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The Dangers Of Invokana: A Diabetes Drug


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Inning accordance with the latest data from the Centers for Condition Control, more than 29 million Americans deal with diabetic issues, and virtually one in four individuals with the condition aren't even mindful that they have it. With many people suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Huge Pharma saw an opportunity making a massive earnings. The U.S.A.'s Lawyer Mike Papantonio reviews Invokana, a diabetic issues medicine that's causing as much damage, otherwise greater than the actual disease that it was meant to treat. Find out more about these dangers below:

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  1. Posted by B. Chan, at Reply


  2. Posted by MiszRicanGiee, at Reply

    So to avoid all of this just eat healthy and exercise 😊

    • Posted by Budred123, at Reply

      If you have Type 2 Diabetes, yes, but Type 1 is genetic and unavoidable.

  3. Posted by sk8queen, at Reply

    But…but…we don’t want to put too many constraints and regulations on big business and impede commerce. Screw the consumer.

  4. Posted by ashley jackson, at Reply

    Every few months these new drugs come on TV…and less than 6 months after, the lawyer claims for medical damages comes on about these drugs…at this point, if ppl are still taking these meds, then oh well…suffer the consequences…be smarter than your doctor ppl…

    • Posted by raindrizzle14, at Reply

      ashley jackson how can you be smarter than someone that when to medical school for almost ten years? Are you saying that you shouldn’t trust your doctor?

    • Posted by Caligula Caesar, at Reply

      +raindrizzle14  You shouldn’t trust anyone 100%.

    • Posted by ashley jackson, at Reply

      +raindrizzle14 that’s exactly what I’m saying. Do you think someone knows your body better than you? A doc may know the human physiology, however, any information a non-doc may need is easily accessible…and ppl can follow a more natural, preventative lifestyle…like myself. I haven’t been sick in years…

    • Posted by raindrizzle14, at Reply

      You’re right. Hospitals are useless, Those doctors went into debt and wasted 10+ years of their live studying a useless field. I’ll just go on WebMd and diagnose myself with cancer next time my throat itches

  5. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    They still advertise this drug on TV. Get it off the market and get all these drug ads off TV! For profit healthcare is so obscene, when are Americans gonna wake up?

  6. Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

    hes a fn white male.
    honk if you love bacon grease.

  7. Posted by Mr.Miles, at Reply

    This same guy released a BS video against vaping, claiming it’s just as bad as smoking. I won’t ever trust a word out of this sellouts mouth

    • Posted by tigeraterra69, at Reply

      ya if you don’t mind breathing hot anti-freeze vaping is awesome

    • Posted by Mr.Miles, at Reply

      There is no anti-freeze in vaping. Congratulation, you’re an idiot. Look up some scientific studies before you look like a fool… again

  8. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Invonkana sounds like Ivanka. Does this mean that Trump is a pervert that wants to bang his own daughter?

  9. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    Guys its a paid commercial for an ambulance chaser.
    Check the description

    • Posted by tigeraterra69, at Reply

      he’s one of the best known class action attys in the country… check him out before you criticize him… PLEASE

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      +tigeraterra69 these are trolls making comments , no point in reasoning with them.

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      +tigeraterra69​ the best attorneys in America dont need a plug.

  10. Posted by eva t, at Reply

    This guy vaguely looks like the president in Wild World music video

  11. Posted by Daniel G, at Reply

    I love TYT but these Mike Papantonio segments are Fox News level ridiculous. They are filled with misinformation and scare tactics.

    There are way too many issues with this video. One of the biggest issue is that he makes it sound as though every patient taking invokana will experiences diabetic ketoacidosis. This is just false, only a small percentage of users experience ketoacidosis and this side effect was found POSTMARKET (after the drug had been approved for use in the general public). Diabetic ketoacidosis is NOT the reason for the weight loss observed in patients on invokana. The weight loss was observed in the clinical trials used for approval – on average users had a weight reduction (but the average person taking the medication did not have diabetic ketoacidosis).

    The statement invokana “causes as much harm, if not more than the actual disease” is absurd and unfounded. There is actually a HUGE place in treatment for this class of diabetic medication. Based on a recent study on a medication that works the same way as invokana, the Canadian Diabetes Association actually revised their guidelines EARLY to urge doctors to use this type of medication in patients with cardiovascular disease because the study showed a significant reduction in death in these users.

    This guy urging people to get off this medication is absurd and irresponsible.

    • Posted by Daniel G, at Reply

      “If you know a family member or if you are on this drug, you really NEED to talk to your doctor about alternatives”.

      He paints a picture where these medications have no place in therapy. If a patient has been tolerating this medication for a few years and their blood sugars are well managed, there is absolutely no reason to change. This encourages people to request alternative agents that may not be as effective and may be more costly to their overall health.

    • Posted by diGritz1, at Reply

      “This guy urging people to get off this medication is absurd and irresponsible.”

      Exactly where does he do this? Because all I heard was talk to your doctor about alternatives. Your statement is misinformation, exactly what your accusing him of.

      As for the postmarket effects, how about the issues in the clinical trials? There 600% increased risk of a heart attack over the patients that received a placebo during the clinical trials? 13 patients had a heart attack within 1 month of the start of the trials.

      Also are you actually suggesting that because a recent study of a different drug that works the same way as Invokana showed promise that means it to must be safe? Really? There are multiple case studies that have linked Invokana to an increased risk of developing renal damage and cardiovascular issues.

      So whats your solution to the problem of a complete lack of reporting regarding adverse health risks to medications? You do know that there are executives from pharmaceutical companies seated on the board of directors of every major news outlet right? Not to mention the huge amount of advertising paid out to the networks from those same pharmaceutical companies.

