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The Time For A Living Wage Is NOW!


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On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss a living wage for America's working class. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss McDonald’s protestors, fake news, government spying, and Obama’s hidden torture tactics.

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  1. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    You want minimum wage to go up, yet you think illegal immigrants (who lower
    wages) Is fine.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Apple Jack No really, you are mindless

    • Posted by Gargie396, at Reply

      show me one instance of a illegal aka mexican who speaks minimalistic
      English getting a job that pays 7+ dollars an hour.

  2. Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

    Minimum wage should be linked to house prices in the area. Can’t be less
    than a quarter of the average house price annually for a 40 hour week.

    There should also be a maximum wage where CEOs can’t get paid more than 100
    times the lowest paid worker in their company, including bonuses.

    • Posted by slippyC73, at Reply

      +The Reeper go on believing that lie… So in Denmark it is about $20hr
      McD’s and Australia it is over $15hr.

      Yea, those Industries are getting destroyed…

    • Posted by The Reeper, at Reply

      +slippyC73 you also just mention nations that have HUGE social safety nets
      and EXTREME taxes, IE not the same place as the USA [at least Denmark, also
      are you doing the conversion for currency? also cost of living is needed to
      be factored in as well

  3. Posted by CoolCommander08, at Reply

    $30,000 was barely a living wage 20 years ago. Today forget it.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Tyrone Biggums Yeah, but then you live at McDonalds.

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      I’ve lived comfortably off 30,000. I had a car and could pay all my bills.
      Of course, I didn’t decide that starting a family on that wage was a
      brilliant idea either …

    • Posted by ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ, at Reply

      Stop buying the iPhones, expensive phone plans, 4K tvs, eating fast food
      every day, pointless cable TV, and you’ll be find with 30K a year.

    • Posted by AbusivePersian, at Reply

      ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ Not in a large metropolitan area. Rent is atleast 15k and 30k is
      not what you keep after taxes and other deductions.

  4. Posted by RUdigitized, at Reply

    15 dollars an hour minimum wage = mcdonalds run by robots.

    • Posted by John Marks, at Reply

      So is your answer to let rich people do whatever they want and just keep
      our mouths shut?

    • Posted by rainick, at Reply

      Incorrect. The minimum wage will have a negligible impact on automation.
      Automation is coming to everything, and will be cheaper then humans under
      every circumstance. There is no avoiding it.

    • Posted by Guernicaman, at Reply

      Automation is going to happen whether we like it or not. That’s why I
      prefer a monthly allowance solution over a monthly living wage.

    • Posted by Gargie396, at Reply

      They wont because they will no longer be able to justify higher prices.

  5. Posted by AboveasBelow, at Reply

    If your job isn’t adding more profit than you are demanding to be paid,
    then they cannot give you that raise.

    • Posted by nigling, at Reply

      Or maybe, the system hasn’t changed since cavemen were around. If you have
      no value to bring to the tribe you are outcasted, same way if you don’t
      bring value to a corporation then you are paid minimum wage. This has
      nothing to do with left or right, now if you want a janitor to get paid the
      same as a doctor then the only solution is communism where everyone is
      equally a serf or peasant to the ruling class in government. But on the
      bright side you get free healthcare free money free housing free
      everything, in exchange you give up your freedom and your ambition to
      better yourself. North Korea is a perfect society for many liberals who
      want free everything.

    • Posted by AboveasBelow, at Reply

      wow triggered

    • Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

      +AboveasBelow The problem with your statement is the *should* part. I think
      you are right that they will. But should is teleological, and hence, here,
      ideological. Jobs aren’t destroyed for normative reasons, only that many
      low wage employees may generate less profit then fewer skilled ones
      operating highly capitalized operations. Over the long duree, the process
      intensifies, leading to a bigger low wage vs. few employed problem, but it
      is only a problem for us as people. Capitalism is not inherently a
      normative system, it is a profits system.

    • Posted by AboveasBelow, at Reply

      +MaoTseFunkadelic A great quote- “Capitalism is the greatest flawed system
      ever created.”

  6. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend a non-living wage.

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      +AR Rains Some people only have the ability to do simple skills like menial
      labor (housekeeping, burger flipping, waitressing, cashiering, etc), not
      all men are created equal.

    • Posted by Shadownite, at Reply

      I’ll just summarize what my comment was gonna be before accidentally
      clicking out of notifications.

      7.25 is ridiculously low for minimum wage. If we had kept up with
      inflation, the minimum wage would be a little over $10. I agree that
      raising the minimum wage exponentially in an instant would ruin the
      economy. Which is why its going to take baby steps to finally get to a
      living wage.

