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The O’Racist Factor Strikes Again.


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Costs O'Reilly includes in the lengthy list of SICKENING racist comments. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See extra TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by jay shawn, at Reply

    Yup, no one is EVER allowed to criticize blacks and/or muslims. Ammiright?

    • Posted by Diaberu monk, at Reply

      Butt Zilla i can criticise a white person for their racism, not their race. I’m not a liberal either.

    • Posted by j marine, at Reply

      jay shawn he was supposed to argue about her speech not her looks.

    • Posted by jay shawn, at Reply

      OMG, her appearance was attacked. Isn’t that what’s done to Trump every damn day?

    • Posted by j marine, at Reply

      +jay shawn comedy central attacks the policies/speech and looks. o’racist attack the looks so the he can ignored the speech

  2. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I live in Texas, where I have been a black American for most of my life, and I must say that this does not really constitute as racism. Now Hillary on the other hand was a very racist individual.

    • Posted by Gustavo Paiva, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen Shut up alt-cuck, you’re not African American. Stop lying.

    • Posted by TheUnstoppableJuggernaut, at Reply

      It is indisputable that Jacob is mentally incompetent

    • Posted by Commadant Wiggumz, at Reply

      You change ethnicities everyday lol

    • Posted by easton guy, at Reply

      wtf dude. first time I saw you you were a resident in the vatican, second time an Economist, now a black texan, gtfo.

  3. Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

    She does have a James brown wig tho, how is that racist

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      TYT and their fans don’t know what racism is. They think any joke about a person who happens to be black is racist.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      gustavo, that’s not an ‘African American hairstyle’ you dumbass.

    • Posted by Gustavo Paiva, at Reply

      J Briggs Yes, it is (like most things created in those days).

  4. Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

    Fox News: For old racist people, by old racist people

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Thad Stevens TYT: For race baiters, by race baiters.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      Didnt november 8th show you the racist argument is getting kinda old

  5. Posted by Baghuul, at Reply

    I think white people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!

    • Posted by bryantppierce, at Reply

      Yeah, I doubt you all would last more than a generation without us. You wanna get racist, I’ll give it right back to u.

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      Africa was doing just fine before white devil’s showed up. Same thing with native Americans

    • Posted by Tom Witner, at Reply

      if I felt that way I’d so everything I could to move somewhere with very little or no whites. those places are usually awesome!

    • Posted by Venom, at Reply

      @Charles Baylor If consider running around half naked in the jungle as fine..

    • Posted by phuk offndy, at Reply

      Tom Witner,
      Your comment made me LOL. You’re hilarious!!!

  6. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    calling it a James Brown wig is borderline sexist, but racist? cmon TYT 😂😂😂 eh what can we expect though…

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      +Marcus Jones but making fun of trumps hair was okay?

    • Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

      Marcus Jones It’s not racist to attack someone on the basis of their hairstyle. Hairstyles aren’t specific to any “race.”

      And the rest of your comment us just baseless assumptions.

    • Posted by Marcus Jones, at Reply

      +Superman Clark Kent​ One race has hair that is very different in shape and texture from the others, of course it is racist to attack someone for their hairstyle. No different than attacking someone for their skin color.

    • Posted by Marcus Jones, at Reply

      +José Guzman Trump is combing over male pattern baldness. Badly. A bald spot is not specific to a race.

    • Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

      Marcus Jones Of course I know all of this. But he wasn’t talking about the texture of her hair, he was just mocking the hairstyle.

  7. Posted by I, Sheldon Cooper, want 10,000 Subscribers, at Reply

    So saying literally anything bad about someone who is black makes you a racist? Okay I guess we all must love OJ Simpson now…

    • Posted by Neon Brigador, at Reply

      +Charles Baylor If I was on the jury I still wouldve aquitted him. The defense did a horrible job and hadnt proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed the crimes. Still lost out in civil court so thats a plus.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Neon Brigador Why would “the defense” try to prove he’s guilty? 🙄

    • Posted by Horatio Huskisson, at Reply

      No, mentioning her appearance rather than their words is pretty racist though

  8. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    A racist is always a racist. Racism is a mental disorder, and science didn’t find a cure for that.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      A pity. I’d actually like to see a day when ppl like O’Reilly actually start using their brain for more than lashing out at ppl who are a different skin color.

    • Posted by Internet Troll, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty Supporting Saudi Arabia is a mental disorder… and muslims didin’t find a cure for that

  9. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    He is terrified of independent black women speaking. His tiny penis can’t handle it.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond That statement makes you a bigot. 🙄

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      listenbuddy1. I’m sorry your girlfriend was stolen by a black dude.

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      Kevin the white supremacist is back again.

