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The Best 29 Fall Fails: FailArmy Hall of Fame (November 2017)


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It's a little chillier outside which indicates it should be the loss. In honor of the season changing right here are our best 29 fall stops working ever. Elect your preferred fall stop working of all-time to be consisted of in the end of year Hall Of Popularity induction ceremony and video clip. Vote by leaving a remark listed below!


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Video clips:
Backflip into Leaves Fail
Mountain Bicycle Rider Faceplants into Tree
Mountain Bike Collision right into Leaves
Suzuki Samurai Rolls down Leafy Route
Festival Decrease Pumpkin
Girl Falls Into Mud
Mama Smacked in Face with Leaves
Man Backflips right into Leaves
Climber Falls Off High Cliff
Guy Lighting Leaves on Fire
Backflip onto Leaves Fail 2
Kid Keeping Up Branch Is Dumb
Base Jump AHHH
Woman Crashes Bike Into Tree
Acorns Landed On Father
Little Boy Falls Down Hill
Individual Slides Throughout Front Flip Attempt
Pair Aims To Take Charming Picture
Bike Enters Into Leaves
Tree Falls on Male's Head
Power Tires Race Accident
Log Crossing Fail
Dude Rolls Down Leafy Route
Bike Dude Faceplants onto Front Wheel
Little Lady Cries Over Murdered Pumpkin
Individual Loses Control of Lawn Mower and also Falls Off
Ramp in Firest Fail
Backpacker River Crossing Fail
Uphill Dirtbike Crashes Into Tree
Woodland Pole Safe Fail
Tree Branch Falls on trimmer

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  1. Posted by MaximuM DuTube, at Reply

    #1. Ha-Ha!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Posted by Mystery YouTuber, at Reply

      MaximuM DuTube ikr

  2. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    Mexican train killers have loco motives.

    • Posted by Victor Castro, at Reply

      Que esta diciendo este verga?? Jajaja

    • Posted by Bruce Boom, at Reply

      you are awesome

    • Posted by Kyler Sommer, at Reply

      Fresh off the boat

    • Posted by Amber Robinson, at Reply


  3. Posted by Saif Iman, at Reply

    only 1180 views, damn im early!

  4. Posted by Jascha Wenckebach, at Reply

    …Nur ein deutscher Kommentar auf der Durchreise…

    • Posted by vladimer putin, at Reply

      donalt trump hillary clinton and the american police is racist all lot of american peopel are rasict

    • Posted by vladimer putin, at Reply

      i hate racist peopel

    • Posted by LittleWarWolf, at Reply

      I wasn’t even talking to you. I am not American either. What are you on about?

    • Posted by vladimer putin, at Reply

      i tolking about the7sevenz

  5. Posted by igix Tv, at Reply

    1:06 Poland!!!!! My country!!!!

    • Posted by buryzenek002, at Reply

      aha no i co w zwiΔ…zku z tym? pod kaΕΌdym takim filmem to samo…

    • Posted by Mleko, at Reply

      Co ty robisz kurwa xD

    • Posted by krolmat 1883, at Reply

      igix terz

  6. Posted by Morana Cerera, at Reply


    • Posted by firsk underpants, at Reply


    • Posted by KowalskiV2, at Reply

      Grzesiu juΕΌ odwala maniane na caΕ‚y Ε›wiat!

    • Posted by ChrisTheCin, at Reply

      Morana Cerera don’t give Grzesiowi motor xD

    • Posted by La Polska, at Reply

      Zajebal πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by StarzHyper7, at Reply


  7. Posted by Narayan Sharma, at Reply

    0:34 Oooooh God soo scary.😯😯😯🀐

    • Posted by MrXenonProductions, at Reply

      dont understand why they dont wear helmets like any other sport ….

    • Posted by Delaney Winton, at Reply

      For the clips like that I just want to know if they are ok

    • Posted by mpawecio, at Reply

      Check out my new movie with my german shepherd! πŸ˜ƒ

    • Posted by Γ†miliānus, at Reply

      He just broke his thumb. There’s another video of him going to the hospital and telling that to the camera.

  8. Posted by gaterzoom, at Reply

    Sooo what happened to the guy at 2:59?

    • Posted by Axdi YT, at Reply


    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      gaterzoom He started to fly right before he hit the ground.

    • Posted by THE REAL MEMER, at Reply

      What do you think

    • Posted by Mark Sixsmith, at Reply

      He’s in the next clip! 03:06

  9. Posted by I Record Videos, at Reply

    *Fun fact:*
    Scientists found out that birthdays are good for your health because people with more birthdays live longer

    • Posted by Pegi 99, at Reply

      It makes sense

  10. Posted by ava leibel, at Reply

    ” dad I see spiders! ”
    Me: drops my iPad and runs…..

  11. Posted by ShiroX1337, at Reply

    Grzesiu! Co ty robisz kurwa!? xd

  12. Posted by ........segovia14........., at Reply

    #21 has he died?

    • Posted by afgt 116, at Reply

      He opened the parachute

    • Posted by Veronica kovpak, at Reply

      Yes, no way can he have survived that

    • Posted by Veronica kovpak, at Reply

      Also the mountain one has to have the guy get a few broken ribs or something

    • Posted by Ψ­ΩŠΩ„ و أفكار, at Reply

      ……..segovia14……… if you love life hacks , projects and crafts subscribe my channel you will like it

    • Posted by Cian mcnamara, at Reply

      you can see the parachute open at the end

  13. Posted by Jesus Aguilar, at Reply

    7,224 vista : V OMG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Posted by Tomasz Turaj, at Reply

    Grzesiu najlepszy..! Hahaha

  15. Posted by Bartek M., at Reply

    ,, Grzesiu co ty robisz kurwa” πŸ™‚

    • Posted by RudolphThe Cookie, at Reply

      Bartek M. KULVA

  16. Posted by golden mirror, at Reply

    Gruß an die Deutschen πŸ˜€

    • Posted by Felix 1892, at Reply

      golden mirror Heil auch an dich Kamerad

    • Posted by Dein Anwalt, at Reply

      golden mirror hi

    • Posted by Cockmirror, at Reply

      Was soll der name??

  17. Posted by Orael Agadres, at Reply

    Tabarnak man

  18. Posted by Marcel der Motovlogger, at Reply

    Haha πŸ˜€

  19. Posted by Wizard 1673, at Reply

    0:30 mountain climbing hurts

    • Posted by Roy K., at Reply

      Respect for this guy.Lets hope he is o.k.

    • Posted by Roy K., at Reply

      Glitter Monkey He must put a helmet on next time.

    • Posted by Darren Woloshyn, at Reply

      Grendizer81 he wasn’t wearing a helmet

    • Posted by Dustin Ausborn, at Reply

      Wizard 1673

  20. Posted by ss c, at Reply

    2:53 Tabernac man calice!!!!! :’D