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The Immigrant Is NOT The Enemy Of The Working Man


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On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss an interview Eric Byler of TYT Politics did with a "Fight for 15" activist. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss coal protestors, Nancy Pelosi, and “real news.”

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  1. Posted by joe momma, at Reply

    I mean it’s just a simple fact that illegal immigration drives down the
    wages for low skilled workers. They also greatly increase unemployment for
    low skilled workers. And then people wonder why low skilled workers are
    angry with illegal immigrants? The rich liberals in NYC and LA then call
    the low skilled workers in border states racists for being against the
    people that are coming to take their jobs. That’s why people have grown to
    hate modern liberals. They don’t really care about the working class

    • Posted by You. I dont like you, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak Yes, farmers cannot find enough workers. Its known that
      native workers who join the agriculture industry to grow and pick crops do
      not stay in the field for a long time. Its common that they leave after a
      few weeks because they don’t want to work the job. Farmers desperately need
      help of immigrant laborers. Also I agree that Americans should be doing the
      jobs, especially the high paying jobs, but Americans choose not to pursue
      those jobs… The options are to get those jobs or let immigrants get those
      jobs and save the industry from bankruptcy, OR ban all immigrants and let
      our economy fail.

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      +You. I dont like you It wouldn’t. I guarantee you people would go back to
      work if we deported the illegal immigrants. A lot of people need jobs and
      people would be motivated to keep our food industry up. We did it in the
      past and we can do it again. I think that would bring back a lot of
      patriotic spirit

    • Posted by SECK, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak Please come to upstate new york and take a look around.
      The majority of the workforce here is white with a tiny bit of black and
      asian. There is no one here to deport. Everyone is legal. What is driving
      unemployment is the BILLIONS in trade deficit and the closed factories and
      the imploding population of whites moving out because lack of jobs which
      cripples the rest of the economy here. We are in an economic death spiral
      and it has NOTHING to do with illegals. That may be a real problem in a
      town right next to mexico and they might take some picking and jobs at
      mcdonalds and walmarts. But this is not the problem for 99 percent of the
      country. Corporations have LONG been the problem.

    • Posted by Val H, at Reply

      I agree about the corporations, but also as a resident in one of the border
      states, it is a large problem here. Immigrants are an issue for fast food,
      warehouse, construction in all forms, etc. They participate in WIC programs
      also. I work in a field where we have to account for ppl without
      citizenship. There are many of them and the rate of pay seems normal. We
      are not able to report their status to authorities. Even when we have
      obvious identity theft. The issue is the employer deciding to work against
      the American ppl. So I agree, corporations/employers and I would add
      legislation. We should be able to give substantial fines to employers that
      make it a normal practice.

    • Posted by You. I dont like you, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak I’m not sure if you are right about that. Maybe it
      depends on which state/area you live in, but I’m pretty sure that if you
      want a job, then you can get one. The unemployment rate is at 4.6%, which
      means that there are plenty of jobs for people who are looking for them. So
      it should not have to depend on deporting the illegals (who are generally
      working jobs that no one else wants). Not to say that I am for illegal
      immigration, I am for legal immigration only.

  2. Posted by Kareem Winters, at Reply

    The wall just got 10 foot higher.

    • Posted by Kareem Winters, at Reply

      ^ Deported

    • Posted by Kareem Winters, at Reply

      +Alvaro Bazan LOL relax I trolling.

    • Posted by Alvaro Bazan, at Reply

      Kareem Winters lol I figured 😂 but I couldn’t help it, I needed to seize
      the moment haha

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      MAGA 😉

  3. Posted by blue green, at Reply

    Have I died? did I just find a southerner with a brain?

    This guy is smart than 98.5% of Trump supporters.

    • Posted by Hogz Tcp, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak It’s fun to watch him squirm.

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      +Hogz Tcp i can agree with that. It’s a hobby of mine to make leftists
      squirm on the internet. what country are you from?

    • Posted by Hogz Tcp, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak I currently call China my home. We have a nice deal
      going on.

  4. Posted by SlaveNoLonger, at Reply

    Finally! that’s what we’ve been saying

    • Posted by SlaveNoLonger, at Reply

      +THE BROWN JEW Aka jewish pride I gave you my comment. I don’t entertain

    • Posted by THE BROWN JEW Aka jewish pride, at Reply

      Remember boy’s and girls when you get cRushed in a debate just say i don’t
      ‘entertain ignorance.” AKA I JUST GOT MY a^^ beat .So i crushed your
      argument . So now what ??

