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The U.S. Health Care System Is Predatory – Dylan Ratigan


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TYT Contributor Dylan Ratigan () reviews the systemic problems with the American medical care system, and also recommends TYT Investigates' recent record on the newly assigned secretary of Health and wellness and Human services, Alex Azar. The article could be located right here:

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  1. Posted by Carolina Morales, at Reply

    I’m not surprised…America was built from exploiting others.

  2. Posted by Dan Extrinsic01, at Reply

    wait, you mean to say the U.S.A is all about money?! so Fidel Castro was right?! nooo waaaaay…🙄

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      Dan Extrinsic01 Why don’t you go back to your communist paradise then?

  3. Posted by Don Post, at Reply

    Wow, so many hateful comments about Progressives. Whatsa matter? Running low on your opiods?

    • Posted by Butt Nutz, at Reply

      Don Post nope. We hate progressives cause they are exactly like the Nazi party. Progressives are anti white and anti christian but pro Muslim. Progressives are pure scum just like the Nazis.

  4. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    Medicare for all is the only answer. Each pays according to their ability to pay thru taxes. And taxes make sure everyone WILL pay. Just like FICA does.

    • Posted by ETP, at Reply

      People like you should have your taxes increased to help get insurance for those who can’t afford it, and the people who are intelligent shouldn’t have to pay for others’ health.

    • Posted by Hoops590, at Reply

      its either medicare for all, or the poor die and get sick if they dont have one or the other, americans are so wicked they prefer b

  5. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    We’re the only idiots in the world that cannot afford basic healthcare. Stop with the wars and the nation building, then it will get better!

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      We can afford it, we just like to pretend that we can’t.

    • Posted by peter krug, at Reply

      Unfortunately neither republicans nor establishment democrats will do that.

  6. Posted by Seigmoraig, at Reply

    At this point, what part of anything that republicans have done in recent memory ISN’T predatory ?

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      Seigmoraig absolutely no part of it.

  7. Posted by Mace S, at Reply

    What I don’t understand is, I’m a veteran. So I get free healthcare from the VA. Well not if you have health insurance. Example.
    A few years ago the right side of my body felt like it was 10,000 pounds. No way I could make it to the closest VA hospital. So I went to the closest hospital. By blood pressure was over 220 on both sides. I spend 3 hours in a bed. All the did was some blood work and gave me a shot of drugs. I was on cloud 9. Well to my surprise I got a bill for over $4,000. My insurance covered everything! Ready for this?… Except….The bed. So that’s over $1,000 an hour to sit in a bed. Waiting on blood work.
    I contacted the VA for help. They told me it’s on you. You have insurance. The closest VA hospital is two hours away! I would have had a heart attack trying to get to the VA.
    Our Healthcare System sucks. It’s all about the money.

    • Posted by Pro Libertate, at Reply

      Toad Jiang you seem to be blind to my point… we have, in the US, a MASSIVE defense budget, Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social welfare programs and we still have an average income tax theft that is less than the countries you esteem.. my issue is with the “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” BS
      the morality of your argument is lost as soon as you allow the state to monopolize any service. You leftist complain about inherent greed in one hand then offer monopolies to the state with the other hand…

    • Posted by Pro Libertate, at Reply

      Cem Aydin don’t think because I am critical of socialized medicine that I support the current healthcare in the US. I believe competition can solve problems more effectively than a state run Monopoly…

    • Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

      Kim Jong Fun True. People like this guy are the reason why America is such a backward sh*thole, they keep buying in these insane right wing talking points and voting against their own best interests, to use Trump’s word, this is really “SAD”.

    • Posted by Pro Libertate, at Reply

      Toad Jiang the problem with people like you is you think you know the “best interests” of others… please leave those decisions to my family and I… if you value individual liberty in any way there is no way you can promote those dogmatic leftist ideologies without contradiction..
      However, one thing we can agree on is that, Trump is an idiot

    • Posted by Abe McLaughlin, at Reply

      One thing we can also agree on is that countries and nations are suppose to be a UNIFIED group and we SHOULD want to help each other. So, if 5% of my taxes will go into a pool of medical insurance for THE ENTIRE CITIZENRY OF USA that sounds super great to me.

  8. Posted by Scott C, at Reply

    I need more Dylan on TYT.

  9. Posted by RassBrass, at Reply

    Go explain that to right wing wackos. They think in a free market healthcare the provider and the insurer are not going to look after their bank accounts. They really think they are going to serve the interest of the patient.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      RassBrass Dig deeper and discover the horror stories. You libs only like to present the colorful candy coating on your communism.

