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The Strain Of “Feminism” That Wants Bernie Dead


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Carmen Rios REALLY desires Bernie Sanders dead. Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore, and also Michael Tracey, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

" Carmen Rios, Digital Editor at Ms. Publication, in April issued a troubling tweet where she longed for the layoff– or fatality– of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The tweet, which has actually given that been removed, was also come with by an additional tweet where she shared she wants to position a monument on Sanders's grave in honor of women "that were right." …

Though Rios erased the tweets, numerous individuals took screenshots of them in an effort to raise recognition of the unfamiliarity and aloof manner where Rios criticized Sanders. Reporter as well as podcaster Katie Halper, that has written for Beauty parlor, Vice, the Nation Magazine as well as Rolling Stone, sent a series of tweets sharing her outrage at Rios:.

Halper likewise pointed out in subsequent tweets that Gloria Steinem, who established Ms. Publication, had actually previously called Sanders an "honorary woman."

While Rios has taken liberal views in the past, her temper in the direction of Bernie Sanders, a self-described modern, is well-documented on her Twitter timeline." *.

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Hosts: Nomi Konst, Jimmy Dore, Michael TraceyCast: Nomi Konst, Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey.


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  1. Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

    ***The Strain of Cancer That Wants Bernie Dead*** There I fixed it for you.

    • Posted by Robot Chase, at Reply

      Spencerwalker21 cue repetitive jokes. No shocker there.

    • Posted by lilmissyblee1981, at Reply

      Spencerwalker21 I agree with you there. True feminism is about egalitarianism, not female supremacy. Them bitches be cray for real.

  2. Posted by Texan, at Reply

    “Feminists” like “Progressives” that support Obama taking 400k from Wall Street

    • Posted by Calvin Nelson Jr, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan like I said before let Barack get his money

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      +Calvin Nelson Jr you’re a spineless corporatist hack and that’s all I need to know about you.

    • Posted by Calvin Nelson Jr, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan​ that’s cute bro

  3. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    Hillbots are big advocates of the well-known phrase “If you can’t beat ’em. Kill ’em.”

    • Posted by Chris Buck, at Reply

      +dubtat … If you want to believe that to fit your requirements for Hillary to win then go right ahead. There’s no polling or logic behind that assumption as libertarians and the green party don’t have hardly any common ground.

      Just a couple of major points before you find some obscure comments in support of your theory. Johnson is for having as little government programs as possible. Greens are for government programs almost across the board to provide opportunities and protections enforced through governmental action.

      Climate change…Johnson laughed it off as a joke. Greens.. It’s the name of the party… HELLO

      Which candidate between Donald & HRC more closely matched Johnson’s ?

      Now answer honestly, do you think anywhere near half of the progressive / Jill voters are going to vote Libertarian?

      Other than legalization of marijuana there wasn’t hardly an issue that Stein supporters agreed upon.

    • Posted by Krausewitz, at Reply

      You do realise that Hillary not only voted for a border fence multiple time, she CO-SPONSORED a bill to build a border fence, right?

      You’re right a lot of the other horrible stuff she would not have done, but in case you haven’t noticed most of Trump’s crap hasn’t actually stuck. It’s been batted down (and will continue to be batted down).

  4. Posted by sstack83, at Reply

    lets be clear Hilary is poison

    • Posted by Josue Lopez Madrid, at Reply

      if they take money for special political favors (even under the guise of campaign donation/contribution), they are criminals, regardless what party they serve.

    • Posted by Yasser Essa, at Reply

      modern feminism is poison

    • Posted by Kenneth Huang, at Reply

      Yes Trump lies all the time, but that doesn’t automatically mean that he thinks the opposite of every single thing that he says. Trump talked about his support for a border wall ad nauseum but no one was saying, “Trump lies, so obviously he doesn’t actually support a border wall.”

    • Posted by Wisakedjak Archetype, at Reply

      Vanessthebest no, Hillary is a fascist. and while Trump is too, he’s not hiding it. he is showing you exactly what you are… (those true GOP voters, not you… or maybe you! I don’t know. but you get what I mean, right?)

  5. Posted by The Devils Dentist, at Reply

    Oooh, this comment section is gonna be f**** amazing. *Grabs Popcorn*

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Nor was he hilarious.

    • Posted by Louis rodriguez, at Reply

      The Devils Dentist 😭😭😭

    • Posted by laetrille, at Reply

      You were wrong

    • Posted by laetrille, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump
      Leave Melania Trump out of this

  6. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    bernie sanders is a legit nice person, and literally the most popular politician in the country what’s up with this woman’s hate? i’m a feminist and dont get the hate towards him at all.

    • Posted by Avrysatos, at Reply

      Dunno We were told we were going to hell for voting for him in the primary. Sorry, but having a vagina doesn’t make you a better candidate for feminist policies. Sander’s policies were great for many causes pushing towards equality. They now call us sexist for having voted for him. Again. if you’re only qualification for being a better feminist candidate is you have a vagina, you are running with a very different definition of feminism than me, or even the dictionary runs with.

