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The Slide of Doom: Fails of the Week || FailArmy


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FailArmy is in your house! Once more we bring you the freshest falls short of the week, comfortably put in one fascinating collection. A great deal of people ask us why we do this, as well as the solution is due to the fact that we like you. Today we present the slide of doom, a motorcycle full of , and also a lot more! Submit YOUR cannot


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Individual Hits Cam With Baseball
Man Ties to Do Methods on Bike
Airborne Dancer Damages Chain and also Falls to the Floor covering
Student Throws Backpack Behind Head Into Garbage
Grad Faceplants Throughout College graduation Tradition Dive
Angler Obtains Tattooed by Squid
Person Puts On Suit and Rides Bike Covered in Bees
Poodle Has a hard time to Walk on Ice
Male Attempts To Load an ATV on a Pickup Truck
Individual Breaks Glass Doing Corkscrew Flip
Guy Makes Family members and also Girlfriend Laugh After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out
Soccer Gamer Plays Dizzy Bat at Practice
Canine Runs Full Speed Into Vehicle
Go Kart Rider Gets Rear-Ended While Attempting to Take a Selfie
Individual Cannot Climb up Tree
My Dad tried to get on a hoverboard
Hedgehog Presses Various other Hedgehog Into Water Bowl
Emu Humps Car
Man Breaks Skateboard After Kickflip
Individual Falls in Hang Glide Attempt
River Zip-Line Tree Branch Fail
Angler Obtains Struck In between the Legs with Tempt
Bicyclist Tumbles Down a Hill
Guy Does Flips on Slackline and also Falls
Man Fails to Leap Onto Trampoline
Girls Attempt to Create Funny Video clip as well as Break Swing Establish
Twirling Hula Hoop Breaks Light
Couple Falls Off Hoverboard
Plane Crashes on an Airfield

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  1. Posted by Bandolero, at Reply

    0:12 Me after graduation.

    • Posted by K Wright, at Reply

      Bandolero Isn’t your profile picture Alycia Debnam-Carey?

    • Posted by Bandolero, at Reply

      +K Wright yeah that’s she.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply


    • Posted by K Wright, at Reply

      Bandolero Do you ship Clexa?

    • Posted by Bandolero, at Reply

      I don’t like Clarke but I do ship Clexa ;pp

  2. Posted by Mitchell Fogg, at Reply

    0:43. Going to have nightmares tonight

    • Posted by Dopest Donut, at Reply

      just don’t think about it and watch something different.

    • Posted by Suomen poika, at Reply

      Dopest Donut Would work but pretty sure the commemt was sarcasm.

    • Posted by Yakawss, at Reply

      Mitchell Fogg i actually really like them

  3. Posted by Esquivo, at Reply

    0:12 how is this a fail?

    • Posted by Ngọc Nghĩa Trần, at Reply

      failure of education. 🙂

    • Posted by Peubos, at Reply

      Probably passed all his exams and graduated, hence why he is throwing away his schoolbag.

    • Posted by Red Nick, at Reply

      He threw it in the recycling bin. He was supposed to throw it in the trash bin.

    • Posted by DxBlack, at Reply

      You don’t throw paper in the trash…and the same can go for L.L Bean School bags. You pass those down until they look like a hobo pack.

  4. Posted by Medve Csibe, at Reply

    0:00 Magyarok!!!!! Magyarok everywhere!!!!!!

    • Posted by Ordigamer, at Reply

      +Ordigamer jo napot

    • Posted by Matyas Aiach, at Reply

      Medve Csibe hajra magyarooook😂

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Magyarok. Ragnarok. Who gives a fok?

    • Posted by Miklós Bencsics, at Reply

      Ria ria hungária!

    • Posted by Vigilante The, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein Mirű beszész te?

  5. Posted by fifagamezzzz, at Reply

    Loved how the kid at 2:02 laughed instead of just crying 😂😂

    • Posted by mama sue, at Reply

      fifagamezzzz I’m pretty sure he was off to the playhouse to cry – good for him for trying to be tough! But a little sympathy from Dad might have been nice! Not helicoptering… but a little!

    • Posted by madrocker138, at Reply

      He was laughing before his entire body hit the ground lol

    • Posted by War In Hell -, at Reply

      mama sue no he had too take his fap break

  6. Posted by MC_ZSOLT, at Reply

    Első magyar

    • Posted by jen egon, at Reply

      Mi vot?
      Beverte a hátát

    • Posted by kokonoshi 1#, at Reply

      MC_ZSOLT kezit csókolom

    • Posted by Is My name Levente, at Reply

      Bojler van , eladó!

