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The Young Turks LIVE! 08.11.17


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  1. Posted by Christina Daugherty, at Reply

    Can I just say: Ana, you’re rocking the hair today. The curls look fantastic. Also, you are such a role model. Thank you both for disclosing the truth in presenting as unbiased responses as possible. I watch TYT on a daily basis. You all rock.

  2. Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

    Ana thinks this is funny

  3. Posted by lotto1, at Reply

    islam has most advanced rape culture on earth thanks to pedophile muhammad may peace be upon him

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      lotto1 Kinda like Trump and that 13 year old.

    • Posted by Dick Fillmore, at Reply

      lotto1 Mormons are #2 😉

  4. Posted by Susanna Keep Collective Designer, at Reply

    There is no way a raped woman would identify her rapist if she had to ask his permission for an abortion.

  5. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    When a Muslim crash his car into a crowd

    he’s called a terrorist

    but when a White Alt-Right Nazi does the exact same thing

    People are like : James was having a bad day ok. Give him a cold brewski


    White Lies Matter lol

    • Posted by Dee Bates, at Reply

      Charles Baylor ok

    • Posted by Dante the Infidel, at Reply

      Charles Baylor BUHHT ANTIFAAAA

    • Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

      he is a terrorist

    • Posted by Sausage N Bellenz, at Reply

      They should join forces, it might be the only wee the white race can survive

  6. Posted by Left Is Best, at Reply

    That’s the old testament I believe.

  7. Posted by Garth, at Reply

    How many times is Chunk gonna take that bible verse about abortion out of context?

  8. Posted by Jus Axn, at Reply

    Does life begin at conception?

    • Posted by James Harbaugh, at Reply

      Brah… we kill at all ages…

  9. Posted by James Harbaugh, at Reply

    Welcome to Purgatory of the TYT chat… for banned souls.

  10. Posted by Jesse, at Reply


    • Posted by George Mirchev, at Reply

      You’re a very dedicated spammer.

  11. Posted by just amazed, at Reply

    Lets see Clintons sold our uranium, sat by and allowed four Patriots to die in Bengazi, stole from the poor in Haiti, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of women and children being killed because of her regime changes, laughed while Gadafi was brutally killed in a ditch etc etc. One innocent citizen is killed yesterday and the press are screaming for the full force of the law be brought upon the driver. Well I agree so why are the press not asking for the full force of the law be brought against the Clintons? America will not heal until the day the Clintons are held accountable to the same laws as we are..

    • Posted by Skitz Mate, at Reply

      just amazed give this man a medal

    • Posted by mlking213, at Reply

      Julie Ake ok gave uranium to North Korea is that better?

  12. Posted by Haruhi Suzumiya, at Reply

    “Comey maybe” ok that’s actually a little cute

  13. Posted by Not Sure, at Reply

    *”THE YOUNG TURKS PROPAGANDA” should be the banner behind these disingenuous intellectually dishonest shills for the establishment.*

    • Posted by RankinMsP, at Reply

      Then why are you here?

    • Posted by Skitz Mate, at Reply

      RankinMsP we need to know tje enemy to understand how dumb the american youth had become

    • Posted by Melissa Martell, at Reply

      Right, I’m betting you watch FOX wed too.

    • Posted by ReapeX, at Reply

      +Skitz Mate Lol

  14. Posted by jake williams, at Reply

    I would of bashed her another 100 times.

  15. Posted by Jeff Shands, at Reply

    “The Young Turks LIVE!” “Streamed live 3 hours ago”? Today is August 13, 2017?

  16. Posted by Stephen Yount, at Reply

    Lunatic liberal leftist finally met someone who has no regard for law and public safety, just like them.
    How’d that workout ?

  17. Posted by Carlsbad Dragon, at Reply

    How about everybody start obeying police officers period. They are not messing around when the cop says touch your toes you touch your toes if he says put your hands behind your back you put your hands behind your back immediately you stupid fuckers. It’s not that hard.

  18. Posted by Gaytwinbros, at Reply

    I’d like that cops blood on my hands, just saying.

  19. Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

    that kim is crap