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The Real Reason Trump Fired Comey


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Donald Trump simply discharged FBI director James Comey however why currently? Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment area below.

" FBI Supervisor James B. Comey has been rejected by the head of state, according to White House spokesperson Sean Spicer – a startling move that officials claimed stemmed from a verdict by Justice Division authorities that he had actually messed up the probe of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Comey was fired as he is leading a counterintelligence examination to identify whether partners of President Trump could have collaborated with Russia to meddle with the presidential election in 2014. That probe started quietly last July however has now come to be the topic of extreme discussion in Washington. It is unclear just how Comey's termination will influence that examination.

" The president has approved the referral of the Attorney General and also the deputy Chief law officer regarding the termination of the director of the Federal Bureau of Examination," Spicer told reporters in the briefing space.

Spicer also said that Comey was "alerted a brief time earlier." This works "instantly," he said."

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  1. Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

    Still waiting for the trump ball licker AKA Sargon to attack trump.

    • Posted by Khashon Haselrig, at Reply

      +Sturmovik OR maybe your viewpoints are a tad deranged. Think about it.

    • Posted by Billy Badass, at Reply

      Kimberly H nice face 👌🏻

    • Posted by Muhammad Gheith, at Reply

      That kind of belief is the admirable naivety that people like Sargon and Milo used to prey off of- they have found an audience desperate for justification, and they fed them everything they wanted.

      People are attacking Trump BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY CURRENTLY DESERVES IT. The screams and cries we had during the campaign have all come out to be true, and he is, as we speak, working to strip citizens of their civil right because he doesn’t care about the average american, he cares about how you make money.

      A true liberal wouldn’t attack Trump, a true AMERICAN would, because the foundation of American beliefs is empowering citizens with as much democratic power as you possibly can. To freak out at the notion that “Liberals on average should be attacking Trump” is, im sorry, incredibly ignorant. Trump has officially LOST THE POPULAR VOTE of America, and that gives far more than enough evidence that Trump is not favored in the country.

      If you have anything to defend on Trump, by all means, give it a shot. I would be astonished that someone even managed to find something.

  2. Posted by Get Rekt, at Reply

    Trump supporters hate Comey now. But when he was investigating Hillary they loved him! It’s almost like they aren’t principled…

    • Posted by Håkon Forbord Holm, at Reply

      Yeah, because democrats are so principled, right?

    • Posted by Alex Ramirez, at Reply

      Democrats hated Comey for doing an FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails and sending the letter 11 days before the election. But when Comey announced the FBI was investigating if Trump’s team colluded with Russia, they loved him! It’s almost like they aren’t principled…

    • Posted by Christopher Ortega, at Reply

      Kesha Nation hahahaha I can see it now: Madam President Hillary Clinton: nuked North Korea, Bernie Sander supporters are to blame.hahaha. Tell me which presidential candidate was able to convince trump supporters to agree on Free Heath Care? Oh I know Bernie Sanders.

    • Posted by Lord Crimsiden, at Reply

      Seriously you guys are wasting your time . Any trump supporter who would defend this action is beyond hope

    • Posted by songsylph111, at Reply

      fact check it dear…that is the difference

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    you dont fire someone in the middle of an investigation if there’s nothing there

    • Posted by Rigby Dune, at Reply
    • Posted by Rigby Dune, at Reply

      Learn how to use the word, “quite”, properly in a sentence, then you can challenge other people’s intelligence. He still isn’t smart enough to become president even though he is currently president. Mongo I think your brains are spilling out onto your keyboard.

    • Posted by Callum Armistead, at Reply

      so logically speaking… hillary’s supporters weren’t stupid enough to elect her?

      is that what you’re saying? the person with the stupidest supporters wins? seems like a flawed election process, but fair enough.

      more likely you are wrong.

  4. Posted by Oscar Martinez, at Reply

    *Trump supporters as if they rooting for a sport team no matter how terrible the administration is they still cheering for Trump*

    • Posted by Håkon Forbord Holm, at Reply

      And you libtards are hating him no matter what he does…
      Don’t think for one second you are any better

    • Posted by Lee DeCoske, at Reply

      I’m not a liberal but common sense and an education above 8th grade clearly shows Trump is not a leader. He has been an entitled twit his entire life. His speech is incoherent most of the time… except when he is praising himself for “winning” the election or regurgitating the hate he knows most of his followers harbor inside them. He is completely clueless to the extent he is utterly incompetent. The numerous failed businesses (to include a billion dollar loss that enabled him to not pay taxes for at least a decade) to the extreme of fraud with “trump university” shows this man should never be elected to public office. He should be in jail… just for the millions of dollars repaid due to fraud of his “university” alone.

