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The Drone of Doom: Throwback Thursday (October 2017) || FailArmy


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Pleased Thursday! Allow's take it back to the great old days with some standards from the past! We have individuals failing in all kinds of various ways from extreme sports to sledding and past, this compilation is sure making you think back about the excellent ol' days. See to it you stop by our brand-new Twitch channel, streaming currently:


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Video clips:

Mom Duck Assaults Video camera Man
Individual Falls Via Roof covering at Junk food Dining establishment
Cameraman Struck in Nuts during Birthday celebration Pinata
Rollerblader Attempts Stairway Dive
Guy Attempts to Do Hanging Sit Ups
Child Carelessly Encounters Mirror
Dad Accidentally Runs Children Into Tree
Motorcyclist Withstands Harsh Crash
Skier Regrets Attempting Dive
Motorcyclist Falls Onto Icy Lake
Guy Slides Off Boat Before Diving Into Water
Snow Canoe Hits Woman
Vehicle Eliminates Onto Jetty During High Browse Advisory
Excavator Losing Control and Crashes Into Bushes
Goat Faints and also Falls Off Table
Fallen Trees Trap Car on Roadway
Men Cannot Put Roofing system Onto Sixteen-Foot Steel Support
Girl Face Plant kingdom Off Scooter
Lady Trips After Celebrating Successful Method
Snowboarder Knocks right into Tree
Person on ATV Falls off Stairs
Man Falls In reverse Gliding Down Rail
Hockey Gamer Trips Over Chair
Catch Pulls Angler Overboard
Lady Face Plants Jumping Over Fencing
High cliff Diver Face Plant kingdom Into Water
Drone Flies Into Mommy's Hair
Gymnast Trips Over Pet dog
Fisherman Strikes Directly Bridge
Hockey Player Slides on Puck
Dad Drops Children Attempting to Ride Toy Auto
Skateboarder Lands Hard on Tailbone After Technique Attempt
Cyclist Nose Dives Off Step
Kid Sprays Older Brother with Snow
Damp Individual Slips on Swimming pool Deck
Homemade Sled Tips over at Finish Line
Hairstyle Gone Wrong
Hockey Method Damages Ceiling Tile
Electric Mobility scooter Rider Falls in Road
Mountain Bike Racer Crashes throughout Competitors
Man Falls Over Pillar
Angler Falls Into Water Attempting to Catch Fish
Youngster Journeys and Autumns while Ice Skating
Little Girl Obtains Run over by Plaything Cars and truck
Bro Cannot Safe Onto Equine
Out of Control Automobile Crashes right into Vehicle
Kid Makes Child Cry
Individual Tries to Decrease Staircases on Kayak
Motorcyclist Crashes Into Cow
Drone Records Youngster Falling Off Swing
Individual Knocks senseless after Hitting Tree
Guy Attempts to Do a Backflip in the Woods
Person Slips Throughout Champagne Event

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  1. Posted by the ultimat Guy, at Reply

    8:17 this is a serious injury. Such  a Video should not find its way to the Internet.

    • Posted by Ethan Allen, at Reply

      the ultimat Guy What happened, did he get a hernia?

    • Posted by the ultimat Guy, at Reply

      Ethan Allen i don’t what happend but he looked like he died

    • Posted by CoolHWIP1735, at Reply

      and that woman with the blue hair standing next to the tree did nothing deflect the poor dude from hitting the tree.

  2. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    6:42 GO SARA!!!! (Ummmm never mind) 😕

  3. Posted by KRATOS97, at Reply

    8:18 his cap was stunned in the tree 🤣

  4. Posted by shammyjeff, at Reply

    How difficult is it to keep the camera pointed at the action?

  5. Posted by SeshiTheGamer, at Reply

    2:12 that was pure gold.

  6. Posted by Robert Lopez, at Reply

    Some of these videos were already posted

  7. Posted by Jennaerys Targaryen, at Reply

    6:55 why you goofs not put the motor in neutral when you are trying to gaff and bring in a giant like that!? Lol

  8. Posted by FaNSoXa, at Reply

    8:16 he is still living?

  9. Posted by Roy Godiksen, at Reply

    8:16 That guy is NOT OK!

  10. Posted by Kellsey Vanderhoef, at Reply

    When he hits her in the canoe 😂

  11. Posted by Ross Gerabaldi, at Reply

    Umm it’s possible that the dude at 8:20 is actually dead or has sustained some serious brain damage.

  12. Posted by Ethan Allen, at Reply

    At 8:26 like, don’t just stand there! Fucking do something! I also heard “it’s the second time he’s knocked unconscious.”

  13. Posted by justinzomboss, at Reply

    Do a double fail aging I liked that one

  14. Posted by Metal 4Life, at Reply

    5:39 Crap how are they getting home?

  15. Posted by Vollce, at Reply

    1:52 I expected the dogs to do something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Posted by Vixctor13, at Reply

    8:20 How did his cap get stuck on the tree?

  17. Posted by Evilwhiteclownpunk, at Reply

    Roundabouts are the Department of Roads’ favorite population control device (6:34)…

  18. Posted by Nicolay Schjelderup, at Reply

    The fucking pussies who turns the camera away when something bad happens ….

  19. Posted by Zachary Starns, at Reply

    3:16 its a little racist but I feel bad for her

  20. Posted by Bat MikiPig, at Reply

    5:55 who has the explanation?