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Texas LGBTQ Discrimination Now Targets Kids


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Greg Abbott is hard at the office imposing Christian Sharia in Texas. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Alonzo Bodden, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us what you assume in the comment area below.

" On Thursday, Texas Guv Greg Abbott (R) authorized an expense that will allow youngster welfare company to decline to offer certain kinds of treatment based on "the service provider's all the best held religious beliefs." The costs, House Costs 3859, will certainly allow discrimination against LGBTQ couples wanting to adopt kids, along with enabling LGBTQ children to be put under the agencies' care in "religious education." The expense enters into impact in September.

As ThinkProgress noted when the bill passed the Texas House in May, the costs impacts not only child positioning solutions (think adoption firms), but group residences, counseling services, take care of mistreated kids, and other sources for kids with challenging family members scenarios. The costs will have a broad reach, impacting organizations that supply a variety care choices for a great deal of kids." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Alonzo Bodden.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Alonzo Bodden.


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  1. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    He’s a disgrace to Texas

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      beastalchemist speak for yourself! This fellow TEXAN LOVES THIS LAW!!!

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply


    • Posted by Arcee, at Reply

      beastalchemist pretty sure Texas loves him

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      Trey Corteź if they mess with THE CONSTITUTION, I’ll mess with them ! !

  2. Posted by Tyler W, at Reply


    • Posted by Tracy Feldstein, at Reply

      Advacatus, How is Tyler wrong?

    • Posted by Tracy Feldstein, at Reply

      Rock…he is making a very reasonable equivalency… When religion gets power over the law…its basically like Sharia. I know you understand this.

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      “opposing sharia law is racist”
      ooh, so edgy….tell me where did you get your degree in trolling…Trump U?

    • Posted by Tracy Feldstein, at Reply

      Are you a bot or a bat?

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      The Democrat party is our “Sharia Law”. Conform or be personally harmed, especially in Hollywood.

  3. Posted by Chris Perez, at Reply

    Gays are COOL…PERIOD!!! These A$$HOLES need racist and hate conversion therapy. And that IS a real thing.

  4. Posted by zarkoff45, at Reply

    Sounds like a violation of church and state.

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      zarkoff45 my mistake I thought you would understand that thing meant a law. I should of simplified it more so you don’t have to think too hard. well at least now you know you were incorrect and have learned something.

    • Posted by Technicolor YaYa, at Reply

      Collin Grimes… What does that matter? He just wants to be insulting and feel smart by telling you what he knows… LOL!!!

    • Posted by Arcee, at Reply

      zarkoff45 it’ll take about 5 years for the Supreme Court to agree… IF they agree

    • Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

      You are actually not paying attention to what anyone is saying. The words “separation between church and state” aren’t in the constitution, but the idea of it is. As I mentioned earlier, the constitution states that *Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof*.

      That is separation of church and state.

  5. Posted by JALAYNE ATKINS, at Reply

    aren’t these children already protected by Human Rights????

    • Posted by keriezy, at Reply

      JALAYNE ATKINS they’re (these kids) are the new “Indians” of the west. Cut their hair, change their names, and teach them religion…
      White Christians have done this many times.

    • Posted by JALAYNE ATKINS, at Reply

      These bigoted so-called “Christians” give a bad impression of the rest of those Christians who actually believe in the teachings of Christ with regards to showing love as our calling card.

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      JALAYNE ATKINS that’s the goal of religious freedom, to strip all of us if human rights

  6. Posted by neil adlington, at Reply

    Sharia law in Texas…. Yee Haw! How ’bout dem Cowboys!

    • Posted by Anuza Feizu, at Reply

      Whats up with Christians imposing Sharia Law in Texas, then?

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      Anuza Feizu

      Opposing Christian Sharia is Christianophobic, stop being a bigot

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      Donald Lizard Troll person…
      what about sending AMERICAN CHRISTIAN LEADERS to another country and convincing their leaders to enact KILL THE GAYS >LAWS< ??? 🙂

  7. Posted by Brian Williamson, at Reply

    The 1st Amendment is violated again in Texas so the religious tyrants can inflict pain and suffering on others. Criminal Christians!

