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The REAL Purpose Of ‘Stop & Frisk’


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Author and also Journalist Matt Taibbi reviews authorities cruelty and his brand-new publication 'I Cannot Take A Breath' with Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks. See the complete meeting below:

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  1. Posted by Makaveli The Don, at Reply

    Why are TYT haters here before anyone else????

    • Posted by M Ben A, at Reply

      Makaveli The Don agreed! I hate Fauks news, and I would never bother to read or watch any of their ignorance spreading bs!

    • Posted by Abundantia, at Reply

      Because TYT haters do not have a life. They are degenerating.

    • Posted by Expert Opinion, at Reply

      Liberals are getting too lazy even for clicktivism these days.

  2. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    At the end of the day no matter what ethnicity you are black or white, it is a proven fact that whites use elicit drugs at the same rate as blacks do…. So therefore if cops stop and frisk white people as much as they do black people? Theoretically they would find just as much drugs on whites as they do blacks !
    But because cops are not stopping and frisking whites at the same rates, that’s when you get the disparaging numbers and it exposes their biases, bigotry and prejudices.

    • Posted by Toney Mac, at Reply

      A visitor White people commit over 60% of the rapes and sexual assaults in America. And there’s double the white people in America. So should cops profile white people for being pedophiles. No. So stfu. Profiling is profiling and its against America’s morals dicchead.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      hahahahahahahahaha he said there is double white people

    • Posted by A visitor, at Reply

      Toney Mac: It’s not profiling if it’s true. It’s a fact there are neighborhoods and entire cities that are very dangerous to go into and it’s not because of a bunch of blond haired blue eyed kids running around. Everyone knows black areas are violent and dangerous, this is common knowledge. I’ve been around a wile and people have known this since at least the 1970s.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      Nonsense, blacks use drugs more. The lie that they use at same rate is based on self-reporting and blacks lie in the drug use.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      Toney Mac Whites including Hispanics commit 57%, blacks commit 27%. In interracial rapes blacks are almost sole perpetrators.

  3. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    The purpose of stop & frisk is racism.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      *crime prevention

    • Posted by Clay Honeycutt, at Reply

      What about gang violence

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      No it’s to take criminals off the street.

    • Posted by robinsss, at Reply

      black communities in Chicago need to use stop and frisk to get drug dealers off the corners

    • Posted by Andrew Grove, at Reply

      no its not

  4. Posted by Bob Yo Bob, at Reply

    as a non amerikkkan visiting usa i was stopped many times for walking while black and driving while black. myself and vehicle searched. shot by kkk nov.1959.

  5. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    Police are terrorists. SiMPLE

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Jace Solomon No, but you’re an idiot.

    • Posted by kasia pavlova, at Reply

      What percentage of police are terrorists?

  6. Posted by Tyler, at Reply

    The only thing interesting here is the degree of protection the law gives people who are public servants from the public they are serving.

  7. Posted by stephanie g, at Reply

    It’s a shame that the people that hate the content on TYT run to watch and spew their ignorance in the comments.

    • Posted by Canner, at Reply

      Sheep attract wolves, it is just nature at play.

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply


    • Posted by CannyBill CB, at Reply

      Because of an illness in their brain. And as a break from masturbation to an orange clown.

    • Posted by Johnny, at Reply

      anybody that likes TYT is clueless and brainwashed. TYT is nothing but Liberal Propaganda news

    • Posted by Tayo Akinmuyisan, at Reply

      stephanie g I was thinking the same thing. It’s always the same people spewing hate on something they don’t have to watch

  8. Posted by Dustin Charles, at Reply

    The REAL meaning of the word is.

  9. Posted by Spirit of justice, at Reply

    White males lead the nation in murder,raped,molestation,theft and mass shootings but they don’t get frisked.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      TOTAL RAPES: 18,606
      BLACK RAPES: 5,412 = So blacks 13% of the population 29% of the rapes that’s more that twice what they represent in the population
      WHITE RAPES: 12,571 = Whites 77% of the population 67%of the rapes that’s 10% less than they represent in the population

    • Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

      Robert Johnson You’re wrong about rapes. Rape = Penetration + Power. Men of color can’t rape since they don’t hold power in society. Therefore, black rape is 0 lol.

    • Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

      Robert Johnson Also the white rapes is inflated since they count Hispanics as white.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      Heresy Talk – LOL but what about Black Power?

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      Yep, whenever crime rates are listed for ethnicity instead of race Hispanics have higher crime rates than Non Hispanic whites, but less than blacks.

  10. Posted by Malik Rath, at Reply

    Ohh well, why are you hiding all this stuff if you were doing nothing wrong……. seems like cops and the feds can do it to us, but the same rules don’t apply to them?

  11. Posted by mscardioqueen, at Reply

    So, the police can find put the history of an alledged criminals’ past to present as evidence to obtain a warrant or conviction but a citizen is not allowed to obtain any historical evidence against a cop when trying to prove their case. What law is that where a cops’ history of assault is not up for scutiny? Who made it a law in the first place that cops’ get this kind of immunity?

    This is problematic and one of the many reasons cops behave badly and get away with it.

    • Posted by Brian Bernstein, at Reply

      excellent comment

  12. Posted by Quinton Mejias, at Reply

    If you got that transparency you would also have to hold judges acountable. And that would be a reall draining of the swamp because thats how far the curuption goes!

  13. Posted by DavoInMelbourne, at Reply

    Rule of thumb: All cops are dirty

  14. Posted by Michael Boyd, at Reply

    Absolute power is the pinnacle of oppression!!

  15. Posted by Wendy Mom, at Reply

    stop and frisk is akin to apartheid. You aren’t free to walk about a certain community without possibility of being stopped for no reason other than being black

  16. Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

    It simply blows my mind that Americans still believe they live in the “Land of the Free” AND support “stop & frisk”.

    • Posted by Kanyarat Baker, at Reply

      Less government = more freedom. Something Bernie Sanders never figured out.

  17. Posted by Gary Schneider, at Reply

    Trump’s energy, unleavened by intellect and untethered to principle, serves only his sovereign instinct to pander to those who adore him as much as he does. Unshakably smitten, they are impervious to the Everest of evidence that he disdains them as a basket of gullibles.

  18. Posted by jay dub, at Reply

    its called pitches motion to find out while in court. hes wrong

  19. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    The REAL Purpose Of  Stop & Frisk is an excuse for cops to get their hands on some sweet black azz