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The Threat Nobody Wants To Name, The White Terrorist


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  1. Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

    funny how the racists who think theyre the “master race” always look like ugly basement-dwelling neckbeards

    • Posted by Tchannel Frim, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 ‘regressive’ is an adjective, moron. You never liked book learnin’, we know.

    • Posted by Tchannel Frim, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 why are all of you drooling half-breeds obsessed with this ‘cuck’ idea? Is it because your reading level is below the national average and you think it’s a provocative insult? Or is it just sexual insecurity?

  2. Posted by The Pussy Diaries, at Reply

    White people disgust me. They’re literally everything that’s wrong with this planet.

    • Posted by Grail Colon, at Reply

      Larry Gopnik Do not be ashamed of your race, man. As I said, this has nothing to do with skin color, and the man in the video is just a bad person. Anything whites have done throughout history, is something any race would most likely have done if they were under the same circumstances. Because we’re all human

    • Posted by Grail Colon, at Reply

      The Phantom Thieves of Hearts I’m neither. Puerto Rico is part of the US, so Puerto Rican’s are US citizens. And even then, Puerto Rican’s have Spaniard blood in them, not Mexican. As well as a specific Native American tribe. So nice try making a failed attempt at a joke/roast. Puerto Rican’s come in varying combinations of Spanish, Taino Indian, and African, and most have very little African. So you’ll see pale Puerto Rican’s, dark Puerto Rican’s, and anywhere in between. My skin is pretty light, basically white person light, and I also have some Cuban in me, so I’m a mostly Spanish Puerto Rican, rather than Taino Indian or African

  3. Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

    Of course not. He’s white and white people are not terrorists apparently. You see, only non whites are terrorists you see! America is a fucked up racist country that is basically Nazi Germany 2.0. Land of the free….home of the Nazi’s!! American foundation has been layed by race, when the Natives were near Mass Genocide and African Slavery. The whites masterbate over race and it’s pathetic! Well done America!

    • Posted by Chris Warmuth, at Reply

      Have you ever been to America? You have a very ignorant view of it.

    • Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

      +Chris Warmuth Yes I have. You see my grandfather’s fought in WWII to eradicate fascism. Yet when I went to New York and saw for myself how some act? Let’s just say, those people spat on their grandfather’s graves. As they themselves represented the exact same thing that their grandfather’s fought so hard for. It’s sad that some Americans are like that but Trumps election proved their ignorance.

    • Posted by Chris Warmuth, at Reply

      In what way did those people act? And apparently you don’t understand Trump’s election.

  4. Posted by Miscellaneous, at Reply

    In Europe we worry a little about terrorism but at least we know things will never get 1/10th as dangerous as in the USA with 300 million guns floating about amongst the dumbest population on Earth.

    • Posted by Miscellaneous, at Reply

      Rodrick Garcia That’s why you don’t know where to put an apostrophe. Europe doesn’t bow to the USA, as Donnie said, we’re laughing at you, dumb dumb.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Lol the USA isn’t even in the top 30 of most dangerous countries in the world

    • Posted by Miscellaneous, at Reply

      The Phantom Thieves of Hearts Lol, if you compare yourselves to third world nations and war torn states. Compared to the developed nations of the world you are the pitz.

  5. Posted by XxGR3YW01FxX, at Reply

    Why doesn’t TYT talk about the hate within the Muslim community towards Westerners and Western values?

    • Posted by FPSmoose, at Reply

      Atty’s Thoughts lmao u people are pathetic. such losers. Islam is growing. the fastest growing religion on the planet. 50+ thousand convert every year. no matter how much you people try to demonize it it’s having no effects.

    • Posted by XxGR3YW01FxX, at Reply

      Atty’s Thoughts Tell that to the Muslim migrants in Northern and Western Europe. I just referenced an international crisis and placed them with me. Gotcha! ๐Ÿ˜

    • Posted by XxGR3YW01FxX, at Reply

      FPSmoose Oh yeah, I am pretty sure the desert, poverty, war, and diseases is a cozy environment to nourish such ample growth of Western-hating religious zealots.