    • Posted by RassBrass, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 You are confused! Let me break it down for you. Healthcare is not a commodity. It’s a matter of life or death. How these millions of uninsured people are going to treat their illnesses? That’s right, they go to emergency room set ups , there is no copay up front. Usually they go at an advance stage of their illnesses which will cost more to treat them. They will get stuck with bills they are never able to pay. And who is paying for an $1500-$2000 ER bill? The government of course.

    • Posted by Decent man, at Reply

      Pro Liebertate In a true free market health care system poor people with lousy jobs wouldn’t be treated at all if they got seriously ill.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      RassBrass There are few things more “commie” than socialized healthcare.

    • Posted by Decent man, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 EU isn’t crumbling dramatically at the moment anymore than America, which is also heavily in debt. UK jumped the ship foremost because of immigration.

  10. Posted by Canaan, at Reply

    Yes Healthcare is predatory in America. Which is why Obamacare is so terrible. Forcing people to be victims of insurance companies is not the answer. The answer is making a single-payer Medicare for all type Healthcare System that covers everyone putting the predatory insurance companies out of business. Which he could have done when he first took office and had a majority in the house and the Senate and the presidency but he didn’t because he was a Hillary Clinton type of Democrat that’s really more of a socially liberal Republican

    • Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

      Say on.

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      AW Crowe obama had a super majority at the start of his first term, members of senate said we could had gotten Single payer but Obama let us down on that

    • Posted by Tim Menke, at Reply

      The supermajority was super brief, definitely not long enough to get anything significant done. And guess what, dems aren’t united on single payer.

    • Posted by Cem Aydin, at Reply

      well, before being elected it was, but soon as he was, that idea went out the window, then it became public option which in a flash was compromised to obamacre

    • Posted by marusak72, at Reply

      There was a vehicle protecting the old Victorian system …. do you recall Tea Party?

  11. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    Each level of beaurocracy within the US healthcare system is another profit centre. All of them. Medical billing is now a 4 year university degree, it is that horrendously complex.

  12. Posted by J R, at Reply

    Blame the hospitals, too. Every time I’ve went I’ve had redundant tests done just to jack up the amount they charge to the insurance company. It’s a sick system through and through.

    • Posted by finris1, at Reply

      Even if you aren’t given redundant tests, the prices for medical treatment are ridiculous. In order to get referrals for patients, hospitals have a “charge-master,” where they record ridiculously higher prices for every treatment and they charge the insurance companies a “discount” that. Anyone without insurance, or anyone needing a treatment not covered under insurance policies are charged those prices without the discount.

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      How do you know they’re redundant? You have no clue…

    • Posted by J R, at Reply

      Pete The Pict

      I went to one hospital to get x-rays for a broken foot. They gave me a cd of the x-rays to give to the specialist. I ended up going to another hospital and they took the same x-rays the first hospital took.
      They didn’t need to take more x-rays. The images were identical. It was redundant, dumbass.

    • Posted by the one winged angel, at Reply

      J R I think you should have told them that this is the result of the X-rays and that you wanted to talk to a consultant or “specialist”

  13. Posted by roxanneworld11, at Reply

    for profit health insurance is insanity and should be way will a person’s health ever be priority #1 for such businesses! in fact, their incentive is to *not* give a frak about the people who pay them money because they, insurance companies, *pretend* to care.. just because something is familiar (which is not the same as *normal,* btw but, rather, may be *common*), that does not mean we should accept it..why do such terrible things continue to get passed down to new generations?? it’s utter stupidity and no less than that.

  14. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    This report conflates coverage and care, as well as between insurers and healthcare services. The problem with the American system is that it is essentially a mixed payer system where individuals are mandated to pay into the system by the government (i.e. a captive market) and there are various loopholes in determining who pays for what and in what circumstances. This would be less of an issue in a system that was more purely privately-funded, single payer, or mixed payer with clearer demarkations (e.g. government pays for emergency care, everything else is private funding).

    • Posted by coolmodelguy, at Reply

      John Smith – So this is the way you think it should remain?
      “whilst the poor would instead go to the local chemist/pharmacist to purchase medicine”

      Doctors can earn a fair wage without the “For Profit” insurance companies between them and their patients, actually it is the insurance companies who often deprive doctors adequate compensation through shenanigans only a middle man can pull off.

    • Posted by Dalea Nolan, at Reply

      John Smith so give all the power to the greedy few

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      @coolmodelguy – That was not what I said. I was simply challenging xadam2dudex’s comment that health inequality is a recent phenomenon. Obviously, this should be reduced though the question is how. Simply taking away insurance companies would only compound the problem for the poor as insurers provide a means for groups of people to pool their resources.

