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The White House’s Leaker Outed?


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Steve Bannon bad at this. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and also Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you believe in the remark area below.

" The Wall Road Journal's content board blamed elderly White Home assistant Stephen Bannon for turmoil in the West Wing, arguing that the leading Trump ally's loyalty to the head of state is in question after his supporters damned Trump's nationwide protection advisor, H.R. McMaster.

In an editorial Tuesday evening, the conventional paper trashed the White House principal planner for using his allies in the reactionary media to disrupt the White House in favor of his own individual goals.

Pointing out the declaration of support that Trump provided for McMaster recently, the paper creates that Trump's brand-new chief of team, John Kelly, ought to see Bannon very closely.

" As opposed to doubt the general's loyalties, maybe Mr. Kelly ought to doubt Mr. Bannon's," the Journal composed. "The previous Breitbart author has been a White Home survivor, but his warring habits have actually also been accountable for much of the White House disorder."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Lonnie Frank, at Reply

    I hope we dont have to nuke noth korea.

    • Posted by geeknoob316, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank oit. none of us want it. but a dash of provoke and fire on fire rhetoric are not helping.

    • Posted by Canaan, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank. it would be stupid if we did, Kim Jong-un ain’t got no intention of launching a nuclear missile unless America tries to do to him what they did to Saddam Hussain

      North Korea is not a nation of suicidal jihadists they’re just looking for a little mutually assured destruction because that kept the peace between the United States and the Soviet Union from like 1950 to 1989

    • Posted by bee gargamel, at Reply

      the deplorables would love to see it happen, the more die the better to those armchair ‘toughguys’, should see what they call anyone 2nding nuking or fullscale invasion.

    • Posted by Mercy, at Reply

      Nuking North Korea would mean doing massive damage to South Korea, And if you try a regular invasion they still can take out SK and Japan who happen to be America’s allies

  2. Posted by TexasChainsawWitchcraft, at Reply

    Bannon looks like an overgrown WART.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      Bannon is the jesus of STDs. He took on all the STDs of the world so that we can all live free and clear.

    • Posted by Lucynthia Harris, at Reply

      TexasChainsawWitchcraft 😂👏😂👏😂

    • Posted by Moon Watcher, at Reply

      an overgrown wart with sloppy hair sticking out of it.

    • Posted by Faolan Van Garrett, at Reply

      TexasChainsawWitchcraft The alt-right regard him as an alpha male! Bwahaha.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      A “leaking” wart.

  3. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U., at Reply

    Sessions needs to be put in our modern day slavery prison system with the entire Drumpf clan. All this country needs is to take out the top richest most powerful rat bastards and funnel the money throughout the remainder. Problems solved!!!

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U., at Reply

      First lady Princest Ivanka I love reading your comments. MAGAtrash. 😂😂😂

    • Posted by knavishknight, at Reply

      Well, Warren Buffet called Donald’s bluff just last year. Donald owes big money to banks & no evidence so far surfaces suggesting that he’d ever repaid them as well as his laid-off workers. So if we put all Trumps (except Barron) into prison we will most likely get their debts.

    • Posted by Dark Dan, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U….your right. I think this whole NK and trumptard bs is all about turing the page. LOCK HIM UP!

    • Posted by Albert Rogers, at Reply

      Surely it’s a bigger embarrassment to China than to anybody else. Send a CIA agent or six, to aggravate the problem.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trump would flip out if this was true. “I thought you loved me bro” lol.

    • Posted by Agnarr Salventius, at Reply

      Fredo, anyone? Godfather? No? Too wart-like and crazy? Fine, I’ll go sit in my corner and slam my head against a wall repeatedly in the vain hope that it’ll make the shitstain of a pustule on top of a boil on the backside of a inbred serial rapist go away. For a guy as shallow and moronic as Herr Drumpf, he picked the decaying scrotum of a naked mole rat to be his concegliere (probably spelled that wrong) – and I mean his face this time, just to be clear. No offense to decaying naked mole rat scrotums of course – they’re probably much less disgusting than this festering pilemof filth.

      Also he’s a crazy lunatic surrounded by crazy lunatics. Anyone who wants to get offended for this madman is free to do so on their own.

    • Posted by Audrey Muzingo, at Reply

      WTF: The “Live” feed is from June 29th (Morning Joe “bleeding facelift” Tweets, Trump commission to gather voter data, woman stunt-kills her boyfriend by shooting him through a book, etc.) but Ana looked exactly the same–same shirt, necklace, hairdo, watch. Can anyone PLEASE VERIFY THIS, so I can stop thinking I’m in the Twilight Zone???

    • Posted by apocalypse horseman, at Reply

      your in hell where everything is repeated ……….jesus is fake but lord satan is real !!! HAIL SATAN !!!

    • Posted by kozmic zian, at Reply

      apocalypse horseman – Open our eyes . . . the 3d woe comith . . .

  5. Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

    I wish I worked in the white house.I would leak all over.And by that I mean piss on the Trumps white house bed.

