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The 2016 Jerk Of The Year Is…


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Who deserves the title of Jerk of the Year 2016? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, tell you who you picked as Jerk of the Year. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur
Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

    I HATE watching this channel so much. I just hate it. But I hate Debbie
    Schwartz so I won’t leave a dislike on this video. but I also WILL NOT
    click the like button.

    • Posted by Eve Aso, at Reply

      Jerk of the YEAR GOES TO Death!!!
      RIP Debbie Reynolds ;(

    • Posted by Jake Cross, at Reply

      +Adam Chester Adam Chester is trying to make the running as Jerk of the
      Year. You are a Jerk, but you are too much of a LOSER to make Jerk of the
      Year. Go do your school work and get off YouTube!

  2. Posted by frediax10, at Reply

    what about Jimmy dore for spitting

    • Posted by Deus Dex, at Reply

      Regressives defending disgusting and violent behavior again.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Deus Dex Yeah, I really wish TYT would grow some morals, but apparently…

    • Posted by Deus Dex, at Reply

      +A Rogue Chihuahua They incite their fans to violence just like the TYT
      fan who shot those cops in Baton Rouge after binge watching their videos
      and making his own YT videos repeating TYT talking points verbatim. They
      encourage rioting where white people are beaten simply for being white or
      being Trump supporters.
      TYT are scum.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Deus Dex​ Absolutely, but listen to the way they tell it, “that man had to
      be a conservative, and nothing is ever our fault” and “we’re *better* than
      you” as well as “anything you do to white people is well deserved” and “if
      it makes you unhappy, “civil disobedience” such as burning down houses and
      businesses, or beating up old and young white people is perfectly
      acceptable”… I hate TYT, and one day, they’re going to get what’s coming
      around for them!

  3. Posted by United States and El Salvador, at Reply

    Someone send this to the Democratic National Comittee

    • Posted by Anonymous DueToFascists, at Reply

      Honestly, they wouldn’t understand. They live in their own bubble and echo

      Much the same way, Trumpanzees are impervious to facts or even accepting
      the effects of gravity. They nail it all down, just in case gravity stops

    • Posted by EPSTomcat11, at Reply

      Done. If they still don’t “get it” they’ll be beat even harder and buried
      even deeper.

  4. Posted by 01man01truck, at Reply

    Jerk off the year: Anthony Weiner.

    • Posted by n0sfreak, at Reply

      01man01truck You have my vote 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Michael Berthelsen, at Reply

      01man01truck Nah, he’s just jerker of the year. 😉

    • Posted by 01man01truck, at Reply

      Nice one ^

  5. Posted by Tripp393, at Reply

    Wrong again, Cenk. Her ramen noodle hair freaks me out. I literally don’t
    like Debbie.

    • Posted by Boobalopbop, at Reply

      Tripp393 Her hair always baffles me. I’m positive she makes a lot of money.
      It can’t be that hard to find a good hair stylist. If she doesn’t want to
      be bothered blow drying then, get a nice haircut and rock the curls, cuz
      yeah that greasy ramen noodle bob is just gross.

    • Posted by Dexi, at Reply

      Ramen noodle hair LOL

    • Posted by DarthBunny314, at Reply

      Boobalopbop Bad hair? President elect Trump – ’nuff said

  6. Posted by n0sfreak, at Reply

    *This is the second election that Hillary lost to Trump*

    • Posted by United States and El Salvador, at Reply

      Npe debbie won

    • Posted by Navon Myhand, at Reply

      Trump lost too.

  7. Posted by gm92845, at Reply

    Wow Hillary couldn’t even win an award based on being a jerk. LMAO…

    • Posted by United States and El Salvador, at Reply

      Nor could Trump

    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      DWS rigged the voting

    • Posted by The Panda, at Reply

      +United States and El Salvador I think the presidency makes up for not
      winning this

  8. Posted by Lamar Cox, at Reply

    Hillary lost yet another election. She can’t even win at being a jerk and
    she’s universally despised. Goddammit, talk about pouring salt in a wound.