  7. Posted by Dawson Brown, at Reply

    Eliminate the minimum wage entirely

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      +rainick Maybe. If there were no minimum wage, labor demand supply may fall
      as companies pick and choose who to hire and what to pay them. Alot of
      people would NOT choose to work for many companies as if there were no
      minimum wage, companies will try to give them the lowest wage possible
      while forcing them to work long hours and meet high standards.

    • Posted by Joseph, at Reply

      +TheUltimateBeing01 .. I agree, but it’s a matter of degrees. Minimum wage
      seems to be one of the last targets of the
      corporatist/plutocrat/libertarian pions who have been propagandized to by
      Cato institute.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      +Azamat Bagatov You really think the quality of work would INCREASE with no
      wage floor? Companies would pay DIRT to their workers! Especially unskilled
      and uneducated workers! Corporations would pick and choose who to hire like
      never before and only pay them the bare minimum to get the work done. If
      all the businesses do that, people would BE FORCED to settle for low wages,
      which would set the market equilibrium for wages BELOW what the minimum
      wage is and could have been. Who would want to even work for peanuts????
      That’s why labor supply (I meant to say supply) would fall! Because fewer
      people would be willing to work! Not until companies start paying more then
      maybe the wages would rise to a decent level!

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      You guys need to read up on the industrial revolution they had no minimum
      wage and check what living conditions were.

  8. Posted by john cook, at Reply

    I’m 56 make a measly $10 an hour I work over 40hours a week and still can’t
    pay my bills.

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      Retro did you really just say his problems are not the governments
      problems? That’s the point of democracy.

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      No, Its not the gov concern, and we are not a democracy and no, thats not
      the point of it.

    • Posted by Alien Grey Mothership, at Reply

      cool beans What is the point of a government that doesn’t take care of its

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      Alien Grey Mothership. First off, don’t put words in my mouth. Second, the
      governments purpose is to serve basic but limited services to its people.
      this includes things like police, military, firefighters, postal services,
      unemployment, welfare, ext. ethier way you look at it, rule of law is
      vital, otherwise anarchy would dictate. However, government is not
      responsible for your well being or life choices. Ony YOU are responsible
      for yourself.

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      john cook read my comment. You are responsible for your own income. its not
      the governments fault you can’t live lavishly.

  9. Posted by Guernicaman, at Reply

    The federal government must either:
    1. Guarantee a living wage, or
    2. Provide every citizen a monthly allowance

    • Posted by Yo Bo, at Reply

      Agree we need universal basic income. When the .01% have the same as the
      99% there is something wrong. Its like they’re trying to have a large
      portion of the world population starve themselves. Why must there be
      thousands of billionaires with tens of billions of dollars? There’s only so
      many yachts you can buy unless you burn one everyday.

    • Posted by ファビオ魔王, at Reply

      Oh yes then we can become Sweden and when the money runs out, hunt birds on
      the streets because we are starving

    • Posted by 17Seventysix, at Reply

      oh yea you will love Orwellian 1984 agenda 21 wouldn’t ya, idiot lol

    • Posted by Guernicaman, at Reply

      If we don’t do one of these two, capitalism will collapse just like
      communism did. Mark my words. It’s unsustainable.

  10. Posted by dank, at Reply

    stop having kids, they won’t have the same opportunities as you, and they
    won’t be able to get jobs wit their liberal arts degrees.

    • Posted by dank, at Reply

      +A Torres lol i hate that term, but you know i’m right dude

    • Posted by Sy Sharp, at Reply

      It is not laughable, many people are wasting their time and other peoples

    • Posted by dank, at Reply

      +BR at least blacks go into trades, instead of wasting their lives away
      working at starbucks with an underwater basketweaving degreee haha

    • Posted by A Torres, at Reply

      dank true

    • Posted by BR, at Reply

      +dank Clearly not enough, since 40% are on welfare lol!

  11. Posted by BR, at Reply

    Burger flippers aren’t worth 15$ an hour fucktards

    • Posted by Starry2000, at Reply

      The burger flippers are worth about 25.00/hr and still profitable. That was
      the initial base line back when these laws were established and we greatly
      benefited. What has changed is the introduction of ‘international’
      companies which are actually proxies of hostile nations. Their entry into
      our land and economy was politically based and if we dare to try and shake
      them our, they threaten discord and dumping of the currency (US Dollars)
      that they are hoarding. They have slowly been siphoning more and more
      dollars over a period of time for hostile interests which is why we have
      been more productive than ever yet seem to financially stagnate. Foreign
      interests acting through companies are a parasite that we are needlessly
      feeding. Our government is weak to let them basically rape us.

    • Posted by BR, at Reply

      +Starry2000 It would be a disgrace for a burger flipper to make more than
      rookie police

    • Posted by Pugilist Fanatic, at Reply

      +BR Rookie police should get paid more, too…What aren’t you getting?

