That’s A Sideways Wheelie!: Throwback Thursday (August 2017) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

That’s A Sideways Wheelie!: Throwback Thursday (August 2017)


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Who awaits some throwbacks? We've obtained failed wheelie attempts, a few crazy bellyflops and a whole lot a lot more funny stops working! Submit your video clips to and leave a comment listed below!!


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Video clips:
Motorcyclist Falls Off During Wheelie Attempt
Camel Puts Mouth Over Lady's Head
Unicyclist Falls Off Rocky Hillside
Kid Aims to Stroll on Barrel
Person Falls During Virtual Fact Demo
Youngster Breaks Light Trying to Shoot Basketball
Friends Break Tree Swing
Dirt Bicycle rider Flies off Cliff
Hammocks Break Tree
Lady Tummy Flops into Lake
Little Lady Faceplants Snow
Drone Records Longboarder Loss
Young boy Hits Head on Edge of Trampoline
Skier Backflips as well as Faceplants Snow
Mountain Motorcyclists Speed up down Trail and Jump off Ramps
Man Tries to Backflip off Boat
Kayaker Faceplants Off 30-Foot Falls
Husky Canine Poops Mid-Run
Guy Aims to Stumble upon Balance Beam of light
Drunk Guy on Bike
Bicyclists Fly unmanageable on Stairs
Ferryboat Strikes Boat
Pals Pull Chair Out of Sleeping Close friend
Pet cat Attempts to Grab Food on Top of Mini Fridge
Drone Gets Caught in Tree
Lady Obtains Swept Away by Wave
Skier Does Divides on Tube
Olive Branch Falls on Tree Cutter
Guy Falls Off Electric Mobility scooter and also Breaks it
Unsuccessful Rocket Launcher
Individual Face Plant kingdoms on Browsing Simulator
Drone Records Outstanding Beach Video footage before Falling
Woodland Bike Jump
Man Jumps Into Heap of Snow Butt Naked
Skier Attempts to Do Backflip for the First Time
Guy Falls right into Water Throughout Photoshoot
Wiper Hits Woman's Face
Little Lady Falls Setting up Meal Towel
Van Gets Cyclers
Woman's Hair Catches on Fire while Burning out Candles
Man Falls Backward Off Bike
Pet dog Tears down Little Lady
Man Tries to Climb up Wall with Hammers
Woman Throws Hula Hoop over Cliff
Pole Breaks on Dancer
Grandfather Falls Off Scooter
Weapon Shot Causes 5 Gallon Container of Water to Blow up
Plaything Jeep Race
Infant Burns Finger on Candle
Auto Gets Come by Cop After Unlawful Relocate
Guy Counters on Trampoline
Firecracker Explodes in Commode
Teenager Falls From Tree
Kid Sleep While Being Fed
Lady Falls while Making use of Unsecured Pole
Drone Fails to Take Flight
Skier Hit Erased Snowboarder
Dog Assaults Mini Drone
Pet dog Loss Attempting to Catch Feline
Kayak Secures various other Sailors
Little Woman Can not Push Buying Cart
Woman Falls short at Back Handspring
Guy Carrying Sofa Hits Ceiling Follower
Bike Biker Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Rollerblader Body Slams Concrete
Women Fight over Arrangement
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp
Gymnast Faceplants Mat
Titan Wedding event Cake Falls
Skater Loss Hard Between Rail
BMX Rider Injures Nuts
Man Falls While Dancing

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  1. Posted by Ac7ion, at Reply

    3:20 boat name ” Nap time “

    • Posted by Realize CoD, at Reply

      Ac7ion lol how does this comment not have more likes?

  2. Posted by jimmelay71, at Reply

    3:20 The name of the boat was “Nap Tyme”. I guess they were sleeping.

  3. Posted by twitchster77, at Reply

    _/re-reads the title and sees ‘throwback’_
    Cause I was all like *WTF!!!!*
    _/jaw clenches_ _/blood vessels burst_ _/eyes start bleeding_ …

  4. Posted by hossguitar, at Reply

    7:43 looked expensive. Also I love fat people fails and I hate portraid mode clips – these are the ultimate fails 🙁

  5. Posted by Sir Wheelz, at Reply

    10:51 would have been so much worse if that “ramp” thing worked.

  6. Posted by ron oswald, at Reply

    Just like the name on the boat says..they were taking a nap.
    What number did they hit on the richter scale jumping for the bouquet?
    Helicopter vs. port o potties, butt tape flying all over.

  7. Posted by Mister Bowlin, at Reply

    You know what I hate? When something awesome is about to happen and the fucking cameraman pans away from the action at the last second. Case in point: 7:44

  8. Posted by Simeon B Davies, at Reply

    Why so many drones crashing, hardly a difficult fail?!

  9. Posted by Blue Justice Gaming, at Reply

    2:34 why men don’t do beam

  10. Posted by Charlie Bell, at Reply

    7:46 when North Korea tries to nuke the USA

  11. Posted by Jorge Lg, at Reply


  12. Posted by Crispy K, at Reply

    0:27 Homer Simpson and his inventions XD

  13. Posted by Mark The shark, at Reply

    The yacht in the background at 4:10

  14. Posted by Skomantas Liutkevicius, at Reply

    If you looking for funny go to 2:22

  15. Posted by Ace Futura, at Reply

    6:28 that’s on purpose

  16. Posted by Fred Slocombe, at Reply

    Next time bring raw steak to a wipeiut and hang it from uour helmet screaming. ‘ My face! My face!”

  17. Posted by Just N Just N, at Reply

    Hillbillie wake up at the end 🙂

  18. Posted by 000Mental000, at Reply

    Can somebody please explain to me why some of these retards ask their “friend” if they’re okay if they’re still sliding face first down a hill at 55 mph.

  19. Posted by Skullface Mclovin, at Reply

    Meanwhile in north korea 7:45 kim jung un so strong,