    • Posted by Alexander, at Reply


    • Posted by Seadalgo, at Reply

      best comment so far

    • Posted by The Next Kong Hee, at Reply


  9. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Cenk, please don’t ever feel bad for Clinton. She’ll be fine. Besides, now
    that we can’t do anything for her, she’s nowhere to be found. More proof
    that she hates us, and just sees voters as “useful idiots”

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      SainterSan don’t be a sychophant. She deserves all the legit mud you can
      sling. My criticisms of her are 100% warrented. Her
      neoliberal/republican-lite b.s. can take a hike! The saddest thing is trump
      will be president because of her weak establishment hackery.

  10. Posted by powerboyj roblox., at Reply

    jerk of the year: The electoral college.

    • Posted by jsp 2081, at Reply

      powerboyj roblox.
      keep crying

    • Posted by maxdakul, at Reply

      When trump is president, the whole human race will be crying!!

    • Posted by For Real, at Reply


  11. Posted by darkphoenix2, at Reply

    Plenty of overly emotional TYT fans, apparently. DWS is certainly a jerk.
    Donald Trump makes her look like a nun.

    • Posted by darkphoenix2, at Reply

      +情勢国際 Fair enough, everyone can feel how they feel. I just hope those
      people devote more energy to fighting Trump now.

    • Posted by 情勢国際, at Reply

      +Richard Atkinson That’s very true. We need real liberals and progressives.
      No SJWs. No Democrats that just pose as libs.

  12. Posted by Meatpie Hunter, at Reply

    Hillary gets my vote 100%. She should have stepped aside and let Bernie
    crush Tiny Hands. But noooo, her ego, greed, and attitude got in the way,
    and now we have Trump… Thanks A lot Hillary supporters. ..

    • Posted by Adrienne Rennard, at Reply

      Meatpie Hunter but it was the DNC that sabotaged Bernie’s chances. Not just
      Hillary’s ego and desire for power, but the entire establishment!

  13. Posted by TheMinimumPC, at Reply

    You know the Democrat party does NOT represent you but you still try to
    defend them.

    • Posted by stefers08, at Reply

      TheMinimumPC No matter how much we may hate what the Democratic Party has
      become, the Republican is beyond despicable not just in what they do but
      what they represent.

    • Posted by Brian Tan, at Reply

      stefers08 and thats the logic the DNC always uses……when you set the bar
      so low, how can you not be better than that

  14. Posted by Tom F Park, at Reply

    Thought it would have been Ana Kasparian.

    • Posted by Tom F Park, at Reply

      +Jamesadeth Indeed.

    • Posted by For Real, at Reply

      Where is that “sit on my face” motherfucker
      he’d love this comment

  15. Posted by Alissa Johnson, at Reply

    🏆Tomi Lauren as Twat of The Year🏆

    • Posted by The Late, at Reply

      Alissa Johnson she should be jerk of the century.

  16. Posted by Robert Roth, at Reply

    Damn, TYT making sense again.

  17. Posted by John Chessant, at Reply

    Cenk, don’t be afraid of calling Clinton a jerk! That’s what she is!

  18. Posted by Fritz Karl, at Reply

    Hillary should have won being Jerk of the Year.
    She gave us Trump ffs.

    • Posted by Bunny Monkey, at Reply

      Fritz Karl so, its her fault and not the fault of the millions of people
      who voted for trump? makes sense, i mean how could the voters have any

    • Posted by Arvind, at Reply

      Debbie played a big part in getting Trump elected.

  19. Posted by Hobbesian Thinker, at Reply

    HIllary should have won this award. Debbie is just an accomplice to her

    • Posted by Richard Short, at Reply

      Exactly, who the hell picks the schemer’s pawn over the schemer?

  20. Posted by CABOOSEBOB, at Reply

    We do hate DWS on both a political and personal level. She rigged the race,
    and she also insulted us.

    • Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

      Agreed, only a deplorable person would act as she did