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Texas Town Hates Trump’s Wall


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A Texas town is opposing Trump's suggested border wall. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, and also Sue-Ann Robinson, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why they protest the wall. Tell us just what you think in the remark section below.

" Donald Trump has called Laredo harmful, however citizens right here are more concerned regarding his proposed policies compared to criminal activity.

Twice a day, Myra Cazares walks over the Portal to the Americas International Bridge that links the border city of Laredo, Texas, with Mexico. Cazares, 22, belongs equally to both nations. She was birthed in San Antonio as well as jobs and also studies in Laredo, but lives throughout the Rio Grande in Nuevo Laredo with her parents.

" The guards get to know you since you cross each day," claimed Cazares.

Although there is a hard line on maps where the USA ends as well as Mexico begins, the fact in Laredo is blurred. Greater than 6,000 people stroll into Mexico throughout Laredo's pedestrian bridge each day, according to the City of Laredo, which just tracks southbound web traffic. About 14,000 automobiles daily also make the going across, including greater than 4,000 semitrailers that shuttle products right into Mexico."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, Sue-Ann Robinson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson, Sue-Ann Robinson


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  1. Posted by Eyehayt Apricots, at Reply

    Fake President

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      Real president

    • Posted by Barry Sabahat, at Reply

      Eyehayt Apricots real nightmare. 🇷🇺

  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    That wall will never get built, it was just another thing to trick gullible Trump voters.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      and the people who live in Loredo.

      Bill Smith is just another tricked gullible Trump voter

    • Posted by JG Perea, at Reply

      So true…

  3. Posted by Marbles McGee, at Reply

    McAllen and Laredo would not have the hospitals, and overall infrastructure if it weren’t for Mexican shoppers. If you go more than 20 -30 miles away from them, off the highway a bit, and its a whole different Texas.

    • Posted by Marbles McGee, at Reply

      Jay, you are right, it won’t affect the economy there at all. But it isn’t a TYT spin. The politicians in Laredo are the ones claiming it will hurt the economy. TYT is just reporting what they said.

    • Posted by charles salado, at Reply

      Marbles McGee lol “duuuuuuuh have you seen my baseball?” lmao I hope Jay Three had a brain fart.
      also why would someone swim across the river to go shopping?

    • Posted by charles salado, at Reply

      I can say the same about Eagle Pass. once the dollar hit 20pesos per dollar
      little stores down town closed and Wal-Mart sure as he’ll felt it, they actually took a loss by exchanging every dollar for 18 pesos just as long as you bought at their store.

    • Posted by Marbles McGee, at Reply

      charles….Jay is saying that the wall won’t have any effect on the economy because nobody is swimming to Texas.

  4. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Lock Trump up behind a jail wall!

  5. Posted by nejiyo, at Reply

    As someone who has lived in south/central Texas his whole life, I can say a lot of us are against the wall, Trump is an idiot who has no idea what he’s doing.

  6. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    I have a joke


    • Posted by Danny Las Vegas, at Reply

      Charles Baylor I’m no “Trumptard”, but what’s the joke?

    • Posted by Em Em, at Reply

      They see me rollin’

      they hatin’

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      I have a better joke

      Hillary lost

    • Posted by Lady Bug The demon, at Reply

      Not really a joke though, just a dead punch line that made the election of the orange chump no better, but keep on trucking sir, keep on trucking 🙂

  7. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    A wall on the Mexican border won’t accomplish anything except waste lots of money and make us look like idiots.

    • Posted by EmperorWildManChan, at Reply

      We can make some money off the wall (or get some money back for the cost of building the wall) by selling advertising wall spaces on both sides of wall.

    • Posted by Eva Sidera, at Reply

      David Harrison you’re right, it’s counterproductive. It does nothing. Trump just wanted to lure in votes.

    • Posted by Agnostic Atheist, at Reply

      I like the wall idea…you Americans should surround your country with one. Us, Canadians, will do you a favour and fill it with water when you are done…At least this way, one of Trump’s campaign promises will come true – it would finally make America great again and we’ll have a large swimming pool.

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      You just summed up Conald’s entire approach to government.

    • Posted by JG Perea, at Reply

      I totally agree David. India controls its border with Pakistan using advanced surveillance methods. Its cheaper and effective. The con artist in the white house is delusional!

  8. Posted by Christopher Singer, at Reply

    Please note that us in South Texas are overwhelmingly blue.

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Christopher Singer I’m sorry that you guys are going through this.

    • Posted by Alex Arriaga, at Reply

      Christopher Singer I know bud. I lived in south Texas for the majority of my life. South Texas is very democrat.

    • Posted by MDoorpsy, at Reply

      Ironically, I live there, but came from a republican family. They insisted I be homeschooled, and then put me in a private conservative christian high school, presumably to keep me away from liberals.

    • Posted by whobitmyname, at Reply

      Christopher Singer This is no time to be blue! It’s time to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and fight back! This is no time to be yellow!

  9. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    They voted for him. THey can’t blame the brown people anymore.

    • Posted by AustinLegendz, at Reply

      Ignorance is bliss. I would encourage you to actually look at a map of Texas red/blue areas. South Texas is very blue. You know, the part of Texas that is actually *affected* by this wall.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +AustinLegendz Cause a whole area being blue means everyone has the same ideology, right.
      By that logic all whites are kkk supporters and love raping and pillaging.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +Anna133199 i explained my issue with his comment in the first part of the sentence. It was generalizing.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +Anna133199 And “They” clearly means people that voted for trump and his wall. Apply that to my comment and im sure itll make sense.

  10. Posted by Kevin Williams, at Reply

    As a Texas native I say, f&#k that wall!

