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These Children’s Drawings Of The Aliens Who Abducted Them Are Chilling


Depending on who you talk to, alien abductions are either shockingly common or entirely made up. However, one aspect of alien abductions that’s hardly discussed is their supposed tendency to target young children. While you might say that these kinds of abduction stories would be the easiest to debunk, that’s not always the case.

What makes a convincing argument for childhood alien abductions are the freaky similarities between the stories that these children tell. Even stranger than the stories are the drawings they create of their time aboard alien spacecrafts. Let’s take a look at some of them…

This is a drawing of supposedly a grey female alien.

This one looks kinda nice.

Some children describe the aliens as wearing colorful jumpsuits, as shown here.

A self-portrait of one little girl with her alien friend.

Showing an alien ship abducting her from her family.

Many of the children report being controlled by aliens through their thoughts, as illustrated in this picture.

One young boy drew this picture of him on a table surrounded by aliens.

Another illustration of telepathy.

Some children report encountering different species of aliens. Here is a “grey” alien along with “mantis” aliens.

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This is a mantis alien (on the right) along with its assistant.

Some kids also report encountering what experts believe are alien-human hybrids. The picture below depicts one child playing with some hybrids.

Another illustration of the aliens’ ability to communicate telepathically.

Aside from the grey and the mantis species, some children report encountering reptilian aliens during their abductions.

Here is a simple illustration of several children speaking with a few aliens.

(source Aliens and Children)

Well, that is freaky as hell. Parents, if your children start talking about “strangers” visiting them in the night, don’t be so quick to write it off as an overactive imagination…

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