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The “Comey Memo” That Could Sink Donald Trump


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  1. Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

    Ladies and gentlemen! We got ’em!

    • Posted by Cornelius Maximilianus, at Reply

      MIlitary will not follows his orders

    • Posted by Samuel Jones, at Reply

      Ladies and gentlemen! I see a BIG, FAT, BROWN, DELUSIONAL, DEMOCRAT buffalo! o.o

    • Posted by Dead mans Trigger, at Reply

      Kaname Tōsen don’t get your hopes up kid.😂

  2. Posted by The Hidden Socialist, at Reply

    Trump is incompetent and insane. Pence will make his move, instruct key republicans to support the articles of impeachment, tip the nod to the dems and impeachment will begin. The real chess players are at work right now, and 45 is a dead man walking, politically speaking.

    • Posted by Rick Hagedorn, at Reply

      The Hidden Socialist Pence has all the more motive after Trump threw him under the bus after he told the media that Trump fired Comey because of Rosenstein’s letter.

    • Posted by Hu Kares, at Reply

      Rick Hagedorn 🤣🤣🤣 this thread has so many know-it-all losers.

    • Posted by Seudon Amous, at Reply

      How do u feel about living under a theocracy. Will you be willing to fight a revolution to defend our freedoms?
      Pence has a private Army supporting him.

  3. Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

    Trump supporters are about to become the laughing stock of the WORLD.
    Children studying the Trump supporter phenomenon 100 years from now will be laughing at how fucking stupid they all were.

    • Posted by bryantppierce, at Reply

      THAT is what we SHOULDN’T do, laughing at them when they are HUMILIATED and saying “I told You so” will only divide the country even further, that would be the worst possible way to behave if he goes down,we just need to move on from this nonsense

    • Posted by Salvatore DiSanto, at Reply


  4. Posted by Darlene Bimbai, at Reply

    Trump is toast. The rate of these leaks of damaging evidence is rapidly increasing every day and is overwhelming. Public pressure is mounting. I agree with Cenk, it’s funny how now Roger Stone is saying Trump may have Alzheimer’s. Definitely sounds like a pre-legal defense.

    • Posted by Brandon Dick, at Reply

      what facts? bs storys have been put out every day since trump won, they are attacking him repeatedly and u guys are giving in to all the fulse narratives… do your own physical investigation and dont just listen to the news or he say she say bullshit….

    • Posted by Lightbeing1111, at Reply

      well, if he has Alzheimer’s then he can’t be president lol

    • Posted by sam tee, at Reply

      “Trump is toast” says increasingly nevous man for eighth time this year

    • Posted by Adelina's Jade, at Reply

      And you’re stupid enough to believe it. Liberal lunacy .

  5. Posted by Victor Velazquez, at Reply


    • Posted by Santos Velasquez, at Reply

      Victor Velazquez you got that right

    • Posted by jawadad802, at Reply

      thats cruel and unusual punishment to the other inmates…imagine serving 20yrs on a ‘third strike” posession conviction and the you get stuck with “mr I’m like a smart person” as a cell mate???

    • Posted by John Tuya, at Reply

      jawadad802 the orange jumpsuit will suit the orangutan tint in his face

    • Posted by Ricardo Chavez, at Reply

      Victor Velazquez I know right, at least impeach him.

  6. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Trump is the master of self inflicted disasters….

    • Posted by StoryeTime, at Reply

      Sadly, he’s no master, all people suffering from NPD have this “skill”…

  7. Posted by Violent2aShadow, at Reply


    • Posted by A Up10, at Reply

      mr love magic > the groove machine is waiting on his daily suck job. Please call him urgently.

    • Posted by Lightbeing1111, at Reply

      we need lock him up: t shirts

  8. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    You just know Mike Pence has been praying for his shot at the WH.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply


      I dont blame you

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      Pence sucks, but he’s still marginally better than Trump on just about everything except LGBT rights.

    • Posted by John Tuya, at Reply

      Mlpfanboy well all those gays 4 trump are probably shitting their pants now, but idc they deserve it.

  9. Posted by Dart Jack, at Reply

    When will this orange puke get impeached? WHEN?!

    • Posted by Jacob Sigler, at Reply

      After 100 million liberals and illegals are put in mass graves. Then and only then.

  10. Posted by Judah descendant, at Reply

    LOL! (grabs popcorn)………..are we tired of winning yet? Haaaaahaaaahaaaaa

    • Posted by lincolnlobster, at Reply

      John Schilling He won’t get to 2020. Or even 2018. Impeachment is coming. You put your trust in a corrupt fraud. You only look dumber and dumber by continuing to support him.