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      If this were Canada, Civil Rights would be on them like a pack of wolves on a warren full of rabbits! In a Nutshell, Canada’s legal system enforces anti-discrimination laws to the point that you can’t be a Texas Christian and get away with being anti-gay!

    • Posted by Brian Williamson, at Reply

      A proper response is to take this to court and point out the violations of the multiple parts of the US Constitution and even starting Impeachment proceedings can be justified to stop this.

      If any PA 3rd District resident wants the Federal government to assert Article 4 section 4 oversight on Texas, nominate me for the 3rd Congress district Democratic primary in 2018. Everyone else make ending Theocracy an issue that political supporters of it will lose their government jobs over.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Texas is one of the best states to live in.

    • Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

      @Hitchhiking Vagabond: For us Covfefees, it is. But for other groups… I’m not so sure. Seems almost unAmerican for the non-Covfefees.

  8. Posted by JALAYNE ATKINS, at Reply

    this isn’t about giving rights to the religious beliefs of the teachers and caregivers. It’s really only about revoking the rights of CERTAIN people and we know who is being targeted.

    • Posted by Bryce Thompson, at Reply

      You can look at it from either angle, tragically the result is the same!

    • Posted by JALAYNE ATKINS, at Reply

      Bryce Thompson oh i agree. im just saying the one who wrote the legislation is trying to put pearls on a pig by saying the bill is about religeous freedoms when its really about legalizing any and every kind of discrimination.

  9. Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

    This won’t just affect LGBTQ, it says an “sincerely held religious beliefs”.This allows these child welfare service providers, to refuse a child welfare based on his religion. Muslim or Jewish or any other religion, it doesn’t matter, this *explicitly allows* discrimination based on religion. It’s against what this country was founded on, and is against the *constitution*.

    • Posted by Al Brautigam, at Reply

      This chapter may not be construed to authorize a governmental
      entity to burden a person’s free exercise of religion.
      (b) The protections of religious freedom afforded by this
      chapter are in addition to the protections provided under federal
      or state law and the constitutions of this state and the United
      (c) This chapter may not be construed to supersede any law
      of this state that is equally as protective of religious beliefs as,
      or more protective of religious beliefs than, this chapter.
      (d) This chapter may not be considered to narrow the meaning
      or application of any other law protecting religious beliefs.
      (e) This chapter may not be construed to prevent law
      enforcement officers from exercising duties imposed on the officers
      under the Family Code and the Penal Code.
      (f) This chapter may not be construed to allow a child
      welfare services provider to decline to provide, facilitate, or
      refer a person for child welfare services on the basis of that
      person’s race, ethnicity, or national origin.
      (g) This chapter may not be construed to allow a child
      welfare services provider to deprive a minor of the rights,
      including the right to medical care, provided by Chapters 32, 263,
      and 266, Family Code.
      (h) This chapter may not be construed to prohibit the
      department from:
      (1) exercising its duty as the child’s managing
      conservator to make decisions in the child’s best interest; or
      (2) obtaining necessary child welfare services from an
      alternate child welfare services provider.

  10. Posted by timothy riley, at Reply

    Texas: America’s Mental Ward

    • Posted by timothy riley, at Reply

      Travis Rogers Who am I to argue

  11. Posted by J Snow, at Reply

    so the christian taliban in texas is legislating the mental torture and indoctrination of their youth, sigh, can we just give them back to mexico, please.

    Austin can stay, but the rest has got to go

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 why, why, why are you so dumb?

    • Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

      @John Myers: He’s worked hard at it all his life. It’s a Covfefe value to work hard at what you do and be the best!

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      J Snow why not just build a wall around texas ?

  12. Posted by Ish, at Reply

    Christian sharia law at its finest

    • Posted by Ben G, at Reply


  13. Posted by Nick Bolton, at Reply

    And this is just one of very many reasons why America is no longer, as hasn’t been for a long time, leader of the free world!!

