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The Young Turks Sign $20 Million Investment Deal


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We make large amounts. The best offers. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Read more about the financial investment here:

" WndrCo, Jeffrey Katzenberg's mobile-entertainment holding business, has made one of its initial financial investments: It's taken a risk in TYT Network, one of the top online-video political information networks.

TYT Network, whose flagship show is The Young Turks, shut $20 million in financing led by development equity company 3L Funding with participation from Greycroft, as well as WndrCo.

The company claimed it will certainly use the financial investment to work with added monitoring execs as well as creative skill, as well as enhance its subscription-video offering and broaden marketing campaigns. TYT also stated it expects to tap into the partnerships of its brand-new investors– 3L, Greycroft, and also WndrCo– for new development opportunities.

TYT, with more than 200 million views a month on YouTube, wased established by CEO Cenk Uygur (pictured over) as an on-line radio program in 2002. The Youthful Turks, the left-leaning information and also commentary reveal co-hosted by Uygur, is now the longest-running everyday live-streamed show online." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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Youthful Turk (n), 1. Youthful dynamic or insurgent member of an institution, activity, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels versus authority or societal assumptions.( American Heritage Dictionary).

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  1. Posted by abscondam, at Reply

    “You can’t trust the main stream media because they are bought out by corporations” – TYT since forever
    *Sells themselves out to corporations* LOL Ben was right! You are prostitutes!

    • Posted by abscondam, at Reply

      B J no he’s a hypocrite for backing Hillary, the candidate that stands for everything he was against. That’s like me saying I’m against racism but then backing a racist candidate. Yeah it’s very hypocritical.

    • Posted by B J, at Reply

      abscondam He literally said on day 1 that he was going to support the Democratic candidate in order to prevent a Republican presidency. Agree or disagree, he was perfectly clear.

    • Posted by abscondam, at Reply

      B J being perfectly clear about your hypocrisy does not negate that you are a hypocrite lmfao he played you guys. All the money he raised went to the corrupt DNC. How can you not see that they PLAYED you?

    • Posted by B J, at Reply

      abscondam Well, he was a Democratic candidate!! Sigh…

    • Posted by abscondam, at Reply

      B J yes that’s the point. They played progressives and made you guys think you had a chance so they can make money off of you

  2. Posted by Buddy Van Cigrit, at Reply

    “Big money will corrupt politicians every time but it can’t ever corrupt TYT!”

    -Cenk Uygur

    • Posted by Buddy Van Cigrit, at Reply

      I own a small business. Give me a million dollar investment, I’ll promise you a yearly return and I’ll literally suck you off.

    • Posted by Freedom From Cucks, at Reply

      I didnt know Cenk was running for congress

    • Posted by Buddy Van Cigrit, at Reply

      Freedom From Cucks I didn’t know big money can only corrupt those running for congress

  3. Posted by Cassidy Ebersole, at Reply

    As a loyal viewer for quite awhile now, this rubs me the wrong way. $20 million is a lot of money. I don’t think you can expect your viewers to just believe that they aren’t going to want a return on their investment. Especially not when you’ve been telling your viewers not to trust this kind of thing.

    • Posted by Royal We, at Reply

      Cassidy Ebersole
      At some point they have to do this (selectively). They can inform people of status quo, but nothing changes on main street until like minded companies join to make the economy change as well.

    • Posted by Will J, at Reply

      Rilly Kewl
      Hillary Clinton is a bought politician idiot. TYT is a business. If you don’t know the difference then something is wrong with you. One is supposed to take money and return it plus more from profits. The other is not.

    • Posted by Cassidy Ebersole, at Reply

      I understand that businesses get investors and that others have invested in TYT, but until now it wasn’t $20 million coming from someone who, to the best of my knowledge, supports establishment democrats. For all we know there could be an understanding that if they do what the investor wants, more money would come in the future. Yes Cenk said that that’s why they took it all at once, but that doesn’t really mean that scenario couldn’t happen. “Here is this $20 million, but there could be more in the future if you help push my agenda.” I hope that isn’t what’s going on, but for me it is a wait and see situation. Could Jeffrey Katzenberg have decided to start supporting the progressive movement, and just want a share of the profits from TYT, sure. Both scenarios are possible. I was simply pointing out that it does deserve a level of scrutiny, and that we should be attentive to see if they change their messaging.

    • Posted by Cole Knapek, at Reply

      Seriously though everyones acting like TYT could just one day say “oh lol yeah we support the establishment now” and they wouldnt lose the majority of their subscribers and paid members in a single day. LOL to that if you believe that you obviously dont understand who their main demographic is.

