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The Real Reason Donald Trump Pardoned Joe Arpaio


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  1. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    this is the quality news broadcast 20 million dollars buys

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      fat boy Cenk was wrong again hahahahahaha

    • Posted by Front 242, at Reply

      no its the quality you get when you don’t take Donations from the Koch Brothers and when you pay your employees and pay your taxes like a responsible citizen. Its called authenticity !
      Beside don’t you have something better to do then troll people ? I taught not …

  2. Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

    He should of rotted in jail for breaking the law numerous times. I bet Arpaio wears a cross around his neck and rants about Jesus this and that and moral codes. We live in a country with a three tier justice system, Disgusting.

    • Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

      Damn, you put a lot of effort into that trolling rant, it was almost a complete paragraph. More than most who troll. I’m surprised that you recognized who the man in my aviator picture was. Oodles to you, mate. Happy trolling, next time maybe you will fair better. 🙂
      Ps. also you do not have to like your own comment. There is no reason to try that hard.

    • Posted by Nancy Campbell Gibson, at Reply

      michael mcpeek He pardoned an ectremely controversial, ardent supporter and fellow-birther. While not technically against the law, he carried it out in a very Dictator-in-his-mind way. You hate Clinton and Obama so much, you are willing to give Trump unlimited power. If history is anything to go by, this is not going to end well for any of us.

    • Posted by Anne Goodin, at Reply

      Justanother fancy screenname : liking someone’s own remark coveys that they like it!!

    • Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

      “face palm”, the person who wrote that response, liked their own comment…..

    • Posted by Anne Goodin, at Reply

      Justanother fancy screenname : ok maybe he was trying to convey that he liked it!! Hell I like some of my responses – not all, but some. So yeah…..wth?

  3. Posted by Danks Shepherd, at Reply

    why do the tiny brain trump trolls come here and droll on their keyboard?

    • Posted by J N, at Reply

      Tom Harrison Cenk is the triggered one. Family weekend but posting vids about Trump and copying MSNBC talking points like he just thought about them LOL, He is entertaining and funny. But a loser

    • Posted by motchka, at Reply

      The real losers are the trumptards defending Arpaio and the fat boys of the Ricky Spencer club.

    • Posted by Tom Harrison, at Reply

      Yes, the unite the Whiters are such tender flowers, it makes decent xtian conservatives ever so sad when violent lefties say they don’t have the right to advocate racial cleansing.

    • Posted by Tom Harrison, at Reply

      And here you are, JN, tossing idiotic insults at a celebrity commentator who’ll never even know you exist. Stop parroting your orange messiah, even He’d tell you what a loser You are. If He knew you existed..

    • Posted by J N, at Reply

      Tom Harrison Don’t make me laugh, Has Cenk told you how he got 20Mill from the establishment to repeat their talking points? Ask him to share those 20Mill among the undocumented immigrants and the Americans who want free colleague just to help them out. and wait for his answer. I will mope the floor with your ideology, don’t even try it son.

  4. Posted by Antoine Amour, at Reply

    Cenk should have started by acknowledging that he was wrong in telling us Trump couldn’t have pardoned Arpaio if he wanted to. I’m afraid Cenk lost a couple of credibility points on that one. And apparently he forgot Ford’s pardoning Nixon. I’m embarrassed that I did.

    • Posted by J Calhoun, at Reply

      +Antoine Amour
      ” I’m afraid Cenk lost a couple of credibility points on that one.”

      You have to have credibility before you can lose it.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      “If they did they would have to own up to the fact that the town with the strictest gun control have more crime and in places that have lifted gun restrictions crime actually went down, ”

      So you will join me in raising money to arm people in the ghetto? There is a lot of crime there, obviously we need to arm black people.

    • Posted by Stacy Smith, at Reply

      Hezekiah Ramirez That’s funny, because a lot of people felt the same way about Obama! I don’t exactly remember temper tantrums from the right though.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      “I don’t exactly remember temper tantrums from the right though.”

      I am sorry to hear you have Alzheimers. Despite our political differences, I don’t wish that on anyone.

  5. Posted by keepitmoving, at Reply

    Arpaio broke the law. Violated human civil rights. Whether or not you agree with the decision, he broke the law. If you support arpaio then you support lawlessness. Next time someone tells me that undocumented immigrants should be deported because they broke the law when they crossed the border, I’m going to say well what about arpaio. Arpaio broke the law! And he is a lawmen. That’s like a Christian that sleeps with hookers, or a drug counselor who shoots up heroine. He is a lawmen who does not follow the law.

    • Posted by Ogre, at Reply

      OblivionOtaku I do a small Live Stream 3 times a week.. I welcome any and all debate. And true same could be said about me. In my case I am AN-CAP so not sure who influenced my thinking but it was not TYT or the MSM..

