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The Main Focus Should Be Trump’s Horrible Policies, Not Russia


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"" That is why Hillary Clinton shed this political election, not because of any kind of hacking detraction." Enjoy the complete Aggressive Progressive episode right here:

Mr Kiriakou was vital of various United States intelligence agencies for handing the issue over to analysts "in the absence of facts" that made "analytical verdicts based upon the little bits and pieces that they have the ability to gather".

He stated: "We have something that has actually been rubbed by the CIA analysts and also they have actually drawn analytical conclusions based on just what little evidence they have.

" If this hacking actually occurred, there would be a digital path back to the point of origin. We have not seen any type of electronic path." *.

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  1. Posted by bensko5821, at Reply

    both Trump and Clinton are guilty of something, but Trump is the president now, so thats the biggest problem, but let both be trailed and see what happens, but by all accounts Trump is in the pocket of Putin, Clinton spend money for info from the cremlin on his opponent, so go after both, fair and simple

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      There’s still almost nothing actually tying Clinton to anything shady in the general election (obviously the primary is a different story)… but sure, if we must appease the idiots, let them both be investigated. (Even though she already has been multiple times)

    • Posted by bensko5821, at Reply

      yes, but we have to be fair, else we will never hear the end of this, they would come back in 20 years still telling us “But her emails.”

  2. Posted by flagpoleeip, at Reply

    Whether or not you like his policies is a *judgement call* we lost the election, he president.
    Whether of not he colluded with Russia is a fact that can be *objectively assessed*

  3. Posted by Anthony Tecchio, at Reply

    Trump and his supporters will not care if Trump destroys their lives, like he said “I can stand in the middle of 5th ave. and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose any supporters”

    Going after Hillary is pointless, so shes a criminal. So what? Since she did something bad we are supposed to allow others to get away with it? No, put em all in prison.

    The Kremlin took out those ads not to sway favor of the election they took them out to create division in the populace. That is Putin’s whole thing. He is not trying to undermine Hillary he is trying to make America and it’s Democracy look bad. He is trying to widen divides between people based on race, class, gender, ANYTHING.

    Trump not only was complicit in this he is HELPING with this.

    You don’t put Tillerson as the Sec. of State and then try to lift sanctions on Russia while tilting the republicans away from worrying about them if you are not cooperating with and actively assisting with their entire world strategy as laid out in book that everyone can see and read from 1997.

    If you know what the book “Foundations of Geopolitics” is about, and you still think Russia is a bunk story. You are an imbecile.

    • Posted by Celephaith, at Reply

      If Putin is trying to create division within our populace, he has steep competition with our own politicians and media, who collectively have been doing a much better job of it and have been at it for far longer.

  4. Posted by Bryan Taylor, at Reply

    Trump has Policies? Does that mean he’s done whining about his bruised ego ?

  5. Posted by Cornelius Snow, at Reply

    I thought how Russia supposedly rigged the election was a big deal. Liberals like you, TYT, were talking about it all year. Now it suddenly isn’t?

    • Posted by Deepesh Singhal, at Reply

      Cornelius Snow Jimmy has been consistent since the beginning, check his show

    • Posted by harry, at Reply

      Most liberasl have no moral

  6. Posted by Cleetus Luckas, at Reply

    CRIMINAL ACTIVITY such as money laundering and TREASON is a HELL of a lot mire concern at this point so it’s NOT like Russia should be ignored.

  7. Posted by Joshua Dickerson, at Reply

    So trump potentially betraying our country is not a big deal? Whew! I was worried for a minute. Guess all that stuff Mueller is kicking up is waaay off base. Brb, going to drill a hole in my skull to let all the bad ideas out.

    • Posted by Rosie Bro, at Reply

      Joshua Dickerson u got it wrong. Trump never had anything to do with Russia it was Hillary!! The Hillary campaign tried to pin it on trump to hide Hilary’s wrong doings. 😊

    • Posted by GoodMorningRatchets, at Reply

      Rosie Bro pin what on trump? she wasn’t being investigated or blamed for anything.

    • Posted by Rosie Bro, at Reply

      GoodMorningRatchets the collusion with Russia. Now the Clintons are being investigated as they have found proof…

  8. Posted by Maddie Vega, at Reply

    Wow they bought you an Apple.

  9. Posted by Kenneth Greifer, at Reply

    The difference between what Trump is accused of doing and what Clinton did with the Russians is that Trump is suspected of making a deal with them to get rid of the sanctions against them if they help him get elected. Clinton is not suspected of making a deal to pay back the Russians for their information.

    • Posted by Real Muthafuckin Ninja, at Reply

      No the Clinton’s received money from a kremlin bank for Hillary to sign off on a deal to give the russian’s 20% of America’s enriched uranium. Bill Clinton personally received $500,000 and the Clinton Foundation received HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars. PAY TO MUTHAFUCKIN PLAY!

