//This Mass Of Small Bright Lights Was Spotted Over The English Countryside

This Mass Of Small Bright Lights Was Spotted Over The English Countryside

UFOs are seriously everywhere — all you need to do to find them is open your eyes. For someone who’s never seen a UFO, that might sound like a ridiculous statement. But trust me, the truth is out there (probably). Just take a look at the latest UFO sighting that happened in the U.K.

From the witness report:

“I was traveling east along the A66 approx 8 miles from Scotch Corner when I noticed a cluster of lights on the southwest horizon, I think looking towards Skelton. At first I thought the closest resemblance I could think of was a squadron of helicopters with lights on. However after a good few miles they hadn’t moved at all and I managed to take a photograph and video. It wasn’t a great day for visibility and I couldn’t make anything else out other than the lights and their apparent lack of movement. I was mystified at the time and still am, especially after seeing the video again. Lanterns, flares, etc have all been suggested but the absolute lack of movement still leaves me skeptical of this explanation. I eventually lost sight as I passed over a hill and couldn’t see the same patch of sky.”

(via Disclose.Tv)

Okay, so of course we need to be careful about saying that these lights are definitely aliens. It’s possible that they’re flares from a military exercise or something along those lines. But then again, they might not be. Without more evidence, it’s hard to say for sure…