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The Tiles Are Lava! | Viral Videos


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This little child will certainly NOT cross the black floor tiles at the mall! Have a look at this funny moment captured on video! Submit your funny videos to AFV!

The Black Floor tiles Are Lava!|Viral Video clips


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  3. Posted by Shawn Dye, at Reply

    1st! – that is funny! Lol

  4. Posted by Leah Animates // Calicia The Knight Cat, at Reply

    XDDDDDD DDD lollololoollll

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  7. Posted by whutzat, at Reply

    Babies do not have depth perception, that’s why he’s doing that.

  8. Posted by AsianUnicorn, at Reply

    some say that he’s still behind the black tiles

  9. Posted by tulip 3650, at Reply

    I think he feels it’s a deep pit.

  10. Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

    This clip goes on for four minutes like this…I don’t think they ever left that mall lol

    • Posted by Khady Khady, at Reply

      America’s Funniest Home Videos lol what happend at the end ???