The News With Dan Rather 02/12/18 – Ep.004 | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

The News With Dan Rather 02/12/18 – Ep.004


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Fabulous newsman Dan Rather addresses today's most thought-provoking news stories from TYT's Los Angeles workshops.

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  1. Posted by Chris Foels, at Reply

    I coulda swore some guy running for president said mexico was gonna pay for this border wall? Weird

  2. Posted by Jonathon Bremer, at Reply

    Yeah for Dan Rather

  3. Posted by icecoldpierre, at Reply

    The segment about the military parade was beautiful Rather. Nicely done!

  4. Posted by Dalea Nolan, at Reply

    Thank you so much for the much needed voice of reason Mr.Rather.

  5. Posted by Gary Schneider, at Reply

    Dan Rather is great…..Another American hero…

  6. Posted by Darin Singleton, at Reply

    Bless you, Mr. Rather.

  7. Posted by Tyson Phillips, at Reply

    Listening to dan speak reminds of how far the news has fallen. Great work

  8. Posted by Joseph Ybarra, at Reply

    Great to b informed, once again, by Dan Rather….like hearing from an old friend…

  9. Posted by Christine Mason, at Reply

    Thank you for pointing out what an egotistical grandstander our ‘dear leader’ is. he hasn’t got the faintest idea of what America is about.

  10. Posted by Beckie T, at Reply

    Ya know. This really brought back memories for me. I know there were a lot of political debate to go through. And you were right on point about ever single one.

    But I just wanted to say this. When I was a kid.. My dad. Religiously.. Every night.. watched the evening news with Dan Rather.. I remember it like it was yesterday.. to me its one of the great memories I have of my father.. He still watched the news after you left. but it was never the same. but that one memory always stuck with me..

    So Mr. Rather.. I am soooo Gosh Darn Glad you are doing news again.. I will watch this religiously as long as you are doing this as well.

  11. Posted by Henrique Teixeira, at Reply

    wow…. how I missed his voice. His actual voice and his jornalistic voice in the editorial.

  12. Posted by ntiffin1, at Reply

    I miss Dan Rather, a true journalist.

    • Posted by Hikaru Katayamma, at Reply

      ntiffin1 you don’t have to miss him, now. Just stay tuned! 🙂

    • Posted by Know Thanks, at Reply

      you don’t have to miss being lied to by a shriveled up twat

  13. Posted by Triple OG, at Reply

    “Tin horn dictators” now that classic Dan Rather a old Texan… love him a great American

  14. Posted by Nataraj Monk, at Reply

    Listening to Dan Rather is like listening to a kind grandpa imparting his needed wisdom

  15. Posted by Steve Hirsch, at Reply

    Mr. Rather watching you helps me to remember how a true leader presents himself… I thank you for that…👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Posted by Captain Gothnog, at Reply

    Great job Mr. Rather.

  17. Posted by Daniel Strain, at Reply

    Great to see Mr. Rather giving a sober perspective we need. I will be tuning in each week.

    • Posted by Yusef Henry, at Reply

      Daniel, I also call him Mr. Rather. He’s an elder statesman, and if my mom found out I referred to him so casually… let’s just say he’d be doing a report on my bizarre and untimely passing LOL

  18. Posted by Larry Phischman, at Reply

    I’d say we’re under 7 months away from the “right-wing death squads in the street” phase of the loss of democracy. America has been in decline for almost 40 years, since Reagan told us we didn’t have to try to be better anymore.

    • Posted by Queen Elizabeth III, at Reply


  19. Posted by RhianKristen, at Reply

    Dan Rather, please continue to do this show for as long as you can. You are eloquent, intelligent and present the news in a clear, concise way while still guiding us to realise the importance of these issues. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

      +RhianKristen Absolutely. I hope he stays on the Young Turks until he dies.

    • Posted by Suzanne Bennett, at Reply

      Well said! 🙂

  20. Posted by lady4real75, at Reply

    Hi Dan. Nice to hear your voice again. I so miss “TRUE JOURNALISM “..