    • Posted by coolmodelguy, at Reply

      John Smith – Compounding the problem for the poor? That is nonsense. With Medi-care for all, the entire USA would be pooling its resources. That will be a lot more powerful of a pool than for-profit insurance companies, and everybody would be covered. Plus the administration costs would be much lower than they are with the current system.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      @coolmodelguy – You have a habit of drawing conclusions about my statements beyond what is actually said or meant. I made no reference to Medicare For All; whether it would be better than the current system or not. Single player healthcare systems have their advantage as well as disadvantages. Sure, it pools from and gives people access to a bigger source of money. It however also serves a larger population and creates a “one size fits all” approach to healthcare that does not take your priorities into account.

      Having single payer healthcare means you have to be okay with the government being the ultimate authority in deciding what treatments you receive. You will need to be okay with the idea that you’re not allowed to find alternative ways to finance your medical decisions. By having single player healthcare, you will need to be okay with the idea that Person A gets a certain treatment where as Person B does not simply because Person B does not meet criteria X, Y and Z despite both Person A and Person B having the same illness. By having single payer healthcare, you will need to be okay with the idea that you have no say as to what value your life or your loved one’s life has. Working in a country that does have single payer healthcare, I can personally attest that these are the realities and compromises that occur by having such a healthcare system.

  15. Posted by raz well, at Reply

    That’s exactly how I see the US health care system.

  16. Posted by Andrew Ward, at Reply

    I strongly advise everyone, not just in the US, to research for themselves how to stay healthy and prevent disease through diet and lifestyle. Your governments, for the most part, aren’t going to do a damn thing for you because they’re in the pockets of industry via lobbying.

    • Posted by Jo John, at Reply

      agree watch GMO  foods and Aspartame (CANCER CAUSING COAL DUST)

    • Posted by marusak72, at Reply

      So lets your diet and lifestyle prevent you from a car accident and your children from a genetic diseases.

    • Posted by Dan Doodle, at Reply

      Sadly, there are things called accidents and pre-existing conditions.

  17. Posted by Espen, at Reply

    Yes US healthcare system is predatory, just like everything else in the US. You’ve got freedom though :’)

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

      Yeah, freedom to lay down in the street and die.

  18. Posted by John Benson, at Reply

    Capitalism is predatory without proper regulation

    • Posted by daniel, at Reply

      Capitalism and will always destroy proper regulation.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      It’s ironic, really. Capitalism is all about “competition” according to it’s proponents, but then they don’t want any other system to compete with capitalism.

  19. Posted by Thomas Martin, at Reply

    Trump again attacked Democrats on healthcare today; because he claimed Brits were marching in protest to a failing NHS without fully knowing the facts of the march. Claimed during SOTU that he’s for a healthcare system that works and lower the costs of drugs in the U.S. Trump needs to learn that talk is cheap when it comes from his mouth. We need action on getting Universal/single payer healthcare in th United States not more cheap words.

    • Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

      Thomas Martin . His tweet was really pathetic . He attacks the European Healthcare system and like you’re saying he even didn’t know the facts about the demonstrations . But what’s more patethic is that his stupid supporters will believe orangehead rather than facts .

    • Posted by David Davies, at Reply

      Unfortunately, for the next few months we’re going to hear from his brain dead followers how the NHS and, therefore, universal healthcare is failing. The interesting part is that Trump heard this from – yeah, you guessed it, Fox. Specifically, Nigel Farage when he was being interviewed. However, what’s also interesting is that Trump appears to have badly misunderstood what Farage was saying. Farage, in his defence (and I’m the last person to defend that tit on anything) was saying how the NHS was short of hospitals and short of doctors. That’s true. From what I can tell from the BBC News report of Trump’s tweet, Farage was supporting the demonstrations by pointing out that the NHS needs more money to increase capacity. That’s a criticism that I’ve made on here many times. The NHS is stretched at the moment but certainly isn’t failing.

      What Trump and his followers don’t understand is that if there’s any country that’s equipped to make universal healthcare work, it’s the US. There is no lack of capacity in the US. New York, which has a population similar to London, has *three times* the number of hospitals that London has.

      Here in Wales, prescriptions are free and have been since 2007. Personally, I’d be prepared to give up free prescriptions and have them capped as they in England if that money goes on other essential services within the NHS. Wales currently spends around £600 million a year on prescriptions. That money could be better spent.