    • Posted by Jens Espersen, at Reply

      Except Bernie and Rand Pauls foreign policy is more or less the same. Both isolationists.

    • Posted by Enrique Godinez, at Reply

      Because feminism today is all about identity politics.

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Bernie an isolationist? no way he supported Trump’s strike

  7. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Carmen Rios wants Bernie dead lol? Welcome to Trump’s America. The whole sordid affair reads like A David Weber novel. Winning much?

    • Posted by Joanna Wagner, at Reply

      Suggestions for grave ornaments are hardly death threats; just a preliminary to schadenfreude.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Deathmachine513 – Shitposting won’t help you get laid this year Trollie.

    • Posted by Deathmachine513, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump I’m not shitposting, neither am I a troll, which is more than I can say for you.

    • Posted by Anil Nair, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian I admire anita sarkeesian. she defrauded many for quite a lot of money.

  8. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    She doesn’t care about women. She’s just using feminism so as to push
    neo-conservative ideas. Conservatives use religion for the same reasons.

    • Posted by Xtard Destroyer, at Reply

      +Áine​​​ A reply to salute to 😀
      Nice to see some faith being restored after the unfortunate of the batshitcrazy ones dominating the platform on social media.

      Your stance fits with the Intersectional feminism ( as far as i see it), the one that actually needs a platform, unlike the unhinged “white” feminists as some feminists actually call them, lol

      Anyways, cheers

    • Posted by TheJazzMan333, at Reply

      310-556-2515 Call Ms magazine. Demand an apology. Carmen Rios’s extension is x140

  9. Posted by Bob Nub, at Reply

    Rejoice, cause one day Clinton will die or retire, and that’s one thing we can all agree on.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      She is writing her to-be-massive selling book this year which even Trumpanzees will buy.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Maybe she’ll disappear back into the dark abyss which she crawled out off.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump
      Your continued defense of Clinton is getting noticed. Excellent!

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      But Clinton is not the problem , its the ideology!

      Feminism has to be Killed, & its Death has to come about by the hands of *Women* or else it will only grow stronger with each attack from any one else.

      That said, the way to the future is Egalitarian, where nobody is guaranteed privileges & Favor based on gender & identity. each person is given consideration & value towards their liberty & Health.
       (Religion cannot be made mainstream again, ever.)

      There are too many Toxic Anti Feminists like Ann Coulter & White Feminists like Gloria Steinem who dont have the best interests of Woman at heart & have Poisoned Feminism.


      Feminism Must Die, But at the hands of a woman!

  10. Posted by Richard K, at Reply

    TYT how do you like feminism now?

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      “takethegate and the purpose of your petty and so it was too…” Can anyone translate asslicker?

    • Posted by FGCC, at Reply

      They’ll just say “this is not real feminism”. Which is funny because they don’t see it the same way if it’s a crazy christian.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply


    • Posted by Che1ck, at Reply

      FGCC “because they don’t see it the same way if it’s a crazy christian”- You have it exactly wrong. TYT has always been consistent on not blaming the majority for the actions of a tiny minority.

    • Posted by Avrysatos, at Reply

      Look up how many feminists supported Bernie and you’ll see why the Clinton feminists got so pissed off.

      for example an article from last February

  11. Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that Hannah and Ana are nowhere to be found when feminists are being criticized?

    • Posted by PlayerSkillFTW, at Reply

      She has DSLs.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Fucking conspiracy theorists, they never fucking go away.

    • Posted by Elijha 717, at Reply

      ana is at a conference

    • Posted by djaceman123, at Reply

      +Greg V. TYT asskisser logic = “If their opinion doesn’t line up with mine, they are a troll.”

      Well done, idiot. Well done.

  12. Posted by Dead as Dreams, at Reply

    Identity politics has become to the left what religion is to the right, empty moralizing used to manipulate the base.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      If Bernie’s a true intersectional feminist then once elected, he will cede his power to someone less privileged than himself, and of course, someone considerably less elected.

    • Posted by Aj Meyers, at Reply

      +Jasmine Estrada – *”Also, those who seem to fight for “equality” always seem to be very hateful to groups that are opposite of them.”* – I was literally cheering you on until you got to this part. People who fight for equal rights ‘always seem to be very hateful to groups that are opposite’? Srsly? I mean I hope you fight for equal rights and aren’t like this? I fight for equal treatment and equal right and am not like this.

    • Posted by Joseph Davidson, at Reply

      Young people don’t get it. They’ve gotten the benefits of literally centuries of people fighting for equal rights. They have no clue. Besides, I’d love to see her sample size and/or stats on this.

    • Posted by David Stewart1, at Reply

      Joseph Davidson Young people don’t get what? The importance of identity politics?

  13. Posted by Jack Ng, at Reply

    honestly these radicalized feminism fucked up feminism just like it did with atheism plus

    • Posted by Jack Ng, at Reply

      Also there are no problems with gaming Mike Hawk… please come up with better arguments.

