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The Reality On The Ground In Puerto Rico


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The US oligarchy is more thinking about capitalizing hurricane Maria than assisting the suffering Puerto Rican people. View the full episode below:

" Puerto Rico has actually currently withstood the longest power failure in UNITED STATE history, after Group 4 Typhoon Maria tore a path of destruction throughout the island on Sept. 20. One of the contracts the island's beleaguered federal government signed in order to obtain the lights transformed back on is with a little Montana-based firm called Whitefish Energy.

The agreement, worth $300 million, calls for Whitefish– which utilized simply 2 workers since late last month– to fix high-voltage line to link important framework. The no-bid agreement with a tiny, inexperienced company that takes place to be based in the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has actually raised eyebrows in Congress and Puerto Rico, where numerous examinations are currently underway to establish exactly how the contract was granted." *.

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  1. Posted by Trevor Clasper, at Reply

    This should be trending

  2. Posted by matthew watson, at Reply

    Trump trolls in full force in comments, how sad and pointless. Just lose your Virginty and enjoy the food stamps paid for by left wing states

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      matthew watson They’re on high assignment, because come tomorrow, their world will be *rocked,* and all the cries of fake news won’t make Team Mueller go away.

  3. Posted by G sus, at Reply

    You know what would be more helpful than fema, if the US congress eliminated the motherfucking jones act

    • Posted by Alfredo Sierra, at Reply

      G sus You know that’s highly unlikely since it brings the US a lot of cash, man I hate greed.

  4. Posted by J. Hurt, at Reply

    Trump has been a failure and a disgrace. Why can’t this clown be impeached. Bring back President Obama.

  5. Posted by DarkMinion, at Reply

    But Trump gave Puerto Ricans beautiful, soft towels…….

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      They were very soft.  Very beautiful.  Tremendous towels.

    • Posted by blade93, at Reply

      And a shiny golf trophy..

  6. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    This guy for President!

  7. Posted by erin craig, at Reply

    How dare the government let our citizens live like this their deaths from now on are the governments fault if u can do something about this and you don’t you are a murder

    • Posted by Ron Clark, at Reply

      Unfortunately there are no major power lines linking Puerto Rico with their neighboring Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico is a island, self sufficient with electrical power. There is no major power lines linking the west coast of the United States where California gets power from Washington, or New Mexico when necessary. Those power lines didn’t go up in a day, and they won’t be rebuilt in a day. If FEMA says a year, believe them…

    • Posted by Ron Clark, at Reply

      And no amount of political spin and partisanship will change this fact… Where is Puerto Rico’s national guard? Army reserve?

  8. Posted by Nestor Gonzalez, at Reply

    This is the future for most of the world if climate change isn’t tackle and if idoits think they can escape to the mountains lol. Worst the ones who think they will escape into space lmao.

  9. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Thank you for covering this Jimmy! Hope he wins in NJ we need people in office that actually care about the people.

    • Posted by 0110110011011101102, at Reply

      Donate to his campaign!

  10. Posted by Carter Kinoy, at Reply

    There needs to be a Congressional investigation into the utter lack of a response to Puerto Rico.

    • Posted by Ron Clark, at Reply

      Where is Puerto Rico’s national guard or reserve? While there are a lot of electrical workers in America, there aren’t thousands sitting around not doing anything. Many of the extra ones are busy helping Florida and Texas recover from hurricanes. As union employees surely on overtime premium salaries living away from their homes and families. I recall a couple of decades ago a tornado ripped through Wichita Falls Texas felling a major transmission power line from the Texas Panhandle to the DFW area. Some 88 miles of towers fell as they fell like dominoes. It took Texas Utilities a month to rebuild that major line. Lucky for the Panhandle and DFW they had other major lines to pick up the slack. Not so with the isolated island of Puerto Rico, there are no major power lines to other Caribbean islands. I also recall the New York City blackout during the 1960s, even a movie was made about it. How the failure of one major line led to the failure of three major lines. New York City rebounded within days, but it took a lot longer than most people expected to fire up all of the electrical generating plants one by one after they tripped off. If FEMA says it may take up to a year to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid, believe them. Those lines did not get built in a day, and they won’t be replaced in a day. Firing electrical contractor every month is only going to delay rebuilding their grid. And in a emergency, which this is, government red tape requests for tenders and bidding for contracts is not the answer…