  4. Posted by william hung, at Reply

    naïve to think the investors will not interfere

    • Posted by asdfasdf, at Reply

      Rilly Kewl
      I can say that about politicians. Sure, its only a donation, there is no legislative impact.

    • Posted by bgnore, at Reply

      Any investment would impact content. There is a reason why TYT is extremely selective in their reporting.

      If you think TYT is made “by the people”, you are sadly mistaken.

    • Posted by David Thompson, at Reply

      Every news outlet is selective in reporting. It’s called having an opinion. I didn’t realize having an opinion was inherently evil

    • Posted by bgnore, at Reply

      There is a difference between *_reporting facts_* and having an opinion.

      TYT does not report facts which they find inconvenient. Also, they will not share their opinion on topics which they find inconvenient.

      It’s much better to get your news outside of TYT. Because, what TYT does is google stories which suit their agenda, then regurgitate it back out to their audience.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      It’s called a contract.

  5. Posted by The Raging Nova, at Reply

    Who’s the big corporation now you hypocrites.

    • Posted by Abilio Aman Bala, at Reply

      Megan Henderson: I know this. But I’m just amused at the hypocrisy! Cenk himself spoke against this when he was debating Ben Shapiro. Political parties are also required to pay hundreds of employees so you’re kind of missing the point of what we ‘haters’ are getting so annoyed at. HYPOCRISY- don’t google it, use a real dictionary you turd! HAHAH

    • Posted by The Raging Nova, at Reply

      Why so salty?

  6. Posted by Gales99, at Reply

    Cry more haters!!!!

    Well done TYT!!!!

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      +asdfasdf it’s called a contract, idiot. If they agreed to have complete editorial control, then they will legally have it.

    • Posted by bgnore, at Reply

      +trier2123241243 alright smart guy, have you seen the contract? Please tell us what’s in this contract that was signed.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      “Please tell us what’s in this contract that was signed.” they already said they have full editorial control. any competent business owner would have that in writing

  7. Posted by SomeRandom, at Reply

    To all the negative comments. The truth hurts doesnt it.

    How could anyone be against?:
    – money out of politics
    – universal health care
    – raise minimum wage
    – affordable education

    If anyone isnt in favour of the above they are either:
    A. Millionaires
    B. Stupid

    • Posted by KarakuraNinja, at Reply

      Simplifying arguments there too mate. Going to college isn’t the same as people trying to own a house and start a family while living off debt. Families have become increasingly reliant in two parents as opposed to before where you could more easily have a family dependant on just the father. Tax breaks are a problem, that is the bottom line and they have made it harder for the middle and working class.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      KarakuraNinja thanx i was gonna school the republitard myself

    • Posted by Kacper Lewis, at Reply

      Me going to college doesn’t change the fact that I’m still on minimum wage. If you have two adults who work full time that’s enough money to get a mortgage mate. Unless you live in new York, california or any other expensive state. Owning a house is not a right, if by some means you can’t afford one then just rent. Free market. And I’m not a republican 😅 Proud Democrat who wants to regain the whitehouse in 2020.

    • Posted by KarakuraNinja, at Reply

      People shouldn’t be renting, stop praising the free market like it is some perfect thing. There was a time where a monarchy could just seize anyones property, the reason we have a free market is so that corrupt governments couldn’t control people’s lives and assets and people could improve living standards. Over time people found new ways to abuse the free market system with tactics like hoarding and monopolies, there has even been money in politics, there are those breaking and rigging the system so that people get poorer as an expense to the wealthy. The government is meant to represent and support the common people, improve lives and bring fairness.

      The free market needs regulation and to address the issues that are causing inflation alongside stagnant wages, ignoring the problem and giving people bad alternatives as compromises while future generations are to expect worse is ridiculous.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply


      Money out of politics: Money in politics is nothing more than a symptom of a disease. That disease is the federal government having too much power that we cannot control. Limit the powers of the federal government, give more powers to the states, and create more checks and balances with that process. Also, if the federal government is so corrupt, why do you want it to run your education and healthcare?

      Universal health care: This is simply not possible due to our lack of doctors, nurses, surgeons, researchers, etc. If you want more healthcare for people then push for more people to become doctors and nurses. Do not reward failure by increasing the min. wage. People want high quality healthcare to as many people as possible. Understanding reality does not make one stupid.

      Raise the min. wage: This has never benefited anyone

      Affordable education: People support this, but we also have to keep the quality high. Placing 500+ students in one room and placing a warm body in front of them to lecture things straight out of a textbook is not an education. But that is what you leftists are pushing for.

