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They Didn’t Even Wait: Kochs Reward Ryan


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That tax obligation bill obtained Paul Ryan PAID! Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, explains. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below. Support Wolf-PAC here:

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" In the months leading up to the passage of the Republican politician Event's long-awaited tax costs in 2014, the powerful political procedure run by the billionaire Koch bros was just one of the strongest pressures pressing lawmakers to pass large tax obligation cuts for well-off people and firms.

" Republicans never hid that this tax obligation expense was about pleasing their large contributors," Adam Smith, communications director at project financing reform nonprofit Every Voice, informed International Service Times. "And also it looks like Residence Audio speaker [Paul] Ryan is rapidly being awarded for passing this regulation that overwhelmingly benefits the Kochs and also billionaires like them."

Thirteen days after the United States Residence passed its variation of the tax obligation regulation, Charles Koch and also his other half, Elizabeth, combined to contribute almost $500,000 to Residence Audio speaker Paul Ryan's joint fundraising committee, according to a brand-new project money report launched Thursday. These two contributions were without a doubt the biggest amounts added to Ryan's coffers in the fourth quarter of 2017, but they were by no means the only significant payments: Marlene Ricketts, the better half of billionaire TD Ameritrade owner Joe Ricketts, contributed $100,000, as did 5 various other individuals."

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  1. Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

    Democracy they say. Give me a break.

    Kakistocracy more like.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    oh yeah the GOP tax plan is totally to help the middle class you guys, it wont screw you over we promise it wont eventually (sooner rather than later) crash the economy. pay no attention to the literal hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Koch brother just gave to Ryan who was the main peddler of this bill.

  3. Posted by M D, at Reply

    Crooked Paul Ryan is laughing all the way to the bank because of the brain dead Republican voters. I hope you’re happy now.

    • Posted by Brian Ballinger, at Reply

      M D very happy

    • Posted by ra5928, at Reply

      Brian Ballinger – Well … at least you admit that you are brain dead.

  4. Posted by Amanda Bell, at Reply

    Paid for services rendered.

  5. Posted by Tommy Madlon, at Reply

    I like the pun Cenk came up withπŸ˜‚Koch Addict lol

  6. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    PBS won’t say anything ill about the Koch brothers. Why? Because the David Koch Foundation is THE largest contributor to PBS. Oops!

    • Posted by Ymr Bleav, at Reply

      Whoa. . . , thx for the info!!!

  7. Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

    Oh they don’t really want town halls. We’ve already seen how that’s going to go.

  8. Posted by NIECEY NICHOLE, at Reply

    Lmao koch addict πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Posted by AZOffRoadster, at Reply

    What’s actually REALLY surprising, is just how CHEAPLY our politicians can be bought.

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      AZOffRoadster not surprised.πŸ˜•

    • Posted by Random Ron, at Reply

      Most politicians are basically hookers now. You’d think they’d charge more for their services than $500K.

  10. Posted by AZOffRoadster, at Reply

    As Johnny Dangerously would say, “You Koch suckers!!”.

  11. Posted by lis martin, at Reply

    Paul Ryan still has the most punchable face! Lol!

    • Posted by lis martin, at Reply

      Curtis Joseph 1.Ryan 2.Miller and 3. Cruz. πŸ˜…

    • Posted by marksasoldier, at Reply

      lis martin 1.Elizabeth Warren 2. Nancy Pelosi 3.Helen Keller.

    • Posted by Surgeon Vault, at Reply

      Keller would leave you with an open hand face print, nursing a bruised mandible.

    • Posted by marksasoldier, at Reply

      Surgeon Vault Pfffft that would be the most square punch ever landed in human history. That’s how she made the list.

  12. Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

    Ryan is wincing. Did Charles pop off in his eye?

  13. Posted by ari1234a, at Reply

    I do not know how Americans think that their country is now somehow more respected than when Obama was president. I think its because Americans think themselves as being “exceptional”
    Reality is that America, with it`s working class and poor citizens who keep voting Republican politicians are the laughing stock of the world.

    • Posted by N.G.H. Calmarena, at Reply

      ari 1234a Exactly!!!!!! You hit the bulls-eye,,,!!!!!

  14. Posted by The Original Gamer, at Reply

    I don’t think any real American can disagree with you, Cenk.

  15. Posted by russbren bowles, at Reply

    We the People do not consent or agree w citizens united
    Get private out , get superpacs out .
    Small public *Only*
    Democracy is “Dead” unless you remove the Bribery system

  16. Posted by legion999, at Reply

    Seriously, America, it blows my mind that you allow private campaign contributions. Like what the hell.

    • Posted by Green Reaper, at Reply

      legion999 As private citizens I’m sure most of us Americans agree that this is legalized bribery.

      Problem is we never got to vote on the legality. The Supreme Court ruled on this issue (I’m sure with the right amount of compensation). Since the right leaning justices out numbered the left 5-4, it was decided that corporations are “people” and should be able to “donate” (bribe) their “candidates” (sugar babies) of choice.

  17. Posted by TurdFurgeson571, at Reply

    When training your pet it’s best to provide the reward soon after the desired behavior in order to reinforce that behavior.

    • Posted by xinlaw27, at Reply


  18. Posted by mocki rangne, at Reply

    Greed, Corruption, Bribery, Crime (by the rich), all are OK in the US. We have become the Banana Republic we used to make fun of in the past. I’m so disgusted by now I don’t know what to say anymore.

  19. Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

    Boycott Koch Industry products like their paper products! Google for a list.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Would you boycott TYT for funding the justice democrats and having their interests at heart?

    • Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

      Mark, you have to be a troll if you think the Justice Democrats in any way shape or form equate to the evil that is the Koch Industries.