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The News with Dan Rather 02/05/18 – Ep.003


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  1. Posted by padddymills12345, at Reply

    Left tards cry as the country is put back together (deep state is on it’s knees )

    • Posted by SainterSan, at Reply

      padddymills12345 – I didn’t say that, you’re not paying attention, son, I said the MAINSTREAM investigate reputable publications, I said nothing about CNN, they are no different to Fox News, they keep you entertained and not much more. How old are you? I get the feeling I’m talking to a kid. Pay attention next time.

    • Posted by SainterSan, at Reply

      padddymills12345 – I’m 61 with a degree and two associate diplomas. I suggest you listen to me sunshine, you come across as a total twat. You are fixated on CNN, I said nothing about them. Have the alt-right programmed you or something? Concentrate!

    • Posted by Darin Caraway, at Reply

      Stick to the cheap beer, eh?

    • Posted by Darin Caraway, at Reply

      padddymills12345 is a russian Bot, do not engage. Error…Error.

  2. Posted by Te Michaels, at Reply

    Trump’s triggered cult members bout to blow up the comments. been a bad week between the DOW and Nunes pathetic op-ed flop.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Te Michaels Nah, they’ll just shout “fake news!” and deflect to something irrelevant or blame someone irrelevant like Obama or Hillary.

    • Posted by liberal 1, at Reply

      Te Michaels heres a gift for you πŸ‘‰πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    • Posted by manumus11, at Reply

      If the Dow takes another dip tomorrow … ITS REALLY BAD NEWS !!

    • Posted by Yusef Henry, at Reply

      Te Michaels and the week has just started!

  3. Posted by Depleted Uranium Cowboy, at Reply

    You can tell who the haters are because the negs they drop before they have even had time to watch the video. SAD!

  4. Posted by James Rouse, at Reply

    TYT.. get your Shite together and do not put 15 minutes of dead air before starting. Jebus you are amateur at bet

    • Posted by richard mcmorrow, at Reply

      James Rouse, what are you talking about ? 15 minutes of dead air. Not on my computer, After a 30 sec intro, Dan was on.

    • Posted by holadonkey, at Reply

      richard mcmorrow this rouse cat is talking about Dan Rather as ” dead air” . i think he’s a trump trooper . dark days are ahead of us .

    • Posted by Necr0Butcher80, at Reply

      James Rouse you must be exhausted/delirious after 1 year of defending Trump’s undoing of American values

  5. Posted by califredication, at Reply

    Thank you sir

  6. Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

    Over thirteen minutes of title screens? QuΓ© pasa? πŸ˜―β“β“πŸ˜―

    • Posted by Amberscion, at Reply

      @Julie Cooper Thank you for letting me know how far ahead to go. I’d about decided to just close it out.

    • Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

      Julie Cooper agreed!

    • Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

      Its the way live streams go these days. There is no way to cut that broadcast.

    • Posted by Wellington Smith, at Reply

      13 minutes, gracias chica.

  7. Posted by 1 E L M E R, at Reply

    In my opinion only, there will be NO public assistance programs within five years or less. If one state can get away , others will follow. What is the point of one President who can sign a law into power and someone else can take away. It seems pointless! Thank you. Goodnight Dan.

    • Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

      1 E L M E R I agree, our executive branch has far too much power that has been removed from Congress, who these days work for their donors not the people.

  8. Posted by Marco Maricruz Munguia, at Reply

    We need more news sources like this.

    • Posted by L Collins, at Reply

      Marco Maricruz Munguia
      Actual news for an older demographics.

  9. Posted by dart arkana, at Reply

    Right on, Dan
    “It’s not bout who they are but who we are”

  10. Posted by George Nelson, at Reply

    Move the Mic closer and or also put a Lav on him.

    Bad sound can kill a video!

  11. Posted by Cajun Aggie, at Reply

    “Don’t accept that what’s happening. Is Just a case of others suffering. Or you’ll find that you’re joining in. The Turning Away.” — Pink Floyd

  12. Posted by dart arkana, at Reply

    Very wise insight, thank you Dan

  13. Posted by Lyndee M, at Reply

    Thanks Sir!! The scared people are pretty easy to spot in the comments…pretty sure you were the TV Journalist in Vietnam that Dave was watching when Skype crashed on him during the(above) commercial breaks. So, you were Mr. Konkrite’s eyes…that is an awesome contribution to our countries history…people actually SAW the truth, because you had the courage to report it. The truth is yours to tell…please feel Free to speak up and out…folks are listening.

  14. Posted by Anthony Atella, at Reply

    Please turn Dan’s mic up. He’s consistently slightly too quiet.

  15. Posted by SWulf2817, at Reply

    Recruiting Dan Rather to TYT is a good move. He is a journalist I trust and respect.

  16. Posted by Joshua Scarpinato-Morris, at Reply

    probably the best thing on the internet right now

  17. Posted by Gravertrain Graveytrain, at Reply

    Dan you ROCK. Great topic. I would have taken you for a conservative. Regardless of political grounding, there are plenty of smart people here to figure out the best solutions. The solutions are being thwarted by greed, selfishness, shortsightedness, and a lust for power and wealth. I think we all know the solutions that will inevitably come, but we have some high hurdles to get over to follow that path. I long for my grand kids to live in a more thoughtful place. Stay on ’em Dan and the Turks. You hold our path to a better country, world, and planet. This insanity has to, and will stop.

  18. Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

    It’s so nice to hear Dan Rather’s voice again. A lot of us have been missing him, from when he used to deliver the nightly news. He still has such a lovely voice! Cenk, Ana, and many of the other TYT crew have nice voices too. But, Dan’s voice & professionalism have been sorely missed. Btw, a poem for Black History Month? Love it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ˜Š Welcome back, Dan! Thanks for coming out of retirement for this. We missed you! Holding on to Hope πŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸŒ¦πŸ’™

    • Posted by Alex Townsend, at Reply

      Julie Cooper He never retired. He also works for SiriusXM and Mark Cuban’s AXS TV.

  19. Posted by Michael Redman, at Reply

    OMG I’ve missed Dan! One of Americas most trusted journalist. Honest and true.

  20. Posted by Jentany, at Reply

    So great seeing Dan Rather again. Brilliant show!