      The big issue, though, is that you are strawmanning. You feel that if we do not support your stance then we are against education and healthcare and hate poor people. That is simply not true. The reality is that we understand that you just can’t magically creating these things out of thin air. We have a waiting list for organs for example. Does is that because they are just sitting there in the freezer and the government just needs a law to distribute them? Or maybe we just lack them? Which is it?

  8. Posted by Snorlax, at Reply

    Maybe use some of that $20 million to research the Armenian Genocide.

    • Posted by Snorlax, at Reply

      And yet people always bring up slavery to demonstrate the great evils of the white -devil- man, despite no living person or nation being involved with the slave trade.

    • Posted by Alexander Howarth, at Reply

      Snorlax also, the nations that propogated black slavery DO still exist, and still benifit from slavery. But that’s beside the point. I mean we can still admire the pyramids despite the fact that they are the product of slavery. They’re a product of a different time

    • Posted by Freedom From Cucks, at Reply

      Hey SNorlax do you believe that the Holocaust was a hoax?

    • Posted by Snorlax, at Reply

      Freedom From Cucks – The holocaust happened. Only The Young Turks and their fans deny genocides.

  9. Posted by Bob Steel, at Reply

    I think you’re into FAKE NEWS while pushing your COMMUNIST PROGRESSIVE agenda. Unfortunately you’ll succeed with your brainwashing because you have 3.3 million subscribers.

    • Posted by Jens Espersen, at Reply

      Please dont ever go outside the US. You will get a cultural/political shock how the rest of the West actually operates.

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      +jens ist funny how many US citizens do not even know what communism is but spend all there time talking about it.

    • Posted by Bob Steel, at Reply

      Jens Espersen, I’m a citizen of The United States Of America, and have no desire to go outside of my country, and I’m not a Global Commie, and I really don’t care how the rest of the west operates, they’re FREE I guess to do that and so am I.

    • Posted by Bob Steel, at Reply

      The definition I read of Communism is when the GOVERNMENT controls all the wealth of the people, businesses, education, and are socialists in a sense except that GOVERNMENT DICTATES.Examples are like the schools teaching COMMON CORE type of education, instead of actually educating these young people, OBAMACARE WITH THE FORCE MANDATE that is definitely something they would do in a communist nation.The PATRIOT ACT, there are so many provisions were the government dictates to businesses, banks and people, definitely communism.Myself as an Individual have way less freedom than I did as a young man, and I found both of the main political parties to be guilty of these things.

    • Posted by Jens Espersen, at Reply

      Yes, MURICA, number one!

  10. Posted by Isak Sand, at Reply

    How do these trolls have the energy to comment on every single clip? I can’t imagine watching and commenting on every single clip that Alex Jones puts out, just because I disagree with him. Maybe that’s because I actually got a life.

    • Posted by Robert Patterson, at Reply

      Isak Sand I agree!! Normal people don’t spend all that energy watching something they hate.

    • Posted by Alex D., at Reply

      you are so wrong. Most people arent walking around all day and saying “oh look i like this” all the time. Most people usually only comment on things they dont like

    • Posted by Isak Sand, at Reply

      Speak for yourself mate.

    • Posted by Alex D., at Reply

      You should apply your wisdom on yourself bro

    • Posted by Isak Sand, at Reply

      What does that even mean?

  11. Posted by Conscious Caracal, at Reply

    Despite Cenk consistently claiming that money corrupts politicians etc, it won’t corrupt him because “they like what we’re doing and that’s why we got the investment”.

    Okay, mate :p

    • Posted by Derek Beck, at Reply

      You may want to re-read his comment. I do believe the “it” he was referring to was money. Reading comprehension… Instead of just looking stupid.

      He maybe an idiot to you…but remember there is always someone smarter then you.

      Side note: top online political show on the internet? Really? By what metric? Cenk’s famous metric of 10, where the only score is 10.

      In that case I’m the most interesting man in the world! That’s objective truth. Keep the dilutions alive. Yay! Too Strong!

    • Posted by pizzamanwannabe, at Reply

      Conscious — money only corruptions politicians. Why? Politicians have to fight for their job every 2 years. Businesses don’t — Cenk existed without this money for 15 years, if the funder pulls donations he’ll still have a job. If Cenk was a politician and got this money then he’d have to do what the donor wants or they’d pull money from his 2018 election and fund his competitor

    • Posted by Conscious Caracal, at Reply

      +pizzamanwannabe If that were true, why do corporate media networks like FOX and CNN dance to the tune of their financiers? Even TYT have called them out on this. The more TYT gets backed by big money, the more they will become like the corporate networks they despise.

