The Big Banks are Investing Your Money in Private Prisons, Firearms, and Fossil Fuels | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

The Big Banks are Investing Your Money in Private Prisons, Firearms, and Fossil Fuels


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If you have a look at your 401k or that your banks are in bed with, you'll likely find out that they're backing companies that are associated with the jail commercial facility, fossil fuel industry, and gun market. If consumers are so willing to oppose with their wallets by boycotting product or services they disagree with, why not do the exact same thing with your financial institution?

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  1. Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

    You can’t run this country without fossil fuels. ‘ sorry, you just can’t.

    • Posted by WarthogRacer, at Reply

      Yes you can, if there was a willingness to.

    • Posted by JanderVK, at Reply

      “You can’t run this country without charcoal” “You can’t run this country without coal” “You can’t run this country without petroleum” “You can’t run this country without solar energy” “You can’t run this country without /insert next tech inovation”

  2. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    malcolm x
    “the price of freedom is death”
    MLK ” you can’t choose how you die or when you die or where you die but you can choose what you die for”

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      @ Anthony Rock…what does that have to do with banking? You always put out these quotes and a lot of the time they have nothing to do with the subject matter.

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      Name And Address Supplied it has to do with the video because if we ever want to stop the government from doing these types of things then we are going to have to rise up and revolt against them

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      Name And Address Supplied do you think they’re just going to stop doing these things because they change their minds all of a sudden and decided they were wrong?

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      It’s really simple…you just don’t bank with those who are spending your money on those who will wreck the environment or are trying to make the rest of us poor.

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      By the way I agree with just about everything you agree on…

  3. Posted by WarthogRacer, at Reply

    Thank goodness I’m in a local credit union.

    • Posted by 4Jesus 4Eternity, at Reply

      Yes…Totally agreed.

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      Same here.

  4. Posted by David Johnson, at Reply

    Cenk looks like an ugly potato.

    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      neat. so do you have anything to contribute to the actual video??

    • Posted by David Johnson, at Reply


      Oh yeah, I’ll contribute like Cenk does “white people bad”, ‘Christians bad”, “males bad”, “conservatives bad”, “corporations bad”


    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      you should start a comedy act lol

  5. Posted by Pragmatus, at Reply

    That is why I put my money in a credit union.

  6. Posted by jim Morrison, at Reply

    Vote with your wallet. It’s the most important vote you have.

  7. Posted by FreeTheMind AME, at Reply

    πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    find a credit union!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Shadowguy456234, at Reply

      Totally agreed, our local credit union is great, highly respected by the community and we even got our mortgage through them at an amazing rate.

  8. Posted by J. T., at Reply

    Smells like a paid promotion…

    • Posted by jimster1111, at Reply

      it said so on the bottom left at the beginning.

  9. Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

    I think a lot of people who vote Republican (who aren’t simply racist) are thinking it will protect their investments and retirement plans. If people start having their investments go towards more socially responsible industries, I think it would drastically change the make up of Washington.

    • Posted by SPECTRE, at Reply


    • Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

      Hillary? I want Hillary to go away. Why do conservatives always play it like it’s either Trump or Hillary, with no other options?

    • Posted by UhOh, at Reply

      Conservative retards project their pet issue to win arguments. If they lose a sexism debate they would suddenly yell Allahu Akhbar. If they lose argument on competence or ethics they yell Obama (black issue) or Hillary (misogyny issue). It’s random and nonsensical so don’t bother.

  10. Posted by Mojo522, at Reply

    TYT, seeing a burn survivor on your show just made me so excited and happy. I too am a burns survivor and to see this man on your show shows me that if I keep studying and working hard to succeed, I too can be successful and have a promising career. And not just a low-end job that will only keep me on the first rung of the financial ladder. Thank you so much. Now back to my homework, lol.

    • Posted by ransom182, at Reply

      Mojo522 Great work! Keep it up. It’s not easy β€” just keep fighting!