    • Posted by Sos Denes, at Reply

      Egyik legjobb barátom, mérhetetlenül büszke rá az egész baráti kör 😃

    • Posted by Freiheit Kampfer, at Reply

      Fasza! Jo hogy mienk az 1. klipp a videoban 🙂

  7. Posted by Iron Maiden, at Reply

    0:13 yeah great fail u got there FailArmy ….

    • Posted by Joel Auguste, at Reply

      Iron Maiden that’s more of a win. He threw it without even looking.

    • Posted by derp., at Reply

      how are we stupid if we didn’t see it? and if that was the case they should’ve just added that in during the clip…

    • Posted by Johannes Vildmarksskola, at Reply

      Iron Maiden it’s for all the people who ended school today!

    • Posted by Mr123qus, at Reply

      That seemed more like a win.

  8. Posted by Jack Tierney, at Reply


    You couldnt help yourself could you

    • Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

      I pressed “további információ”

    • Posted by Diana Kuroneko, at Reply

      I pressed: “más información”

    • Posted by Mert Erinç Hancıoğlu, at Reply

      I pressed “Devamını oku”

    • Posted by Louk, at Reply

      “Lire la suite” 😉

    • Posted by GAMINGwithSENZ, at Reply

      I pressed “Les mer”

  9. Posted by Ɗɑɗɗy ヅ, at Reply

    1:30 nip slip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    you’re welcome

    • Posted by Pajaat, at Reply


    • Posted by maxlevirus, at Reply

      God dammit, ya got me

    • Posted by Jeremy Phillips, at Reply


  10. Posted by taylor rose, at Reply

    bird: “i’m on my mum’s car, vroom vroom”
    him: “get off me car!”

    • Posted by TheAngieIshmael, at Reply

      taylor rose I thought of that as well!!

  11. Posted by Anthony cantoon, at Reply

    what was that laugh at 1:34?

    • Posted by Soulo, at Reply

      One of my friends sounds exactly the same when he laughs 😀

    • Posted by Optimeme, at Reply

      Anthony cantoon He experienced high tide.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Definitely sounded like a gnome. Or what we imagine a gnome laugh would be.

    • Posted by Igor Almeida, at Reply

      It was an african hyena….

    • Posted by Иван Староверов, at Reply



      Selbstgemachte Mayonnaise an Eiersalat/ Wie schale ich hartgekochte Eier? Hacks & Fails
      Live-Berichterstattung von RT zu London – Schusse und Verletzte vorm britischen Parlament
      SMYGAR-ZOMBIES | Let’s play Minecraft pa 90gQ med figgehn & Jnx | #12
      Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Geschichte (Nintendo 3DS)
      WikiLeaks ‘source is not Russian government and it is not a state party’ – Assange

  12. Posted by Tal Franco, at Reply

    “Happiness is only from jesus, not from drugs!,not from alcohol!,not from sex!,wake up people!”
    Such knowledge hahahahaha

    • Posted by EpicKitties, at Reply

      Nice grammar. He is pretty smart, he’s telling the truth under the influence!

  13. Posted by Naty Liči, at Reply


    • Posted by Cursed Phoenix, at Reply

      Wrong bin.

  14. Posted by E Bolt, at Reply

    0:59 for second there I thought his head fell off… 😂

    • Posted by Tnt_ titan, at Reply

      That’s crazy.

  15. Posted by N everoff, at Reply

    6:17 says a person who is basically drugged xD

    • Posted by burny6666, at Reply

      @EpicKitties So, having an imaginary friend makes you happy? I don’t think having an imaginary friend is any healthier than doing drugs or having sex.

    • Posted by squdioodellover, at Reply

      burny6666 oh an imaginary friend can make you happy because it doesn’t matter if he’s real as long you think he’s real. And nobody ever died because he imagined a friend so yes it’s healthier than drugs

    • Posted by Meow Meow, at Reply

      As long as it’s legal and moral anything that makes you happy should be alright.

  16. Posted by Phillip Sz, at Reply

    I dab all day. Every day.
    Happiness is only from Jesus
    You can’t get it from drugs
    Or sex
    Or alcohol
    It’s not how life works

    • Posted by MuchPro SuchSkill, at Reply

      Not all drugs will kill you….

    • Posted by Bibidi Babidi Buu, at Reply

      words of wisdom

    • Posted by Joey Dyer, at Reply

      Phillip Sz fack off

    • Posted by Wick, at Reply

      It is not because you have a right hemisphere making you believe common fairy tales, that they become a physical fact.

    • Posted by Rabid Wolf 39, at Reply

      I get happiness from all those what’s he talking about

  17. Posted by ASMRP ASMRP, at Reply

    This Dude speak the TRUTH!!!! 6:15 !!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!!! 🙂 HAPPINES ONLY WITH JEZUS!!!! 😀

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

      I know what the kiddies like.

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

      That’s not very nice. Not even from an imposter like yourself.

  18. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    At 0:44, what was the goal there?