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These 19 Houses Have The BEST Halloween Decorations. Epic.


Halloween is that epic start to the holiday season, where everyone has an excuse to either dress up themselves or their houses. These are some of the best Halloween decorations we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure how much free time these people had on their hands, but the commitment was worth it.

Either they’re a huge Tim Burton or Batman fan, we can’t tell.

Any excuse to re-live the 80s…

The truth is out there.

Michael Bay IS scary.

Plants VS Zombies in real life.

Creepy cutouts…

And the proper way to make creepy cut outs.

Graveyards are always in fashion.

Making children squeal like a pig is fun.

Imagine seeing this at night.

House graveyards are getting serious, now.

If nightmares were reality.


Realistic or just plan awful?

Someone loves watching the Treehouse of Horror.

No words… to explain… all of it.

We think they like Jack O’Lanterns.

This yard uses more air than a commercial jet engine. We bet.

Truly the most frightening thing you could ever see.

Once trick-or-treaters hit their block, they’ll know they struck gold. Source

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