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The Worst Part of Nazi Violence in Charlottesville


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  1. Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

    TYT are far bigger Racist than some “Nazis”. TYT is a White hating hate site.

    • Posted by Neil Anderson, at Reply

      Fatal Shore grab a gun and get down there in the front lines then.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Looks like D H short for Dickhead is triggered, lol what a Cuck

    • Posted by Sir Usopp, at Reply

      larry ship Not an argument also come up with your own insults. It’s so cringeworthy when a liberal tries to call a conservative a snowflake. Just sad! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

    White Nationalists should give up on the white ethno-state. It’s never going to happen. Your biggest hurdle is your own people.  hahahahahahaha

    • Posted by Father Joe, at Reply

      Hey TYT your racist and fake News I got videos of Antifa tearing down the barriers and the Cops ran out of fuel in the helicopter plus the man in the car was a Bernie supporter… The Cops failed to stop Antifa and pushed both out into the streets where they was attacked…. The White had a permit to be their Antifa did not

    • Posted by wyumj, at Reply

      bloodsoldierZ Your fantasy world of mass migrations of illegal immigrants, sharia law, open borders, black violence denial, single mother paradise, Islamic apology, facebook news outlets, anti police, anti white rhetoric, tranny soldiers, tranny children, unlimited genders, has already ended lmao. Go back to your safrspace, mentally unstable libitard.

    • Posted by wyumj, at Reply

      Trey Blake okay a Trump supporter did it!!! Its been “owned”. What will you do? No one is afraid of you.

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      +wyumj  I’m not anti-white. I wasn’t the one who killed this white girl. Your people did which is a shame because she was a real cutie.  ;(

  3. Posted by 5% dick ball ratio, at Reply

    TYT is contributing to the polarization of America with their daily anti-Trump hit pieces….violence from the right is the inevitable response to the violence committed ny antifa…liberals laugh when antifa attacks people with baseball bats…but cries like a bunch of snowflakes when conservatives strike back….this country is being torn apart and TYT shares a portion of the blame because of their irrational rhetoric…

    • Posted by uutuber431, at Reply

      Milo Yiannopoulos is a fascist mouthpiece for the Alt Right. He exists to validate racism, sexism, and homophobia. Not unlike Tomi Lahren, he isn’t even a true ideologue. He’s just happy to be exploited, and exploit the prejudices of others for his personal gain.

    • Posted by Jonathan Henly, at Reply

      If a conservative drives over a bunch of people deliberately, the fault lies purely with conservatives.

  4. Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

    “I will not condemn this white supremacist march or attack since it would alienate a large portion of my base and cost me votes in the next election.” – D J Trump

    • Posted by Barbara Necker, at Reply

      I hope you’re just being sarcastic. Wish Obama could get a third term!

    • Posted by Schiffelers, at Reply

      Gerald Broflovski (fictional Jewish Character) hmmm, violence….. KKK – Nazi – White Supremacy….
      I see masks and hoods to protect privacy from your current government. I see anger and a stand…
      The weapons you named were in hand, (probably some type of safety blanket to feel some kind of protection) and not in action. I don’t see people who wanted a fight with a car? Liberals had their fair share of received violence, that’s why they probably woke up and became a liberal!

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      @Edward Sponenberg – I’d argue that a lot of the people being labelled “Alt Right” by the media and the Far Left; such as Dave Rubin and Tim Pool are probably neither racist nor actually “Alt Right”. As for the people who self-identify as “Alt Right”, especially the hardcore ones, they probably ARE racist and/or hold extreme views. However, there is a reasonable argument for people being allowed to hold – and voice – extreme VIEWS so long as their ACTIONS don’t then go on to harm people. After all, what better way to beat garbage opinions then countering them with better ones and showing the world how garbage those opinions are? Forcing it underground just allows it to be spread undetected and unchallenged.

      Now, as for what counts as “harm”, that too would probably be an interesting debate.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      @Arsenal 17 – I know my sports comment is hardly original and many others have made similar metaphors before. That said, I believe it does ring somewhat true. Like sports, a lot of people these days have backed into their philosophical corner and view the other side as some “opponent” who is out to defeat us and who we in turn must instead defeat in order to win; rather than a group of people who genuinely want to make the world better and just have a different perspective on what that looks like and/or how to achieve it. As such, rather than try to work collaboratively, the different sides are purposefully working in opposition to one another.

