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The #NoDAPL Fight Is Not Over


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This is not the end of the fight to protect our water. Support independent media, donate to TYT Reporting:

Rogue Kite Productions

Energy Transfer Partners: (214) 981-0700
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers: (202) 761-0010; (202) 761-0014
Department of Justice: (202)-353-1555; (202)-514-2000
White House: (202)-456-1414; (202)-456-1111


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  1. Posted by Skeeter Lima, at Reply

    This is just the beginning. The planet is still dying right now

    • Posted by Luke Huntley, at Reply

      Barret: The planet’s dyin’ Cloud!
      Cloud: Not my problem. Once this job is over, I’m outta here

  2. Posted by nbdyhome1, at Reply

    they’re going to ignore ACE and drill anyway

  3. Posted by The Progressive Voice, at Reply

    Hello all, I am 16 years old and I am aspiring to become a news
    reporter/political commentator here on YouTube! I am very hopeful that you
    guys will be amazingly generous and kind enough to give my channel a look!

    • Posted by screw regressives, at Reply

      The Progressive Voice typical dumb regressive

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      +screw regressives Right, and I’m Abraham Lincoln

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply


    • Posted by Tom Tomson, at Reply

      This is the channel of Vladimir Putin! How else could he get 30+ likes in
      less than an hour? It’s Russian hackers trying to influence Youtube like
      they did the election!

  4. Posted by randall Tolentino, at Reply

    Trump sheep think it’s ok to mistreat native Americans

    • Posted by bikerdoe, at Reply

      You do get that you are *again*, “protesting far too much”, as it were?
      You keep replying to me, to tell me, how much you don’t care…adorable.
      If that is what you call a life, go forth brother, enjoy! I have to say, I
      for one find you entertaining as hell, as do those reading this over
      m’shoulder. *Youaremyhappythought!*
      Them edges tho!
      You, bismuthbro, are the edgiest of the lil snowflakes, I totes triggered,
      otherwise you wouldn’t spend all this energy to say I didn’t.
      Like the girl who says she has no interest in a guy…over…and over…and
      over…and over…
      (we don’t believe her either…thx mate!)

    • Posted by SOD, at Reply

      bikerdoe It’s not bothering me that’s why I’m trying to help you out but
      you just keep ignoring my advice. Notice your putting more words and effort
      into this then me I don’t give a dam. like I’m literally only taking
      seconds of time to come up with responses it’s my time and and I can spend
      it how I like I’m free

    • Posted by SOD, at Reply

      bikerdoe What did you think of the last season of the Office mate? Was it
      to your liking as well? I thought it was okay but it could have used a
      better ending.

    • Posted by bikerdoe, at Reply

      Well played trump-botz coders…tell trumpybits that I can’t tell his
      supporters from his net troll-bots and bait-bots.
      Though it speaks well of trumpybits programmers, it does not do so for his
      followers. Daaaaamn.

  5. Posted by Shacktackle Boombaby, at Reply

    Lol my top comment got deleted. Cancer, this channel is cancer.

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      FarOut+ he said: did you know gay guys are deaf.

    • Posted by Shacktackle Boombaby, at Reply

      That would explain why everyone from TYT can’t listen to anyone speak in a
      political debate

  6. Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

    Let it drill or get a legal right to reserve the nature if it matters more
    than the resources.

    • Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

      +Lloyd B I don’t know much about this particular story, but know the law
      pretty well to talk about it.

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +GrandPrince knows American law? North Dakota law? Native treaty law? Over
      there in Europe? Or up in Canada? Coz you sure aren’t in America

    • Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

      +Lloyd B Though we are talking about the constitution, otherwise I don’t
      care about your local laws.

    • Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

      +Lloyd B Get out of here if you don’t have anything better to say.

  7. Posted by Imma Liberal, at Reply

    *TALK ABOUT **#PIZZAGATE**!!!!!!!!!!*

    • Posted by McAndrew Rants, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond lol you bought that article because it had a big “false”
      sign on it.

      The emails started it and it bloomed from there. Pizza is one of he code
      words used.

      No solid evidence yet but very suspicious behaviour worthy of more

      Did you read the emails that started this whole thing?

      Wouldn’t you want to know if there was another secrete pedo ring operating?

    • Posted by McAndrew Rants, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond hint: media peddling the false news narrative propagate
      false news.