    • Posted by keepitmoving, at Reply

      J D profiling and harassing u.s. citizens because your assuming they are here illegally from another country is against the law, that’s violating their rights.

    • Posted by keepitmoving, at Reply

      Steve Smith use Google, its for people like you who don’t know the answer to something.

    • Posted by keepitmoving, at Reply

      Alice 2 Since when did drug dealers up hold the law? This man was a Sheriff and broke the law after a judge told him to stop his b.s. He continued to violate the civil rights of u.s. citizens based on the color of their skin & heritage. If you’re an american citizen, no reason for any law enforcement agency to ask you for your documentation if your not crossing any international borders.

  6. Posted by Karabetter, at Reply

    Yes. Exactly true cenk. Now where is your tyt report on the injustice of the judicial system that dismissed the dnc fraud lawsuit case??? C’mon cenk, you want us to sign up to be dumocrats so we can vote for your JD people, how do we do that with a fraudulent dnc primary system that you will not condemn???

    • Posted by Karabetter, at Reply

      James Simon , Yes, I’m sure Jimmy Dore and his friends will cover this. I support Jimmy Dore 100% . He is one of those saying we have to dump the entire dumocratic party along with reuglicans because it has repeatedly proven since November that it WILL NOT CHANGE. I am directing this at cenk!

    • Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore is part of the false equivalency crowd that got trumpi elected. But well, some people need a fuhrer to feel safe (conservatives) and some are just dumb like rocks (fake progressives).

    • Posted by Karabetter, at Reply

      And it’s corporatist centrist repuglican-lite hill-bot shills like Jo Pao that in their infinite scheming wisdom managed to give us the t-rump. 😛

    • Posted by SKDWORLDWIDE, at Reply

      +Karabetter … Don’t waste your time on this monkey-brain, automaton, “monkey-see-monkey-do” ROBOT FOOL named Jo Pao! “IT” is obviously under the influence of a corrupted, outdated OS (operating system) that was installed by the Dumb-ocrat party. That OS got a MASSIVE VIRUS a long time ago! LMAO. ‘+Kara,’ you are ‘better’ than that!

    • Posted by SKDWORLDWIDE, at Reply

      +Karabetter … Damn right! Bernie would have wiped the floor with that orange clown! EASY.

  7. Posted by MrDb, at Reply

    Then AGAIN, Trump may NOT be president by the time Mueller is finished, and therefore will have no power to pardon anyone. In fact, The senate and congress should questioning whether or not trump is allowed to use the pardon power while HE is under criminal investigation. I suspect trump will not make it in office long enough for these reasons to pardon anyone BUT that bigoted sheriff. period.

    • Posted by Raymond Davies, at Reply

      We can only hope.

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      LOL you have to see how foolish you look thinking Trump isn’t gonna finish at least one term right? First no way he was getting the nomination. Then it was no way he gets elected. And now you think they are gonna come up with a way to get rid of him? lol

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      Why? So we can get back to removing all the jobs and wealth in the country? Yea great idea smh

    • Posted by Asadian Belifont, at Reply

      MrDb You keep that hope alive!

    • Posted by John Johnson, at Reply

      MrDb He is not under criminal investigation. Where do get your information?

  8. Posted by Eric, at Reply

    Obama let 120 terroists free from Gitmo. Most went back to murdering people. Did this joker speak up about this, NO.

    • Posted by TheZHpredator, at Reply

      Do fast research there are ex-prisoners from everywhere on the world who were innocent there. And what they have done to the prisoners which gives evidence is just unhuman.
      Give me 10 names of warcriminals who were guilty and in this in prison.

    • Posted by {Señorita}, at Reply

      Eric Just the stupidity Cenk was talking about, YOU just proved it.

    • Posted by Redacted, at Reply

      Obama was a sick kenyan communist put into the white house by jewish supremacists, it’s going to take years to undo all the affirmative action and pro diversity bullshit his administration introduced.

    • Posted by LogiKaiser, at Reply

      “Redacted59 minutes ago
      Obama was a sick kenyan communist put into the white house by jewish supremacists, it’s going to take years to undo all the affirmative action and pro diversity bullshit his administration introduced.”

      I love how even trolling like this falls under Poe’s law for Trump supporters.

  9. Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

    But yet you kept saying the president can’t pardon him! Guess what like always you were wrong! Hahaha😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jeannie Wigfall, at Reply

      Trey Corteź
      Well said my friend!

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      Jeannie Wigfall tyt is fake news

  10. Posted by Sense of Reality, at Reply

    Republicans love authoritarianism… as long as democrats are not in charge.

    • Posted by submarinerdeep7, at Reply

      yeah, democrats like murder and men wives. Democrats like looting and burning businesses. yeah, to the democrats everyone opposed is a racist.