    • Posted by Kenneth Greifer, at Reply

      The person in this video was talking about Trump and Clinton getting Russian dirt on each other, and he said that it was the same for both of them. Clinton may have been done something wrong in that uranium sale, but that was long before the election and had nothing to do with the election. That is a separate issue. In the 2016 election, there is worry that Trump had a deal with the Russians to get rid of the sanctions in exchange for dirt on Clinton, but no one is saying that she made a deal with the Russians for dirt on Trump. Anyway, if it is true, Trump did not need to do that to beat her, it was stupid of him, if he did make a deal with them.

      Sadly, I think they should investigate both of them for all kinds of things because both of them are suspicious in some ways.

    • Posted by Real Muthafuckin Ninja, at Reply

      Yes they are saying the Clinton campaign PAYED a British spy to work with Russian government officials to dig up dirt on trump. Also, I know it’s a separate issue. It’s a much worse one. Actual evidence of actual collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russian government. The Hillary campaign knew this was her biggest weakness if voters knew. It was revealed in the emails. You know what else was in the emails? Hillary’s campaign strategy to create a connection between Trump and Russia.

  10. Posted by Joe Di Sunno, at Reply

    When jimmy goes on Cenk’s show and says the opposite of Cenk

    • Posted by GoodMorningRatchets, at Reply

      Joe Di Sunno I do appreciate that dichotomy. but I don’t get why Jimmy is saying this. we know Trump Jr met with the lawyer as a part of Russia’s support of his dad. And we know Russia meddled heavily in the election. it seems that Trump n company were aware of Russia’s efforts and they lied about all of it. how does he not see the high probability of collusion on that?

    • Posted by Joe Di Sunno, at Reply

      GoodMorningRatchets collusion of what kind? Money? Hillary didnt take foreign money? Every presidential candidate hasnt taken foreign money? Get over it. As for the russia meeting, hillary’s campaign had meetings with the british spy who got the peepee tape, arent you scared of british influence in the election? Or maybe you’re just repeating cold war era hysteria that implies russia is worse than other countries

  11. Posted by Janet, at Reply

    “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” That’s a great quote!

  12. Posted by Leo Wan, at Reply

    They all need to go to jail, simple as that

  13. Posted by stop the madness, at Reply


  14. Posted by gcjoy, at Reply

    Try criminal conspiracy. No “collusion”. Jimmy jumped the shark with the spit heard round the world.

  15. Posted by Phil Broeders, at Reply

    Just because you think it’s small beans doesn’t make it ok. The law clearly states that seeking help from a foreign power to get elected is illegal. Whether Trump won with Russian help or not is immaterial. It’s illegal.

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      So that Dossier, that was… well gained from the UK… isn’t that, illegal? the aim of that was to get Clinton Elected, it failed, greatly.

      Guess it doesn’t matter because her attempt was a failure.

    • Posted by Nethr, at Reply

      +Dun Hilda Lets say they were both illegal and throw both of them in prison. Deal? I mean, you aren’t putting forth any kind of denial that what Trump did was illegal. So he should be in prison with Clinton right?

  16. Posted by vidiot2000, at Reply

    Great ending point. F@*k defending Clinton, stay on Trump’s corrupt appointments and policies.

  17. Posted by Rick Sanchez, at Reply

    are you telling us clinton worked with Russians?

  18. Posted by Brandon Skwira, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore, when are you going to realize your credibility is being shot. You’re digging a deeper and deeper hole every time you’re opening your mouth.

  19. Posted by Philippe Morel, at Reply

    There is a key difference between the Clinton-Russia collusion and Trump-Russia collusion. The Clinton campaign hired a lawyer who hired Fusion GPS who hired a private investigator to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia because there seemed to preexisting connections. They eventually received the dossier but never released for whatever reason. This kind of opposition research is common practice in D.C. even if it is sleazy. As for Trump, it seems like either he or somebody in his campaign was dumb enough to (unknowingly?) coordinate with Russian intelligence to sway the election through releasing Clinton’s emails in a way to maximize the damage on Clinton’s reputation. By releasing the emails and a wider disinformation campaign Russian agents tried to sow doubt among American voters about the state of the democracy. They are continuing to do that. Russian ads and Clinton’s emails did not win Trump the election. She lost that on her own. However, if Trump was dumb enough to think that he needed the Russians help or members of his campaign were so sloppy they didn’t realize that what they were doing was illegal, then he’s in trouble. He may have other business interests in Russia, but we don’t know for sure. Regardless, as far as the Russians are concerned, mission accomplished. The US government has become completely dysfunctional