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The Case For Bernie Sanders 2020


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This is a no-brainer folks. He's the most popular political leader in the nation by a damn view. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" Following Donald Trump's presidential election victory, many Sanders fans currently question if he would have been the more powerful prospect to encounter Donald Trump in the general political election compared to Hillary Clinton. Sanders is currently functioning to restore the Democratic Event from throughout. Previously this month, he was chosen to a management placement in the Us senate as the new chair of outreach for Senate Democrats. Furthermore, Sanders is leading the push for Congressmember Keith Ellison to end up being the following head of the Autonomous National Board. But would Sanders himself run in 2020? On Monday night, Freedom Now!'s Amy Goodman sat down with Senator Sanders for his most considerable broadcast interview since the election at the Free Collection of Philly, where she asked him whether he might "really feel the Bern" again in 2020." *.

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  1. Posted by Melendez, at Reply

    Im horny af

    • Posted by No taurus excretus, at Reply

      #AMERICAFIRST CHAVEZ I don’t think so if it was its main symptom of liberalism would be your average person having a voice in policy if don’t like it the option to shut up is open to you but liberalism says you have the right to your opinion

    • Posted by AtheistRedStarRM23, at Reply

      #AMERICAFIRST CHAVEZ Cuckservaturdism is a Mental Diease that needs to be wiped out :^)

    • Posted by Hazzah King, at Reply

      Melendez want sum fuk?

    • Posted by Rusty Shackleford, at Reply

      Profile pic checks out.

  2. Posted by 420x christian, at Reply


    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      A big no to Bernie Sanders. We need fresh new young candidates in 2020.

    • Posted by Janet Clarke, at Reply

      Sorry – but this isn’t a “sexist” thing. Hillary’s a neoliberal who was so inept she lost to Trump, and therefore is a lousy candidate. Warren lost her progressive integrity by failing to endorse Bernie or even say peep about DAPL. You want a female? Tulsi or Nina Turner would be great – along with Bernie! 🙂

    • Posted by Shiggzz, at Reply


    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      Shiggzz yes make america gay again pepe

    • Posted by Goji Boy, at Reply

      Shiggzz Pepe, you bastard

  3. Posted by Fusionater10, at Reply

    Hindsight is 2020

    • Posted by Fusionater10, at Reply

      I never said it was original, I just really like the saying.

    • Posted by McCade Bell, at Reply

      Fusionater10 don’t even give them the time of day man. You were just passing along an awesome slogan. I would have not heard it if it were for you. People just need to chill lol.

    • Posted by Mikey Hagan, Jr., at Reply

      Bernie and his wife are facing 30/30 in jail:)

    • Posted by Fusionater10, at Reply

      McCade Bell Glad to hear that. 🙂

  4. Posted by JordanGonzalez, at Reply

    The one that got away… #feelthebern

    • Posted by AnimeBeefRandoms, at Reply

      Your train already crashed and burnt off the tracks. Please get a reality check #Trump2020

    • Posted by WHAT DID I JUST SAY, at Reply

      AnimeBeefRandoms Lol nah.

  5. Posted by Patrick Blanchette, at Reply

    I would vote for Bernie in a coffin over the usual choices

    • Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

      I would vote for Cenk to be in a coffin by 2020

    • Posted by Audrey Muzingo, at Reply

      Wave Cannon –Unfortunately I think you’re confusing capitalism with corporatism. Bernie has no problem with the former, but the latter is what is destroying our country. Your Mom n’ Pop hardware store, Faye’s Diner on Highway Whatever, the kid who’ll mow your lawn for $5 cheaper than the other kid, that’s capitalism. If you already knew that and think that all products and services should be publicly provided, well, yikes. I don’t know of anywhere that has worked. The real problem here is all the people who believe Walmart and Wells Fargo are examples of capitalism, which they are not. They are corporatism in all its evil glory.

    • Posted by Mikey Hagan, Jr., at Reply

      Bernie and his wife are going to jail.

    • Posted by MrMinecraftAtlantis, at Reply


  6. Posted by gordon Freeman, at Reply


    • Posted by Lin Dzay, at Reply

      Tim Kaine vs Mike Pence?