    • Posted by SlaveNoLonger, at Reply

      +THE BROWN JEW Aka jewish pride​ now we can agree on don’t entertain
      ignorance not ignorance because ignorant people can learn let me clarify
      stupidity, stupid people cannot.

    • Posted by THE BROWN JEW Aka jewish pride, at Reply

      yes,yes we can .

  5. Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

    Further proof that leftists are just useful idiots to corporatism.
    Non-white immigrants are brought in for cheap labor and votes, and you damn
    well know it

    • Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

      +Doom Guy – Why would an undocumented immigrant put his/her name on PUBLIC
      voting rolls when they’re trying to *hide* their undocumented status?

      Critical thinking skills are something you guys lack…

    • Posted by Jacob Rose, at Reply

      +Doom Guy So what you’re saying is ID requirements don’t actually prevent
      voter fraud?

    • Posted by Doom Guy, at Reply

      +TheTruthNJ09 Haha really dude? You only need a driver’s licence to vote in
      quite alot of states, and it’s incredibly easy to forge documents like this
      I wouldn’t put it past illegals to do this, they have already crossed a
      border illegally. It’s not that hard to understand dude, especially with
      superior critical thinking skills like yourse.

    • Posted by Doom Guy, at Reply

      +Jacob Rose Critical thinking skills is obviously somthing this guy lacks.

  6. Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

    What makes this man different from Trump supporters is he is capable of
    original thought and reasoning.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      What makes you different from a veiled bigot, absolutely nothing

    • Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

      i appreciate that. lol

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      no problemo (terminator voice)

    • Posted by Twostones00, at Reply


    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      you are falling into the trap of the asshat liberal media. Many of us would
      agree with this guy, however if the immigrants were never brought here,
      there would be no problem

  7. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    Immigration is known to drive down wages, create competition for housing,
    hospitals and schools. It’s not just a cause of unemployment, though that
    it is.

    • Posted by You. I dont like you, at Reply

      +Andrew Wells Not only is America a physically larger country, but the
      economy is also much more diverse and larger here than in the UK. So yes
      the economies are pretty different, not to say that the UK’s economy is bad
      or anything. As I said before, we have massive labor shortages here. There
      are not enough native skilled workers here to fill all of the available
      jobs, which is very bad for the economy. This is why high-skilled
      immigration is key to helping the economy grow and making it sustainable.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      +You. I dont like you If geographical size matters to the economy, China
      would have more wealth than Hong Kong or Indonesia than Brunei and France
      than Monaco.

      The diversity is not a factor either, we trade freely with over 83
      countries. As compared to the US’ 20. Not to mention our unparalleled links
      to the Common Wealth.

      *”As I said before, we have massive labor shortages here. There are not
      enough native skilled workers here to fill all of the available jobs”*

      We have the same issue. The solution should be to invest in education or
      doing something to close the skill shortage.

    • Posted by Deathmachine513, at Reply

      +Leroy Jasper If you don’t hire the people you import, they’re going to get
      really pissed off and trash your cities. But they do that anyway, so what’s
      even the point.

    • Posted by You. I dont like you, at Reply

      +Andrew Wells First of all, Honk Kong is part of China and China does have
      more wealth than Honk Kong if you separate the economies. Geographical size
      isn’t the most important factor for determining the strength of an economy,
      but it sure helps. You have more land for agriculture, more water supplies,
      more space for people to build/live on, more minerals/metals, more oil,
      more farm land for raising animals, etc.

      And yes diversity is a factor. That is why the US economy is so strong. For
      instance, we have military, entertainment, technology, finance,
      agriculture, healthcare, and a billion other industries. Having a diverse
      economy is important for stronger and more stable growth. The US economy
      isn’t completely different than the UK’s, but it certainly is at least a
      bit more diverse and more robust in areas.

      And yes we need a more educated workforce. However, in the US we need
      people working NOW and a lot more in the future. So immigration is key.
      It’s not a permanent solution, but it will help keep our economy healthy
      and our industries from failing.