    • Posted by Oscar Martinez, at Reply

      +Håkon Forbord Holm​​
      *you damn right, Trump is a con artist, everything he does is for himself and his cronies benefit. He’s the most unAmerican thing ever happened to America. Hateing Trump is the right thing to do.*

  5. Posted by King Salman Funder of ISIS & Wahabbism, at Reply

    wonder how alex jones is spinning this one?
    “omg trump figured out comey is a shapeshifting lizard alien!!! maga libtards!!!”

    • Posted by DragonKidSlayer3, at Reply

      he said some bs propaganda, and the comments in his channel.are pure cancer.

    • Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

      Replace James Comey with Rudy Giuliani?

    • Posted by Yuvi Arora, at Reply

      Replace Comey with Trey Gowdy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Posted by voltorb, at Reply

    Just doesn’t make any sense. If you can’t at least be alarmed by this, you should not vote. Seriously.

    • Posted by Astrobrant2, at Reply

      +Unholykill3 “Hillary broke the law- setting up an illegal private sever”

      Then we need to prosecute Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, too, since they did the same thing when they were SoS. In fact, Powell gave Clinton helpful advice on setting up a private server. There are only two differences between them and Hillary: 1) Nobody hacked their accounts, and 2) Nobody was out to crucify them politically — IOW, they were Republicans.

      If you and others of your ilk are so concerned about classified documents, why do I never hear any of you demanding to know who hacked her account and released it to Wikileaks? How come you aren’t raising hell to get the government to prosecute those who did it? The answer is because you don’t really give a damn about classified documents. You will just cheer for anyone who criminally hacks a Democrat, even if it’s a foreign country. Pretty shameful attitude, IMO.

      And I’ve seen a report that many congressmen have mishandled classified information, too. Oh, but wait, they passed a law exempting themselves from investigation of such matters. How convenient!

    • Posted by lexwaldez, at Reply

      I’d say something more like, “if you don’t understand why this is very troubling, then you’re probably not intelligent enough to be allowed a vote,” which is, of course, why the founding fathers NEVER intended every butt reaming moron to have a vote in this country. Personally, I think this is all hilarious. If you think of this as a tv show on comedy central it’s not so bad. If you think of the morons that actually support this guy (and still believe the lies he is feeding them), then it’s more sobering. Thank GAWD we have an excellent sec def. He’ll keep the morons under control when it counts. Can’t wait for SNL’s Spicey hiding in the bushes.

    • Posted by lexwaldez, at Reply

      This is true. Trump is maintaining and using a private corporate email server as of this moment and has been since he took office. Tell that to a Trumper and you’ll make as much progress telling one of those geniuses that Obama was born in Hawaii. They have zero clue they’re being used to make him and his friends rich at their expense. It’s so sad it’s hilarious.

    • Posted by Mike Funderburk, at Reply

      +lexwaldez Sad yes, hilarious no. The whole situation is very frightening when you consider the ramifications of the possible actions of this madman. You have defined him correctly but don’t sell him short on his potential for devistation at his command! Don’t forget he had enough followers to launch an attack on Syria while bypassing all legal channels to do so! Always keep in mind that he is not alone in his way of thinking!

  7. Posted by James Graham, at Reply

    Sally Yates = Fired
    Preet Bharara = Fired
    James Comey = Fired
    All three were investigating Trump

    • Posted by thehendleys1, at Reply

      and you all also seem to think that just because Comey is fired that somehow invalidates the investigation, which simply is not the case.

    • Posted by Martin Pêcheur, at Reply

      That speaks for itself. Against donnie

    • Posted by lexwaldez, at Reply

      If Hillary had been elected, if Hillary had been accused of the stuff Trump’s and his staff have already done, the Trump supporters would be marching on Washington screaming IMPEACH!!! at the top of their lungs.

      However, political thought processes take place in the emotional center of the brain, and rarely does rational thought enter into the equation. The republicans spent millions proving the President Clinton got blown in the oval office (first – who cares, let his wife beat it out of him and second – please stop pissing my tax dollars away over a couple blowjobs), but we don’t want to look into whether a foreign power subverted our election and might be controlling positions in our government???