    • Posted by Wade McLure, at Reply

      L Huff: I actually watch Fox News from time to time because I like to see what all sides are saying, usually it’s very hard to watch, but there are a couple people that are reasonable there (Chris Wallace for example) I am liberal in a lot of ways, but I’m also conservative in a lot of ways. I find myself voting Democrat usually, but I’m not opposed to voting Republican if it feels right… You should Google “Political Compass Test” and take the quiz, it’s quite interesting. Not sure if I can post a link here, but it’s a .org website if that helps you find it… 🙂

    • Posted by Balzinurgob01, at Reply

      neo-Nazi’s pre-pardoned by Trump get to go on weaponized automobile killing spree…ALL SIDES were at the wheel, of course

  11. Posted by motchka, at Reply

    Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock HIm Up!

    • Posted by Michelle Mohr, at Reply

      motchka, you would rather follow Douglas decision to use the Mexican and those south of America, than free the slaves at all. You hypocrite.

    • Posted by Michelle Mohr, at Reply

      motchka, so you went to college. Do you have a job?

    • Posted by Michelle Mohr, at Reply

      Tom Harrison, so you would desire all females in America in hajibs, and gays to be tossed off of buildings? Brilliant.

  12. Posted by jack Blanco, at Reply

    arpaio always felt he was above the laws of the people that he was suppose to protect and serve

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Protect and Serve the people of Arizona, not the illegals, the rights afforded by the Constitution do not include being in the Country Illegally!

    • Posted by jack Blanco, at Reply

      arpaio can arrest all the illegals he wants but ice /immigration did not cooperate.. most immigrants were and are just cut lose without deportation…

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Jack Blanco – a better statement would be ICE was not allowed to cooperate, things have changed!

  13. Posted by MacShapow, at Reply

    A few days ago you were laughing this off bc you said he could not pardon him. But now you are the one who can explain why this happened? Hard sell…

    • Posted by Walter Higo, at Reply


    • Posted by Mortal Peace, at Reply

      For real.

  14. Posted by Dan and Silas, at Reply

    trump is an american tragerdy.

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      I’d say getting out of crazy industry destroying job killing trade agreements isn’t nada. Nor is stopping the hundred billion dollar deal so we have the privilege of losing those jobs nada either.(Paris climate accord) Neither is destroying ISIS. These things alone make him the greatest president of our lifetime. Just wait till the mid terms so we can get these RINO’s out of Trumps way. Watch what happens then.

    • Posted by SuperNoobTroll, at Reply

      Arpaio was pardoned from a misdemeanor slapped on him by a liberal judge with political aspirations. Now what’s the real reason Obama pardoned 1000 terrorists and violent felons?

    • Posted by Stanley Wyatt, at Reply

      Dan and Silas …………… So is your english. It’s funny how all Liberals complain about racism and inequality, but the only solution they have for it is to blame everyone else. BLM is trying to extort money from the government and black people kill other black people at a rate 5 times higher than cops shoot black people, and yet it’s “White America’s” fault. This was told to everyone by the Liberals. Liberals are attacking the very foundation of our country. The threat to our democracy lies in the constant hatred and idiocracy that comes from most Liberals. You want to whine and complain about how people are mistreated??? How about you go out and actually do something for that person?!?!?!? Protesting, including violent protesting, does nothing more than get someone hurt or killed. Don’t forget that when the Civil RIghts Act of 1964 was passed, that DEMOCRATS opposed it’s passing more than Republicans. The KKK was originally an organization represented by DEMOCRATS!! Robert E Lee was actually against slavery, but a big supporter of States Rights and that’s what led him to lead the Confederacy because he supported the southern states exercising their rights. He was married to George Washington’s grand daughter, and owned the land that Arlington Cemetery now resides on in Washington DC until he was forced to give it up. Instead of just raising your arms in protest, actually do some reading to understand the issues.

  15. Posted by Ockie Ditchbank, at Reply

    An open appeal to *!!President!!* Trump: Is this how you “make America great
    again”, with hate, bigotry, intolerance, and racism?  Should we bring back slavery and slave auctions, where innocent human beings are physically assaulted and treated the same way you physically grope and assault innocent women?  Should we have Sheriff Joe install white and “messican” drinking fountains, bathrooms, bus seating and restaurants all over America?  Is THAT the great America you want to bring back?  When you look in your mirror, do you see the same overgrown, hate-obsessed, spineless, blowhard coward the rest of America sees?

    • Posted by Charlie Wilson, at Reply

      Ockie This is the President. I hear your cries and let me tell ya it’s huge, but time heals every thing and in time you vagina will heal. Kidding I’m a leftie and I’m against free speech, I side with Antifa, communism is great, socialism even better, any one I disagree with is a NAZI, I’m also dramatic like you.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      OblivionOtaku I saw it to in Europe and the commentary was so one sided, they even went as far as to smear Trump as a Nazi sympathizer.
      Everyone who saw the presidents statement knows that it isnt true but the gatekeepers of the media make you think its true.