    • Posted by pizzamanwannabe, at Reply

      Conscious — I don’t think you understand what corruption is… so here’s merrian-webster’s definition: “dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers).”

      CNN dances to the tune of their financiers but who does that really hurt? No one. Nancy Pelosi dances to the tune of her financiers and who does that hurt? Literally everyone, because she creates the goddamn law and controls the police. You seriously don’t see the difference between a news org and the US Congress? >.>

    • Posted by Conscious Caracal, at Reply

      +pizzamanwannabe Might wanna read my comment again, mate. Reading comprehension is KEY.
      Since you like definitions, “corrupt” (verb): ’cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.’

      No matter the amount of people getting hurt, it’s about principles, ethics and journalistic integrity.

  12. Posted by Charisse Linnell-Morton, at Reply

    So happy 😁 that this channel has crushed it with logic and truth! Congrats TYT!

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      If Cenk can’t tell us WHO invested and WHAT they are getting for their investment, then Cenk knows he would lose viewers for being honest.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas then he wouldn’t have even bothered to mention the whole thing at all…DUH

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      d1nonlyd ars This is a response video by Cenk….He didn’t want this to get out.(Which proves your point). This story was covered in the media/business press and TYT got swamped with questions.
      Cenk didn’t release this first, his hand was forced and this is him trying to cover up.

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      d1nonlyd if Cenk has nothing to hide he should have his new boardmember on for an interview, why not?

  13. Posted by Tom *, at Reply

    TYT=Soros whores

    • Posted by Tom *, at Reply

      Alex Your triggered reaction was worth the price of the admission, libtard. Libtard drones and their feelings…

    • Posted by Tom *, at Reply

      Alex Here’s a Kleenex to wipe your salty leftist tears. The truth hurts…

    • Posted by Vegalus, at Reply

      Cause Soros wants to be taxed more

    • Posted by Alex, at Reply

      It’s less of a blow job. More Tom bending over and being taken with force. And the worst part is he is in favour. I honestly feel sorry for people whose logic and reasons seems to be non-existant. He can’t even post his feeble insults in one comment. It feels like puching a baby in the face.

  14. Posted by Steven Christmas, at Reply

    So are you going to return the 2M plus dollars you crowd funded recently?

    • Posted by Graham Skelly, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas, since you claimed things that are patently not true your argument falls apart really quickly

    • Posted by Rilly Kewl, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas, are you high, or what⁇ *TYT Politics* isn’t posting enough for you⁇ Cuz the rest of us can barely keep up with them. More content there than on the main channel. Geezis.

    • Posted by Rilly Kewl, at Reply

      That’s how you prove you are totally full of s hit.

    • Posted by Graham Skelly, at Reply

      Hey Steven Christmas, first you didn’t ask a question you just said it was a fact. to answer the question “what stores have (they) broke?” TYT Politics channel, has videos daily, but specific stories the DSA convention, Flint protestors, non mainstream candidates running for office. Andrew Como and his payback to healthcare donors it goes on and on.

    • Posted by Steven Christmas, at Reply

      Graham Skelly what did I say was a fact? I just asked if they were going to return all the crowd funding money they raised? Asking a question isn’t stating a fact.

  15. Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

    Didn’t Cenk just do a debate saying get money out of politics and Wall Street is bad? Wow lol suckers you fell for it

    • Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

      Rilly Kewl exactly he gets paid by agitating idiots who feel wronged by society. hey make that money but call it what it is

    • Posted by Rilly Kewl, at Reply

      I’ll call it what it is: a business investment.
      What it’s not: a political campaign

    • Posted by BlackHateMatrix, at Reply

      Bribing politicians with any large amount of corporate donation to
      serve their best interest of corporation to getting richer but not for the
      people of united state was at one time illegal and can only give small
      donation to candidate until your corrupted government pass the bill to
      allow this criminal act to take place. If our British government and
      pretty sure the rest of Europe countries as well could get away with
      this kind of illegal bribery in politics there would be people outrage on
      the street… In the UK ‘money in politics’ the law is taken very seriously!

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      cenk pushes for candidates thus he is money in politics.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      cenk pushes for candidates thus he is money in politics”
      WTF is this argument? Is cenk a bill of money? He uses speach to push for politicans, he dosn’t bribe them

  16. Posted by adrian, at Reply

    I like you for the most part, TYT, but you’re not _just_ a company, you’re a _media_ company, and if you’re gonna preach “money out of politics,” a consistent approach would be to embrace “money out of media” as well — grassroots funded. Your credibility is indeed in question.