  10. Posted by Tau M'howell, at Reply

    I very rarely comment on these but when I do it’s only because I have read all the comments and I see how many racist that don’t know they’re racist make their insanely ignorant comments on here

    • Posted by Norbert Hasenschläger, at Reply

      Its really stunning.

  11. Posted by AndrewQuiroz24, at Reply

    This story is overblown. What’s the big deal of comparing her hair with James Brown? I don’t see how that’s racist. Me comparing Justin Beiber’s hair with Miley Cyrus isn’t racist. I’m liberal as it gets and mostly align with Secular Talk but this outrage is just bullshit in my opinion.

    • Posted by Furious Styles, at Reply

      +AndrewQuiroz24 If you are left or right wing. You are still on the same fuqing bird!

    • Posted by Fredrika Jacobsson, at Reply

      You’re comparing apples and oranges, completely missing the point. Trump is white, male and a millionare (yes, pretty much the epitome of privilege in todays society) and there for a completely inappropriate comparison in this conversation.

    • Posted by AndrewQuiroz24, at Reply

      So critiquing the appearance of an African-American women is automatically racist/sexist so long as you’re white and rich is what you’re saying? It sounded like that’s what you meant and if so that’s bullshit.

    • Posted by Fredrika Jacobsson, at Reply

      No, no that is not what I’m saying.

    • Posted by Fredrika Jacobsson, at Reply

      I’m starting to get the feeling that this youtube-comment thread isn’t going to lead anywhere. Except maybe to a dull pain behind all of our eye balls. Boy, do I feel sheepish.

  12. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    Making fun of someone’s hair is racist? LOL, I didn’t know that.

    • Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

      @B. Chan Exactly, and neither does it have to do with hair that looks like a wig.

    • Posted by MegaMan, at Reply

      Yes it does. Both balding and black people wearing wigs. Balding has to do with gender and black people wearing wigs with race. Or ultimatly rascism.

    • Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

      Are you an idiot? Women also go bald and get mocked for it too. Not in the same numbers as men of course, but don’t be pretend like bald women aren’t ridiculed over baldness. Moron.

  13. Posted by Joss Angeles, at Reply

    Racist or not a news program should not stoop to personal or physical insults of people they are reporting. Otherwise it’s not news and it is entertainment like the ‘The View.’

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      Joss Angeles So TYT isn’t news then right?

    • Posted by Joss Angeles, at Reply

      I consider it news commentary like “Fareed Zakaria GPS” or “The Sean Hannity Show.” It is not straight up news like the BBC or Deutche Welle (‘neutral style’) but it is not entertainment like ‘The View’ either.

  14. Posted by shyvixx100, at Reply

    thank you for defending black women. our own men sure don’t. that’s why other races find it so easy to assault us

    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      shyvixx100 yea u are a white person or a coon you have been dismissed ignore this fucker y’all its obvious

    • Posted by shyvixx100, at Reply

      read my comment above. far from a coon idiot. that doesn’t apply to me. you are the coon for attacking black women and hating them because you hate yourself. I happen to love myself and so does my fiancé. to attack black women such as myself is so natural to you. the world sees it and see what cowards black men  like you are. you are looked down upon. I know because I have had every race of men tell me that.

  15. Posted by Rational Man, at Reply

    Racism is ignorance. We don’t choose our race, country of origin, the date of our birth or the time of our death nor can can we choose our parents, siblings or the weather for that matter. It would be injustice if you where to mock another human being based on things he doesn’t control. We all bleed the same blood so let stop racism together.

    • Posted by Mit Chandola, at Reply

      So basically you are saying that we don’t choose those things you mentioned, but still we haven’t got the best? Racism is not ignorance its hate as plain as it gets.

  16. Posted by Brad Derks, at Reply

    Bill O’Reilly needs to remember that the Irish were seen as second class citizens in many “white cultures” and they suffered from racial profiling and forced poverty under the privileged white elites…

    • Posted by Mit Chandola, at Reply

      Demographies don’t learn lessons. Look at Jewish community.

  17. Posted by VastVoidward, at Reply

    O’Reilly is a bad (or sick) guy.

    • Posted by Aritul, at Reply

      VastVoidward Very.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply


  18. Posted by Kalu Abay, at Reply

    specifically focusing on her hair and appearance ignoring her comments shows a feeling of superiority to her. her political opinions are brushed over cause all he sees is race and gender. assuming blacks are lazy thugs with no jobs and “tats on their necks” as if blacks are the only race with neck and face tattoos is blatantly racist. just goes to show how relevant racism is in today’s society and why we need to continue discussing it. I also imagine there are many employers with his mindset who basically assume the worse of a black person if that black person isn’t wearing the “right hairstyle” or attire.

    • Posted by Aritul, at Reply

      Kalu Abay Nailed it.