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      Thx to Bush Jr.— Burger Fipping and the a like; makeup most of the
      jobs…. tssss

  12. Posted by bennettfred61, at Reply

    my sis works two jobs to feed her kids and I have still help her get more

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      Two full time jobs at the same time? She’s probably gonna die young from
      complications someday.

    • Posted by bennettfred61, at Reply

      Shining Star she I married and he has had it rough as a contractor . I am
      just a cook trying to make it since my last kitchen manager gig gave her a
      turkey to feed them that both have jobs and I am scared there kids won’t
      eat since my sis fought to get of food stamps,she wanted to stand up her
      self and the job market is being rough

    • Posted by bennettfred61, at Reply

      I meant that she fought to get off food stamps and wants to do more on her
      own . I would like more tech job training so we don’t outsource to other
      countries plus maybe a living wage that struggling Americans can possibly
      feed their families oh and and a healthcare that helps the working class

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      +bennettfred61 Most people like to eat nice meals at nice restaurants, your
      work is valuable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
      Businesses want to outsource because minimum wages in other 3rd countries
      are like $2/hr. Unfortunately jobs aren’t likely to come back to America
      unless we get rid of the minimum wage and start paying slave wages.

  13. Posted by Truth Speaker, at Reply

    I work in a convenience store, after travel expenses and bills, I’m left
    with next to nothing, the job is absolutely horrendous, both mentally and
    physically, I’m 36 and I am trapped doing something I hate just to survive,
    I am, for all intensive purposes a slave.

    • Posted by kane legacy, at Reply


    • Posted by Truth Speaker, at Reply

      +Novusod No, I’m white

    • Posted by LockedGT, at Reply

      Yeah dude, that’s bullshit. I feel you man, and anyone with an ounce of
      empathy hopes you find your place.

    • Posted by 123lowp, at Reply

      you suck at life… sorry

  14. Posted by Daniel Bostock, at Reply

    A living wage won’t work, it never works. If you force the job market to
    pay a higher wage, prices go up, less people are employed and unskilled
    people become even less employable.
    Lower taxes and regulations and there’s no reason for things to cost more.

    • Posted by Ben Chesterman, at Reply

      Australia going backwards because of socialism

    • Posted by Ben Chesterman, at Reply

      Small business and big business closing Australia

    • Posted by Patrick Walters, at Reply

      Daniel Bostock evidence please

  15. Posted by Chama B., at Reply

    Rich people…wealthy people really don’t care that much if at all. They
    just don’t. According to them poor people are poor because they want to be
    and that is it.

    • Posted by orderoutofchaos621, at Reply

      The difference now is technology. In the past, poor people had a place in
      society (working in factories, mines etc.). Now it’s different, technology
      will allow automation to be cheaper and vastly more productive than low
      skilled human labor. The poor and badly educated will become a burden on
      society when this happens.

    • Posted by REDPotriats757, at Reply

      possibly, but it would be there own fault. Who made them stay poor and
      badly uneducated.

    • Posted by Ben Chesterman, at Reply

      Live beyond your means

    • Posted by Chama B., at Reply

      and for folks who jobs got outsourced? Alot of wages have stagnated for
      years now. Not everybody is living for Instagram. 50 years old out here
      trying to compete against 21 years olds who will work for a pittance? But
      hey..that’s their fault too yes? it’s always easy to have no empathy when
      you’re doing ok and your future is looking right. that’s alright, though. I
      mean…it is what it is in the twenty-sixteen. eff them. they shoulda never
      got old.

  16. Posted by timespacedub, at Reply

    15$ an hour full time equates to barely over 30k BEFORE taxes. Everyone
    posting acts like this is a big deal; people need to realize that there
    needs to be a shift of wealth from the top to the bottom

    • Posted by Leigh Statum, at Reply

      you don’t know what communism is do you

    • Posted by timespacedub, at Reply

      Michal Purzycki you don’t know what oligarchy or plutocracy are do you.
      We’re the richest country in the world and greed keeps basic rights away
      from the masses

    • Posted by Michal Purzycki, at Reply

      what basic human rights are being denied in the United States? That is an
      absurd statement

    • Posted by timespacedub, at Reply

      Michal Purzycki not basic but affordable healthcare and education. People
      simply can’t afford these. That and most can’t afford quality food, or