  11. Posted by Breaky Jose, at Reply

    Just think: TYT could’ve made a 10 minute video explaining specifically which banks are making said investments and what it is specifically that said banks are investing in

    Instead they made this 10 minute commercial for Mr. WhoEverTheFuckThatGuySittingOnTheSofaIs

    • Posted by Ober of Acorns, at Reply

      TYT didn’t make the video. They got paid to show it on the TYT channel, and that’s it.

  12. Posted by red homeskillet, at Reply

    Move your money to a CREDIT UNION!

    • Posted by HecTol2_1311, at Reply

      red homeskillet how is it? im thinking about making a account.

    • Posted by red homeskillet, at Reply

      +HecTol2_1311 I would just start by reading on wiki about basic info on credit unions. Also search personal finance subreddits

  13. Posted by Aaron Peloquin, at Reply

    is this an ad?

    • Posted by Cows_n_Muffins, at Reply

      Yes, there was an “Included paid promotion” message in the bottom left at the start of the video. You may need to refresh the video to see it, as it is not an annotation.

    • Posted by Ger Vas, at Reply

      I dont know but I’m glad they posted this. I will be changing banks and considring Aspiration.

    • Posted by Aaron Peloquin, at Reply

      Thanks. I almost always start playing a video and I have youtube red so I’m listening – not watching. It’d be nice if they did call it out via audio, too.

  14. Posted by Jake J, at Reply

    TYT out here doing ads disguised as media.

    Do what you guys have to do to make your money, but please be transparent. This is the stuff all the nonsense blogs do. If you want to run an ad, then run it – but don’t disguise it as being news since you’re clearly just pushing a paid service.

    • Posted by Quasiguambo, at Reply

      Perhaps, but I know people who have based their entire lives around living in countries that only support progressive values… making their entire lives about consuming less and ensuring what they spend goes towards the best causes and industries for pushing our species forward.

      – Really… in a perfect world – everyone would live like that.

      If this organisation helps people with that kind of information and thought process, then that is phenomenal and more people should be aware of them, moreso than most would be aware of certain pharmaceutical brands or celebrities, so I support this, lol.

    • Posted by Quasiguambo, at Reply

      Remember the story about HSBC engaging in terrorist money laundering – apparently unawares – well I used to bank with them, I don’t anymore… that was a rare case of such business being made public, but we all know most companies invest in unethical practices… we just aren’t made aware of how extreme the reality is.

      Capitalism does mostly work… if we make our voices heard with our wallets, then the companies will change. Of course if we don’t, then they will just continue doing what they feel benefits them the most, without ethical concerns.

      Hence why governments with heavily socialised services ie; health, transport, post, education, housing etc is so important – because governments are mandated to put people above profit, where as corporations have the opposite mandate. Which obviously OBVIOUSLY a worse state of affairs for us humans.

    • Posted by Roger Solid, at Reply

      i donΒ΄t like them putting prison cell and fossil fuel together! fossil fuel is not bad! we need it everyday!

  15. Posted by Raoul LaCoeur, at Reply

    That’s why I went to credit union over a year ago. one of the best decisions ever

  16. Posted by Gage Foltyn, at Reply

    Credit Union and never had or will have a 401k. Before I graduated high school, knew how massive of a scam 401k is. Do not trust 401k’s

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

      Yeah 401Ks are bullshit, we need a national pension system in this country so employers can’t loot it.

    • Posted by Gage Foltyn, at Reply

      Indeed sir! I was one of the lucky ones whom was able to research throughly about the monetary system, social security, and 401k, before I even made a stance into the job market after high school. Needless to say it’s been a struggle yet.

    • Posted by NeoCreo, at Reply

      Gage Foltyn um, what , what are you talking about that 401Ks are scams?

    • Posted by Gage Foltyn, at Reply

      You’re just lending banks you’re hard working dollars for them to use and gamble with.

  17. Posted by Ironmantis25, at Reply

    They are pretty safe investment thanks to our fucked up political system.

  18. Posted by Sofia Rodriguez Engelbrecht, at Reply

    is this similar to Triodos Bank in Europe? Ive been with them for years and they are great.