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This Great-Grandmother Makes The Meals Her Family Survived On During The Depression


One of my biggest regrets is not taking advantage of the stories my 90-year-old grandmother could have shared with me while she was alive. Like Clara Cannucciari, who has also now passed on, my grandmother lived through the Great Depression and likely could have shared similar recipes with me if I’d given her the chance. Thankfully, Clara’s family had the good sense to capture her warmth, stories, and recipes before it was too late.

Each of the delightful videos showcases a meal Clara and her family survived on during one of the bleakest eras in U.S. history. Even while pushing a century on this planet, Clara’s sweet personality shines through the camera while she peels potatoes, sautés onions, and serves up the dishes they were able to piece together on their meager funds.

Watching as she blends together the ingredients and listening to her memories of the time will fill your heart with happiness and, if you follow along, your stomach with delicious, budget-friendly food.

Here she recreates the typical breakfast they would have each morning.

And in this, she treats her grandson and his friends to a favorite: The Poorman’s Meal.

I definitely encourage you to check out more of her charming videos over on her YouTube page.

And if you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents or great-grandparents around, give them a visit or a call and just listen to what they have to say. Even if they’ve gotten a tad grouchy with the passing years (they’ve earned the right to be!), you’ll still be so glad you did.

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