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The Top 27 Underwater Fails: FailArmy Hall of Fame (October 2017)


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The sea is an extreme girlfriend! We have assembled the 28 craziest, raddest stops working from under the sea. Hold your nose and also bring a towel, we will get wet!


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Video clips:

Spinner Shark Crashes into Paddleboarder
Shark Attacks Drone Underwater
Great White Sharks Attacks Metal Cage
Shark Takes Fish from Angler
Afraid Penguin Tries to Dive
Pet Cat Attempts To Break Aquarium Glass
Drumming Sea Otter
Aquarium-Goers Catch Stingray Dancing
Penguin Falls off Rock right into Water
Woman and also Beluga Whale Stick Tongues Out at Each Various other
Penguin Plays Tag with Child at Aquarium
Penguin Falls Back into Water
Turtle Piggybacks on Gharial Crocodile
Sea Lion Tries to Attack Guy's Hand
Crab Lifts Top of Fish Tank
Teased Fish Jumps out of Container
Pleased Seal
Penguin Poops before Youngster
Woman Falls in Aquarium
Shar Pei Dog Does Technique for Treats
Sea Lion Drags Woman Into Water
Whale Shark Shock Assault
Team Selfie Wave Fail
Yoga Exercise By Sea Washed Away by Wave
Jet Ski Instructor Crashes right into Jet Ski
Shark Assaults Angler
Octopus Attempts To Steal Underwater Cam
Diver Scared by Great White Shark

The Leading 28 Undersea Fails: FailArmy Hall of Fame (October 2017).

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  1. Posted by Tony Tanti, at Reply

    Really nice of that Asian guy to give the otter a choice of what dish he will be cooked on

  2. Posted by Official Jesus, at Reply

    Stop giving your titles themed names, its just lies

  3. Posted by Amelia Quek, at Reply

    omg when the seal pulled the little girl underwater! that scared me so much cause I thought the seal would have missed, but no he grabbed her and pulled her right in!

  4. Posted by Martin The Player, at Reply

    It’s so funny how that little girl got her salad tossed by a seal lol

  5. Posted by LPS Kodiakproductions!, at Reply

    4:23 that walrus was like: *OOH I WANT DAT DRESS*😂😂

  6. Posted by SakikoShihoin, at Reply

    1:34 : “Lord Cthulhu needs this for his selfies!”

  7. Posted by Murtada Kadm, at Reply

    Who are you guys

  8. Posted by Kristofer Hanson, at Reply

    people are so critical why cant you just enjoy the video and the hard work that was put in it

  9. Posted by 100000 subs without video challenge, at Reply

    Instead of underwater maybe you should have put water?? But it was a good vid anyways and made me smile

  10. Posted by jale christ, at Reply

    4:02 found a babysitter for the day?? 😂😂😂

  11. Posted by steven, at Reply

    21 what did he cath on the begin?

  12. Posted by Straatstoeptegel, at Reply

    I watch failarmy at 2x speed now. Takes me half the time and i’ve seen almost all of them already…. boring content+some of them aren’t even fails

  13. Posted by * BlurryFace, at Reply

    I hate Sea World.

  14. Posted by ryan wassermann, at Reply

    It’s just a whale shark….

  15. Posted by Ethan Webster, at Reply

    1:56 and 2:22 that is when I die. I am going to require new pants, for the sh*t I took in them was the size of Dwayne Johnson…

  16. Posted by Michael Simpson, at Reply

    Half of these aren’t even fails

  17. Posted by Caitie_OZ, at Reply

    2:27 “I’ll save you human!”