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  1. Posted by TheHellogoo, at Reply

    *For the people (description)

  2. Posted by nate Leuthner, at Reply

    why is this unlisted?

  3. Posted by GRiMHOLD, at Reply

    Having this video Unlisted is such a bad idea!

  4. Posted by Larry Dibble, at Reply

    They know that every voice matters, that’s why they want you to join a
    political party,,so it doesn’t.

  5. Posted by Roman Natale, at Reply

    What does “listed” mean???

  6. Posted by jay shawn, at Reply

    why are muslims like cenk against walls?

    • Posted by blue green, at Reply

      jay shawn He’s an Atheist not a Muslim.

  7. Posted by Tonyo Allie, at Reply

    The biggest problem you have Cenk is if they kill net neutrality. It’s

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Tonyo Allie i would protest that. we all should.

    • Posted by Tonyo Allie, at Reply

      KAWAII OBAMA No. You fight it.

    • Posted by Koroshiya, at Reply

      yeah, I’ve been worrying about this since the election… anything could

  8. Posted by cuck, at Reply

    the young terrorists love instigating hate into today’s young generation.
    They are creating future domestic terrorists. And worst of all, weak beta
    male cucks

    • Posted by OperationDEEZ, at Reply

      The fact that you just said “Weak beta male cucks” unironically is a bad

  9. Posted by The Laughing Man, at Reply

    I want to be a journalist for you guys, how can I apply?

    • Posted by Ron fckn Swanson, at Reply

      The Laughing Man
      Drink a tub of bleach

    • Posted by NCLUSA, at Reply

      The Laughing Man “I want to be a journalist for you guys, how can I
      apply?”. Well TLM it’s like this!, if you believe Obama did a great job as
      president and that Bernie and Hillary would have been a great president
      then you are a shoe in for the job ( : but if you are a working tax paying
      person then your are just one of those Deployables that Hillary was talking
      abou then you should not apply ): ?

    • Posted by The Laughing Man, at Reply

      Obama sucks, Hillary would have killed us all Bernie was the best choice
      jill 2 and trump 3

    • Posted by NCLUSA, at Reply

      +The Laughing Man Yeah but old Hillary shot him down like a dog ) : poor
      Bernie now only has his half a million dollar house to comfort him (:

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      That show has a lot of bodies in it. LoL.
      Seriously, great idea but one flaw. You’ve got a political bias and agenda.
      Surely you’re not suggesting that you replace corporate media to supply
      your “definition of reality” (Bernie)? How are you going to overcome that.
      You need get some right wing reporters on the team too .. otherwise you’ll
      never be the best.

  10. Posted by OperationDEEZ, at Reply

    I like TYT. Ashame about the name, though. A lot of people disregard them
    just for that. I still don’t get why they went with the name.

    • Posted by Vincent Abramo, at Reply

      this is the reason for their name: Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or
      insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young
      person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American
      Heritage Dictionary)

    • Posted by Vlad Total War, at Reply

      young turks also killed a million armenians

  11. Posted by akshay verma, at Reply

    this is amazing

  12. Posted by David Moreno, at Reply

    Hell yes ✊

  13. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    Jordan is basically why I still watch TYT. I appreciate some of the
    commentary during live events, and Jimmy Dore is always great. But a lot
    of the time, it’s hard to take the channel seriously between the random
    outbursts of anger and the potty mouthing. I guess I’m not down with the
    “rebel journalists” image, I just want proper news without a corporate,
    conservative, or liberal bias.

    • Posted by 246yami, at Reply

      Gustav facts do tend to have a liberal bias. In the end what you should
      care for is the truth. And the things you’re complaining about is why they
      are so popular. They’re real and authentic unlike the robotic lifeless news
      anchors from main stream media. TYT is relatable and down to earth. And
      they argue amongst themselves all the time and encourage discussions.

    • Posted by Jennie Hughes, at Reply

      Gustav Ana is an arrogant , loud mouth know it all , who actually says that
      she is better than others . A real turn off personality who’s voice has
      become intolerable to listen to . Cenk ? What can I say … thumbs-down .

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      She is pretty though. Not to say beautiful because that is in the eyes of
      the beholder and bitchy women are never beautiful.

  14. Posted by Ellenor Malik, at Reply

    nice typo

  15. Posted by Teresa Weaver, at Reply

    With a whole team of dedicated reporters like Jordan….damn. Jordan has
    worked his ballz off at the Standing Rock protest and if it wasn’t for him,
    we wouldn’t be getting any trustworthy news from there. He was the only
    one during the Flynt water crisis who was actually going into the homes and
    talking with the people most effected. He is one helluva reporter for sure.

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      Teresa Weaver 5 Could alone drain the swamp

  16. Posted by juan trujillo, at Reply

    I donated!

  17. Posted by my bizzz17, at Reply

    Going to be more of that same mainstream news media crap. Remember jerrys
    kids well now we have bernies kids.

  18. Posted by Sandor Clegane, at Reply

    tyt for the win

  19. Posted by Angel the fellow7, at Reply

    Peopl(see description) Lol