      The evidence looks pretty damning but I’m not sure. I’d like to be sure. For the morons that just don’t want to find out… just ask yourself if you’d behave the same way if the other party were in charge.

    • Posted by Astrobrant2, at Reply

      +cDTeVe”… the Russians hacked & had info on the GOP just didn’t release it…???”
      When I first heard that there was an attempted hack of the RNC, I wondered how many other Republicans they tried to hack, and then how many of those hacks were successful. I have long considered that the cyber-attack may have been two-pronged: 1) Hack-and-expose for the Democrats, and 2) Hack-and-blackmail for the Republicans. So I wonder how many Republicans may be getting blackmailed right now.

  8. Posted by CRAZYMAN & Co., at Reply

    Obvious cover-up,
    Obvious corruption.
    Criminal organization 🏌🇷🇺

    • Posted by CSharp, at Reply

      Trump has created an army of idiots who spend all their time projecting…

    • Posted by al 41057, at Reply

      What is corrupt is the FBI director having evidence of Hillary breaking the law with her stupid emails and then not prosecuting her. That is the obvious corruption, Crazyman.

  9. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    His Supporters are brain dead they won’t even comprehend what’s going on.

    • Posted by jackalope-eye faghag, at Reply

      Lee DeCoske
      you are seriously beating this dead russian horse still eh? it’s above your head that it wouldn’t have mattered when he fired comey. if he would have done it right away it would have been a coup. he waited for a bipartisan cabinet member to give his recommendation, and people still complain. he is going to do what he needs to do and can’t wait around for approval he will never get from his opposition.

    • Posted by Agent Hobbs, at Reply

      You are going to jail with him Trump supporter. Protecting a criminal is a Class 4 felony lol.

    • Posted by Agent Hobbs, at Reply

      I have a picture of Donald Trump giving Putin a bubble bath.

    • Posted by jackalope-eye faghag, at Reply

      Agent Hobbs
      that’s a cute meme.

  10. Posted by Sinblack Bloodred, at Reply

    alright right wings. Let’s hear your excuse for this.

    • Posted by XxGR3YW01FxX, at Reply

      Olaf GoldenHammer Thing is, I wasn’t.

    • Posted by Seventh Son, at Reply

      Andy Dominguez I keep hearing about Obama wiretapping Trump tower, yet nobody seems to have any evidence of this.

  11. Posted by Alorian Kolor First Officer of The Army of Kekistan, at Reply

    I thought Trump was suppose to DRAIN the swamp, not BECOME the swamp. I probably should had voted for Jill Stein instead of Trump…

    • Posted by Lee DeCoske, at Reply

      Well with Elizabeth Warren as V.P. That would be g2g. He seems in excellent condition. Heck my gram worked till a few months before she died… 88 years old. But regardless, Warren would be a perfect V.P.

    • Posted by Joe Brashear, at Reply

      Comey is the swamp dumbass

  12. Posted by Jon Ford, at Reply

    Trump the type of person to knock a stack of papers over. Everyone sees him knock it over, but blames someone who is not in the room for knocking it over and firing anyone who says otherwise. Cant believe he was voted it

    • Posted by lpg10, at Reply

      Jon Ford Hey Solid Snake, where can I find your avatar? 🙂

    • Posted by Jon Ford, at Reply

      lpg10 google “solid snake” and use search tools, and make color transparent. should be there lol

    • Posted by Jake A, at Reply

      Jon Ford That’s actually Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the type of person to make a private email server. Everyone saw that she did. Gets put under investigation. Loses the election because of it. But then says the loss is not her fault.

    • Posted by Bra-Ball Legend, at Reply

      @ Jake: Buh-buh-but-whatabout-Hillary!

      Gettin’ real old, Trumpsters.

  13. Posted by Dr Dermix Girl, at Reply

    Tick tock, tick tock Trump. Time’s almost up. We see you.

    • Posted by Dr Dermix Girl, at Reply

      Jaxson Fanta Sorry but no, he’s in violation of the constitution. Two words: emoluments clause. Educate yourself.

    • Posted by Hans Ludricht, at Reply

      +Dr Dermix Girl The past 8 years the entire left were calling the constitution racist and calling for hate speech laws that oppress white people. Now you instantly want the constitution enforced now that your guy isn’t in. It’s almost like leftists have no morals and only want laws enforced on their enemies.

