Now, this may offended some readers, but it’s meant to be a joke”.

    • Posted by Muhammad Abdul Qaadir, at Reply

      I never justified what happened in Manchester or said it was acceptable. In fact I explicitly denied that earlier. My point was in response to someone who was implying that terrorism and violence is only worthy of condemnation if White people are the victims of it.

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Muhammad Abdul Qaadir whatever man, no one kills more muslim children then muslims themselves and that’s a fact, your religion is out of control all over the world.

  7. Posted by campy :3, at Reply

    I love how this video has nothing too do with liberals or conservatives yet every other comment has something too do with one or the other

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      +campy:3 Unfortunately there is, in fact, a political faction in this country which is quick to label dark-skinned children “terrorists”.

    • Posted by DawnOfTheDead991, at Reply

      Hey, hey stand out of the way of the race card flinging liberal chimptard. Well there is even a bigger bunch of brainless political assholes who can’t even mouth the phrase Islamic Terrorism
      Remember how all you stupid liberal scumbags got played by poor old Achmed and his so called science project that was made to look like a bomb hoax. Oh the poor old Muzzy brat was PROFILED by the bad old “Islamophobes”! Cry me a river. It was a scam to sue the school

  8. Posted by john shoffner, at Reply

    the teacher had to be white.

    • Posted by GRIMLOCK07, at Reply

      +Ace What are you?? Dense?? You can’t understand the simple and I do mean SIMPLE gist of what I’m saying?? Stop playing ignorant, cause I know some people like to play that ignorant role. I’m gonna say it one more time in the simplest way I know how so your dense thick skull can hopefully understand me.
      In majority of these types of scenarios, I say it again, MAJORITY, but NOT ALL, the teacher is not usually Black. In this case, it is a Black Teacher, but Majority of the time in scenarios like this, it is not.
      Now if you can’t understand what I’m saying for the 3rd time in a row, you should get a friend or family member to explain it to you, cause it seems you may have comprehension issues.

    • Posted by Billy Bob, at Reply

      john shoffner That is a thing, blacks are racists towards Indians and Mexicans. lol

  9. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    should have given this to white kid in the back of class with the weird haircut

    • Posted by My Channel, at Reply

      Not all Christians are bad. Same goes for Muslims. There’s just a few handful of people in either religion who gives a bad name for humanity.

    • Posted by Antonio Lombardi, at Reply

      Cisco Blue nah cuz he’d shoot the school up

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Weird haircut = Bowl haircut

  10. Posted by Stone Cold, at Reply

    Most likely to be a terrorist should be given to that White Christian lonely guy with a gun fetish that listens to Alex Jones.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Lanoira13 A majority of worldwide terrorism is in fact committed by muslims, so statistically speaking it should be a muslim. And muslim is not a race. Your stupidity is showing.

    • Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

      Stone Cold that’s just as bad. Why are kids being treated like this by not just other kids but the administration itself. I wasn’t exactly popular in school but at least I didn’t have teachers call me names or say I’m gonna be a shooter/terrorist.

    • Posted by Ryder Washington, at Reply

      +Lanoira13 Are you serious right now? Does logic even apply to you? The original commentator is racist towards white people but no one calls him a racist, but Rock Johnson is racist for saying muslims commit majority of the terrorist acts? Seriously, I want to know why white people are so hated? Because of slavery? Islam conquered most of Asia before christianity. Islamic rule ruined Africa and destroyed the Egyptian civilization it ruined India.

  11. Posted by Vintage Moss, at Reply

    The teacher was completely out of line. Especially in front of other students. This was adult humor and not meant for children. She’s an idiot. It shows her lack of judgement. If this happened here she would have lost her job.

    • Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply

      Vintage Moss.

  12. Posted by demissione, at Reply

    Okay but wtf is happening. This would NEVER happen in any school I’ve been in. This is insane and I DO think this is a big deal.

  13. Posted by roxanneworld11, at Reply

    something seriously wrong with the TYT panel today..it’s very serious – and in the current socio-political climate why are they sounding like trump supporters??..that teacher should be fired.

