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The War On Weed Is Stupid And Ancient


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MAKE AMERICA HIGH ONCE MORE !! Quit The War On Weed, It's 2017 Not 1936. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See extra TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    you can’t overdose on weed Google it ask series or Alexa๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

    • Posted by TM King, at Reply

      J Briggs You can say the same about alcohol. Of course there would be an age limit restriction. Just like there is for booze, a much deadlier substance.

    • Posted by SweatyShivers, at Reply

      J Briggs…stay right were you are I’m calling the police.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      J Briggs alcohol will do waaay more damage to a developing brain than cannabis.

      Not even worth bringing up the kids, no one wants to legalize it for kids.

    • Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

      Bill Anderson cannabis should be regulated like alcohol nobody under-21 should consume it

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      FUCKtrump FUCKtrump the legal age of alcohol should be dropped to 18 or the legal age of adulthood should be raised to 21.

      I can pay taxes but I can’t crack open a beer? I can fight and die for my country but can’t crack open a cold with the boys?

      It’s not about protecting individuals from themselves, it’s about freedom.

  2. Posted by zahire Coates, at Reply

    I smoke weed

    • Posted by Michael Pietrzak, at Reply

      zahire Coates I smoke weed

    • Posted by SweatyShivers, at Reply

      I too do!

  3. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Jeff Sessions is a relic and needs to be dehydrated and put in a museum for colossal failures……

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      I highly recommend whatever embalming fluid they’re using on Ann Coulter.

  4. Posted by Kuma San, at Reply

    Cory Booker cannot be trusted he is a corporate tool.ย  The bill should pass, but he only wants this because waiting in the back round is big pharma, his donors!

    • Posted by ginsengaddict, at Reply

      Indeed. Let’s help him get it passed, but afterward, when he tries to use it to further his political ambitions, we let him know that we’re onto his little scheme.

    • Posted by Phyllis Steging, at Reply

      It would great if it would pass but there are too many republicans that will say NO. I’m surprised this is coming from Booker as he is a big pharma guy and they have made syn weed. Hmmm

  5. Posted by Cesare Borja, at Reply

    Weed should only be restricted from people when they’re operating machinery.

    • Posted by xfactor541, at Reply

      Cesare Borja thats a broad generalization and not true at all… Some people genuinely NEED cannabis to function and can operate machinery perfectly after using it. It has different effects on everyone (also depending on strain and CBD or THC levels).

    • Posted by Hunter Izdebski, at Reply

      Bill Anderson I agree with you mostly, I feel the same way about my job, but not all of us are superheroes.

      People who are inexperienced with its effects can become like 90% incapacitated if they don’t appreciate what’s coming, particularly with edibles.

      My parents who never smoke, ate edibles in Colorado and took my little sisters to a concert, and my sister’s had to rescue them. It’s actually a pretty hilarious story in retrospect.

      I say we need to keep studying it.

    • Posted by kestrel archer, at Reply

      in short, same law concerning alcohol

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      It stays in your system for up to 6 weeks. That’s how long you should be banned from driving, or until you pass a piss test, whatever comes first.

  6. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m from Jamaica so I know a thing or two about weed. I must say that TYT is not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by bodhicitta216, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen I make a better point but I won’t write it in my comment because I’m alot like Jacob hansen.

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      He’s a dumbass troll. Ignore him.

    • Posted by ShaneFM, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen TROLL

    • Posted by Latesha H, at Reply

      Racking up those frequent flyer miles, aren’t you, Jacob?

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      What a fool

  7. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    TYT, I agree with you for once. Liberals and conserves should come together on this issue


    • Posted by SJP, at Reply

      John Smith “with prolonged use increasing the risk of developing schizophrenia”

      The studies I’ve read regarding the association between cannabis use and psychosis have suggested that cannabis triggers schizophrenic episodes in individuals who are already schizophrenic. But most importantly, that more epidemiological studies are required to ascertain whether cannabis causes schizophrenia or rather it merely unmasks those who are already vulnerable.

    • Posted by Latesha H, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer
      “spooder zone” ๐Ÿ‘

    • Posted by An Evolving Ape, at Reply

      Don’t burn one down with Spooderman… he’ll bogart your spliff without a care.

  8. Posted by ryan francis, at Reply


    • Posted by ShaneFM, at Reply

      ryan francis You’re the minority. Sorry snowflake.

    • Posted by ryan francis, at Reply

      ShameFM Now you snowflake libtards will know what if feels like to be on the receiving end of progress time for law and order!!! What you gonna do when we take your weed away and lock all the degenerate hippies up?

    • Posted by ryan francis, at Reply

      ShaneFM Your the Minority all the Degenerates Marxists are pact in to California, Half of your illegal voting base is going to be deported back to Mexico

  9. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    Stop the anti Russia propaganda and make global relations great again.

    • Posted by kennedy crouch, at Reply

      The Fruitcake but i thought the global community hurt your feelings?? what about pittsburgh not paris?

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +kennedy crouch Not sure what you’re talking about. I’m saying we should at least be no neutral ties with Russia instead of making them our pseudo enemy.

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +kennedy crouch That’s your strawman you just made up. I disagree with any foreign manipulation and believe America should come first.

  10. Posted by Gorkepork, at Reply

    If the Fed cracks down in marijuana, that means hundreds of thousands of people will be without jobs. (Fact: The marijuana industry in this country has many times the number of employees as the entire coal industry)

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply


      Yup, too many people depend on those government jobs. There’s no war, it’s all about keeping the government big.