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      +Nasima Narukahn Sweden never bombed them but were attacked, why is that?

  6. Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

    Terrorists dont represent any Race.

    • Posted by Spirit of the Fox, at Reply

      That’s exactly the conclusion of that video – if you watched it.

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      mick stot they exist they they r not representative of the race just like Islamic terrorists r not representative of Islam

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      Spirit of the Fox Thats the conclusion, the message in the video is gud but the title of the video is misleading

    • Posted by mick stot, at Reply

      Football-Pundit…white supremacists represent white people against other colours. pretty obvious i would’ve thought

  7. Posted by NeoCryptic, at Reply

    Tyt literally are more upset about this than 22 children being blown up, agenda.

    • Posted by Michael ๋งˆ์ตํ˜ Aronson, at Reply

      “Don’t give this guy the attention”

      He says, unable to stop replying.

    • Posted by NeoCryptic, at Reply

      hahahah I deleted my comment in under 3 seconds to see if you would beable to see it in time, Keep sweating at that keyboard you skinny little virgin boy

    • Posted by Michael ๋งˆ์ตํ˜ Aronson, at Reply

      “hahahah I deleted my comment”

      Whoa dude, you’re really succeeding at not replying to me.

  8. Posted by Patrick Briggs, at Reply


    White people commit most of the terrorism in the world, but when we do it, it’s called “war” not “jihad”… and that makes all the difference.

    • Posted by Ali Eid, at Reply

      Patrick Briggs u got me wrong brother I mean do you mean by that

    • Posted by Patrick Briggs, at Reply


      I mean that the US uses violence against civilians for political reasons all over the world. We have the world largest military and are currently fighting seven wars on foreign soil… not on USA soil… which was itself stolen by white Christian Terrorism.

      None of the countries we are attacking have attacked us.

      That’s what I mean.

      When the West uses terrorism it is for resources, power, and cash. When Muslim commit terrorism they are doing it for revenge as a rule.

    • Posted by Controversy Owl, at Reply

      +Patrick Briggsโ€‹โ€‹
      If only the president, and the most powerful man in the highest office of the US, and the leader free world, was black. Then the white terrorism would stop.

    • Posted by Patrick Briggs, at Reply


      Actually it seems the other way ’round. Or haven’t you been keeping up with the up tick in hate crimes going on across the USA, since the orange idiot was elected?

      As far as your Obama reference goes, Obama just implemented and expanded policies that have been set for decades…. by white people.

      Maybe if you read some history?

      I recommend Howard Zinn.

  9. Posted by Holly Figueroa, at Reply

    As a white person, I can honestly say in earnest…. White people are assholes.

    • Posted by Holly Figueroa, at Reply

      I love this whole self hate thing everyone has been throwing at me. I am white, and I know history, and white people have been a destructive force in the world for centuries, especially Christian ones. We are entitled little shits who believe the whole world is our personal little sandbox, and whoever is in our way isn’t important enough to matter so we just destroy them and keep gobbling up power. Sure, humans are assholes in general and no race is innocent, but white people have a special entitled attitude that makes it all just that much nastier. This is not an opinion, it is happening right now. It has been happening since the first Neanderthal picked up a shiny rock and the first Sapien beat him in the head until it let him have it. We are parasites. So of that means I suffer from “white guilt” or “self hate” just because I am willing to admit that we are fucked up…… Well, at least I am not hurting anyone to prove my point.

    • Posted by Iron Taker, at Reply

      Holly Figueroa I think you mixed up whites with Jews…

    • Posted by Holly Figueroa, at Reply

      Really? So Jews enslaved millions and killed millions of others in camps? Jews have been systematically oppressed since the beginning of recorded time, anything that they might control now, they earned with their own blood sweat and tears. You know who killed them and threw them into ovens? WHITE PEOPLE!

