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This Campaign is On Fire!


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Alison Hartson is difficult Feinstein for The golden state Us Senate!

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  1. Posted by pinballman1, at Reply

    I’ll be donating on pay day.

  2. Posted by E2 M5, at Reply

    78 hillary cucks disliked XD

    • Posted by Steven Padilla, at Reply

      You would have voted for Hillary but you’re so progressive that you helped elect Trump. Thanks!

    • Posted by PITA brat, at Reply

      STFU you troll scum. Hillary cucks don’t exist. Strategic and thinking and reasonable voters will vote DEM no matter how loud you scream. UNITE OR JUMP OFF THE CLIFF with Trumpanzees or the treacherous Russian tools Jill Stein or MISC TrumPutin plants. YOUR CHOICE! GO!

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Justice Democrats 2018.

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Steven Padilla I disliked because the far left, particularly self-described progressives are deleterious to real liberalism. Regressives, relaying to identity politics, purity test, thought police, saying a completely innocuous word or phrase and being harassed and ostracized by social justice warriors interested in nothing but virtue signaling and protecting “oppressed” people at all cost which comes out as vindictive protectiveness. Garbage like that is why they’re known as regressives, they don’t advance the conversation. I espouse true liberalism and it’s ideals! Thus I support Dianne! Does that answer your question?

  3. Posted by tylertyler82, at Reply

    Here, take $27 Allison.

  4. Posted by TechTubeCentral, at Reply

    Just donated.

  5. Posted by Tom Kiesche, at Reply


  6. Posted by Mplay1983, at Reply

    Stay on the offense because Feinstein WILL go dirty.

  7. Posted by Rajesh Hamal, at Reply

    I donated $27 for now.

  8. Posted by John Johnson Jr., at Reply

    I gave $51 for now; all that’s left from my paycheck after basic expenses.
    whatever happens, we will make the lives of the corporatists as difficult as possible, no matter their party.

  9. Posted by Kergami, at Reply

    This will be country changing if this goes through. Go Allison!

  10. Posted by Huliganhulk, at Reply

    i love it!!!! i’d donate if i could, but i’m not an american living in the US.. that’s the only reason i want to live in the US right now, so i could donate.. x) otherwise i wouldn’t want to live there except if i was a part of the 1% elite.. but i’d want to live there when Justice Democrats and Wolf-Pack have succeeded and made america great again! GO TYT! GO JD! GO W-P! I LOVE IT!!!

  11. Posted by IoOrganism, at Reply

    Just donated $27 to the lovely Alison Hartson and $10 to the lovely Act Blue. I don’t have much but this is extremely important, People would be crazy NOT to give, Especially if they have a credit card. Thanks for making this video Cenk, I thought I had more time to donate and would have missed the dead line. I guess these bastards have all kinds of little ways to screw over grass root candidates. Also, Please give some coverage to the Mexican Presidential Candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador. If you see his story you will see just how similar his story is to Bernie’s. I realize that U.S. Politics are important but please cover this, It’s extremely important and could lift up so many people not just in Mexico but like with Jeremy Corbyn this will ripple across the world, Even more so.

  12. Posted by Mike M, at Reply

    DNC will fix the vote count for Fienstien to win, the FIX IS IN. Just like the fixed it against Bernie, he would of won, but DNC FIXED or RIGGED THE VOTES against him.

  13. Posted by groovyengineer, at Reply

    Canadian, Can’t Donate, but im rooting for ya.

  14. Posted by TheProgressiveGalahad 87, at Reply

    Hell yeah. I just donated $27 to her campaign.

  15. Posted by TheHandofMan, at Reply

    And we all know what happened to Bernie

  16. Posted by TheVinc123, at Reply

    You can’t reform the Democratic Party

  17. Posted by Rob T, at Reply

    Sorry I don’t think anyone who loves America holds office in CA.  We should probably give half of it back to Mexico!

  18. Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

    mike lewis first time i’ve contributed since i gave to mccain years ago.

  19. Posted by Ananda Mide, at Reply

    Donated $27 I’m in!!!

  20. Posted by Michael Marshall, at Reply

    I’m in too!