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The Most Racist Thing Trump Ever Said?


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This could be one of the most racist point he's ever stated, which says a whole lot. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below.

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" Head Of State Donald Trump on Thursday described Haiti and African nations as "shithole nations" during a conference with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, an Autonomous aide briefed on the conference told NBC News.

Trump's comments were first reported by The Washington Blog post, which stated the group of nations referred to also consisted of El Salvador.

The remarks came as senators gathered in the Oval Office with the head of state to talk about a path ahead on a migration offer. Trump questioned why the USA would desire people from nations such as Haiti while he was being informed on modifications to the visa lottery game system.

According to the assistant, when the team pertained to discussing immigration from Africa, Trump asked why America would desire immigrants from "all these shithole countries" and that the U.S. need to have even more people coming in from locations like Norway. Thursday's meeting came one day after Trump met with Norwegian Head of state Erna Solberg at the White Home."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Mariusz Furman, at Reply

    1. Five black teenagers from Central Park.
    2. Obama’s birth certificate.
    3. Campaign’s opening speech – the Wall.
    4. ‘Mexican judge’ and Khan’s during campaign.
    You voted him to be a president and YOU ARE SURPRISE NOW?!?!

    • Posted by Mariusz Furman, at Reply

      night hawk
      Oh! We have another racist.

    • Posted by night hawk, at Reply

      What did I say that was racist exactly? Ya know if you keep throwing that word at everyone who disagrees with you then its going to have no meaning

    • Posted by Mariusz Furman, at Reply

      night hawk
      I said USA shouldn’t be surprise president is a racist since they elected racist. You answer ‘everything is OK, they are minority’.
      Remind me what is racism about? Than were not equal since we are not majority, right? Stay classy.

    • Posted by night hawk, at Reply

      Mariusz Furman taking my words out of context. Typical liberal bullshit

    • Posted by Joe Leming, at Reply

      +night hawk You know these imbeciles can’t argue facts so they have to pull the “ist”, “ism” or blablabla-a-phobe card when someone challenges their stupidity.

  2. Posted by sexy korean girl, at Reply

    just for his base

    • Posted by popp007us, at Reply

      deebo l there are many talented and educated people in Africa who could be assets to America. Not as much as Europe obviously but there are there. You cannot generalize people by nationality or religion. It’s amazing we still have to stress this in this day and age and the POTUS cannot understand this basic principle of human decency.

    • Posted by White Americas pride & joy, Trump., at Reply

      The Richard Spencers, Bannons and David Dukes of the world aka, white trash.

    • Posted by XPuppetManX, at Reply

      Well, they are shithole nations. This will just help him win just like last time. Political correctness to the max…

  3. Posted by Tong Zou, at Reply

    Trump Supporters: he’s being honest! … yeah but imagine if Obama said the same thing… oh wait no i cant imagine that…

  4. Posted by john e Lawler, at Reply

    he’s an insult to humanity, for a man who was born with a silver spoon stuck up his arse to criticise poorer countries is really beyond belief, a disgrace to the office of president

  5. Posted by nekomatajs, at Reply

    Africa is in a state of civil unrest because of people like Trump with too much power and inadequate intelligence or even care.
    “Between the 1870s and 1900, Africa faced European imperialist aggression, diplomatic pressures, military invasions, and eventual conquest and colonization. At the same time, African societies put up various forms of resistance against the attempt to colonize their countries and impose foreign domination.”-wiki
    Do your homework and don’t be a Trump.

    • Posted by Christian Monti, at Reply

      you forgot the part where the most successful parts of africa today are the ones colonized by whites- south africa and ivory coast.

    • Posted by fam alam, at Reply

      Christian Monti lol every African country was colonised by Europeans except Ethiopia

    • Posted by nekomatajs, at Reply

      To,Christian Monti. People in modern society strive there whole life for success ,yet still rural people are solace in there everyday life .Who are we to say one way of life is greater than another.

  6. Posted by M H, at Reply

    I like the way Ana speaks with such venom about Ann Coulter, and spits out her usual F bomb garbage, but is so much more civilised when face to face with Coulter.

  7. Posted by A Rude Gesture, at Reply

    This is why “‘murican’s” are universally despised throughout the world. Also, any list of “shithole countries” would have to include the USA somewhere in the top 5. That’s why people from most countries don’t want to migrate to the US. You’d have to be REALLY desperate, to even consider migrating to the US.

    • Posted by A Rude Gesture, at Reply

      Yes, that’s what your propaganda keep telling you, so it must be true, right?
      Just like North Koreans know that everyone is envious of how great their country is! 🙂

    • Posted by Vance Abbott, at Reply

      Usa gets the most immigrants idiot followed by Russia and Germany and it’s by over a 3 million immigrant difference idiot +rudegesture

  8. Posted by SupaDupaFli79, at Reply

    “They white tho'” lol….I love Ana XD

  9. Posted by paxwallacejazz, at Reply

    Norwegians are among the most educated and liberal group of citizens on our planet. They ,by and large, are mortified that we’ve elected Trump. (l live in Denmark currently, and have many Norwegian friends).I would like to add that Scandinavians in general understand that they’ve won the birth lottery on planet Earth and are greatefull that they live where they do and, have no desire to emigrate to the U.S. let me add:The standard of living in Scandinavia which is exceptionally high, isn’t predicated on debt slavery, and the distribution of wealth is roughly equivalent to America in the late 50s.

