The Greatest Threat To The State Of OUR Union – The News With Dan Rather | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

The Greatest Threat To The State Of OUR Union – The News With Dan Rather


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Dan Rather signs up with TYT's network of programs, as well as in this clip, he describes the influence of our foreign policy on the state of the union. The Information With Dan Rather broadcasts at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays on

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  1. Posted by Adelie Pingu, at Reply

    I love dan rather

    • Posted by Mike Greene, at Reply


  2. Posted by movieman175, at Reply

    please boost his audio so us people who use smartphones can hear better.

    • Posted by aR Ja, at Reply

      I have a laptop and I have to hold it to my head to hear him.

    • Posted by movieman175, at Reply

      he is a soft-spoken man which would not normally be a problem but they need to boost his audio.

  3. Posted by Peridotite, at Reply

    The sound for this video is very quiet.

  4. Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

    I always have looked forward to the State of the Union even under the Bush’s, but this year I couldn’t bring myself to listen to it. This guy is a disgrace. He makes me ASHAMED to be an American. BTW DAN GET A SOUND DUDE!

    • Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

      Politicians are for the most part puppets of the private interests. Trump is no different. That said he is a complete clown that can barely speak. I am ashamed that so many of my fellow Americans think that he sounds brilliant. That is what happens when you are raised by your idiot box.

  5. Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

    Is there a way we can crowdfund to buy Dan Rather a Blue Yeti Mic?

    • Posted by Liam Stoulil, at Reply

      Forreal though, the gain is to high also.

  6. Posted by Tracie Williams, at Reply

    Dan, i grew up in sweeny tx, thirty miles from your hometown of wharton….. how do we know you don’t still have their agendas at heart. I lost a lot of faith in you….. how can we trust a admitted liar?

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      so once a liar always a liar? you are one simple minded person aren’t you? rhetorical question…of course you are.

  7. Posted by kirk white, at Reply

    Love the video but please turn the volume up, im on max volume and its still sounds so soft.

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      kirk white Dan Rather is almost dead. Give him a break.

  8. Posted by Megan Fox, at Reply

    I found this riveting and so eloquent. Especially in our current situation. You, Dan Rather, are an icon

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      Megan Fox Dan Rather is an iconic idiot. But go ahead, suck his balls.

    • Posted by Darlene Pytlinski, at Reply

      Megan Fox Don’t you wish TRUMP were this smart? Dan Rather gave a better state of the union than I am sure Trump will.

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      Darlene Pytlinski Dan Rather has a lot of people sucking his balls I see!

  9. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    Argh, fix the sound.

  10. Posted by Tom Von Deck, at Reply

    Someone needs to fix the volume. People alerted you a week ago about this. I cannot hear him speak.

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      ..odd, I can…

    • Posted by Tom Von Deck, at Reply

      I’ll bet my phone would be loud enough to hear, or my Lenovo. My Acer laptop normally has sufficient volume for YouTube, but not for this video. Trump came in somewhat clear. Dan did not.

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      My comp volume is at 66% but I did have to crank the volume on the channel to the top. The sound quality made it sound like Dan had his mike in his pocket.

  11. Posted by Tim Finn, at Reply

    Fix the damn sound!!!!!

  12. Posted by jamara mcrae, at Reply

    True journalism. Thank goodness. I am getting a little tired of the dramatics in news reporting these days.

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      This political opinion not journalism

  13. Posted by Video7Rose, at Reply

    I had to turn off several household items and lean in, in order to hear this! What a shame that this man isn’t recorded better! Please fix the volume on his reports!!!

    • Posted by Alex McBride, at Reply

      Video7Rose Since it’s a new show they’re probably still trying to take care of all the audio/recording issues. Hopefully in a month or so it works itself out.

    • Posted by Huey., at Reply

      Just pretend it’s a fireside chat.

  14. Posted by WilliamWallace0597, at Reply

    Give this man a better microphone dammit 😂

  15. Posted by Mark IT Geek, at Reply

    TYT needs to adjust Dan’s mic, up the volume before next weeks show. Otherwise, I love that’s Dan’s on board. Kudos.

  16. Posted by Scott Layman, at Reply

    Glad they added a news legend like Dan. Hey @tyt please hire a new sound crew. So far two videos with Bernie and all videos with Dan Rather have sound issues.. You have to get better audio production

  17. Posted by Zone 9, at Reply

    Please fix audio.

  18. Posted by Mechi Ironhawk, at Reply

    The fake news by dan rather

    • Posted by U. Jekyll, at Reply

      Really? Please explain?

    • Posted by Martin Egeland, at Reply

      Mechi Ironhawk … delusional, brainwashed, stupid, troll or all of the above. Which are you?

    • Posted by Gunhedd, at Reply

      Mechi Ironhawk • Thanks for the update komrade. 🙄

    • Posted by ImJust Me, at Reply

      Mechi Ironhawk Why you watching if tyt is so fake? Faux news is more of a comedy show, therefore i dont watch it. 🙄

    • Posted by Coldern Ice, at Reply

      Right. You’vs demonstrated how to make idiotic noises.

  19. Posted by Supreme, at Reply

    +The Young Turks – Please fix your audio. The volume is too low and the audio is muffled.

  20. Posted by Lauren Brown, at Reply

    I love Dan Rather, and I’m so tickled TYT is partnering with him. Constructive criticism: I can barely hear him. Volume all the way up, and it’s still like a whisper.

    • Posted by Lord Yneh, at Reply

      Sounds ok to me…but yeah, love this!