The Winningest Losers of Season 27 | Season Finale Promo | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

The Winningest Losers of Season 27 | Season Finale Promo


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Take a look at several of the winningest losers of Period 27!

Tune in the AFV's Grand Prize Stunning on Sunday, May 21 at 7pm EST and also 11:37 pm PST


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  1. Posted by VMB, at Reply


  2. Posted by Lunar Flare Studios, at Reply

    Papa Lynn and I are having a two-person AFV part tonight to celebrate the season finale. We’re grilling some steak and I’ll be making the side dishes. Then we’ll see who wins the grand prize. I’m sure my cat Baby and my dog Ginger will be there to enjoy it, too. Baby tends to stay right next to me every time I turn on AFV, and Ginger loves the animal clips more than any.
    This stuff you show–the fails that succeed–this is why I love AFV. Your show was the inspiration for my new name for the crotch: the AFV Spot!

  3. Posted by scorpion1442, at Reply

    AWW Last clip totally killed all the laughs I had over 9 minutes. That’s so fucking nasty.

  4. Posted by AshleyMonique16, at Reply

    the last one 😷