      You can’t trust them and they have no legitimacy anymore. Sharing links
      from snopes is laughable today.

    • Posted by bikerdoe, at Reply

      +McAndrew Rants
      Wait…so you think there are really kids in the building’s pedo-pizza
      How? That building doesn’t actually have a basement.
      City plans can be purchased from the city planning office, Monday through
      Friday, for a small fee.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      +McAndrew Rants No its because they took random child Instagram pictures
      form around the internet and used it for this conspiracy bullshit. do you
      know why his emails talk about pizza? because he eats pizza. I dont fall
      for bullshit as easily as you do.

    • Posted by McAndrew Rants, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond I remember seeing some disturbing pictures by the same
      artist who has other pictures at the pizza place. Child abuse stuff.

      Those were only shared because they were by the same artist and it was
      strange. What are the chances?

      Like I said its not evidence. But it’s just part of it.

      I don’t know is the answer. I think it needs investigating by somebody.

      I guess if you’re planning a pedo basement going to the council for
      planning permission isn’t the best idea lol.

      The basement reference is only there because emails leaked that came from
      the pizza place themselves. They were the ones talking about it not some
      trolls on reddit.

      Could all be just a weird cult thing. Who knows.

      Read the emails.

  8. Posted by Oscar Herrera-Beltran, at Reply

    The day we run out of clean water, that’s the day republicans will realize
    they can’t drink oil

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply


      The only reason you THINK Democrats have a lesser part in this is because
      they pander to your type for votes. And very few people doubt the facts on
      climate change. The problem is the rhetoric. And when regulations kill
      wages and businesses, who suffers? Workers not welfare milkers or career

      So how about this from now on you can add all of the regulations you want.
      But the government picks up the tab. Then we can watch wages soar and
      welfare die. How’s that?

    • Posted by McAndrew Rants, at Reply

      flame9058 so do you live in an Amish community then or not? Because the
      point is if you don’t you’re simply a hypocrite.

    • Posted by flame9058, at Reply

      +McAndrew Rants That’s not what I’m saying. I am fully aware I am part of
      the problem. I am not against everything these companies are doing, I am
      just against the waste dumping and such. Like you can be against people
      starving and still live normally. Technically I could spend every minuet of
      my life fighting for the poor but I don’t, and I am still against people

    • Posted by Paleo bro, at Reply

      Oscar Herrera-Beltran…You can clean the oil out of the water.

    • Posted by John christopher, at Reply

      Tweet trump to lease them alone

  9. Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

    I’m so glad to see such support for Native Americans. I hope someday people
    will help my tribe to get our lands back, along with the Choctaw of
    Louisiana too. Our tribes got along pretty well…

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      Salt Miners Matter your comment came up on my email but it isn’t coming up
      here so i can only see to the Ghurka part, i agree with what you said yes
      the Scottish haven’t had a great relationship down the line with England in
      particular but we still respect each other. Yes the Ghurkas have been great
      servants to Britain and i can see your point with the native Americans. ill
      be more considerate in future

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Brandon Mcgu1re Please, because the Chitimacha and the Scottish never had
      trouble before… Why start now? 🙂

    • Posted by Salt Miners Matter, at Reply

      +Brandon Mcgu1re I deleted most of it, just really wanted you to hear the
      heart behind it, not reveal who I am for all to see too long haha.

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      Salt Miners Matter its no problem man

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      A Rogue Chihuahua yeah i guess so, my bad

  10. Posted by A Foot, at Reply

    Peaceful protests don’t work any more it’s time to actually take action

    • Posted by Ana Rhinoplastarian, at Reply

      Do it! Rise up and you’ll all die. Every last one of
      you……………’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel

    • Posted by Sebastian Joseph Perry, at Reply

      both of you are trolls

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      A Foot

      Says the non contributing member of society behind a computer screen. Too
      bad such attitudes yield poor results when applied to reality.

    • Posted by John christopher, at Reply

      Flood trumps tweeter with request to leave them alone.

  11. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    What psychatric patient dislikes this video?

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      +Chukwu take your feelz somewhere else

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      +Manc26 And you don’t have a lot of brain cells…

  12. Posted by Tom Sairyan, at Reply

    The people are starting to realize how much power they really have. Whether
    in the wrong direction like voting for Trump or in the right direction like
    preventing this pipeline.

