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The Next Constitutional Amendment – Unrig The System Summit Panel


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You have actually heard about the Supreme Court's People United decision– cash as speech, as well as endless election spending– and also you could have heard about the fight to construct a constitutional change to take care of those issues. With these initiatives warming up, panelists will certainly check the reform landscape, dig into where we agree and disagree, and also arise with more cooperation and also a more clear roadway ahead.

Cenk Uygur
Creator, Wolf-PAC

Jasmine Gomez
Freedom Formality Other and also Lawyer, Free Speech For Individuals

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Supervisor, Transfer To Modify

Ben Gubits
Affiliate Supervisor, American Guarantee

Michael Monetta
National Director, Wolf-PAC

David Burke
Head of state and Owner, People Do Something About It

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  1. Posted by gordon Freeman, at Reply

    i watched the whole thing twice already

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      You just wasted 2 hours congrats

  2. Posted by Brandon 444444, at Reply

    Very informative Chunk? Notice they got him an extra wide chair lol

    • Posted by Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson, at Reply

      Did they? Hard to say. The chairs are open from the sides so it would be easy for a big person to sit on them.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Who’s Chunk?

    • Posted by Brandon 444444, at Reply

      jarjon76 Chunk is Chunk

  3. Posted by Gay Spooderman, at Reply

    Cuckservatives can’t stand positive governmental reforms. They love selling the country out to their corporate overlords.

    • Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply


    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      You mean people who worked hard and don’t want their money stolen and given to illegal dindus and rapefugees? You fkn shill

  4. Posted by Edward Terry, at Reply

    “Obviously, the genes of women are flawed.” – Cenk Uygur

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      @blistified – You clearly don’t understand irony.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      so cenk and trump are two peas in a pod, gotcha

    • Posted by Edward Terry, at Reply

      Cenk Uygur = Confirmed bigot.

    • Posted by Sean, at Reply

      That does sound like Cenk was conservative then.

    • Posted by Edward Terry, at Reply

      Sean, it sounds like he’s a *bigot.* That’s what it sounds like.

  5. Posted by macpony2571780, at Reply

    Are there any money grubbing native Americans or red skins by your quote Cenk being represented? How about black males? Oh that’s right you are being sued by a black man on discrimination charges. So who with any brains take you seriously Cenk.

  6. Posted by Mike Massey, at Reply

    Really excited to see people talking about this. I’m a student at The Ohio State University and I’m working with Wolf-Pac Ohio to get Wolf-Pac to start their first student chapter of Wolf-Pac at my university. My roommate and I will be able to get dozens of motivated young voters to sign up, spread awareness, and present our case to our state legislators. If any other college students are on here from other colleges are reading this then I hope you’d be motivated to do the same. We can do this together.

  7. Posted by michaelgerard2, at Reply

    TYT isn’t saying ANYTHING about all the stuff going on with the FBI and the clintons and obama. How there was an attempted coup of the president with this russiagate garbage. TYT has completely sold out. Peddling the same narrative.

    • Posted by MrERIC1019, at Reply

      michaelgerard2 If there was an attempted coup of Trump we’d see a million tweets from him before midnight. You are misguided.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Lol wtf are you talking about, alex jones

    • Posted by To much BS, at Reply

      Does Racheal Maddow use her strap-on with you daily or weekly? Rub your chin, my balls itch.

  8. Posted by Richie Sahlin, at Reply

    All these Russian trolls should just eat a damn Tide Pod.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Richie Sahlin dawww

    • Posted by crazymonk27, at Reply

      why are you talking about yourself that way?

    • Posted by To much BS, at Reply

      The Russian trolls was paid for by Hilary. She is still going to ensure Bernie never gets a foothold. Her and her media friends will collide with DNC and Russians to achieve this. You will be losers again in election as in life also.

    • Posted by Scalpking47, at Reply

      Why would Russian bots go to TYT? TYT isn’t changing anyones mind about anything its just a safe space liberal circle jerk.

  9. Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply


    • Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply

      Mitch McCuckle, Mike Pansy, Lyin’ Paulina Ryan, John McCuck, you have failed America. John McCuck less so than the other three.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      And what did Obunghole accomplish exactly?

  10. Posted by To much BS, at Reply

    We should include the media donations of Air Time which is worth money also. I know Cenk does not agree but we all know how he lies anyhow distorting facts and making up historical facts to fit his narrative. Sad how many uneducated people believe this BS.

    • Posted by Sean, at Reply

      Odd, how would you cover that in the age of the internet? By run time of the video or of watch time, or does each person get 12 minutes of program x and y per day?

      Conservatives are also in favor of making things up, so you might be on to something. When does the clock start or stop? Can we have a long discussion about the economy but only 4 sentences talking about the politics of it, or does it only count how often they use individual words?

      I like how this is totally a viable option and totally going to happen and not just someone online asking for their vote to mean nothing.

  11. Posted by Phoenix, at Reply

    Chunk Uyger denies the Armenian genocide.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Phoenix Who?

  12. Posted by RUSSIAN-NEWS Canadian Edition, at Reply

    How’s all the Smelly chocolate Turks today ?

  13. Posted by Mark IT Geek, at Reply

    lol… the trolls in here are funny.

  14. Posted by bitconnect investor, at Reply

    Real news^ Fake news CNN with that swap gas lol

  15. Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

    Buffalo – PAC is a scam

  16. Posted by snow76creek, at Reply

    Empty room of echoes and forced clapping . Fake news

    • Posted by luke gaillard, at Reply

      If you don’t support this you are an enemy of the US.

    • Posted by j jay, at Reply

      You are kidding right?

  17. Posted by neuralobserver, at Reply

    This is one of the most interesting discussions I have seen in while. Thanks to
    Cenk and the panel. Please keep us informed on this issue.

  18. Posted by Jean-Pierre Zapata, at Reply

    Watch at 1.5X

  19. Posted by You Are Wrong, at Reply

    So will you stop being an advertisement for Communism if you got this through.

    • Posted by Steven Velasquez, at Reply

      You Are Wrong
      Democratic Socialism* and I hope so

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      You Are Wrong We want to spend the public’s money on improving peoples quality of life also a little medical and scientific research as well we also want to defund Christian programs effective immediately

    • Posted by You Are Wrong, at Reply

      The Wyld Wood. Christian programs improve the quality of life for many people. That’s as opposed to communist programs, which only hurt people.

    • Posted by NightDreamer231, at Reply

      You Are Wrong Progressive socialism* The time for capitalism is over

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      You Are Wrong Defund Christian churches that spread hate and enrich the people who run them like Trinity Broadcasting ect

  20. Posted by Steven Velasquez, at Reply

    So many right-wing snowflakes in the comments 😂 I love it. I love laughing at idiots

    • Posted by oldschoolrock4evr, at Reply

      i was a rightwinger once, and i have to give them credit they came up with the term snowflake : ) we have to figure out our own term that sticks if we re gonna using their stuff we are just gonna look like idiots

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      You’re a perfect example of why this will never pass. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue. Both parties use Super PACs. But all you want to do is blame the other side.