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There’s A Robin In The House! | Viral Clips


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"There's a robin in your house!"

We have actually never seen a guy so excitable concerning a bird flying around in his residence!

There's A Robin In Your house!|Viral Clips


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  1. Posted by Audrey Ningtyas, at Reply

    the bird is scared of his laugh

    • Posted by Shawn Dye, at Reply

      Audrey Ningtyas lol

  2. Posted by Shawn Dye, at Reply

    That laugh though lol

  3. Posted by Colt Frenzy, at Reply

    uhh. that looks like a cardinal

    • Posted by Lunar Flare Studios, at Reply

      It is indeed a cardinal. A male, in fact. How would anybody confuse the two? Oh well, I guess it happens.

    • Posted by BestAFVonU2BE, at Reply

      The man seems a little too excited to distinguish the two. 😀

  4. Posted by Spiffy Gamingtm, at Reply

    I think he looks like a rockin Robin

  5. Posted by mcgaugh57, at Reply

    cackling idiot

    • Posted by D Cunningham, at Reply

      Yeah, that laugh is more funny than the bird.

    • Posted by BestAFVonU2BE, at Reply

      The laugh is the best part! 😀

  6. Posted by Mohammed2007 Alkhouri, at Reply


  7. Posted by R.I.P ZEUS, at Reply

    Omg I love ❤️ this video lol the guy hehehe there a robin in the house ! Hehehehe! Lol I laugh so hard and I sick can I have a like cause I’m sick ?

  8. Posted by stiimuli, at Reply

    well that guy’s annoying =/

  9. Posted by dieruza, at Reply

    someone terminate that guy

  10. Posted by Sharon Iezzi, at Reply

    Poor man…If I remember my folklore correctly, a bird in the house is a bad omen…hope the bird (a CARDINAL) got out OK.

  11. Posted by Psycho Neek, at Reply

    He needs to be stabbed tf up

  12. Posted by MCM, at Reply

    how many beers has uncle Dan had???

  13. Posted by Teri Root, at Reply

    It’s a Cardinal, not a Robin

  14. Posted by Κλεῖτος Παϊσάνος, at Reply

    Γιατί στριγγλίζεις;