    • Posted by Magnus Melwin, at Reply

      Why dont you read the USFDA warnings , mate.

    • Posted by Daniel G, at Reply

      Around 3:15 he says “if you are taking this drug you REALLY NEED to talk to your doctor about some alternatives” after implying that this drug should not be on the market.

      In the product monograph for Invokana, they state that in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials there was no increase in cardiovascular events compared to placebo. I’m actually curious to which study you are referring to that showed a 600% increase in risk of heart attacks, as I did a quick literature search and couldn’t find anything.

      As for the 13 patients that had a heart attack within 1 month of the trials, I would not doubt that at all. Clinical trials are massive in size and I believe that the sample size for these studies was just under 8,500 so naturally you are going to see people getting MIs especially when you are dealing with a diabetic patient population that is already at an increased risk for cardiovascular events.

      Also, which group were the 13 people who had an MI in the first month of the trials in? Were these 13 people overall in the trial (treatment + control), or was it 13 people in the treatment group? If in the treatment group, how does this compare to the control?

      My argument wasn’t that Invokana is safe because of a study of a similar drug, my argument was that there likely is a place in therapy for Invokana in the treatment of diabetes since another SGLT2 inhibitor has been shown to decrease mortality in diabetics who have a cardiovascular disease. I’m referring to the EMPA-REG study, that looked at empagliflozin which is a drug that works just like Invokana (SGLT2 inhibitor). I am aware that you cannot infer the effects of one drug based on studies for another, but it is reasonable to say it is promising because it is likely that this is a class effect. Nothing can be said definitively until the CANVAS trial (essentially the same trial as the EMPA-REG, just using Invokana instead) is completed.

    • Posted by Magnus Melwin, at Reply

      Yes, there are issues with folks like you getting paid to defend these pharmas….makes absolute sense when u dont have diabetes .

  12. Posted by Vegan4life, at Reply

    Go vegan eat plant based whole foods and you wont need to worry about diabetes.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      Also, lots of non human animals get type 1, and it has existed for all human recorded history, everywhere in the world, even cultures that don’t consume dairy. nice try tho.

    • Posted by tracjt212, at Reply

      Vegan4life Thanks for the cordial response. I’ve been researching and experimenting with nutrition and supplements etc for a number of years now. For a while until now I was very much into the McDougall, Esselstyn style diet as well as somewhat taking refuge in the corner of more “mainstream /established sciences.” Until I found Robert Morse ND. While some of what he talks about may seem too unsubstantiated or esoteric, I have discovered that my past failures with a fruit based diet have been due to my own body’s glandular weaknesses, primarily. I highly suggest everyone give his work a look. His youtube channel is, robertmorsend.

    • Posted by tracjt212, at Reply

      Vegan4life Yes, the dairy autoimmune beta cell destruction is established. Interestingly, there are some schools of thought that suggest beta cells can lie “dormant” and be reawakened by balancing the complex endocrine system. Perhaps hypothalamic dysfunction? Again see Robert Morse on type 1.

    • Posted by Vegan4life, at Reply

      I would have to look into it more I am not going to say your wrong because truthfully I haven’t dived into the research articles yet of that particular disorder. Sorry to hear you have type 1 diabetes I hope you are able to manage it well.

    • Posted by tracjt212, at Reply

      J Briggs Sure, theoretically any number of things could cause pancreatic islet cell damage in any animal. Especially one with a genetic weakness.

  13. Posted by Felix de Villiers, at Reply

    Ever more I have the impression thet Big Pharma is intent on reducing the world’s population.

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      No, Pharma Never wants to reduce the population, they Need to Control the numbers. as the profit is always in numbers
      an ever expanding pop can be detrimental to Pharma So does a ever rapidly reducing pop.

      let say you need to have 100 cows.
      to begin you have 5 bullsl & 30 Cows.
      through a slow & time consuming process you get 30 cows inseminated.
      they give birth to A calf.
      statistically the mortality Rate in 2002 was 3.8%
      so lets assume 1-2 calf die out during labor.

      Now we may have 30 cows
      29-28 calfs &
      5 bulls

      our total num has jumped to 64- 63. so once we reach 100 we need to maintain it,
      because thats the num we decided is required to operate at max efficiency & max profit.

       so we replace the bulls, & Slaughter the aged cows for beef
      The Cows reach old age by 20yrs but the industry slaughter practice is by
       6 yrs, so on a average a Cow has only 2.4 lactation cycles

      My eg is based of this article, if you would like to learn more

    • Posted by Marvin Nivram, at Reply

      Felix de Villiers can’t make money off you if you’re dead, Felix.

  14. Posted by adelinared1, at Reply

    Farxiga is a similar drug. I wonder if this has the same effects.

  15. Posted by bonniecandace, at Reply

    I am surprised this was monetized! I have seen commercials for Invokana on Youtube.

  16. Posted by TheAed38, at Reply

    Invokana is an anagram for “on Ivanka.”

    • Posted by KeepItReal Records, at Reply

      TheAed38 I truly clicked on this thinking it was about Ivanka

    • Posted by Cyberspine, at Reply

      also for ‘no Ivanka’

  17. Posted by Iset Amunet, at Reply

    Thank you for sharing this!

  18. Posted by Xipo86, at Reply

    I just checked:
    The manufacturer stopped selling Invokana in Germany in the year 2014 due to government pressure.

  19. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    it’s not for type 1 it’s just for type 2

  20. Posted by sammy torres, at Reply

    I thought it said ivanka when I clicked