  8. Posted by Operation Valkyrie, at Reply

    He has been placed onto the alt right’s race traitor list

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      so being against illegal immigration is a ‘racial’ thing, huh. As if blacks
      don’t care about illegals taking their jobs. RIGHT.

    • Posted by Operation Valkyrie, at Reply

      +gatesbrown26 Do you have any widespread examples of illegal immigrants
      taking black jobs? I would love to see black folks trying to pick crops,
      work dairy farms, mow lawns, general housekeeping, manual labor like floor
      installation, etc. You would think that if so many blacks and whites wanted
      those jobs then illegals would have never even shown up in such large

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      +Operation Valkyrie yeah, I carry around a list of such things of all
      people that have lost jobs to illegals, just as regressives have lists of
      hate crimes committed by Trump supporters.

    • Posted by Operation Valkyrie, at Reply

      +gatesbrown26 I didn’t ask for a list. You just want to blame others for
      the problems of the low income urban culture. If you think they are
      desperate to take the jobs that illegal immigrants do then you are so
      disconnected from reality that I don’t even know what to tell you.

  9. Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

    fun fact: automation has taken more blue collar jobs than outsourcing.

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      +Hash_Sim but jobs that were blue collar were factory jobs, though i
      suppose you are right tradesmen are now a much larger portion of the
      blue-collar workforce.

    • Posted by Hash_Sim, at Reply

      +Mister Mood I know in NZ and ozzy manufacturing is smaller then “trades”
      but I guess US would be different, if you have any factorys left in US that

      Besides 80 per cent of factory work is “unskilled” labour and should never
      be a ending point for work.

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      +Hash_Sim Besides 80 per cent of factory work is “unskilled” labour and
      should never be a ending point for work

      i agree 100% we should free people do much more substantial and valuable
      work. but there are factories in america but they are like 90% automated.

    • Posted by mblack713, at Reply

      I guess with automation, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the
      workers speak English.

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      +mblack713 perhaps.

  10. Posted by Chris Chung, at Reply

    Illegal immigrants are not the problem. They are slaves in America.
    Businesses use them for low pay. They put in more money in the tax system
    than they will ever recieve. Which is also true for middle class and down,
    but it’s worse for the illegals.

    • Posted by mac dee, at Reply

      +Sweederland Johnson On one with boarders uhhh duh

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      +mac dee yeah and those borders discriminate on who enters. It’s a natural
      action of boarders to begin with. And naturally politicians feed idiots
      like you with those discriminatory beliefs. Keep em coming mate, I’m having
      fun demonstrating how much more intelligent I am than you.

    • Posted by Louis J. West, at Reply

      +mac dee Look at history, the Berlin Wall was terrible for Germany. Are you
      just trolling, or is there some legitimate problem that you think a huge
      expensive construction project like that would solve?

    • Posted by Pedro Avilez, at Reply


  11. Posted by SorrowTillSunlight, at Reply

    This guy would have made a better president. Least it seems like he’d try
    and put in the hard work and time.

  12. Posted by Rebecca Madden, at Reply

    Please make Nic Smith a TYT commentator!

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      Rebecca Madden I wish I could thumbs up your comment/suggestion twice. He’s
      a representative of the working man and I’m fine with him representing me

  13. Posted by Jammit Timmaj, at Reply

    I hate the immigrants.

    They took my land.

    (I hope you can recognize a joke)

    • Posted by man0z, at Reply

      This applies more in Europe.# except the irony part but America has been
      the prime killer of white people along with Russia in the last 100 years
      whether its through wars or engineered migrant crisis

    • Posted by Flannegin, at Reply

      “Immigrant” means you moved to the country you’re in. “Native” means you
      were born there. If someone is born in America, they are native to the
      place, regardless of their race.

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +Flannegin​ that is false.. You never become native,but will become citizen
      of that country.

  14. Posted by Cisco Matador, at Reply

    Immigrants are the SLAVES of AMERICA. Americans will not do slave work,
    lets be real and use LOGIC, the problem are the people that hire them and
    this are the RICH. Rich people hate paying people, all they care about is
    seeing their pocket getting bigger and bigger, they are inhumane they don’t
    have hearts. They would do anything to make money.