    • Posted by Juan Luna, at Reply

      Kevin Williams agreed coming from another texan

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Frank Rose Many Texas towns, ranches, homes, golf courses, etc will be on the south side of the wall.
      In some cases, properties will be cut in half.

    • Posted by Traplord M.E.L., at Reply

      Kevin Williams Here here buddy.

    • Posted by Alt Right, at Reply

      You really think that is what people do? What planet do you live on?

  11. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    Do Trump voters even still support this wall? This has to be the most juvenile bullshit a politician has done to get support and redneck Americans fell for it like gullible sheep…..

    • Posted by MDoorpsy, at Reply

      Bunch of stupid north texans all scared of them brown people. Should come down to the real wild south… see what they’re really like.

  12. Posted by shim, at Reply

    as we south korean says… “donald trump = blond kim jung un.”

    • Posted by lynksis12, at Reply

      심 What about Mongolia and Philippines

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Mongolia=china’s dad
      [Philippines=Poorer china

    • Posted by Thick Skin, at Reply

      What about India? Cheap china
      What about Russia? Real POTUS

  13. Posted by Greg Newton, at Reply

    As I Texan, I can tell you that overwhelmingly, the majority of people do not want the border wall. Granted, I live in an urban area. However, I have many friends and family in rural areas.

    • Posted by MDoorpsy, at Reply

      My family is on a ranch outside Edinburg, which is pretty much right next to McAllen. It’s a dumb idea no matter how many buildings are around you.

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      You’re in the minority, Greg. You probably live in an echo chamber.

  14. Posted by Brenda C, at Reply

    why doesnt anyone ever talk about trump being mad he lost 10 million in a bad deal with a billionaire from Mexico and after that he hated mexico .

  15. Posted by 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾, at Reply

    There are more illegal canadians than mexicans in the US, why is no one talking about them?

    • Posted by NovelLean, at Reply

      Chris Ruiz
      Dept of homeland security just released the info. There’s a link for the summary form. For full info, download the PDF.


    • Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

      I know! Because us Canadians are hella dangerous! We are known to carry maple sugar candy, hockey pucks and moose poop! Some of us will stand near you and apologize for casting a shadow on you! We relentlessly use the word ” Eh?” Why waste your time hating Mexicans? Canadians are in your cities, being polite to you! America, are you going to stand for that?

  16. Posted by Mohamed Ayari, at Reply

    thank you tyt for exposing trump for the conman he really is..

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      Thank you for not self-detonating, Muzzie.

    • Posted by Mohamed Ayari, at Reply

      +wiz9496 get away from me creep

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      Just as long as you don’t blow me up.

    • Posted by Mohamed Ayari, at Reply

      +wiz9496 hahahaha..get lost

  17. Posted by Jamail44, at Reply

    Texan here, (Houstonian) to be exact, and I will never be a Republican. I even voted for Jill during the General Election. All of us aren’t the seme.

    • Posted by David Warschauer, at Reply

      Jamail44 cheers on you

    • Posted by Sean O, at Reply

      There are not enough of you.

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      People from Houston don’t count.

  18. Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

    Trump needs to build a wall around his ego

    • Posted by cobraglatiator, at Reply

      not even GOTs ice wall is big enough to contain that. the mans ego is only slightly smaller than that of the kims in NK.

    • Posted by tasmand wd, at Reply

      Trump needs to get cancer and die!

  19. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    WARNING: Very long/controversial comment ahead.

    Many people who are uneducated/misled on the subject of immigration/refugees often ask things like “Why don’t immigrants come here legally or stay here if they know they are illegal?,” “If they are already here why don’t they just apply for citizenship to stay,” and “Why should we care about immigrants or refugees in the 1st place since they don’t benefit our country?” Well I have a few answers/explanations.

    A lot of Americans, particularly those who have never left the U.S., don’t realize how hard legal immigration actually takes. Much like achieving refugee status/vetting to seek asylum from places like the Middle East can take up to 2 years, applying and getting legal immigration status can take at least 5 years no matter where you come from (even for our closest allies). If you have a relative who is an American citizen or some1 sponsoring you then you can save time but most immigrants/refugees obviously don’t. Whether you are an legal immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker, or student/tourist visa applicant, no 1 from any country can just get on a plane and become a citizen over night regardless of what Republicans/isolationists who see them as a threat to us claim.

    Now if a foreigner wants to come to the U.S. legally for work or an education and they are willing to put the time and money to do so then we have no right to deport them since as I said this process of becoming a citizen takes years. But when people are trying to escape war, crime, or poverty to seek shelter in the U.S. sometimes their only option is to take the risk and come illegally and try to seek citizenship once they are here. Also, immigrants and refugees who have jobs and pay taxes (although by law most businesses and corporations aren’t supposed to hire them in the 1st place and report them to authorities) which benefits our economy, but until they become legal citizens they never receive benefits like social security and Medicare/Medicaid.

    Finally, most people who come here illegally don’t tend to stay for more than just a few years (some do but they aren’t the majority) and just try to work to earn a little money to send back to their families or seek safe haven until they can return home. So President Trump’s border wall (as many at The Young Turks have pointed out) will fail at keeping immigrants out and make keeping them in easier. And, nowadays the fastest growing groups of immigrants are Latin Americans (the 7 countries south of Mexico) and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, and Indians) who come by planes and overstay visas, while more Mexican immigrants and asylum seekers are returning home in recent years.

    If you read all of this thanks and share your thoughts/opinions about these subjects.

    • Posted by MDoorpsy, at Reply

      Very informative.

    • Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

      This is an excellent, well-informed comment. Unfortunately, it’ll probably get lost in the sea of trolls and morons who don’t want to or can’t understand.