    • Posted by axe863, at Reply

      I really feel pity for Holly. Her ignorance of global history and her brainwashing is so extreme, that shes borderline pathological. By “white people”, I assume she means people living under Western civilization. Almost every large grouping of people has committed atrocities like genocides and slavery. In many cases, the duration and severity of slavery was much more extreme in those other groupings. Western civilization is unique in two regards, generating prosperity through its efficient implementation of capitalism and freedom of expression.

  10. Posted by Nytefury, at Reply

    So outside of his colour being white, what doctrines did he hold consistent with white people? Is there some white person book that tells white people to kill people I don’t own a copy of? Keeping in mind 3 white people interceded and 2 died and by labelling this white terror with zero basis you dishonour those who died to stop it.

    I also like when there are Muslim bombings that kill 100, injure 500 you don’t say Muslim terrorist 50 times like you do here, you tend to gloss over it, mention Dylann Roof a few times and move on… The hypocrisy is real.

    • Posted by James Russell, at Reply

      See, that’s where most people make mistakes. They cherry pick on certain hadiths without looking at the hadithas a whole which would have painted a totally different picture. To say that the majority of Muslims are being ignorant about how the Quran actually promotes peace is just plain arrogance. That’s billions of Muslims, practising Muslims, who have a totally different view of the Quran than you. How many times in the Quran is the Prophet mentioned?

      Nytefury, I feel sorry for you. If you were Muslim, the terrorist will have an easy time indoctrinating you to become one of them simply because you chose to believe the Quran is a book of hatred and violence. It would be so easy for them to mess with your mind and make you strap an explosive on your chest.

  11. Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

    As a centrist who doesn’t subscribe to the right left bullshit only logic, the amount of right wing terroism is no where close to the amount to Islamic terror attacks that occur on a global scale, when people say if the perpetrator was Muslim it had to be terroism but because he’s white it isn’t as such. This is a false statement because any attack done by a Muslim in the present day, it is almost always because they are doing it in the name of islam whether as if the person was white if could be for a variety of different reasons in which people quickly want to cast blame on the exact motive when the evidence isn’t put forth. When you hear of a bomb attack or a massacre in the western world, tyt tends to be extremely reluctant to label it an Islamic attack whilst everyone knows who the perpetrator is because it’s become far too common.

    • Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

      Terroism is prevalent in the USA certainly but Islamic terroism in the USA kills a lot more people per attack and not every mass shooting is a right wing prick who got upset and decided to kill. mcveigh, roof are the obvious ones of course but the tsarnaev brothers, chatanooga, Mateen in Orlando, the Washington snipers and the numerous failed terror attacks that have occurred only goes to show that Islamic terror and right wing terror are equivalent in occurrence in the us but not as devastating.

    • Posted by TheRjmayer, at Reply

      ISIS calls it war too. You can call it happy fun time or peanut butter toast and it doesn’t change what it is.

    • Posted by Clubber Lang, at Reply

      The IRA is very broad, there are different “The IRA” that span over eras and political ideologies (right and left wing). Even if we granted all “The IRA” into a single group, I would need a citation to whether they’ve committed the most terrorism.

    • Posted by Patrick Briggs, at Reply


      We actually created the Taliban and ISIS and AlQ… in some cases we literally armed and trained these groups.

      We did it in Afghanistan to oppose the Soviet Union. We are doing it now in Syria with ISIS affiliated groups we call “rebel fighters” as revealed in the Podesta emails.

      So, doesn’t make a lot of sense to claim that the casualties we cause in war are “accidental” or “just happen” when we are the ones who provide the arms, start the wars and exploit the resources which are left after we’ve created refugees of the villagers who used to live on the land above the oil well…

      Not only does it no make any sense, it’s not even particularly honest.

      So, just because we kill innocents in the name of fundamental profit, that makes us better than Muslims who you think are killing in the name of Allah?

      So, what happens is that US corporations go in and use any number of well known but heinous methods for obtaining resources, this riles up the locals who start looking for an organizing force to resist the onslaught.