    • Posted by Jesse Dorran, at Reply

      Tom Sairyan trump wasn’t voted in by the people Hillary Clinton was

    • Posted by Tom Sairyan, at Reply

      By “people”, I mean a majority or a significant amount of the population
      can make things happen. A large amount of people brought Trump past the
      primaries, electoral votes, and garnered almost half of the popular votes.
      That shows how many people Trump brought out to vote for him, and how a
      great amount of the people can make someone like Trump president. So yes,
      Hillary was voted in by the majority of voters and Trump close by with a
      large percentage of the “people”, though an undemocratic and archaic system
      ultimately made Trump president.

      If we talk about all of the people in general, Hillary was not voted in.
      She illegitimately won her primary and gained only about 2 million more
      votes than Trump in the general election, mainly because it was Trump and
      there was no other option but Hillary.

      Now if all of the people or eligible voters had voted or were required to
      vote, we would have seen the true will of the people, whether it was for
      Hillary, Trump, or someone else entirely, such as Bernie Sanders.

    • Posted by Jesse Dorran, at Reply

      What you seen was delegates picking a president

  13. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    Millions of People VS the Empire aka Oil Oligarchy
    People are waking up! The Empire will fall, bring on Green Energy!!!

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      John christopher i can say what i want, my country or not. It’s called free
      speech kid

    • Posted by John christopher, at Reply

      +Brandon Mcgu1re why do condescending people always find some derogatory
      that has nothing to do with the topic or even factual information. While
      you think it makes you feel tall it really shows your insecurity and
      naivety because you haven’t the slightest Idea who you are talking to.

      Never assume. Like wise because of said freedom of speech I can tell you to
      keep your business in thy country thus we can go in circles. If you are
      going to troll at least make it amusing.

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      John christopher zzzzz you’re boring

  14. Posted by StarOceanNative, at Reply

    This is Indigenous People’s Land. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

    • Posted by Where R Ewe, at Reply

      BALL SACK.

    • Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

      +John christopher
      Well, right wingers shouldn’t make this about race.

    • Posted by John christopher, at Reply

      +Thomas Oklahoma two wrongs don’t make a right. Logic is much more
      powerfull as opposed to playing with the same tactics.

    • Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

      +John christopher
      I’m just teasing them, relax!

    • Posted by Where R Ewe, at Reply

      +Thomas Oklahoma Okie-Doke!

  15. Posted by Ashish Kurup, at Reply

    I say broke these corporations once and for all but to do that we need to
    get money out of politics.

  16. Posted by Tesla Cumba, at Reply

    People are calling victory and think this is over..yet they build pipelines
    every day! Money is more important than the environment to these people.
    They are not going to stop.

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      Actually the production of commodities that you use every day of your life
      is important to them. What you think oil is the most valued commodity
      because people like to make money? Oil is used in every industry on earth,
      with little to no substitutes for it.

  17. Posted by jo23bulls, at Reply

    It would be over if Clinton won. You don’t think Trump will overturn this?
    Elections matter.

    • Posted by jo23bulls, at Reply

      +FlagArmada Productions So if something isn’t pure, we have to take 5 steps
      back? I’d rather see progressives push Clinton to the left and get
      progressive bills to her desk than losing progress on nearly every liberal

    • Posted by Jordan Ricketts, at Reply

      +jo23bulls Can you give me a spread sheet of Liberal “accomplishment”
      please? I need a reminder what you guys have done other than just make
      mental illness something to celebrate.

    • Posted by Ped Xing, at Reply

      Jordan is another obvious dope happy to see rapist/wife-beater tRump Putin
      the White House……..

  18. Posted by Ped Xing, at Reply

    Jimmy Carter tried to warn us FORTY years ago. No one listened. The
    Nazi-sympathizer Reagan got in…….

  19. Posted by Ryan Hoang, at Reply

    all in the name of greed and money which is not worth the cost of human
    lives. protect your natural resources. this is much bigger than an oil pipe
    line. this is for the survival of humanity.

  20. Posted by Vesstig, at Reply

    I mean those dislikes can drink some of dat water for sure, see how that
    ruins ur taste

    • Posted by Naskinlahtaaja, at Reply

      The reservations water intake was/is to be moved 70 miles away from the
      pipeline before the end of the year.

    • Posted by Wilder, at Reply

      And the pipeline would be completed in a couple months. What will happen in
      the meantime?