    • Posted by Ron Clark, at Reply


    • Posted by SJP, at Reply


    • Posted by Ron Clark, at Reply

      But even if they were paid, they wouldn’t be able to hire many unionized American electrical workers via contracts for less than a premium wage to work overseas in Puerto Rico. Nor do they wish to leave their homes and families for a year either. So please drop this American labor rate nonsense for American labor living at home.

  11. Posted by TheGholiday, at Reply

    And yet trump gave himself an A+ for the response.

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      Elon Musk gets an A+ for donating a solar power plant to run a children’s hospital. That’s the way a genuine self made billionaire rolls.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      To get a C, he would have to at the very least have a program to distribute water sanitisation tablets.

      Maybe he would have earned a D if government officials had gone around the island making announcements to locals, or even giving radios to certain members of the communities.

  12. Posted by kght222, at Reply

    well, if the united states wanted puerto rico to insist on independence, we couldn’t have done a better job of it.

    • Posted by kght222, at Reply

      in fact they would even have an argument against paying back any debt to the united states after this fiasco, one that other nations would probably back.

    • Posted by Izy Sanchez Jr, at Reply

      Just like all becomes complacent, and allows a person like trump to be elected and the empire collapses…its happened many times before in history…yet we as a society dont learn from it. Us Puertoricans will never forget how trump treated us.

  13. Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

    Donald Trump is a criminal in more ways than one. Sorry, but throwing paper towels at people, isn’t going to solve the problems in Puerto Rico.

  14. Posted by BeautyByLizzy13, at Reply

    Damn he speaks Spanish well, very smooth and surprisingly I understood what he said

    • Posted by Andres Hernandez, at Reply

      BeautyByLizzy13 that’s the kind of respect we need to see from our elected leaders.

    • Posted by Jim Keady, at Reply

      Gracias. 🙂 Peace, Jim Keady

  15. Posted by klieu90210, at Reply

    Trump won’t do anything until/unless PR gives him an apology and calls him bigly tremendous.

  16. Posted by TONY, at Reply

    Another action or inaction of a despicable Administration. This will be remembered in history as a milestone of politics incongruence and hypocrisy.
    D. Trump, you will be remembered in history books.

  17. Posted by Dave Mills, at Reply

    I have a friend in Puerto Rico. I haven’t heard from him 😞

    • Posted by Kaile Taylor, at Reply

      Dave Mills . Me too not since the day before maria hit. I cannot contact still

    • Posted by Marasma101, at Reply


    • Posted by Rob Fahey, at Reply

      Probably dead.

    • Posted by J Brock, at Reply

      Dave Mills. Im in PR..terrible. Im just getting random phone svc last few days. Im guessing from the google balloons. I hope your friend is ok. They prob just dont have phone svc. Take care

  18. Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

    Trump sent a two-man team to fix power for the whole island. It was a no-bid contract too.

    • Posted by John Rife, at Reply

      Angel Symmetrika no sir. He gave a no bid contract to a relatively new company that had only 2 permanent employees. One was probably an office manager. Also the contract they were under banned all government officials from auditing their work.

    • Posted by Jose Serrano, at Reply

      Um no both of you are wrong, it was the puerto rican power athority that gave that contract to whitefish, and now we know that whitefish has close ties to the governer of puerto rico, thats why its being investigated.

  19. Posted by Ashish, at Reply

    Wtf is this what’s the use of a big millitary a big budget if you can’t help your own citizens this is sad

    • Posted by Rick, at Reply

      Ashish cause there is no profit from it and budget cuts to those “unnecessary” natural disaster orgs have to be made to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires because we all know they need the help… *sarcasm lol