    • Posted by Joshua Martinez, at Reply

      Nick Bolton wtf does this have to do with America being on top lol our economy is horrible thanks to Obama and Bush that’s why we aren’t on the top anymore

    • Posted by Nick Bolton, at Reply

      Joshua Martinez being leader of the FREE world isn’t just about the economy, for instance, you can’t be leader of the FREE world if your persecuting and discriminating against whole community’s within your country.. Also denying climate change and removing America from the Paris agreement that every other country in the world apart from 2 is a member of…As I said, “one of many reasons” Calling America a leader of anything apart from wealth and Military strength at the moment is laughable… and this video is one example, of many, pertaining to why that is.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      The world is not FREE!! The next leader of this world is China.

    • Posted by Nick Bolton, at Reply

      MISTY1770 FREE meaning not under dictatorship or an oppressive regime, fearing for life on a daily basis.. yes much of the world is FREE!!

    • Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

      Seriously, we bought way too much Tibet when it was on sale. Now it’s going to spoil before we can use it. Please take all you can use!
      Thx, Covfefe

  14. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    These same pretentious law makers making these anti LGBTQ laws….. are the same pricks whom like little boys in private!

    • Posted by tom mcfeely, at Reply

      Troop Number the only party that seems to be closer to the support of sharia laws is the conservatives with this law. The country was founded with the seperation of church AND state. This law shouldn’t be allowed. No religion should have influence over public law! Like corporations shouldn’t have any influence with government.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      tom mcfeely Progressives think it’s Islamophobic bigotry from Republicans that prevents Muslims from practicing Sharia law. Even though Sharia law is both a foreign law and violation of separation of church and state.
      Tell Progressives to stop being so Chistianophobic about Texas !

    • Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

      @Hitchhiking Vagabond: I’m curious as to why you think he should “get over” Texas Republicans diddling little boys. It seems like something every American should be concerned about.

    • Posted by Ben G, at Reply

      Dragon1717- You are the same guy that seem to always “forgot” to renew your sex offender registration. Hmmmm… The nerve.

  15. Posted by Steven DuVall, at Reply

    Alonzo isn’t exactly right about the New Testament but it’s an incredibly common misconception.
    The character of Jesus was attributed with telling people not to judge others unless they were “without sin,” and he often sounded like a pacifist, but he also said he didn’t come to change the Old Testament laws and that he came bearing a sword for battle and that he wanted to turn families against each other. There are also several pro-slavery passages and 6 anti-gay passages in the New Testament and it’s full of misogyny. Common misunderstanding, though.

    Texas is now a full-fledged theocracy, which is, of course, unconstitional.

  16. Posted by tbitzel, at Reply

    These old white males who can’t let go of their patriarchal control and ego, need to retire or die! it’s time for 21st Century minds.

    • Posted by nomadic hunter, at Reply

      tbitzel Mexicans, blacks, asians vote for conservative leaders, ever think about that?

  17. Posted by Thomas McNeil, at Reply

    I’m a Christian and I totally disagree with what Texas is doing, you don’t force religion on people so this is messed up!

    • Posted by noahj 457, at Reply

      Thomas McNeil how is religion being forced, they just involved religion in politics

    • Posted by Braiden O, at Reply

      noahj 457 Under the constitution, religion is not supposed to be involved in politics–it is only supposed to be protected. There is a HUGE difference; if you can’t see it, I can’t help you.

  18. Posted by Kory Toombs, at Reply

    Can they go around a discriminate against straight kids and put them in gay camps?

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      I wanna see a hospital say they are only gonna treat gays, atheists, and Muslims and see how much the people like this law then.

  19. Posted by hoda ahmad, at Reply

    This is Christian Sharia law

  20. Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

    Allow govt workers to discriminate
    Fire all the govt workers and now the children are left starving.

    Democrats need to understand the idea of compromise. And understand how understaffed the govt is that they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Want to fix it? Then EVERY VIEWER HERE NEEDS TO JOIN/VOLUNTEER FOR SOCIAL WORK NOW NOW NOW.

    If you ain’t don’t complain. They need all the people they can get.