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That’s Going to Leave a Mark!!: Throwback Thursday (August 2017)


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We're tossing it back to last year for today's Throwback Thursday. We have actually obtained some wedding celebration stops working, amazing child fails or even a male swimming down a road! Let us recognize which is your preferred in the remarks below!! Do you have a video clip of your own? Submit it at!


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  1. Posted by SottoSun, at Reply

    1 minute

    • Posted by Simon Larbin monteur, at Reply

      SottoSun tu est francais ?

    • Posted by Lewis Levy, at Reply

      Simon Larbin monteur Tu es français? would be the correct version.

  2. Posted by Justo, at Reply

    Who’s also not first?

    • Posted by GIMPS, at Reply

      You mom for sure

    • Posted by SodaaTk, at Reply

      Gamerwolf1214 wow he was being sarcastic you poo head

    • Posted by Justo, at Reply

      Gamerwolf1214 i know

    • Posted by Gamerwolf1214, at Reply

      SodaaTk leave me alone and poo head seriously 😂😂wow I’m so hurt #not

  3. Posted by Nishant Sharma Pianist, at Reply

    #lol the funniest part of video is 0:00-12:28

    • Posted by Cedric Le, at Reply

      Nishant Sharma Pianist the funniest part of this comment is

      Theres none

    • Posted by ThatDude DudeGuy, at Reply

      GL Aviation Only feminists and adults who try to act modern and teen.

    • Posted by Adolfo Ortiz, at Reply

      Nishant Sharma Pianist nice try

    • Posted by Mohamed Poling, at Reply


  4. Posted by Nicpotle Games, at Reply

    Who here loves fail army if u do like this comment

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply


    • Posted by This Guy, at Reply

      +FailArmy I hope you replied to Hesusio’s comment

    • Posted by Anthony Hernandez, at Reply

      FailArmy why you only make reruns

    • Posted by xCrushax, at Reply

      It was better once.

  5. Posted by BernhardB17, at Reply

    3:14 This boy gives 0 trucks

    • Posted by RandomThings, at Reply

      BernhardB17 a

  6. Posted by Number One, at Reply

    0:42 Super Saiyan transformation right there

    • Posted by Максим Шиманович, at Reply

      PLS say name of this guy. I can’t find him on youtube.

    • Posted by Topshot369, at Reply


    • Posted by A kid who discovered kpop and likes the raps, at Reply

      Number One I prefer titan eren roaring.

  7. Posted by Lonedrood, at Reply

    So much recycled content

    • Posted by Lonedrood, at Reply

      dickcheese663 yeah but if it’s not throw back Thursday it’s more of Monday or takeback tuesday or wayback Wednesday or forgotten Friday I can go on 😂

    • Posted by Emma Hutton, at Reply

      Lonedrood recycling is good for the environment, besides this is a throwback video

    • Posted by Mark Javier, at Reply

      Kinda the point of a throwback

    • Posted by Paulie Jay, at Reply

      There’s a clue in the title – “throwback”.

    • Posted by JimBobJones, at Reply


  8. Posted by DanSanus, at Reply

    I think reusing the same submissions for videos is gonna leave your channel a mark.

    • Posted by Mr memeatron, at Reply

      Central Edits TV k mr 26

    • Posted by Central Edits TV, at Reply

      Ye.. Ahh.. Uhh.. Whaa?

  9. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ thursday

    • Posted by chris, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti would you rather have no content

    • Posted by ERICK JHAN TORRES, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti *can you read the title*

    • Posted by pacxam11, at Reply

      Some people may not have seen these clips, dumbass so please, I urge you to use your brain before commenting something ridicously stupid.

    • Posted by Peter Kipka, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti important

    • Posted by guffass, at Reply

      and yet here we are

  10. Posted by Nikolaisn, at Reply


    • Posted by RetroStage, at Reply

      B Er John Bernecker, a stuntman, died from falling on concrete recently while shooting a scene for The Walking Dead 🙁

    • Posted by DangWeb, at Reply

      Дал-бы если бы я нашел ролик на этом канале, он был примерно 2+ месяца назад

    • Posted by KarlosAP, at Reply


    • Posted by DominusDom, at Reply

      DangWeb Of course comrade

  11. Posted by Pervy Swagg, at Reply

    pause @ 1:25 – ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    • Posted by Evelyn Farrell, at Reply

      Pervy Swagg weirdo

    • Posted by NAEL AL-ATTAR, at Reply

      Pervy Swagg هههههه

    • Posted by saskatoonguy, at Reply

      the girl they have all paused the video on to watch is a child, not a woman. By having perverse thoughts about a minor, you are sexualizing a child. You have turned an innocent kid into a sexual object. You are sick and should seek mental help. What is even worse, is that the number is growing quickly.

  12. Posted by GebruennenTube, at Reply

    I have to stop watching this videos. More and more some of these clips are making me just ANGRY: there are too many stupid and dumb people in this world. WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN?!
    Min. 50% of these clips are no accidents, it just happens because of not thinking, no education or just because of missing brains. Poor, poor people!
    What did just happen to our society? That’s not funny anymore…

    • Posted by GebruennenTube, at Reply

      Luis Meza thx

    • Posted by Steve Rogers, at Reply

      + GebruennenTube

      HEY, don’t put them down!! Dumb people have feelings, too. Well…at least the ones who are still alive, and the ones who aren’t paralyzed or in a coma do!!

    • Posted by GebruennenTube, at Reply

      Steve Rogers
      Yes, and believe me I have a really bad conscience. So I expect a hard but fair punishment…

    • Posted by Petertunes, at Reply

      people have always been like this we just never had cameras, chill out man.

  13. Posted by Jack Warren, at Reply

    10:11 why are they throwing bottles at him ?

    • Posted by Darius Lovato, at Reply

      Jack Warren to get him down lol

    • Posted by Matthew Walton, at Reply

      Jack Warren I was wondering the same thing. Chances are they’re all drunk and one guy started it and the rest joined in.

    • Posted by Monkey Madness, at Reply

      Jack Warren i thought those were Bananas

    • Posted by SpitfireBoy, at Reply

      It’s at Download festival in England. It’s a heavy metal festival but in 2013 they brought this zip line and people kept getting stuck on it and the bottles just kept on flying. It was great but we haven’t seen the zip line ever since

    • Posted by Steve Rogers, at Reply

      why not?

  14. Posted by PixieSparklez YT, at Reply

    Todays my birthday 🎊🎉🎊🎉 can i get 1 like

    • Posted by SpitfireBoy, at Reply


  15. Posted by iAmForeign, at Reply

    When you bleep the swear words, the video isn’t as funny as it should be

    • Posted by Jakob N, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael Pearson, at Reply

      iAmForeign I live in a culture where too many swear words make the video basically unshareable. So there’s that side too

  16. Posted by Dangerous Paws, at Reply

    SO WE JUST GON IGNORE THE LITERAL DEATH @ 1:41 ?!?!?!??!1!??!?!?!
    OK THEN!!!!!

    • Posted by Slaegr, at Reply

      Dangerous Paws I think it was his feet at least I hope so

    • Posted by Steve Rogers, at Reply

      + RussEfarmer

      re: Guy not wearing seat belt while going up a rocky hill.
      It’s all ok. They just didn’t want to interfere with natural selection.

  17. Posted by Ryan Postlethwait, at Reply

    “Their havin a hoot of a time.”

    • Posted by JesseJames37, at Reply