    • Posted by thealize808, at Reply

      Lin Dzay Sexy

    • Posted by Anand Tumurtogoo, at Reply

      gordon Freeman don’t promote that’s how Donald trump won. I don’t want any Morons like trump.

  7. Posted by J Maltby, at Reply

    im canadian and imma vote for bernie in my heary

    • Posted by Rocky Raybell, at Reply

      Imagine you’re a Palestinian, or that he rolled over on you, still want to vote for him?

    • Posted by ismail ahl lamara, at Reply

      Rocky Raybell is Sanders against Palestinians?

    • Posted by nutella forever, at Reply

      Palestinian speaking here. Bernie although a jew is constantly condemning Israeli actions and hamas actions. He is going to spend less money on military assistance to Israel and more on the betterment of the middle east including Palestine. Bernie is an all around great guy it seems.

  8. Posted by Joe Lancaster, at Reply


    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      He ran for president in 2016

  9. Posted by Alexandru Chiciuc, at Reply

    i would vote for bernie’s corpse over Trump or Hillary.

  10. Posted by NyQuilable, at Reply

    If Bernie doesn’t run, Tulsi Gabbard has my vote.

    • Posted by 1955RodHot, at Reply

      +william wang So what? Did Bernie need money from military contractors to run against Hillary? Look at the poll numbers Cenk just reviewed. A true progressive will have so much popular support that military contractors dumping big corporate money on her opponent won’t be doing them any favours.

    • Posted by JRLM, at Reply

      NyQuilable the democrats etablishment just have to stop getting in their own way for special interests.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      NyQuilable or Nina Turner ofcourse. let’s not forget her

  11. Posted by 93214919321491, at Reply

    If Bernie doesn’t run, Tulsy Gabbard 2020!!!

    • Posted by TheVoice, at Reply

      GenialityOfEvil Actually, no. She spoke out against the attack on Syria.

    • Posted by Robin_King_Will, at Reply

      93214919321491 I agree, but she fits more with a foreign policy position

    • Posted by frank sacco, at Reply

      ahh yes, because that religion must have no correlation to any of it at all…

    • Posted by Daniel Socha, at Reply

      ToBe Fair I would vote for Gabbard or Sanders.

      Warren is where I draw the line. She doesn’t quite pass it. I would vote neither Warren nor Yates.

      I would support Nina Turner though.

  12. Posted by Michelle Franklin, at Reply

    Tulsi Gabbard would also be an excellent candidate.

    • Posted by Reuben Harris, at Reply

      frank sacco – And I’ll reiterate, Islam has the same problems with fundamentalists and radicals as all other organised religions do. And speaking about correlations, if we can say that the problem is Islam -a religion which has been relatively peaceful for centuries, then we must also be able to allow that in the beginning, US involvement in the middle east (namely its invasion of Iraq) only served to further destabilise the region. That is literally what we learn in high school history class. Basic facts even a tennager can understand.

    • Posted by King Salman Funder of ISIS & Wahabbism, at Reply

      Islam has nothing to do with Islam

    • Posted by frank sacco, at Reply

      Islam just like christianity and other religions is toxic. Sure, there are tons of muslims that don’t practice the crazy part of the religion but you acting as if it’s not a problem is delusional. What was it like 50 percent of muslims in the US want to live under their religions law? Are you telling me there is no correlation between women not having rights and gays being killed in countries that happens to live under an islamic theocracy?

    • Posted by frank sacco, at Reply

      just because someone has criticism of a trash religions doesn’t mean they have a phobia of it.. lol

  13. Posted by nebneb 5813, at Reply

    I’d vote for Bernie Sanders old, decaying carcus if I had to

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      nebneb 5813 BERNIE SANDERS’ DEAD CORPSE 2056! LET’S DO IT! #FeelTheBern

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      pisse3000 What other kind of corpse is there? A living one?

    • Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

      Benie’s old decaying carcus will have more personality than HRC does today.

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      Andrew Devine A zombie, I suppose? But don’t ask me, it’s just an expression.