    • Posted by Schiffelers, at Reply

      @ J. Smith > @Arsenal17 Your are so right! Sociology had noticed the same…. Biological it has to do with the hormone oxytocine. Social with grouping and forming sides. The lack of respect for each other is a factor in provoking violence with each other.
      But not being able to rise above this animalistic function as an aware human being says a lot!
      The lucifer effect (of DR. Zimbardo) is also a connecting fact. As is his experiment of 1978 (Stanford experiment)

  5. Posted by larry ship, at Reply

    THIS WAS TERRIOST ATTACK PERIOD . If james fields was Muslim trump wouldn’t be afraid to say that. the Alt-right is a terrorist organization period and james fields should be in jail for life or get death row.

    • Posted by American badass, at Reply

      larry ship Obama fault

    • Posted by IT3210, at Reply

      “We used to mark their houses and raid them at night” uh yeah, great job admitting to a violent crime on youtube, Turk, I’m happy that your criminal justice system prosecutes people like you…oh wait, you voted to give Erdogan another legislative blowjob and crowned him emperor for life, like the democrats you are. But ‘fascism’ happens uniquely in Germany. Because Turkish people don’t commit genocides (*cough* Armenians *cough*) or oppress minorities (Kurds, Alevites, everyone else that got on the fast train to Germany because you people are so tolerant…

  6. Posted by Chris Wave, at Reply

    You have to ask yourself, why is it that after Trump took office (even before that), why are all these racists being embolden to just come out and be racist in the open? After decades of keeping it low-key? Do they think they have more leverage? More protection? More people that agree with them?

    • Posted by J Huetter, at Reply

      aye yuh

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      Danee Kaplan  – cut the bs, you have professors in college saying all they wish for Christmas is white genocide, you have the ‘no white people day’ at these places. Now imagine the same was said about blacks……you are naïve, stupid or straight out liar if you think there is no anti white mainstream….Hispanics, blacks and women have equal rights infact with affirmative action and all sorts of minority quotas in the workplace and colleges you not only have more rights and priveleges than anyone…but that still isn’t enough for you people

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      +Harmony Alexandria

      Honestly, the latter portion of your message was utterly incoherent dribble that I assume was meant to be ad hominem?

      Well I don’t have time for insults, if your not going to actually discuss solutions to the problems we face – if your not even going to level head and try – your not worth more than the minuscule effort I dedicate here to call you out for it.

      Rest assured, the Alt-Right is no friend of mine but rather than see all of our resources consumed focusing on non-problems, i’d rather that same attention be put towards actually improving the lives of people and stopping this Alt-Right movement before it can really take off.

  7. Posted by タピアエドガー, at Reply

    Racists embrace flags of defeated causes like Nazi’s or Confederacy because there are no successful examples of their hate. They fail.

    • Posted by philajfran, at Reply

      +タピアエドガー “Racists embrace flags of defeated causes like Nazi’s or Confederacy because there are no successful examples of their hate. They fail.”

      I hope you are aware you are a legend!!! I couldn’t agree more if I tried!!!!!

    • Posted by Steve True, at Reply

      So why do they embrace loser flags?

  8. Posted by Billy Badass, at Reply

    When a Muslim runs people over with a vehicle, it’s terrorism. When an American conservative runs people over with a vehicle, both sides just need to calm down.

    • Posted by Glenn V, at Reply

      When progressives wear ski masks, call themselves antifa and beat up the elderly in the name of tolerance 11 months in a row every single day, you call it what?

    • Posted by Queef Micester, at Reply

      Billy Badass , , , , , You don’t know the differemce between a hateful 1400 year old organised death cult and a random crazy person?

    • Posted by Queef Micester, at Reply

      Derek Bao , , , double standards is the way to go

    • Posted by TheAnime Warrior, at Reply

      Cant think of a name It already has…..kid.

  9. Posted by 75joev, at Reply

    Say it Trump; White Nationalist Terrorist.

    • Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

      HOW? The regressives are the violent ones you dumbass.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      scootloo 7g7
      Nazi’s and the KKK are terrorist. Trump should have mentioned them by name. The guy in the terrorist car was a Nazi or sympathizer at least.

  10. Posted by Sixers JT, at Reply

    Guys guys I’m a liberal but don’t act like you haven’t seen this before. I’m a supporter of BLM but the riots in Baltimore were similar to this. Trump WAS right (I’m not a trump supporter)
    both sides have done these things. The right needs to stop blaming
    The left and vice versa for these types of events. Politics isn’t supposed to be physical.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Caitlyn Clark If you replace nazi with islamists people would be calling for your head.