    • Posted by adrian, at Reply

      +thermo dynamics – Yeah I agree, but that’s how it starts man; and it’s reminiscing of the argument corporate democrats use against getting money out of politics. They’re not isolated entities — politics and media — they both operate similarly, and are both vulnerable to corruption in the same ways. It’s a slippery slope, and credibility is likely to be the first to suffer. It’s a shame.

    • Posted by Israel Rosario Jr., at Reply

      adrian, what you’re proposing is completely and utterly unrealistic. What Cenk is saying here, which I agree with, is that they’re using their money to SERVE THEIR LISTENERS not the political interests of their investors or corporations buying ad space. We live in a capitalist system so we all have to play by those rules on some level, but it doesn’t mean you compromise your principles.

    • Posted by adrian, at Reply

      Quasiguambo – Do what I did, pay $14/mo to remove ads and revenue moves directly from the platform to the creator. I also use Patron and pay a whopping $4/mo to support Secular Talk and Jimmy Dore, since I watch them more often.

    • Posted by adrian, at Reply

      +Israel Rosario Jr. – Grassroots funding _is_ a principle to uphold. _Democracy Now_, for example, is a nonprofit organization that has been doing this for over 20 years. It’s not new, unrealistic, or impossible. It’s just not TYT.

    • Posted by Israel Rosario Jr., at Reply

      adrian, I’m not sure why you believe that it’s a binary choice between grassroots funding and taking money from an investor who believes in your organizational vision. PBS and NPR both accept grassroots funding and funding from corporate foundations. The key here is whether they stay true to their mission to serve their listeners, which I don’t see a reason why they won’t.

  17. Posted by Khorne Berzerker, at Reply

    Cenk, how’s it feel to be a 20 million dollar prostitute, you lying hack? You claim that you want money out of politics? You are the embodiment of money in politics. You’re nothing but a shill for the left, who will dance like a puppet to the tune of whoever’s paying.

    Not that you had much credibility before, but congratulations. Now you have none. Not that someone who denies the Armenian Genocide has any in the first place.

    • Posted by purple pill, at Reply

      “left wing” and “right wing” come from France during the abolishment of the kingship. People who wanted a new system sat on the left, those who wanted to keep the king sat on the right.

      “right” essentially means status quo, which is what both political parties in the USA are.

      So there literally is no left wing in our political system, and that’s the problem.

    • Posted by Krytern UK, at Reply

      What does it feel like to be a dumbass?

    • Posted by Trippy Traveler, at Reply

      jealous!!! HAHAHAHA

  18. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    who is the fool who invested 20 million in the laughingstock of the internet?

    • Posted by Zack Osborn, at Reply

      Because it’s an effective propaganda tool.

    • Posted by Andres Rojas, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger
      Yet you are here providing views and justifying the investment.

    • Posted by Alex, at Reply

      The Saudi’s fund the right wing press. Look up who is a major stake holder in Fox news.

  19. Posted by Alex Cortez, at Reply

    “Geroge Soros Hooks Up The Young Turks ” Should be the title

    • Posted by GustavsMotion, at Reply

      Whats the link with Soros? I’d love to read about it

    • Posted by Path Evermore, at Reply

      conservatards think george soros is the only liberal millionaire because conservatards are stupid (looking right at michae alan “millionaires are the greatest people except george soros” weiner). seriously if you had said “jeffery katzenberg hooks up the young turks” you would then have a valid point.

    • Posted by GustavsMotion, at Reply

      He is a Bilionaire* Sir. Who has openly admitted his aim of creating a global open society. Has been endorsed by Hilary and has spent billions on advancing his philosophy.

      What is happening in Europe now is a prime example how his plan is playing out.
      Refugee crysis started at around 2015. We already know that most of them coming here are economic migrants. So tell me, why no one has put a stop to this? Why are they still encouraged to come?

      Not to mention Justin Trudo asking Gorge Soros to help him craft the refugee policy. I wonder how that will turn out.

  20. Posted by Paul Keough, at Reply

    Nice spin but I ain’t byin’. TYT, bought and sold. Next step unsubscribe!

    • Posted by Righty Whitey Cracker, at Reply

      Paul Keough You’re such a dumbass. 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jason Fresh, at Reply

      OF COURSE!

    • Posted by Odin's Scrotum, at Reply

      Paul Keough what’s the spin? they accepted a round of funding. this is very common for small businesses. cenk is the majority shareholder and has the final say. they are still independent.

      do you really believe cenk would accept a deal that involved him losing influence over the company he’s spent most of his career building? if you think that little of cenk, i don’t know why you’re watching TYT anyway.