    • Posted by LazyGamer101, at Reply

      if you limit the businesses from hiring illegally and selling their
      products that they make very cheap in a 3rd world country back to the USA
      at a premium price, we would have a better outcome. If they can’t sell
      their bullshit to us for outstanding profits, they will opt to make it here
      to gain more customer loyalty. Americans will have to vote with their
      wallets and only pay for things made in the US. Most things that are made
      outside of the US are mostly none essential bullshit anyways, why feed into
      that beast. These businesses that don’t benefit america should not gain
      from Americans. Have them sell to countries they decide to benefit.

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +LazyGamer101 So America will not sell American goods to Chinese?

    • Posted by LazyGamer101, at Reply

      if we want to truly have a global market than we have to have a equal
      playing field with wage laws and taxes or else we will have companies
      sending their work elsewhere for cheap labor. China already has most of
      what america exports for cheaper or a knock off version because of their
      screwed up patent laws. I doubt we offer much to the Chinese consumer, what
      they produce is what we buy at a much higher rate. We probably export
      entertainment to them for the most part.

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +LazyGamer101 that means Americans have to buy expensive goods that are
      made in America. The only way to have it cheap is if Americans are willing
      to work for lower wages.

    • Posted by LazyGamer101, at Reply

      The prices would equal out to what people are willing to pay and if that
      product can still be profitable instead of companies having 700+% profit on
      product. This is the reason why the wage gap is ridiculous, people still
      believe that these companies are on a tight rope where one tip and it all
      crumbles. Products in america are still expensive even given their labor
      force being robotic or very cheap. This trend is clear to see yet people
      still cling on to the fact that companies would take their ball and go home
      as if there is no one willing to take less profits to fit that void. We
      need to be tougher in order to fix the economy, cant let a company decide
      what is best for society because it is selfish to one purpose, more and
      more profits. One example is nike. Nike is not an amazing product nor is it
      expensive to make. The only reason it is 700% is because we live in a
      capitalistic society where they will sell you on the highest price possible
      if your willing to pay. These stupid people pay 120$ for the same shoes
      made in america that is around 30$. You can not tell me the labor cost
      reduces prices.

  15. Posted by Arcticnerd, at Reply

    It is funny that he is calling out the “liberal media” when they are the
    only ones taking the time to talk to him.

    • Posted by aFro SAmuRaI, at Reply


    • Posted by TheRedemptionRain, at Reply

      Tell that to CNN or MSNBC. They would cut out parts of the interview just
      to push a narrative to their viewers that this guy is a dumb white trash

    • Posted by Arcticnerd, at Reply

      +TheRedemptionRain I’m not talking about corporate media channels. TYT is
      held up as an extreme example of the “liberal media” and yet they do
      reports like this where they try to understand the points of the people
      they are interviewing. This was a very well done interview on the part of

    • Posted by James Robinett, at Reply

      He probably means the liberal media that has constantly mocked and derided
      people from the south and specifically coal miners. If you watch this
      channel on any other video of people in the south TYT is always making fun
      of them, usually ignoring the topic and just mocking the stereotypes. He
      has plenty of reason to be pissed at all of the liberals who have looked
      down on them for decades.

  16. Posted by estiv, at Reply

    The immigrant IS the enemy of the working people if he wages jihad, look to
    Europe instead of deluding yourselves with politically correct moral
    bullying. Body count so far?

    Do not expect a wave of only nice people – this bigoted act of denying the
    other side of the coin will cost lives, limbs and families futures. Look at
    Europe, this is not about your politically correct ideals.

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      +Probus Excogitatoris Completely open borders is where we would be heading
      under a clinton administration – that is exactly what the long term goal
      is. This is exactly why the EU forces open borders upon member states above
      all other principles.

    • Posted by Probus Excogitatoris, at Reply

      +estiv “Completely open borders is where we would be heading under a
      clinton administration”

      Really? Is that actually what you believe? Not a single guard anywhere.
      Everyone is free to roam as they please across the border. Let me guess.
      You also think Obama and Clinton want to take all your guns away by force
      and turn USA into some kind of Stalinist dystopia (probably complete with
      concentration camps somewhere in Alaska)? I could go on in great length
      about how utterly bizarre those beliefs are, but I’m quite sure it’s of no

      That said, I’m glad you actually expressed your beliefs. It gives me a
      better understanding of why you support someone like Trump. You really are
      terrified, aren’t you. You really think Democrats and liberals are out to
      get you in the worst way possible. A complete breakdown of society. If I
      held such beliefs, I would be terrified as well. It’s so tragic that you
      are so afraid of something completely delusional. Don’t get me wrong, there
      are reasons to be worried about the state of affairs in this world. But,
      Clinton turning USA into some form of dictatorship is not one of them.