    • Posted by JohnConnor Connor, at Reply

      You won birth lottery by being White, that’s why you live in functioning countries

  10. Posted by MrToolmaker23, at Reply

    Never underestimate Donald Trump’s crass behaviour. He hasn’t reached the bottom of the barrel yet.
    He appointed a loudmouth fool as ambassador to the Netherlands who said there were “no-go zones” for police and that politicians there were being “set on fire”. Insulting other nations has become a parlour game for the White House.

  11. Posted by Serafin Avitia V, at Reply

    It’s not a surprise that he says racist comments. We knew about his history before he was elected. He discriminated against Black people in the 70s when renting apartments … both he and his father were caught doing it. Duh … he’s a racist.

  12. Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

    Trump hires nothing but foreign workers here in Florida.. He will bypass American workers here all the time.. It’s been in our news before he even ran for office..

  13. Posted by GUERRILLA SUNRISE, at Reply

    *Dear white Americans*
    *You destroy countries then call you them shitholes*

    • Posted by Blob Fatterson, at Reply

      Heck yeah we do

    • Posted by GUERRILLA SUNRISE, at Reply

      Blob Fatterson

    • Posted by Blob Fatterson, at Reply

      GUERRILLA SUNRISE we actually usually destroy countries that are shitholes already.

    • Posted by Herr Denker, at Reply

      GUERRILLA SUNRISE These countries destroy themselves.

  14. Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

    Why would anyone from Norway move to America? Norway have it way better than we do. That like leaving your mansion for a rundown shack

  15. Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

    Well….they are shithole Countries

    • Posted by bob starr, at Reply

      That is so off topic. “Would you allow a person to have the same opportunities as you?” is more of what’s at question.

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

      bob starr no, because if climate change we should take 0 immigrants because they will use resources and add to our emissions

    • Posted by White Americas pride & joy, Trump., at Reply

      The Amerifat Ameripigs being number one on that list. @ Dave

    • Posted by bob starr, at Reply

      ok dave, according to your logic you are a shitty person. (compared to me)

  16. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    Trump and the Republicans are digging their grave in politics and around the world, forget about it being racist because it just plan hateful and degrading. Why would you want to hurt people struggling just to feed themselves, that’s like kicking a sick person needing help. Once again he doesn’t know that those countries were destabilize by western greed, since he wants to get down and dirty, white man greed and they are kept destabilized. African has some of the best coffee, it’s said to be better than Brazil, but when American traders go to trade they lock out African traders and their coffee never get to market, I know this for a fact. The African countries have so much resources, but aren’t allow to sell it’s themselves, because they would be the riches country in the world. The middle east is destabilized because of greed, if any of these countries got ahold of it’s wealth and was able to use it properly, look out and this is the fear. These hateful republicans have to go, they’re destabilizing our country and our power in the world, ever time Trump dumps a country, China steps in, he’s such a clueless uneducated narcissist, but he’s MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

  17. Posted by Cathy Warner, at Reply


  18. Posted by Brian Griffee, at Reply

    The only thing missing from his speech was the white hood and white sheet.

  19. Posted by Daniel B, at Reply

    Why cant we get people from Norway? Ooooohhh because they have a much higher standard of living with healthcare for all and they view coming to the usa as a step down….thats why

    • Posted by micko11154, at Reply

      You’re an idiot m8!

    • Posted by Mads V., at Reply

      I’m also from Norway, and people here are getting more and more sick of Islam and the high immigration. In 2017, the most xenophobic party received 15% of the votes. Therefore, they have a lot of power in the government. On the other side, the most xenophilic party (AP) which has been incredibly popular and ruled the country for a long time, would have done their worst election in 94 years if it had been election today.

    • Posted by Darius Truxton, at Reply

      exactly! So every country is racist I guess then? Also, with a strict immigration policy in place it’s also very important to protect the borders. Also, you keep people out from “shithole countries” so they don’t either leech off the government or raise little hoodlums or terrorists who contribute nothing to society. Sweden is a perfect example of how Liberalism and welcoming people from “shithole” countries turns your country into a crime infested hellhole

    • Posted by We Are All Inventions, at Reply

      Sounds like those white Norwegians got it all figured out up there, huh libbies?

  20. Posted by Brijan B, at Reply

    This is ignorance at its finest. There are many bright talented people all over the world and giving them a chance to develop themselves is going to pay off bigtime in taxes and total wealth in the economy.

    • Posted by adjwindu70, at Reply

      Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump crime, poverty and war are rampant here even though we prefer to fight war over there. Does this mean US is a shithole?

    • Posted by adjwindu70, at Reply

      Secular Progressive and they are liberal too. So why are we voting conservative in the US

    • Posted by Secular Progressive, at Reply

      adjwindu70 People who vote conservative probably have a low IQ. I’m not too hyped about voting in general though

    • Posted by adjwindu70, at Reply

      Secular Progressive I encourage you to keep voting. Imagine how many Americans regret not voting in the 2016 pres election. What was the % again? I think 40% of registered voters actually voted in it. That is 60% that decided to let a minority of the population determine the outcome. I expect the election coming up may be a near record for congressional elections.

    • Posted by Secular Progressive, at Reply

      adjwindu70 Oh no, we didn’t get warmonger Hillary Clinton. Dang it. Honestly, if you’d vote for a terrorist like Hillary Clinton, who wouldn’t you vote for? That’s honestly disgusting. Likewise, Donald Trump is also a terrorist and should be tried for war crimes as well. Don’t see how voting would’ve helped that situation