    • Posted by william foreman, at Reply

      jxsilicon9 I wouldn’t piss on the bed trump would probably lick it all off and beg for more

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      Some kid from somewhere Ehat about wtc 7?

    • Posted by Some kid from somewhere, at Reply

      +Fuctmentality I’m pointing out the fact that Trump intimated the Bushes and exposed them on national tv. He told Jeb, “the WTC came down during your brothers reign, remember that”. And all i’m saying is, why do you guys support the media all of a sudden? After all the lies they told you, and when someone points it out, you believe them ver the guy who exposed them. Someone in government obviously hates him and im backing him for that reason. No matter what you say about 9/11, you can’t prove to me that fire took down 3 buildings that day. You just can’t. And that’s according to the 9/11 commission. Thats what our government told us. So you remember that.

  6. Posted by sami jo, at Reply

    Why are world leaders 50+

    Can a 30yo mot run a country

    Old folks are dumb af

    • Posted by Poochie Collins, at Reply

      +sami jo : a 35 year old can win, under law, but young people don’t vote or run for office that much.

    • Posted by Poochie Collins, at Reply

      +Andi Amador : to be fair, people start losing intelligence by middle-age, and are significantly off their mental prime by Trump’s age. I think a strong argument could be made to ban someone from running for president after 65.

    • Posted by T Brown, at Reply

      50 is still a little young. Maybe 65+ should not run for office anymore.

  7. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Well, Scaramucci did say Steve Bannon is Deep Throat.

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      Tony Stark. More like Pinhead.

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 takes it up the butt doo dah doo dah. Listenbuddy1 takesbit utb all the live long day.

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Maria Donatello you heard, all conspiracy, either that, there was nothing to charge Clinton with as…
      The Clintons are living comfortably

    • Posted by BraniusBalki, at Reply

      First season, that guy smokes a lot.

  8. Posted by MeoithTheSecond, at Reply

    Steve Bannon = Little Finger X-D.

    • Posted by Adam K, at Reply

      not at all. Little Finger is much smarter and a better player. bannon is a hick idiot

    • Posted by Cliven Longsight, at Reply

      More like Fat Bruised Thumb.

    • Posted by kamran khan, at Reply

      He’s not as smart as littlefinger..
      More like Steve Bannon = Cersie.

  9. Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

    I thought the Russian pee whores were the biggest leakers in the White House.

    • Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

      Gets me rock hard just thinking about it

    • Posted by George Rigberg, at Reply

      Ken Bob her name? Ivana Pizzonya…

    • Posted by TheRetiredtrucker, at Reply

      Seth Rich leaked, Hitlary had him murdered

  10. Posted by Kim Lyn, at Reply

    Why does this administration reminds me of another episode of Pinky and the Brain?!😩

    • Posted by Milo Catnip, at Reply

      Kim Lyn 😂

    • Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

      well, well at least Brain had a decent plan most of the time.

    • Posted by Dark Dan, at Reply

      Kim Lyn…because it does…

  11. Posted by itchygonads, at Reply

    No video about how the NSA just debunked the Russian hacking narrative? HOW UNUSUAL EH TYT?

    Propaganda network.

    • Posted by itchygonads, at Reply

      Kryojenix go on jimmy dores YT page you idiot hear it from the left itself

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      You fool, the NSA said they have doubts about the the DNC servers being hacked, not about Russia directing hackers to attack US voting systems!

  12. Posted by Edward Johnson, at Reply

    Christians are the lowest form of life… they don’t deserve our protections. Helping ,enabling there marrying of children. Helping them remove new freedoms of the LGBTQ,andthe most precious of our people…THE WOMENS right of choices. We need to destroy Christianity…they don’t belong here…. we are literally feeding COCKROACHES,to run and destroy our freedoms over an invisible,magical BEING, that no one really believes is real.. those that do are mentally ILL.

    • Posted by William Jagiello, at Reply

      Edward Johnson Your mentally unstable rant is noted…..Go back to your safe space, Identify your gender,Dry your mangina….You left your medication in your moms basement.

  13. Posted by Roger Clyde, at Reply

    Yaaaaawwnnn! More irrelevancy from the Turds,this story a shelf life of like 2 hrs.

    • Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

      much like your marriage…


  14. Posted by Wally Liu, at Reply

    You guys should know, “cultural marxist” is a new phrase that alt right people communicate and identify their enemies, maybe even earlier than SJW.

  15. Posted by Eddie Casas, at Reply

    Omg I just had an “AHA” moment. Trump and Bannon are real life Pinky and the Brain. “One is a genius and the other insane…” Hahaha

  16. Posted by Anand Shridhar, at Reply

    Like Susan Sarandon said, Trump would initiate a revolution.. THehe

  17. Posted by Hilton Watkins, at Reply

    No reason to treat Brannon like anything but the criminal he is. Lock him up!

  18. Posted by james smith, at Reply

    You had a maoist on your show. The 24 hour protest lady

  19. Posted by Albert Rogers, at Reply

    I forget where I saw it and who said it, but “I don’t believe in Hell but you’re going there” can be applied to a lot of these folk.