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      +Probus Excogitatoris TyT themselves are concerned about “corporatist
      democrats” like hillary. They’re talking about globalism.

      The globalist agenda is amalgamation of the west into one nation state.
      sorry to break it to you.

      That is why this election campaign has been unusually vicious, if America
      falls, the west follows.

      The EU – where did Jean Claude Juncker come from, nobody elected him, but
      he’s the top man – just appeared there.

      Im not saying liberals are out to get people in the worst way possible. Its
      not even about liberals and republicans. Its about globalism vs nation

      All the while, the EU is pushing to form a one europe federal army – the
      nations of europe are being amalgamated, and this is the side in alliance
      with clinton and Very much so.

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      +Probus Excogitatoris you are not a mind reader. I do not think ‘liberals
      are out tog get me’. thats plain silly. You really do not understand

  17. Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

    Immigrants are not the problem but greedy corporations that want to exploit
    for less than a buck. Some Americans are too ignorant to see that. PS: I
    can’t stand Jimmy; I hold him responsible for the orange pedophile winning
    and all white Americans own that orange child molester.

    • Posted by Luck Linni, at Reply

      You really think people watching Jimmy Dore made that big of a difference
      in the election? A lot of people think how he thinks without him saying it.
      You want to blame someone on the so-called left for Trump’s win? Blame the
      establishment democrats who thought corporations and donors were more
      important to please than the working class.

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      I blame Jimmy, Susan Sarandon, Bernie-or-bust clan… because they told
      young voters to vote for a 3rd party and even black young voters voted for
      a 3rd party. Now those young black voters will pay a heavy price when
      bullets get into their backs.

  18. Posted by Dominique Hebert, at Reply

    Most of the worlds atrocities have been devised by highly educated people.

    • Posted by fangal12, at Reply

      And carried out by the uneducated idiots who question nothing.

    • Posted by plainOldFool, at Reply

      Who can’t afford to question.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      @fangirl WRONG. You mean carried out by people who mostly didn’t have a
      choice. You swear we can all just decide not to do something.

  19. Posted by Makotonine, at Reply

    Asia, Africa, India, Pakistan etc are all mono-ethnic countries, immigrants
    from these ‘cuntries’ shouldn’t have a say on diversity in the West, ever!

    • Posted by MrAditya, at Reply

      none? whatsoever? you mean those africans i saw going to college in India
      weren’t black? or those American’s working in those IT companies weren’t
      white? (also thank you for giving me a history lesson about my home
      country, i needed that 🙂 ) Makatonine, i don’t think you understand the
      difference between a race, nationality, and ethnicity, look at what i
      posted under Radix’s post dude.

    • Posted by Makotonine, at Reply

      Africans attending college in india somehow makes india diverse? indians
      and pakis are genetically similar, regardless of linguistics or religious

    • Posted by Radix Malorum, at Reply

      +MrAditya The bottom line is Europe and the US has always been diverse by
      your own definitions of what diversity is. (ie different ethnic groups) If
      you say Europe and the US must be diverse by racial groups (ie Caucasian vs
      Latino vs African) then the US and Europe are STILL the most diverse since
      Asian and African continents are nearly monolithic in race.

    • Posted by Srinivasan P.B, at Reply

      NOT India. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world,
      religiously and ethnically. Google it

    • Posted by MrAditya, at Reply

      again ethnicity has nothing to do with genetics.

  20. Posted by Devektra, at Reply

    This redneck guy is amazing. Such a smart and thoughtful human being.

    • Posted by Devektra, at Reply

      +Babylonthegreat wat

    • Posted by black earth708, at Reply

      Devektra he not redneck but a educated man.

    • Posted by Devektra, at Reply

      +Babylonthegreat I’m just glad to finally see a person figure out for
      themselves through personal experience what is truly right, shattering
      Trump’s arguments. I only said “redneck guy” because I don’t know his name
      and wanted to let people know it was him I was referring to. I understand
      how my comment could seem dishonest and fluffy but you don’t need to tell
      me to stfu and blame me specifically for all the similar comments (“people
      like you”).