    • Posted by emily herrera, at Reply

      roxanneworld11 omg agreed!! First time i severely disagreed with all of them. Not okay at all!

    • Posted by SandraD729, at Reply

      I’m floored by this. How sad. I’m in total shock by what was spewing from the mouths of my beloved TYTers!

  14. Posted by Sam Sheth, at Reply

    I don’t agree with Ana. This is just not right. If there is even a small concern that it would hurt kids’ feelings, why do it? Why risk hurting children and their parents, and even maybe losing your job?

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Sam Sheth feewings .

  15. Posted by Candace Villegas-Giron, at Reply

    it’s obvious these guys aren’t parents, if someone said that to your young child you would be pissed off! Not funny in the slightest. It’s not from other kids it’s the teacher and that is extremely poor judgement and damaging to say to kids. She should be fired immediately.

    • Posted by Josefine Nilsson, at Reply

      I agree with you. It’s not even remotely funny. I also don’t see the point. Telling someone he/she is most likely to be homeless…I mean, what is the point? Trying to make him/her feel bad about who they are or where they come from? What the hell kind of teacher is that!

    • Posted by A D, at Reply

      Candace Villegas-Giron I don’t have kids, but I was one not long ago, and I know for a fact I would’ve felt pretty shitty if a teacher gave me an award saying I was most likely to be homeless or a terrorist. 13 is a tough age and kids are really insecure as it is.

    • Posted by Daisy Chains, at Reply

      Some kids are in danger of becoming homeless or living a violent life. In Europe, teachers would look after these kids and take care, but American schools usually don’t think caring for the children’s wellbeing and future is part of the job description.

    • Posted by TheWaWPRO, at Reply

      Ben has kids

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      Sue-Ann Robinson also has kids.

  16. Posted by Hank Hill, at Reply

    So it doesn’t matter because the girl is of Hispanic descent? Ok. I didn’t realize I was watching FOX NEWS.

    • Posted by Muhammad Abdul Qaadir, at Reply

      Teacher should be fired for sure

  17. Posted by Cobalt, at Reply

    Video: *_”Manchester Explosion: “Kids and teenagers just laying there screaming” – BBC News”_*

    And Americans think it’s acceptable to have a teacher award a student with *_”Most likely to be a terrorist”_* … that country really went down the toilet, only confirmed by electing a president that is one of the most corrupt, clueless, childish, obnoxious self-centered and rude leaders the world has ever seen.

    • Posted by Ms. Woodard, at Reply

      Cobalt yeah thats ugly

    • Posted by HipHopisArt, at Reply

      We’re doing great over here. Dont know why ya love hating on america but love travelling over here

    • Posted by Nightingale, at Reply

      Cobalt nah all u said about trump is true but he is not corrupted like hillary

  18. Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

    Mom is not overreacting… If someone calls you kid a terrorist I’m pretty sure U’ll be mad.

    • Posted by kitty010390, at Reply

      If someone calls my Muslim child a terrorist i would explode!

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      + kitty010390 LOL!

    • Posted by Brown Buffalo, at Reply

      kitty010390 Your Muslim child is a terrorist.

    • Posted by Andrew Curley, at Reply

      I vote you “Most Likely to be a Comedian!”

  19. Posted by whutfpeopel?! smilemore, at Reply

    why didn’t you talk about the kid and how she experienced it? in the segment i saw the daughter didnt seem to take it that well. some kids at that age are really vulnerable, especially to the criticism of an authority figure. i’m not saying she should be coddled, but i think it would have been kind of you to acknowledge her feelings.

    • Posted by A D, at Reply

      whutfpeopel?! smilemore 100% agree. I don’t care that a group of adults think it’s fine. The feelings of the targeted child are what matter.

    • Posted by Sam Susan, at Reply

      whutfpeopel?! smilemore exactly and I don’t think asking a teacher to maybe NOT call her student a terrorist is equivalent to coddling lol