    • Posted by John Schilling, at Reply

      They also said he wont win the nomination or the general election in 2016. hahahahaha

  11. Posted by Dafina Markowa, at Reply

    Trump / Pence 2017 – 2017

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply


    • Posted by phoenixrising7777, at Reply

      Trump/Pence 2017 – 2017

    • Posted by Kevin Rios, at Reply


  12. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply


    L O C K H I M U P

    • Posted by black queen melanin, at Reply

      THEBULL Where and when did the media lie? Just face it, your dictator is going down as he should so now you want everyone else to go down with him because of what he did. WAKEEEEEEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    • Posted by THEBULL, at Reply

      LOL they lie everyday, all day, all the time. This Russia nonsense is ONE HUGE LIE. All because Trump said something about “maybe Russia” sent those DNC emails to wikileaks. We know it was Seth Rich who was murdered in cold blood. The left then went full blown “watergate” saying “oh, Trump told the Russians to hack the democrats and colluded with them to steal the election”. It’s a bunch of bogus bullshit and I’m sick of hearing about it honestly.

    • Posted by 2764, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht
      Who killed Seth rich?

  13. Posted by Dasha Jean, at Reply

    Alzheimers? Remember when Trump’s wacko doctor said he was the healthiest president ever? lol..

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      2764 Nah, man, it’s Soros. He gives us all lunch money in exchange for promoting his world government. /s

    • Posted by TheNervousAnna, at Reply

      BNNTV OK, I think I understand your perspective on this. as for my nationality I am American, born in Brooklyn NY during the first stages of the war on drugs and the heroin/crack epidemic of the 80’s. now unfortunately for me I happen to be an African American and to be perfectly honest how can I love this country as much as you do when my simply being black has always been treated like a crime by so many people. by people I’ve never done anything too. how could I love a country that willingly brought drugs destructive drugs to my communities and then point fingers and say see savages.

    • Posted by TheNervousAnna, at Reply

      BNNTV with those points out on the table, I beg your discretion in regards to feeling like I’m defending a Brit, who has done nothing wrong to me or you. he/she is not the enemy. just like you and me they matter, their voice matters and I only wanted to understand your views better. which you have provided in as non a chided as possible and I thank you for sharing your perspective

    • Posted by BNNTV, at Reply


      Hey Anna…I hear you….I just hate it when people come on and make sweeping statements and tar every single person in a country with the same brush….Brooklyn NY…..My Brother made it out of Riverdale and went to live in NY..He lives in Mahopac and became a cop…He works for Yonkers Pd just over the Hudson there…I’m studying photography and mixed media art and hoping to get out of here soon and go to Michigan State University….Anna, not everyone is racist in our country….Yeah there is a problem, but it seems to be a question of demographics….I hooked up with some other photographers and artists from Grand Rapids Michigan last year and some are white, some are black and we all get on real well…They said there are no problems there…I really want to live there so I can live in a multi cultural environment and get away from all the drugs, gang violence and crap….I just want to work hard, become successful and live a normal life :-}

  14. Posted by Jonathan A. Carley, at Reply

    Cenk your stock is definitely on the rise, keep up the amazing work 👍

    • Posted by mr love magic, at Reply

      lol.manginas unite!

    • Posted by tchrisou812, at Reply

      @Jonathan A. Carley I echo your sentiment completely.

  15. Posted by Matt Trophy1, at Reply

    NaNa NaNaNaNa, hey, hey, goodbye

    • Posted by 2764, at Reply

      Matt Trophy1
      So, you go back to feckless politicians? Great.

    • Posted by direct Charge, at Reply

      Matt Trophy1, there’s 3 heys, not 2.

  16. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

  17. Posted by stop the racism, at Reply

    so many american people saw hillary as a bad person , and now we are seeing that trump is worst …the GOP and the FBI need to end this by just impeaching trump now ….trump is deeply trying to stop this cause it will show him as a RUSSIAN spy here to help the RUSSIAN to destroy american from within …. and you racist white think black and brown people are bad .. just look at you own race of people

    • Posted by Matthew Malbrough, at Reply

      Shannon Penix hey funny thing. Hilary never killed people. This were conspiracy theories. But we do in fact know of all of Trump’s crimes

    • Posted by Unwinding Muse, at Reply

      stop the racism Why is your name stop the racism when you JUST said something racist about the white race?

  18. Posted by gears117, at Reply

    presidency: Donald Trump 2017 – 2017

    • Posted by PapaBless, at Reply

      Donald Trump 2017 – 2025

    • Posted by mrcalderon93, at Reply

      MAD_aircooled_66 what kind of fruit cake uses cartoons in his avi, like foreal man how old are you 13?

  19. Posted by Clint Holcombe, at Reply

    Mrs Trump was ahead of us all, she stayed home knowing Trump wouldn’t make it 6 months into his term.

    • Posted by anny05, at Reply

      Clint Holcombe I can’t blame her. Moving is so much work. She’s pretty smart to avoid moving just to move back.

    • Posted by colbaltgal, at Reply

      AS IF…. they had to do one bit of packing themselves. Those people don’t lift a finger unless it’s to point at what they want packed and hauled. But I get the joke, and I am hoping they’ll be moving OUT of our White House very soon!

    • Posted by Эдгар Аванесов, at Reply

      Trump dictair.I am a videoblogger.