      Islam like all religion is a power organizing force in the face of persecution… just like Christianity was in Rome, and during the Christian conquest of the Western Hemisphere.

    • Posted by TheRjmayer, at Reply

      Truth, ISIS was formed by detainees that we tortured in Abu Ghraib

  12. Posted by Angelo Julioth, at Reply

    Terrorism HAS NO COLOR, so let us put WHITE TERRORIST in the title.
    Anyway, is Cenk Uygur still denying the Armenian genocide perpetuated by the young turks?

    • Posted by Angel Castillo, at Reply

      Angelo Julioth The channel has been running on YouTube for more than a decade, they explained exactly what The Young Turks means and they know the history of it but they picked it apart and explained why they chose it so why are you bothered by it now??

    • Posted by Ghyslain Abel, at Reply

      Machbeth642, the article Cenk wrote about it is . He since retracted it.

  13. Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

    A surge in right-wing radicalism and a surge of hate crimes against Muslims since Trump took office.

  14. Posted by CROM USASTEEL, at Reply

    TYT loves to make white people look bad. And because of that, this happens Notice they didn’t call him a terrorist? It’s because it was a hate crime.

    • Posted by Angel Castillo, at Reply

      Also from what I’ve been reading from several news sources, attacks against Muslims and mosques have actually increased, mostly based from right-wing nationalist groups, so yeah if you’re going to threaten people and tell them to “leave America if you don’t like freedom” and “Death to America’s enemies” then you’re no different than a Islamic terrorist, terrorism is terrorism and this guy is a terrorist.

    • Posted by CROM USASTEEL, at Reply

      It’s not terrorism because he’s a known white supremacists. So it will be labeled a hate crime.

    • Posted by Angel Castillo, at Reply

      CROM USASTEEL You’re right, it’s a hate crime and he killed 2 innocent WHITE men that were defending these girls that were being attacked by a white terrorist, sorry, nationalist and where are these heroes now?? Dead because he stabbed them and almost killed a 3rd man. How far will things have to get until they pay serious attention to this situation that has been aggravated not by this video, but the ignorant attitudes of people that try to play out “patriotism” as an excuse to attack and kill innocent people?? Think on that.

  15. Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply
    For anyone who is interested in actual facts. Probably not many TYT viewers, then.

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      James Russell I bet you don’t watch Fox News, but most people can see through their agenda well enough to criticise them without having to. In the same way, TYT’s modus operandi is pretty clear to everyone at this point.

  16. Posted by Mr Street, at Reply

    Terrorism have no race and have no religion ! It’s just a human hatred towards the others .

    • Posted by SeKToR, at Reply

      Tell that to all of the media and the fucking conservatives.

    • Posted by J B, at Reply

      Mr Street

  17. Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

    TYT reporting on the Manchester terrorist attack “maybe it was IRA?” no mention of Islamic terrorism. no second video when as usual it was an Islamic terrorist. then a white bloke stabs people. TYT = we got ANOTHER WHITE TERRORIST on our hands……

    • Posted by BbguM gnarl, at Reply

      Sam Vimes fair point,glad others can see tyt bias,I still watch the fuckers though.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +BbguM gnarl the way I see it if they are going to refuse to report the ethnicity and colour of terrorists when they are Brown and Muslim they need to do the same when that terrorist us white and Christian otherwise they are simply hypocrites.

  18. Posted by 15CharactersMax, at Reply

    White guy TYT plasters his face and name everywhere, yet you hide the faces of black killers? You are gross.

    • Posted by 15CharactersMax, at Reply

      136iti I don’t care about what is or isn’t my responsibility. TYT have videos on their channel that blurred out black and Muslim murderers because they didn’t want to give attention to those killers but all bets are off when it’s a white guy. Feel free to search or not.

    • Posted by Damon Scott, at Reply

      136iti In TYT’s original video about the Facebook killer, they blocked out the black killer’s face. You can find it here on youtube.

    • Posted by 136iti, at Reply

      Damon Scott thank you! that was all I was asking for. I’ll go watch it now.