    • Posted by da da, at Reply

      radical feminists aren’t hillary supporters lol

    • Posted by Charles Dunseth, at Reply

      da da Actually, surprisingly, many of them are. “Radical” seems to have a different meaning nowadays.

    • Posted by da da, at Reply

      Radical means establishment hack, so that we can drown out actual radical voices.

    • Posted by Charles Dunseth, at Reply

      Yeah, apparently. Which makes me wonder whether we should consider ourselves more “radical” than radical feminists or less “radical “ These terms are so much more indeterminate than they used to be. Like so many others here have done, I’ve decided to abandon all of these labels and just show solidarity for women’s – and other – struggles around the world. Someone else here suggested that we should adopt the term “humanist egalitarian” (Humanist in the truly universal sense and egalitarian in the robust sense, not the stripped-down rightwing libertarian sense). Maybe that’s better.

  14. Posted by vikipoyta, at Reply

    lol TYT discovers feminist insanity

    • Posted by David Stewart1, at Reply

      This was an exhausting thread to read. +Murray the Mac Why do you keep asking people what equality movements they support? What an annoying question. What equality movements do you support?

    • Posted by vikipoyta, at Reply

      haha I don´t have to pause to shitpost, and I knew what this video was going to be before I even clicked on it. TYT is the most predictable shitshow on the internet; if they ever criticize their own they have to fill most of the video up with how it´s really someone else who´s the problem.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Thanks for confirming you’re dumber than originally accused and so blinded by your own bullshit that you couldn’t notice the only predictable & commonly seen host up there was Jimmy Dore. Meaning you were instantly wrong in many ways. Troll harder, cupcake. 😉

  15. Posted by Buttered Toast, at Reply

    I love Jimmy’s rants

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      I like his pants.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      Buttered Toast Jimmy Dore is the man

    • Posted by Missilanious, at Reply

      Jimmy and Nomi need to do a show together one day. Funny how TYT politics and Jimmy Dore bring the best to the TYT table contently.

    • Posted by djaceman123, at Reply

      Jimmy the Llama.

  16. Posted by White Rabbit, at Reply

    Feminism ruins women. Bernie has done more to stand up for womens rights than crooked Hillary. Feminist only hate Bernie because he is a male.

    • Posted by angelG14, at Reply

      so you are saying women nowadays are *not* people? wtf lol feminists being once again completely trapped in their own bubble

    • Posted by Maddie Siegmund, at Reply

      No….But to clarify

      Throughout history and all of the philosophy and law written the standard of human was the male. This is a logical continuity if one believes Man was created in God’s own form and Woman was created from his rib (basically has no independent creation). This stuff matters less now but it has dominated most cultures until VERY recently.

      It still matters because in the west there are still places (Ireland, Poland, Ecuador, US legislators) that deny abortion if a woman is disabled, underage victim of incest rape, or suicidal. Even if life does begin at conception, how can a fully living person be regarded as so much less important than a fetus? There is more I could bring up socially and legislatively buuuut I’ve already wasted way too much time on this comment – back to work for me.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      White Rabbit… Wrong. I’m a feminist. I support Bernie and I think this woman is a neo-lib, Clintonite fool.

    • Posted by Nathan Long, at Reply

      White Rabbit you’re right 3rd wave feminism is no longer need we can’t go too feministic before we slide back down to Islam or woman slavery we gotta put identity politics aside and live on this planet together anyone can still be a leader it’s just the matter on who you represent and focus on.

    • Posted by Avrysatos, at Reply

      Lots of feminists supported Bernie. That’s why they attacked feminists for supporting him. Being insulted for not voting for someone I could google and find 10 times she flip flopped on an issue while telling us she always supported it, watching the way she treated black voters, watching the way she treated voters in the rural areas of the country, I would throw my vote in with sanders in the primary again if it were run today.

      2/3rds of minimum wage earners are women. Bernie was fighting for the minimum wage to slowly be raised to a decent living wage.

      Universal healthcare benefits everyone, but particularly impoverished families, many of which are single mothers who do not have a spouse for some reason or another.

      AND HE WASN’T OWNED BY THE BANKS…(biggest plus there)

      So no, feminism doesn’t ruin women. Dumbass women who want to compromise the goals of equality to get a woman in the Whitehouse ruin feminism.

  17. Posted by Feral Kimchi, at Reply

    Great example of the regressive left. She certainly doesn’t represent my brand of progressivism.

    • Posted by YogGroove, at Reply

      Mine either. We have to cleanse this regressive nonsense out.

    • Posted by gnarki111, at Reply

      Feral Kimchi gratz you’re a parrot. go back to your ego chamber and watch some more boom head shots.

    • Posted by Mc_Laggin, at Reply

      Thank God Hannah wasn’t on this story.

  18. Posted by Urius Tosh, at Reply

    Western feminism is pretty much white privilege feminism. It’s exceptionally flawed and narrow in its focus.

    • Posted by Chewbacca Fresh, at Reply

      Urius Tosh yeah. They were in on the heist, but are pissed because they didn’t get their cut.