  14. Posted by Clay Raymond, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders president, with Tulsi Gabbard as the explicit VP from the beginning. Set us up for long term control of the White House, with her running following Bernie Sanders’ presidency.

    • Posted by Reuben Harris, at Reply

      ismail ahl lamara – I completely agree with you there. I actually did the math to figure out how much of the Muslim population worldwide are ISIS/ISUL leaning fundamentalists and although I already expected them to be low, the numbers surprised me. Of the approximately 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide, less than 100,000 are ISIS militants and/or supporters. That’s 0.00795% of the total population! And people still have the audacity to proclaim that all Muslims or even most Muslims support terrorism. It’s like they don’t realise that most of ISIS’s kill count comes from murdering Muslims in the middle east. It’s simply unfair that politicians feed this sick mentality to their brainwashed constituents who then go on to further punish the victims for crimes they did not commit.

    • Posted by ismail ahl lamara, at Reply

      Reuben Harris Indeed, ignorance is tearing the masses apart, politicians control people nowadays like sheep. I guarantee you, that every one hating on someone who believe in Islam or any other different religion, has never had the chance to actually sit and talk with a muslim, read the Qur’an, or even try to understand the religion. It has been proven that uneducated folks are more likely to be hateful towards a different ideology than educated people. Again, people who never visited Muslim countries claim false judgements, and start hating on these countries just to because their senator or tv network said so.(‘fox news’ for example, who bashes Muslims and just straight lie about them 24/7). It’s really sad, people should educate themselves, be more open, and don’t blindly follow the masses. Governments all over the world prefer ignorant citizens, and often sacrifice their own citizens, and blame it on an other country, in order to gain the public opinion and support of a war against that country. Just look up operation Northwoods, as a simple and yet frightening example. The U.S. had many ‘enemies’ over the time, Russia, Cuba… now after oil has been discovered in the middle east, strangely terrorist groups began to show up, and “military intervention” was needed. But we all know the true goal of these militaty intervention is to control oil.

  15. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    Bernie should be president right now. It’s what the people want.

    • Posted by xXOpticBeefXx, at Reply

      hellz yea

    • Posted by rammsteinrulz16, at Reply

      Normal people, but not the rich people

    • Posted by Bronze Cop, at Reply

      The people are unwilling to fight for it. The electoral college (corporations) own this nation.

  16. Posted by catwalk33, at Reply

    *obama 2009 a new hope*
    *trump 2017 the empire strikes back*
    *bernie 2020 return of the jedi*

    • Posted by Sean O, at Reply

      catwalk33 That needs to be on a hundred million t shirts and every billboard in the country.

    • Posted by The Connected510, at Reply

      catwalk33 wrong. Trump 2020, return of the sith

    • Posted by Technolyze72, at Reply

      HaHaHa….Disney Lawyers would be ALL OVER that.

    • Posted by Christopher Davis, at Reply

      Bernie-Wan Kenobi 2020.

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      +Christopher Davis we all know palpatine-skywalker will kill them in 2020.

  17. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    *TULSI GABBARD 2020!*

    • Posted by jose maciel, at Reply

      Cody Davies true but I feel /hope the progressive base can force her to the right position same with Bernie sanders …

    • Posted by Cody Davies, at Reply

      I think so too Jose. Just you know, trying to make sure we _do_ address those issues and not signal that it’s okay to be Islamophobic as long as you are economically progressive.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      this is not local mayor election hello.. why r u guys trivializing the job of president?

  18. Posted by Jungmin Kim, at Reply

    The DNC owes Bernie another election, period.

    • Posted by Regis Bodnar, at Reply

      As much as I agree, let’s not make the Clinton mistake of assuming that people owe you an election or elected office! 😀

  19. Posted by Aleksander W. Urban, at Reply

    Bernie’s brother still works and he’s 5 years older, I can see Sanders surviving at least one term.

    • Posted by Rouzbeh Modarresi, at Reply

      if you let Bernie beat lobbyists for fun during his first term, he might even make a 2 termer. He’ll continue living for the shits and giggles of it.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Aleksander W. Urban the presidency is stressful tho. i dont want anything bad to happen to my Bernie in office