    • Posted by Noah Brady, at Reply

      you’re too smart for this channel. I’m sorry, but it really is hopeless with these people

    • Posted by Noah Brady, at Reply

      you know, not every conservative who showed up yesterday was a “white supremacist.” in fact, I’d wager that only a small number of them were.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      you’re not a liberal lol

    • Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

      But the left is MORE violent by far.

  11. Posted by Jessica Triplev, at Reply

    White dudes are racist sexist hypocrites. smh

    • Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

      Look at all the violent regressives calling names.

    • Posted by FedorSaku, at Reply

      Show saying a whole race is racist isn’t racist?
      Typical liberal tolerance.

    • Posted by Jon Doenut, at Reply

      Jessica Triplev So Female supremacy is normalized? Ok smh

    • Posted by EL GWOPONE, at Reply

      Jessica Triplev and you’re a racist dumbass a persons skin doesn’t automatically make them racist

    • Posted by The White Wolf, at Reply

      Jessica Triplev 6.4/10 Troll.

  12. Posted by NothingMaster, at Reply

    This is exactly what you get when a racist MF like Trump is elected president. Every racist SOB feels empowered to commit acts of terrorism.

    • Posted by TruthStorian Reincarnate, at Reply

      When the government picks and chooses to follow the law as it sees fit how is it surprising that some of the citizens chose to do the same thing?

    • Posted by 4K PS2 Games PCSX2 and other emu's, at Reply

      Daughter fucker. Get it right.

    • Posted by David Post, at Reply

      You’re right and what I find funny is this is all the power the right can gather up and the left didn’t even get the word out. I wish I could have been their.

  13. Posted by Molly, at Reply

    List of things Trump has yet to call out:
    1. Putin
    2. White supremacists

    • Posted by Josh DeRoche, at Reply

      Molly obama hasn’t called out RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Putin hasn’t done anything wrong, and he has called out the kkk numerous times.
      Nice try TYT intern account.

  14. Posted by Katty Torres, at Reply

    If it was Muslims, quick, real quick Trump would call them out but White Supremacy… lipped-shut. Sad!

    • Posted by Russ Littler, at Reply

      johnmburt1960. Don’t be silly. Use your brain and your eyes. That’s what they are for.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Violent liberals beating people in the streets and dragging people out of cars.
      We have seen this before.
      Get out of the streets and stop attacking people in cars.

    • Posted by Josh DeRoche, at Reply


  15. Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

    Antifa deserve all the violence they get.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Antifa showed up ARMED looking for trouble and got smashed lol. Antifa Escalates the Violence and conservatives still win.

    • Posted by marshallbs, at Reply

      Nazi apologists aren’t very bright. Please get cancer and die. All of you shitheads.

    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply

      Look at these regressive white trash so proud to be fascists. They can’t die out soon enough for my tastes.

  16. Posted by Yoda, at Reply

    Last I checked BLM aren’t killing people with cars you alt right fuckers.

    • Posted by jjoe50020023, at Reply

      pretty sure some blm person shot and killed a police officer at a protest

    • Posted by Jon Doenut, at Reply

      Yoda They’re raping white woman, shooting people, and burning down their own cities. Have you not been paying attention?

    • Posted by Draconis The Wyvern, at Reply

      +Yoda “Last I checked BLM aren’t killing people with cars you alt right fuckers.”<--no BLM just happened to burn a gas station light cars on fire and hunted white people and several people in BLM called for a purge of white people. an various leaders in BLM are racist. /watch?v=8jAYzFmi5pc /watch?v=bYDHa31HiaQ /watch?v=lrNiPf4Kyxs /watch?v=gYeYRwZXV-4&t=45s you are breeding these racist BY BEING RACIST YOUR SELVES!

    • Posted by Draconis The Wyvern, at Reply

      repost just in case: +Yoda “Last I checked BLM aren’t killing people with cars you alt right fuckers.”<--no BLM just happened to burn a gas station light cars on fire and hunted white people and several people in BLM called for a purge of white people. an various leaders in BLM are racist. /watch?v=8jAYzFmi5pc /watch?v=bYDHa31HiaQ /watch?v=lrNiPf4Kyxs /watch?v=gYeYRwZXV-4&t=45s you are breeding these racist BY BEING RACIST YOUR SELVES!