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This Is Why A MILLION Women Marched This Weekend…


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Many ladies TRULY do not like the Trump Administration. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us what you believe in the comment area below.

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" On the anniversary of the biggest single day protest in American history, the coordinators of the 2017 Women's Progress Washington collected in Las vega to roll out the following stage of the motion. This year, it's about the ballot box. Forecasters are currently pointing to variables that suggest 2018 will certainly be a wave political election, yet if the ladies behind last year's worldwide demos have anything to do with it, it will certainly be much more like a tsunami. Female's March Inc. is established to register one million people prior to this year's midterm political elections. With that said goal in mind, they had volunteers based throughout the crowd with clipboards signing demonstrators approximately vote." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Chris Stone, at Reply


    • Posted by TheKaiTetley, at Reply


    • Posted by Heavy Metal, at Reply

      You spelled moooo wrong

  2. Posted by 321bluff, at Reply

    Trump orange baboon

    • Posted by Bob Young, at Reply

      We had one, but he left office.

    • Posted by Fanboys Suck, at Reply

      Wow, haven’t heard that one before! Let me guess the next insult you got is “I slept with your mom.”

    • Posted by DragonAlchemist0, at Reply

      321bluff that is a abjt mean to baboons. Associating trump with them. He is a mutated carrot.

    • Posted by Bluemonsoon, at Reply


      OMG, leftist men are such beta-male, feminazi bootlicks. LOL! What a wuss you are. I loath -liberals- leftist morons.

  3. Posted by 321bluff, at Reply

    If these many people people jamm 6 cities against trump, trump has to go. He will resign.

    • Posted by adam perkins, at Reply

      Doc Holiday203 Well tell us oh great seer what proof do you have of these women not having jobs, other then what Fox News tells you

    • Posted by adam perkins, at Reply

      Doc Holiday203 So if he is not on the ballot you will just right him in I guess

    • Posted by Jarhead Leatherneck, at Reply

      321bluff LOL YOU IDIOT

    • Posted by Jarhead Leatherneck, at Reply

      Doc Holiday203 they do selling their pussies

  4. Posted by wild zubat appeared, at Reply

    I need a girlfriend now so I can go lol

    • Posted by wild zubat appeared, at Reply

      Rebecca Conn ok 🙁

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to wild: you missed your opportunity. You should have gone to the “million ugly women” march

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      wild zubat appeared And therein lies your problem. Cuck.

  5. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    This is why a million Trump supporters are angry single Nazis

    • Posted by Johnny Cage, at Reply

      And Hillary voters are jobless single Moms lol

    • Posted by Nine fingers, at Reply

      Because all the fat bitches are marching?

    • Posted by Chelsea Jones, at Reply

      Boy Blue lmao

    • Posted by christopher rembert, at Reply

      Boy Blue Not a TRUMP SUPPORTER just calling out the myth of the WAGE GAP and hypocritical celebrities. Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman both supported Roman Polanski. Scarlett Johansson believes in due process for Woody Allen but not James Franco.

  6. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m from Washington where I have lived for most of my life. In Washington I own a couple of Starbucks franchise shops. Being a black female entrepreneur I know a thing or two about both women and millions, and I must sadly say that TYT isn’t being honest in this video ;(

    • Posted by Big Daddy Kane, at Reply

      Truth Seeker that taco 🌮 seems truly honest

    • Posted by Bob Young, at Reply

      The young jerks are never honest. you are just realizing that now?

    • Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

      Next time say you are from krypton, is more believable, 😁😂🤣

    • Posted by TheWarIsWithin, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen find another hobby.. “Jacob” smh

    • Posted by Desiree Loveros, at Reply

      *Jacob Hansen* a black *female* entrepreneur

      Jesus man just create a fake account and call yourself ‘Oprah’s Kunt’ that’s more believable.

      Score: 1/5

      Troll Fail
      You tried

  7. Posted by Chad Atchison, at Reply

    These women will do what the the current democrats are unable to do, which is save our country.

    • Posted by scanspeak00, at Reply

      Yeah look at how much they achieved in the past year ROFL.

    • Posted by christopher rembert, at Reply

      Chad Atchison You mean by perpetuating the myth of the WAGE GAP?

    • Posted by Bob Young, at Reply

      our country has been saved buy the election of Trump. These “women” are cry baby losers.

    • Posted by Joey Quiroga, at Reply

      Found the cuck

    • Posted by Bluemonsoon, at Reply

      Chad Atchison,

      OMG, leftist men are such beta-male, feminazi bootlicks. LOL! What a wuss you are. I loath -liberals- leftist morons.

  8. Posted by Hasan Yilmaz, at Reply

    women should rule the world. full stop deny you left the best place in the world your mother

    • Posted by Fanboys Suck, at Reply

      >Wants gender equality

      >Says only one gender should have power

    • Posted by Bluemonsoon, at Reply

      Hasan Yilmaz,

      OMG, leftist men are such beta-male, feminazi bootlicks. LOL! What a wuss you are. I loath -liberals- leftist morons.