  17. Posted by Sir Charles Mormont, at Reply

    I honestly don’t understand why, as a country, we seem to have developed an
    active contempt for honest work. Honest, full time work should grant you a
    comfortable, living wage. That should be the motivation for work. If you
    work, you can earn a living. If you work hard, then you can get ahead. If
    you work hard and pursue an education, then you can get further ahead.
    Instead, we trap people in multiple, low paying jobs with irregular
    schedules that deprive them of any chance to schedule further education and
    training, let alone things like child care, and sap their energy just to
    have a roof and food and then we shovel on contempt because they didn’t
    magically find time and money to retrain for a new career. I will never
    forget the day I went to the break room, sweating, after stocking shelves
    for an hour. I had taken on an extra shift in a different department and I
    received a 10 minute break during which to shovel some junk food down my
    gullet. In the break room, Bill O’Reilly was on the TV opining shelf
    stockers’ silly and unreasonable demand for a living wage. I was outraged.
    How dare someone whose job is to sit on TV and talk for an hour earn
    millions whilst disparaging real hard work? He was telling me I didn’t
    deserve a living wage. What does that really mean? I don’t deserve food?
    Shelter? Medicine when I’m sick? A little padding to go see a movie now and
    then on my day off and enjoy my life? The time and resources necessary to
    better myself by pursuing training in other fields? Work used to lead to
    opportunity. Now, it just leads to more work. To quote a famous scene: “I
    could have been a contender. I could have had class. I could have been
    somebody. Instead of a bum which, let’s face it, is what I am.” Frankly, I
    don’t know how to live in a world in which it seems like half of the
    country is trying to kick me while I’m down, and every year, I get a little
    more tired of smiling at their ungrateful, entitled faces while I spend my
    holidays and weekends bowing and scraping to them.

    • Posted by Dachusblot, at Reply

      College degrees are already basically worth the equivalent of what a high
      school diploma used to be. Most students in high schools are told they
      *need* to go to college in order to get a job. Almost everything my high
      school students do is oriented on the idea of getting into college. That’s
      not their fault; it’s the way our culture has progressed. It’s competition
      at work. Is it unhealthy? Yes. Should people be able to get decent jobs
      without a college degree, like they they used to? Yes. But that’s not how
      it is, and you can’t just tell people not to go to college when they’ve
      been taught their whole lives that they can’t succeed without it.

    • Posted by Rob Cooper, at Reply

      +Wanda Setzer Didn’t you hear him? We all just need to shut up and thank
      the masters for giving us some of their crumbs! If we just work harder for
      master, maybe master will give us a few more crumbs! Only stupid whiners
      protest income inequality … smh

    • Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

      +Michal Purzycki you make one accurate point in your description of college
      degrees: Too many students approach college with the wrong mindset and just
      pick the easiest major. Instead of approaching it with an intention of
      learning what they need to prepare themselves for gainful employment they
      approach it with a “four more years of school I don’t want to be in”
      mindset. In those instances, I would agree that they should not get free

      In order to qualify for free college education it should be the kind of
      education that will prepare the students for productive jobs in society.
      The overall focus should be on Science, Technology, Education, Math.
      However, Business and Art programs still have their place and allowances
      should be made for those that display aptitude in those areas. We need
      business minded individuals to help organize that pieces that make
      successfully corporations and we have a demand for artists, musicians,
      writers, etc throughout the various forms of our entertainment media.
      Artists also play their role in designing the aesthetics of our homes and
      our cars and everything else we see and make use of in our day to day

      All programs should require certain performance levels to be achieved and
      maintained. For those that can’t make it through the regular college
      programs, there are still vocational technology programs that they could be
      trained in.

      The main point being that education should be provided that will allow
      people to qualify for and perform skill requiring jobs.

    • Posted by Wanda Setzer, at Reply

      ActosMagus, do you think there will be no more museums? No more libraries?
      No one buying books? Nobody designing clothing? No more chefs? No lawyers?
      You left out a bit of stuff.

    • Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

      +Wanda Setzer I would consider Museums and Libraries positions to fall
      under the sciences (Archaeology, Anthropology, Library Science, etc). Law I
      hadn’t thought of, it would be easy to joke that we have far too many
      lawyers as it is but law of course is important not just for lawyers but
      law enforcement and government officials as well. I would consider many of
      the other fields to be vocational in nature. The overall important thing is
      to provide people with education that will lead to jobs.

      This old quote is horrible cliched, but: “If you give a man a fish, you’ll
      feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, he can feed himself for
      a lifetime.” The same principle could be applied to jobs in today’s society.

  18. Posted by Heat Seeker, at Reply

    Why do people have kids that they can’t sustain?!?

    • Posted by TastyPeachGames, at Reply

      +Heat Seeker It’s a sad world we live in. That’s why we want a better life
      and future for our loved ones and children.

    • Posted by 0110110011011101102, at Reply


    • Posted by TastyPeachGames, at Reply

      +0110110011011101102 Are you mentally challenged? Children are the new
      generation. If we ‘kill’ them. Future generations will never happen. I
      can’t believe people like you are still roaming around in our society,

    • Posted by 0110110011011101102, at Reply

      +TastyPeachGames The /S means I was being sarcastic.

      P.S I do agree with your sentiment, about the importance of children.

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      I worked with a woman who had four kids, made $8/hr, was on welfare, and
      had no man in the household. But it’s the employer’s fault she’s scraping