    • Posted by Stanley Wyatt, at Reply

      Ockie Ditchbank …. In other words, you want to convert to Islam????

    • Posted by etmeyutub, at Reply

      what a nutcase. slavery? Legal immigration vs. illegal aliens. real simple. Sheriff doing his job.

  16. Posted by deshu k, at Reply

    MUELLER C’MON MAN, THE COUNTRY IS WAITING 4 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by bbbzzz234, at Reply

      Nice job changing the subject entirely. You’re the traitor, trying to find excuses for a LITERAL DICTATOR

    • Posted by Mary Szush, at Reply

      but what about Obama and his pardons??? somehow, that goes right over the heads.

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      That’s right Mary. Every single thing they complain about, 0bama has done 10 times worse. But they would rather get back to pushing millions of jobs, and all the wealth out of the country. Lets not forget about starting WW3. They gotta get Trump out so they can get back to destroying the country, and the world.

    • Posted by John Johnson, at Reply

      deshu k Don’t hold your breath. Mueller is getting a check for nothing, because there is nothing. Russian collusion, haha, what’s next libtards?

  17. Posted by Old Timer, at Reply

    So turkey it was ok that banana Obama was allowed to pardon fellons & that was ok to you & other liberals waste bags… Trump has the right to pardon who he wants he is president clown… Liberals are low lifes can’t be trusted all liars & backstabbers so pack your bags turkey & head back to turkey…..

    • Posted by OblivionOtaku, at Reply

      You are right about the fact I don’t live in the U.S.A. Your country situation interests me though. However I did read that there was a procedure to follow in order to grant presidential pardon. You seem to tell me that he can do that at any time, without any consultations?

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      Yes. Without any doubt, the president can pardon who he wants to with full support of the law, without having to say a damn thing to anyone. Happens with every president.

    • Posted by brian lizotte, at Reply

      Old Timer diseased mind

  18. Posted by zuma surfer, at Reply

    Trump pardoned a hero. Obama pardoned a traitor(Bradley manning) and 1700 other felons
    including drug dealers, counterfeiters and other various thugs. where was the liberal out cry
     at that time?

    • Posted by Major Bubbie, at Reply

      Pancho Villa obama did the same soooo yeaaahhh. Gonna need those tps reports by mondaayyy…. yeaaaaahhhh

    • Posted by victoria touchstone, at Reply

      Seek mental help.

    • Posted by Kathy Fewell, at Reply

      This guy doesn’t care anything about the rule of law and is an instigator. The illegals are here illegally! They didn’t obey the law, neither did Obama on the Constitution with all the Democratic party.!

    • Posted by deplorable money, at Reply

      LogiKaiser I guess he forgot about Edward Snowden then?? he pardon him because hes a tranny just like Obamas wife michael.

  19. Posted by The Liercat, at Reply

    But he wasn’t going to do it remember? TYT reported last week that there was no way he could do it and OF COOOOURSE it was all for show. Until he actually did it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Posted by Jayd76 Page, at Reply

      Left media was basically trying to bully him into thinking he shouldn’t, even couldn’t pardon him.

  20. Posted by rouelibre1, at Reply

    He doesn’t care about Arpaio. It was just a ”dry run” to test if he can get away with pardonning at will, left right and center.

    • Posted by Balzinurgob01, at Reply

      “Let’s” think? I’m on it–when are YOU gonna start? Minorities in elections need the electoral vote to fill the gap, first of all, which applied to both Dubbaduh and Donald–both Gore in 2000 and Hillary in 2016 got the popular vote…and, yes, there IS something people who want our electoral system NOT hacked can do, and it IS being pursued–your “thought patterns” notwithstanding and “combinations of directions” (is that the same as there was blame “on all sides?”)–and that’s to delve into said hacking. Last I saw, BTW, was a case emerging via Special Counsel who’s assembling a Grand Jury, not some “treasonous alt-left thing” that you need to pollute things with. DONALD and Co. made the case, and when he’s not been bragging about it he’s been crying crocodile “fake news” and “witch hunt” tears-for-fears over it. As for people making up their alleged minds to put this boob “back in again” he has to make it through the current 4 years without bankrupting America with his personal gains concerns and stupid unnecessary walls nobody can or wants to pay for. Put a decimal in that 120% and you’ll get his current popularity rating of 1.20%…hope he DOESN’T make it anywhere NEAR that second term (so does the fund-raising Mike Pence–haha!)

    • Posted by Rudyard Kipling, at Reply

      Oh and also we are on the fake Nazi Majority thing, the made up Hacking and the Russian Collusion thing fell through. There were hacks, they were not from Russian, and they Were for Hillary, not Trump. That is why you don’t hear about it anymore

    • Posted by ND7652, at Reply

      PROOF !!!  Please site your sources please .