    • Posted by gam mal, at Reply

      considering that cunts kill their own children no matter which age area or religion, i rather stick to guys. at least they are not selfish irrational demanding needy bitches.

  9. Posted by V.J. Lopez, at Reply

    One day, we will actually have a female presidential candidate who actually cares about women’s rights and the people’s rights in general. One day.

    • Posted by V.J. Lopez, at Reply

      Bluemonsoon you like that?

    • Posted by EnlightenedSavage, at Reply

      tulsi gabbard, nina turner

    • Posted by Righty Whitey Cracker, at Reply

      V.J. Lopez I just don’t want another Hillary, honestly.

    • Posted by EnlightenedSavage, at Reply

      no one wants another hillry

  10. Posted by watchulla, at Reply

    We need this for healthcare and education and wages too.

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

      the happy merchants who funded this don’t want that.

    • Posted by Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog, at Reply

      Yes to education, your sentence structure is horrible, try commas next time.

    • Posted by christopher rembert, at Reply

      watchulla Women receive 3 times more Healthcare Funding. Young Single Childless women outearn their male counterparts.

    • Posted by Bob Young, at Reply

      Need what old sport?

    • Posted by watchulla, at Reply

      Wow, , You missed the whole problem with healthcare. I think you are talking about. if you count childbirth and reproductive health. Well hell, we can’t help but too birth people like you. So you think women should be punished for having a uterus. You should have to pay for it, you wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have one.

  11. Posted by agentnevermore, at Reply

    As much as I love Michelle Obama, Trump has made a million women out walking.

  12. Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

    looks like a zombie horde

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      This episode isn’t about Trump’s Nürnberg rallies.

  13. Posted by Darkman J, at Reply

    All that menstrual moods

    • Posted by Matt Nice, at Reply

      Darkman J- it’s funny because the video is about a woman’s march and you brought up menstruation, oh wait, it’s not that funny 😁

    • Posted by tina1804, at Reply

      all those women are on their periods? lmao what

    • Posted by demonicwiccan666, at Reply

      Darkman J men are stupid enough to think a period is just a woman in a bad mood..

  14. Posted by john doe, at Reply

    Let me guess? Wage gap conspiracy theorists.

  15. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    Trump getting more fat women to exercise in 1 day than Michelle did in 8 years

    • Posted by the Nikelless james, at Reply

      Hahahahaha that’s just great

  16. Posted by Yukon Cornileus, at Reply

    The same polls that said Hillary would win by 90 percent?

    • Posted by 0MelleJune0, at Reply

      Counting people is not a poll.

    • Posted by NoneOfTheAbove, at Reply

      The vast majority of Americans that voted did vote for Hillary.

    • Posted by Secret Lemons, at Reply

      NoneOfTheAbove but was it 90% tho…no

  17. Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

    “We want to earn as much as men!”
    Proceeded to take the day off…

    • Posted by Ogknowledge, at Reply


    • Posted by Retro Rube, at Reply

      Piromyśl: you’re a child!

    • Posted by Wendy Mom, at Reply

      AND SO……….!!!!!!! Men spend half their workdays at the golf course!!!!

    • Posted by power word kill, at Reply

      Wendy You might be able to find a few men who do. The overwhelming majority do not. I think you know that. The arguments against the so called wage gap are valid.

    • Posted by adam perkins, at Reply

      Piromysl You do know some people do not work on Saturday right

  18. Posted by LabTech, at Reply

    Was it because they REALLY need the exercise?

  19. Posted by Sωєєт O-иιgяι, at Reply

    The woman’s march was a joke. Iranian women are risking their lives for rights and these cows are pissed cause birth control cost money.

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      If you want to see cows go to the south. Those white conservative women look like pig-with-lipstick.

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      Mirquella  –  yeah,  because Rosie O’Donnell,  Yvette Felcara and Lindy West are such hotties!

    • Posted by miguelito lee, at Reply

      Suck my cow teat troll

    • Posted by Arkone Axon, at Reply

      I… am inclined to agree about the birth control. If you’re a believer in “pro-life,” then you should also be in favor of mandatory free contraceptives. Give every woman (and man, especially as new and better methods become available) free contraceptives and instruction in their use. Which leads to fewer unwanted pregnancies… so if you’re really going to complain about teenaged moms and welfare babies, then the obvious fix is “prevent sexually mature but psychologically immature people from being able to conceive.”

    • Posted by gam mal, at Reply

      cunts will be cunts. they want to be whores but act like they are human.

  20. Posted by Daniel Manahan, at Reply

    the progressives who care about change are also exposing the hypocrisy in this women’s march. not just republicans.

    • Posted by Matt Nice, at Reply

      Daniel Manahan- but at least progressives care.