  11. Posted by Dee Macc69, at Reply

    Weed makes ppl happy nd Republicans don’t like seeing ppl happy smh

    • Posted by Slawischstreiter, at Reply

      Ethno states makes people happy. Democrats don’t like seeing people happy smh.

    • Posted by spooder man the alt reich slayer, at Reply

      ^ really cause the tulsa riots were sparked by white people unhappy with a black ethnostate. So all you are doing is just projecting. You’ve never had an ethnostate either so the only actual ethnostate you are appealing to for happiness is nothing more than a fantasy. Ironic huh?

  12. Posted by EliFrost _, at Reply

    The feds criminalized marijuana to target blacks,Latinos, and hippies.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      EliFrost _

      That was the past, now it’s to keep those government jobs.

    • Posted by King J, at Reply

      EliFrost _ preach!

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      EliFrost _ my great grandfather was a Latino that was getting rich off the plant before the government decided that they disliked a fair playing field. He made a pretty penny before prohibition hit but if it wasn’t for government interference he would have built an empire.

    • Posted by Slawischstreiter, at Reply

      And to fill up those private prisons with more non violent offenders

  13. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    So basically weed is saving dollars and making the economy better?

    • Posted by aaron Salentine, at Reply


  14. Posted by Stove, at Reply

    lol immediately packed a bowl to watch this vid

    • Posted by Stove, at Reply

      also i live in CO and there making our roads better everyday. all types of stuff. suck it sessions

    • Posted by sdesai1989, at Reply

      Stove … Sessions is just insanely stupid. He’s said that smoking makes you a bad person. He probably wouldn’t even let you light up a.. stove?

  15. Posted by streglof, at Reply

    Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. Oxycontin IS… because it’s chemically similar to heroin and morphine… and is legally available over the counter…

    • Posted by streglof, at Reply

      Stop being a f*cking stereotype.

  16. Posted by Rh Negative One, at Reply

    In ancient times marijuana was smoked by Muslim assassins before going on suicide missions. hurray for little known truths

    • Posted by Luis GO V, at Reply

      Hashish, not marijuana

    • Posted by Adi adi, at Reply

      Rh Negative One they were called the Hashashinuns. They werw the original assassins. In fact the word “assassin” come from them.

    • Posted by Rh Negative One, at Reply

      Luis GO V same thing.

  17. Posted by Grumpy Hobbit, at Reply

    Alcohol is far more dangerous then weed and no one is banning beer or closing pubs down so you have to look at WHY it is seen as bad. You need look no further then the governments reasons…A racist policy to target black people.

    • Posted by agnar150, at Reply

      Grumpy Hobbit, weed is 0 dangerous while alcohol is a death sentence. Alcohol is the blood of the devil. It’s sad that our politicians are corrupt as hell.

    • Posted by zencat55, at Reply

      yes, and racism toward mexican immigrants was part of the reason it was made illegal in the first place

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      It obviously destroys grammar skills. ๐Ÿ™„

  18. Posted by Richard O, at Reply

    The one major area you didn’t include in your reasons as to why Sessions has such a hard-line approach to Marijuana is the PRIVATISED PENAL SYSTEM. By creating a profit motivated penal system, you have to create the supply. In this case, prisoners “guilty” of a nothing-burger offence. Sessions also has a VESTED INTEREST in creating the supply…He has shares in these privatised prisons. It’s always CORRUPTION & GREED with these hypocritical Republican/Conservatives.

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      They shut down the insane asylums and opened up private prisons, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to start outsourcing prisoners to China.

  19. Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

    Cannabis deaths in 2016: *0* [ZERO]
    Alcohol deaths in 2016: *50,110*
    Opioid deaths in 2015: *33,091*
    Anyone who opposes legal cannabis is a hypocrite.

    • Posted by Vladimir Trumpin, at Reply

      XIPHIASCDXX alcohol is one of the things how America was founded whiskey and guns. Why would you want a nation of pot heads who can’t even point where China is on a map

    • Posted by fragwits, at Reply

      they cant even find America on a map now , nevermind China…

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      Calm down, snowflakes. Nobody has suggested we ‘ban’ alcohol.
      Besides, cannabis was legal when the US was founded, it ain’t just for fun.
      [I doubt you slobs even know how to use a map/compass.]

  20. Posted by Brimar7, at Reply

    Jeff, if you believe marijuana is so evil, open the rules on (unbiased, private sector) research and let the science prove your point or…let the science prove the beneficial aspects. Pretty simple to me.
    At the VERY least, kill the restrictions on harmless hemp and allow the many hemp based products to be used to their fullest potential. It’s the only plant that I know of that cover three basic human needs…food, clothing and shelter. Of course it can be used for many more products too. Let’s be smart about this.

    • Posted by Carl Taylor, at Reply

      Brimar7 – You forget that these fucktards don’t believe in science…

    • Posted by Brimar7, at Reply

      Carl Taylor …but they DO believe in money and the free market. America has some of the best farmers in the world. Take the legal shackles off and let them put that knowledge and experience to use growing what would probably be the best hemp in the world. Trump wants to bring manufacturing back…look into how many useful everyday products can be made or blended with hemp. If you just start with the basic three I mentioned earlier, (food, clothes and shelter) he’d set the groundwork towards fulfilling that promise. Growing, processing, sales…the list of possible jobs goes on.
      If you haven’t already…Research Ford’s hemp panels for cars and Hempcrete. Start with those and you’ll probably go down a long, fruitful rabbit hole. Let me know what you think.
      And that’s JUST hemp! Add fully legalized marijuana and we really got something.