    • Posted by Seventh Son, at Reply

      Hans Ludricht as usual, every single thing you said is complete bullshit. it’s almost as if reich wingers have no morals and lie endlessly in a desperate attempt to prop up their breathtakingly delusional worldview. you silly little useful idiot.

  14. Posted by Stephanie Aguilar, at Reply

    Trump should resign and go back to reality television; it seems the only thing he really seems to enjoy about his job(s) is firing people.

    • Posted by Grand Wonder, at Reply

      Trump should not go back to reality TV or anything else for that matter! Trump should be imprisoned for his crimes of treason, using the presidential office to make money and other crimes!

    • Posted by Hans Ludricht, at Reply

      +Grand Wonder Yea the past 8 years of silence while Obama non stop was waging foreign wars was fine though. Only now is the president doing something wrong. Oh right, pointing out hypocrisy is now “deflection” since last year, I forgot the laws of newspeak are ever changing.

    • Posted by songsylph111, at Reply

      bernie,of course

  15. Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply

    Probably gonna be Chris Christy taking the new spot. He probably thinks FBI means “Fat Burger Investigator.” 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Stigmata Martyr, at Reply


    • Posted by vanhouten64, at Reply

      LOL, “Free Burgers Inside” 😅😅😅

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      why do you feel it is OK to fat shame a man but fat shaming a woman is wrong? Would you make comments like that about a female politician? stop fat shaming people.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Classic: Comey finds out he’s fired as he’s giving a presentation and the news flashes on the screen behind him.

      This is like the script to a comedy.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Gay Bottom Pride: Christie isn’t being hated because he’s fat, he’s hated because he’s a ‘swipe who is fat.

  16. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    Trump fired Comey when he finally found out what the “I” in FBI stands for.

    • Posted by Shiny Virizion, at Reply


    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      ztoxtube *Incest?*

  17. Posted by iq0192, at Reply

    can we try Trump for treason now.

    • Posted by Blade Strikes, at Reply

      After you learn to speak english.

    • Posted by lordsysop, at Reply

      Diego Carrera lol ur idiot castle is crumbling and some how your all made too look more idiotic.
      go water your crops with gatorade

    • Posted by Adel, at Reply

      Write.* He’s writing, not speaking.

  18. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    Nixon would be proud #Coverup

    • Posted by Heman 2000, at Reply

      Nuts to that. Trump is a disgrace to Nixon.

    • Posted by Chad Daddy, at Reply

      TheFableGamer You must have inherited your dad’s ignorance of politics since nixon didn’t have the house & senate. Enjoy 7 1/2 years of President Trump boi.

    • Posted by TheFableGamer, at Reply

      Chad Daddy Trump doesn’t either. It’s controlled by his party, but not by him.

  19. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    He fired him, because he’s guilty of something big, and he wants to delay his downfall. It’s painfully obvious to everyone with a triple-digit IQ.

    • Posted by the last wild one, at Reply

      Three digit IQ. that excludes all the reich wing fascist CONs that would explain why they still worship the DON of CONs

    • Posted by Khashon Haselrig, at Reply

      +Sassy Mammoth lel u winz

    • Posted by john actor, at Reply

      Hal Jordan the whole campaign will be deemed illegal , precidedents will be set !

  20. Posted by Rem Jarrell, at Reply

    You know, I’ve been wondering if Trump supporters will STILL defend him AFTER he gets impeached. And I’m certain they will. They’ve come too far and risked too much on this guy, they can’t EVER admit they were wrong. It’s why they’ll cheer as he harms them, goes back on promises, and is grossly incompetent. They don’t want to be helped, they want to be right, because to admit they were wrong is to admit that they were conned by a whiny trust-fund kid using a 4th-grade vocabulary, and NO ONE wants to feel THAT immensely stupid. It’s the same as religion- no one wants to acknowledge that they could be wrong about their religion because if that were true, that would mean they fell for the most transparent, ridiculous con of all time, and they want to think they’re too smart for that.

    • Posted by Bones, at Reply

      ranger1000 lol what you fail to understand is that no one cares if a bunch of rednecks want to go to war. Remember, the majority voted for Clinton, you are the minority.

    • Posted by Martin Pêcheur, at Reply

      +Bones that’s a great point. 👍

    • Posted by Joseph Davidson, at Reply

      Trump lovers are so mad! They are lashing out!